J06. Exposing the Consciousness of Anti-christ

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I have said that you should not take anything literally and that it is important to understand the hidden symbolism behind the Bible, including the accounts of my life. What then is the hidden symbolism behind the fact that I was born in a manger, that I was born under humble circumstances, that I was born to parents who did not have riches or any standing or position in society? What is the hidden symbolism there? It is that the Living Christ can appear in any form. It is that there was, from an outer perspective, nothing special about me or my parents or the circumstances in which I was born and grew up. This is to set myself up as an example not as an exception. Most other people have not been born in special circumstances, but you still have a Christ potential.

Beyond this, there is an even deeper symbolism. I have said that the consciousness of anti-christ sets itself up as a god and defines what is good and what is evil. The consciousness of anti-christ defines what is Christ and what is not Christ. One aspect of this is that the consciousness of anti-christ defines a “standard of perfection.” This is an other-worldly, superhuman standard that is deliberately defined so that no human being could ever live up to it.

It then applies this standard to anything coming from the spiritual realm, and it says that this thing coming from the spiritual realm must live up to its self-defined standard or it cannot be genuine. This is precisely what the leaders of the Jewish religion had done concerning the coming Messiah. They had created a super-human standard of perfection that the Messiah was supposed to live up to. Because I, in my incarnation as Jesus, did not live up to their standard, they felt justified in rejecting me.

There will never come a perfect Messiah

There are many Jews who today, 2,000 years later, are still waiting for the coming Messiah for they are not willing to recognize that the Messiah they expect will never come. There will never come anything from the spiritual realm that will live up to their standard of perfection. Do you understand why this is so?

The standard of perfection that human beings have created is defined by the mind of anti-christ. Once you accept this standard and accept that it is an absolute standard of perfection that comes from the highest authority, you are trapped in the most closed mental box available on earth.

Why does the Christ come into this world? To set you free from your mental box! How can the Christ set you free by conforming to your mental box? If I had come and conformed to the mental box of the Jews at the time, I would have validated their mental box, thus making them even more imprisoned in it than they were before. When the Living Christ comes into this world, he will always challenge the standard of perfection that people have in their culture, in their religion.

When I walked the earth in a physical body 2,000 years ago, I had to challenge the standard of perfection created by the Jewish religion. Today, as I speak through this messenger, and as we of the ascended masters seek to get our message across to many people, we must again violate the standard of perfection. I am fully aware that many Christians, especially many Christian preachers and leaders, will reject this book. Many will look at the human messenger, find some imperfection and say that this person could not possibly be a genuine messenger for the real Jesus. Others will say that the real Jesus could not possibly have anything to say in today’s age for supposedly what was given in the scriptures was the perfect revelation that will stand for all time. This is perfectly in accord with the Law of Free Will.

Why doesn’t God prove he exists?

There are many people in today’s world who have created a standard of perfection based on materialism, which defines God out of existence. Many religious people have a question deep within their minds of why God has not given an undeniable proof that he exists. Many Christians expect that, one day, I will come back in a fiery apparition in the heavens that will be undeniable for all people. Therefore, all people will be forced to recognize that they, in their own little Christian sects, were the only ones who had the true vision of Christ.

This is the dream of the human ego and its quest for superiority. It is a dream that will never be fulfilled, for the simple reason that on planet earth free will reigns supreme. One aspect of this is that there must always be “plausible deniability.” There will come a time when the collective consciousness has been raised to the point that it becomes very difficult to deny the existence of God and the spiritual side to life. At that point, there will be a shift, a quantum leap, to where it will be impossible to deny the spiritual side of life. What you have today, where so many people deny this, will no longer be possible on this planet. Those lifestreams who want to continue to deny it, will then have to go to some other planet or some other realm where deniability is still possible.

For the foreseeable future, plausible deniability will be a law on earth. This means it must be possible to deny that God exists, it must be possible to deny the Living Christ when he appears in whatever form. I am the Living Christ. I am appearing to you through this book, but according to the law it must be possible for you to deny this. I am sure that the outer religion of Christianity will be one of the primary means that people will use to deny my apparition in this book.

This is as it should be according to the greater law, the Cosmic Law of Free Will. I fully respect that law. This does not mean that I, Jesus Christ, am in approval of the fact that the religion that claims to represent me on earth is the primary means for denying my apparition on earth. On the one hand, I respect the law, but this does not mean that I need to be happy and content with what people do in my name. If you think I am happy over people being killed in the name of Christ, then you are mistaken. It can only be the consciousness of anti-christ that makes it possible for people to deny Christ in whatever form he appears.

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