J03. Peter Represented the Satanic Consciousness

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

In this discourse I wish to speak about my disciple, Peter, and the consciousness that he represents. Surely, this consciousness became the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church, and as such it has, to a large extent, formed the foundation for all of the Christianity that followed after, at least in the Western world.

First, I wish to speak about the fact that when I walked the earth 2,000 years ago, the greatest challenge I faced was those who were in the literal, linear mindset. You have always had – if you look back over the history of this earth – two approaches to religion or spirituality. One is the linear, literal approach where you take everything that is said from a higher realm and you want to interpret it with the outer mind, with the intellect that thinks in linear, literal terms. You want to believe that a scripture given by a higher authority should be interpreted to mean what the outer mind thinks it means.

The consciousness that opposes Christ

In contrast to this approach, you see the inner, mystical approach where people realize that an outer scripture, given in words, is meant simply to attune your mind to a reality, to a spirit, beyond the words. Obviously, there were those in the Jewish religion 2,000 years ago who took the outer approach, the linear approach, and these where the ones who rejected me.

What did they do? They took the existing scriptures from the Torah and they used them to argue against me. They attempted to find some point where I contradicted or went beyond the old law, and then they used this to say that I could not possibly be a true prophet or even the Messiah.

This is the state of consciousness that opposed me 2,000 years ago, and it opposes the Living Christ today. Today, one of the main focuses for this state of consciousness is precisely the religion that calls itself Christianity and that claims to represent me on earth. Where are the scribes and the Pharisees today? Many of them are in the Christian religion. Many of them are sitting in their churches, feeling holier than thou, feeling that they have the only true interpretation of the scriptures and that by interpreting the scriptures in a linear fashion or according to their doctrines, they have captured the fullness and the essence of Christ.

I can tell you that if you think I am happy with the fact that the religion that claims to represent me on earth has been taken over by the very mindset that opposed me when I walked the earth, then you are severely mistaken. I am not happy with this fact whatsoever, although I am not entirely surprised. This state of consciousness has always been around, and it believes it is right. It has an aggressive intent of propagating itself by either getting people to accept it or by subduing those who will not.

What did this consciousness do to me when I walked the earth in a physical body? It killed me in order to destroy what it saw as a threat to its existence and its hold over the people. I came to set the people free. How do you set people free? Why do you need to set them free? Because they are trapped in a lower state of consciousness. How do I set them free from a limited state of consciousness? I can do so only by challenging that state of consciousness, including the religious scriptures that were used to build that mental box.

The very consciousness I am talking about will not allow me to challenge the mental box. It will say that if I do challenge the mental box, I cannot be a true prophet, a true Messiah or a true spiritual teacher. These are the people who do not have ears to hear nor eyes to see when they meet the Living Christ in the flesh or when they meet a representative of the Living Christ. They simply do not recognize that the Living Christ is beyond their own mental box. They are so emotionally attached to their mental box that they will not allow the Living Christ to offer them an alternative that could set them free from their self-created prison.

This is the essence of what I meant when I talked about the lawyers who had taken away the Key of Knowledge. The Key of Knowledge is the Christ consciousness. The Key of Knowledge only works for you if you are willing to let the Christ consciousness challenge your mental box and take you, your spirit, beyond the box. This, the scribes and Pharisees were not willing to do. Today, the scribes and Pharisees of the Christian religion are no more willing to do this than those who were the leaders of the Jewish religion 2,000 years ago. The scribes and Pharisees of today reject the Living Christ as the scribes and Pharisees of old did back then.

The Alpha and the Omega of evil

Is there anything new under the sun? Indeed, there is something new for in this age many more people do have ears to hear the Christ that is beyond the common mental box. For those who have ears to hear, let me show you how this very consciousness has influenced the Christian religion. There are many people who are aware that there was a being who personified evil, or the opposition to God, who is named Lucifer. There are also many who are aware that there is another dark being named Satan.

We might say that Lucifer represents the Alpha and Satan represents the Omega. Lucifer represents a state of consciousness that wants to shut God out from this world. As I have said, the Creator is beyond its creation, the formless God does not express itself directly in this world. Shutting God out of this world is, in one sense, not difficult. God respects the free will of the people in the material realm. God expresses itself through those who are in embodiment. This is the whole point of the incarnation of the Living Christ.

What Lucifer wants to do is to shut out the Living Christ from this world. Lucifer represents the consciousness that does not want the Living Christ to take embodiment. There are many people on earth who are trapped in the Luciferian consciousness. They do not have eyes to see nor ears to hear when the Living Christ appears, not necessarily in the form of a human being but also in the form of a spiritual teaching, even a teaching that is not openly spiritual but nevertheless challenges some mental box, some mental prison.

What I want to discourse on here is the Omega aspect of this, which is the consciousness represented by Satan. You will know, if you have studied the scriptures, that there is a passage in the Gospel of Mathew that records how I once asked my disciples what people were saying about me. They told me various things the people were saying, and then I asked them what they were saying about me. Peter says that I am the Living Christ, the son of God. I then said to Peter that this is the rock upon which I will build my church. This is the quote that has been taken by many Christian ministers and leaders as a validation for the Christian religion in its current form.

It has certainly been taken by the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church as the justification for saying that this church carries on the tradition of Peter and is based on the authority of Peter. This church and its leaders have elevated Peter to the status of being my primary disciple, my first apostle and the first Pope of the church I intended to start.

What I have just told you is that there is a consciousness represented by Lucifer that wants to shut out Christ from this world. When people are blinded by this state of consciousness, they cannot even recognize the Living Christ. They cannot recognize anything that comes from outside their own mental box, or at least they cannot recognize it as having something to offer them.

They are so identified with their mental box that they do not want their mental box challenged. They see no need to be free of their mental box, and therefore they feel threatened by anything that comes to free them. They reject the very savior sent by God to set them free. This is the consciousness of Lucifer, and it prevents people from even recognizing the Living Christ as having anything special to offer.

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