J04. The Inner Meaning of the Fall of Man

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

Now that I have given you a somewhat stern discourse on the Peter consciousness and how it has affected Christianity, let me give you a somewhat softer evaluation of why and how this happened. When you look at it realistically, from a higher perspective, you see that what actually determines the evolution or growth of humankind is the level of the collective consciousness. The psychologist Carl Jung was the first to speak about a collective unconscious that he saw as a mind that was shared by all people on earth.

Such a collective consciousness is indeed a reality, which you have better foundations for understanding today than my disciples and followers had 2,000 years ago. Today, you know the scientific reality that everything is made from energy. This means that everything has a certain energy component. It therefore becomes possible to envision that the human body is connected to the mind because the mind is an energy field. If you take the logical consequence of the teachings of Albert Einstein, you will see that even the physical body is an energy field and that is why the body and the mind are connected.

If you take this to the scale of the earth itself, you see that even what you call the physical earth is actually a vibrating energy field. It seems solid and unchanging to the physical senses, but that is because your physical senses are calibrated to detect vibrations within a certain range, within a certain spectrum. That is why your senses cannot see that what seems like solid matter is actually made from vibrating energy.

When you realize that the earth truly is an energy field, it becomes possible to accept that there is an energy field beyond or around the physical planet. This energy field is not separated from the physical planet. In fact, the physical planet is the most dense aspect of this total field. When you realize that such an energy field exists, you also realize that it can act as a unifying component that ties together all people on earth. Because the physical planet is inside the larger energy field, all human beings are inside this field.

What drives humanity’s progress?

Your individual mind is inside the larger energy field of the earth, and therefore your individual mind is inside the larger collective mind. Why has there been a progression in outer technological development over the past several thousand, and especially the past several hundred, years? It is because there has been a raising in the vibration of the energies of the collective energy field. When you have this perspective, you see that human history can be understood in terms of the energy field or the collective consciousness.

I am not here saying that the collective energy field can be understood in completely mechanical terms, as it is currently envisioned by many scientists. I am not here giving a materialistic view of the energy field. I am a spiritual being, and I know the reality that there is something beyond the material realm. The collective energy field is not simply a mechanical field, it is very much connected to or has a conscious component. That is why I talk about a collective consciousness.

We can therefore say that human history can be understood in terms of the level of the collective consciousness. This becomes important when you compare it to some of the teachings found in the Bible. You will see, for example, that Genesis says that there was a time in the past where Adam and Eve lived in a so-called paradise. I have talked about the tendency to take everything literally and interpret it with the linear mind. You will never understand the subtler more mystical aspects of the Bible if you attempt to take everything literally. It is far more productive to interpret everything in the Bible as a symbol for something, as I said that Peter is a symbol for a certain state of consciousness.

The fall into a lower state of consciousness

The story of the Garden of Eden is a symbol for what has happened to humankind’s collective consciousness. Adam and Eve were not the only people in the garden. There was never a point where there were only two people on earth. This is a wrongful, linear and literal interpretation of the Bible. Genesis gives an account of what happened to all people on earth at a time in the past. It is meant to be symbolic, and Adam and Eve should be seen as examples, representatives or archetypes of what has happened to all human beings.

Indeed, there was a time in the distant past – and I am not giving you a figure because I do not want you to activate the linear mind, I want you to consider this with the spherical, intuitive mind – there was a time in the distant past where the people who at that time were embodying on earth had a higher level of collective consciousness than what you see on this planet today. Then there was, as Genesis describes, a point where a critical mass of these people fell into a lower state of consciousness.

The Fall of Man was a fall in the individual and collective consciousness. I will later describe what this fall meant and what the consciousness was that people fell into, but for now the point is that there was a past edenic state, but this was not a physical garden located in a physical location. It was a higher state of the collective consciousness.

Then, there was an event whereby a critical mass of people fell into a lower state of consciousness on an individual basis, and this dragged the collective consciousness down. This fall in the collective consciousness has had a profound effect on all aspects of life on this planet. What I want to focus on here is that the primary effect on human beings has been that people have become blinded to the deeper reality of the Christ mind. I have hinted at this deeper reality by saying that the Christ mind is the unifying link between Creator and creation. It is also what unifies all individual self-aware beings.

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