J09. A Movement Guided by the Spirit

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” What might be the deeper meaning behind this statement? What does it mean to be meek? Compare it to what I have given you in this book about those who are trapped in the consciousness of anti-christ and actually believe that they know better than God how the universe works or how it should work. They know better than God how self-aware beings should be saved.

I have told you that many of these proud, arrogant beings have embodied as the leaders of the Christian religion, the leaders in the field of science, the leaders in the field of politics. They think they know best, they think they have defined a thought system which is ultimately true. Anything that contradicts it or even goes beyond it, is automatically labeled as untrue, unreal or in other ways invalid. They feel perfectly justified in ignoring it.

Those are the proud, the arrogant. The meek are those who realize that there is more to know than what they already know. Their minds and hearts are open to the potential that a true spiritual teacher, even one embodied or expressed in a form that is somewhat surprising to them, might actually teach them something of value.

The judgment of Christ upon the proud

These are the people who are open to my teaching. They are the ones who shall inherit the earth for the simple reason that every time someone dares to embody the Living Christ, this incarnation brings about the judgment of a certain group of the proud, the arrogant, the fallen beings. When I walked the earth in a physical body 2,000 years ago, there was a certain group of these fallen beings who plotted to kill me. In doing so, they brought about their own judgment. I did not come to judge people; I came that they might be saved and enter the kingdom of God. Those who will not follow my instructions, those who will not let me take them beyond their mental boxes, they will judge themselves by their denial of Christ.

It is, in a certain sense, ironic that the foremost deniers of Christ in the world today are the leaders and members of what they claim to be the Christian religion, the only true representative of Christ on earth. When you actually understand the fallen consciousness and the fallen beings, and how they have influenced planet earth, this really is not surprising.

They will always attempt to ignore the Living Christ in whatever form he embodies. They will attempt to get other people, the population at large, to ignore him. If he will not be ignored, they will kill him. They will kill his followers if they can. If they cannot do that, then they will use it, pervert it, turn it around and use it for their purposes of controlling the population.

There is not much new under the sun for these fallen beings only have limited options. Their options work only because so far the majority of the people on earth have not been willing to awaken and see what is actually going on. They are not willing to see that they have followed the blind leaders. Those who are the meek, those who are open, they can and will be awakened in this age.

Most Christians will reject this book

I know well what most of the leaders and most of the members of Christian churches will say about this book. Most will attempt to ignore it. If there are enough people who take this book, run with it, talk about it and recommend it to others, then there will come a point where they can no longer ignore it and then they will attempt to denounce it.

They will attempt to denounce the book itself and say that this could not possibly be from the true, the real, Jesus Christ. They will attack the messenger who is bringing forth this book, turn his personal life upside down, inside out and say that such a person could not possibly be worthy to be a messenger for the real, ascended Jesus Christ. Then, they will take the book, twist and turn every sentence, every word, and say that this particular statement is in contradiction with this doctrine of our church and therefore could not possibly be true. The underlying claim will be, of course, that if this book was really from the real Jesus Christ, then it would validate and conform to every doctrine and belief of their particular church.

This is a total denial of Christ. As I have said, the Christ comes into this world to set you free from your mental boxes. It does not matter whether that mental box is a religion that claims to be Christianity and claims to represent Christ on earth. Christ still comes to set you free from any mental box that keeps you trapped in this world and keeps you trapped on the false path to salvation because you are following the blind leaders.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book What Would Jesus Say about Christianity?


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