J05. Christianity Perverted the Concept of a Savior

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

What exactly is the consciousness of anti-christ? When I say the word “anti-christ,” it is inevitable that those who hear or read it have an image spring up in their minds. As I have attempted to explain, this image will be influenced by the Christian religion. The Christian religion has now, for many centuries, presented itself as the ultimate authority on the topic of what is Christ and what is anti-christ. Yet the Christian religion was taken over by the consciousness of the anti-christ, and what does that mean?

It means that the consciousness of anti-christ has defined the outer doctrines, teachings and rules that have come to define Christ. Therefore, the consciousness of anti-christ has also defined what people see as anti-christ. Anti-christ has defined itself.

This is essential to understand for those who wish to step on to the true path of Christ. The true path of Christ is the path that takes you beyond the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of death. How can you walk that path? You can walk it only when you reach for the direct, inner connection to the consciousness of Christ, which you have access to in the kingdom of God that is within you. You must use the Key of Knowledge to make a connection to a spiritual being, a spiritual teacher, who is beyond your current state of consciousness, what I have called your mental box or your perception filter.

The outer and the inner path of Christ

Beware of the subtlety here. You do need something from outside your current perception filter and mental box because your current state of mind is too influenced by the consciousness of anti-christ. The consciousness of anti-christ is like quicksand. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink into it.

How can you get out of quicksand? Well, first you must lie still. You must stop struggling, you must become non-violent, whereby you stop the movement of sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand. This, of course, will only stop the downward pull.

The outer path of Christ, that I have talked about, is the one of becoming non-violent. This means that you stop struggling against the consciousness of anti-christ so that you stop yourself from sinking deeper into it. Stopping the sinking movement will not get you out of the quicksand. The only way to get out of the quicksand is that something from outside the system itself must give you a lifeline that you can grab on to and use to pull yourself above the downward pull of the quicksand.

All human beings on earth are currently blinded by the consciousness of anti-christ to a greater or smaller degree, in most cases to a greater degree. You cannot get out of this by using the consciousness of anti-christ. You cannot reason your way out of the quicksand, of the quagmire, of the consciousness of anti-christ by using the consciousness of anti-christ.

This is the entire idea of the incarnation, the coming of a savior. God, or rather the ascended masters who are the overseers of the spiritual development of humankind, are quite aware of what is happening on earth. We know that once people are trapped in the consciousness of anti-christ, they cannot get out of it by their own powers. They do need something from outside themselves in order to start the path that leads them out.

That is why I was sent to earth 2,000 years ago to take physical embodiment. That is why other genuine spiritual teachers have been sent both before and after. That is why many people who are in embodiment today have volunteered to come into embodiment at this critical time in order to embody and demonstrate the Christ consciousness.

The outer savior cannot save you

Even though you need an outer savior to give you a different perspective, it is still not the outer savior that saves you. What the outer savior can do is help you use the Key of Knowledge to activate the faculties that are built in to your mind; not the physical brain but the higher mind of your being. What the outer savior can do is to help you redirect your attention so that instead of projecting your attention outward, you are now turning it inward, thereby discovering the kingdom of God that is within you.

Do you see what has happened to the Christian religion? It has taken the concept of an outer savior and perverted it so that it now claims that it is the outer savior, and the outer savior alone, who can take you into the kingdom of God.

If the kingdom of God is within you, how can an outer savior take you there? What the outer savior can do is help you walk into the inner kingdom, but he cannot do it for you. You must do it for yourself with the help of the outer teacher. You must grab on to a lifeline from the Christ consciousness that the outer teacher presents to you. Then you must use that lifeline to pull yourself above the quicksand of the consciousness of anti-christ.

How will you do this? How will you pull yourself above the consciousness of anti-christ? You will do so in only one way, and that is by following one of my most important statements, or at least one of the most important statements incorporated in the official scriptures. That statement is simply this: “Stop looking at the splinter in the eyes of your brothers and sisters and start looking for the beam in your own eye.”

In order to enter the kingdom of God that is within you, you have to be willing to look at yourself, your own mind, your own psychology, your own consciousness. You have to be willing to see that you have elements of the consciousness of anti-christ in your own mind. You have to be willing to see what they are, and then you have to be willing to choose life, the life of the Christ consciousness, over the death of the anti-christ consciousness.

You have to choose to leave your nets and follow the Living Christ wherever he takes you. The nets are a symbol for your entanglement with the consciousness of anti-christ, including the collective consciousness on earth as a whole and in your local community, even your family environment. That is why I said that those who love their family more than me are not worthy of me. It does not really mean that they are not worthy, it means that they are not capable of following the Living Christ. In order to follow the Living Christ, you have to be willing to leave behind your nets of entanglements with the collective consciousness that is currently so affected by the consciousness of anti-christ.

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