J01. The Problem with Words

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I am a spiritual teacher. I am sent to earth to set human beings free. What is the greatest challenge I face as a spiritual teacher? It is this: The very condition from which you need to be set free prevents you from truly hearing my message. The very condition from which you need to be set free prevents you from hearing the message that can set you free.

Rejecting the ideas that could set us free

The minds of most human beings on earth have become closed systems in which their own circular logic prevents them from hearing the message of a spiritual teacher who can set them free from their self-created, self-sustained mental prisons. Consider how easy it is for people to reject any new idea that comes to them. Consider what people do to reject a new idea. They use some kind of condition that they have defined in their own minds to reject the new idea.

Consider how, around the world, you have groups of people who are basing their outlook on life on a specific thought or belief system, defined by what they see as an ultimate authority. Anytime a new idea is presented to them, they instantly compare the idea to their thought system. Does it validate their thought system? Does it go beyond or even challenge their thought system? If the latter is the case, then they immediately have a seemingly watertight argument for rejecting the new idea.

Why are you still on earth? Why is the earth, still filled with conflict and struggle between human beings? Could it be because human beings have not been willing to look beyond the mental boxes defined by their thought systems? Could it be that human beings have become closed systems who are rejecting the very ideas that could set them free from the struggle and the conflict?

New ideas must come from outside existing systems

What could potentially set human beings free from the struggle and conflict that has been ongoing for thousands of years of recorded history? What might set the captives free? Would it not have to be a new idea? Would not a new idea have to be something that is outside of the existing thought systems found on this planet?

If we are willing to be honest, we will have to recognize – will we not – that the thought systems that exist on planet earth have not been able to bring peace and harmony. They have not been able to end the struggle. They have, in fact, only reinforced the struggle.

If there is to be an end to the struggle, this can come about only when people begin to accept ideas that come from outside the mental boxes defined by existing thought systems. If people use their existing thought systems to reject such ideas, how shall they ever be free? How shall there ever be change on earth? How shall there ever be peace?

Consider the problem with words

Consider the fact that what you are reading here is a series of words. Consider that words have different meanings to different people. Just look at any religious scripture found on earth. Those who adhere to that scripture believe it was given by some ultimate authority, and in its original form it had some superior status. Different groups of people have taken the same words and interpreted them very differently, giving them very different meanings. You can see groups of people who are in conflict with each other even though they base their thought systems upon the very same words.

Consider, if you will, that it is possible to interpret words so that they validate any viewpoint or belief that you want. If you are willing to use words selectively, you can prove almost anything you want, and this is why people are in conflict. Look at how easy it is for people to take any statement made with words and instantly find a watertight excuse from their thought system for rejecting that statement.

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