It is time to face hatred of the mother

TOPICS: The desire for control – Denying that God is also mother – The true goal of life – The self based on form – Two ways to progress, one way to be stuck – Free will is not a flaw – Mother Mary has no value judgments – The deepest conflict on earth – Hatred of the mother – The desire to judge others – Hatred of the mother in the Middle East – Look beyond structures defined by men – You can change yourself—not God – Dreams based on hatred of the mother – I send our messengers to Rome – You have your own entryway to the kingdom – Surrendering into the flow – You are not trapped by form; only by your imagination –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 8, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

My beloved hearts, life is a process. I am one with life. Thus, I am the process of life. Mother Mary is a name, that has been used by men to refer to me now for almost 2,000 years. Yet, can a name, fashioned with the words used on earth, truly be said to represent a being, that has ascended into the realm of Spirit? Nay, no word, no name, no image fashioned by the human imagination can ever give you a true and accurate picture, a true and accurate sense, of who I am. Yet you can know my Being, my Presence—if you are willing to go beyond all form, all images that have been put upon me by men, by an institution that wants to use me to further its own doctrines and dogmas.

If you are indeed willing to go beyond such man-made images, such graven images – and attune your own conscious self, the Conscious You, to my Being and to my Presence – then you can experience who I am. You can experience the fullness of who I am, commensurate with your own willingness to surrender; not only your images of me but your images of yourself, the sense of identity that you have built in order to express yourself in this world of form.

The desire for control

What do I mean, when I say that life is a process? I mean that it is an ever-moving, ever-flowing state of change. But not just circular change; a directional change, where everything transcends itself in the eternal dance—that is not a dance in a horizontal way but a dance in a vertical way of transcendence, where everything becomes MORE. Not “more of,” but “more than.”

Becoming MORE is indeed the mandate of the world of form. You can – seemingly – maintain a form for a time, but, as even the short history known to men on earth has proven over and over again, nothing can be maintained forever. In fact, one would – if one were to take a neutral look at history – have to conclude, that nothing can be maintained for very long. And thus, if one is an astute student of life, one would conclude, that there is no point in seeking to maintain anything in any particular state. For the second law of thermodynamics, the contracting force of the mother, will break it down as fast as you can seek to lock it into a particular matrix.

Thus, the question is: Why do human beings seek to lock everything into a particular matrix, why do they seek to stop the flow of life? Well, they do it, of course, because they want to maintain a particular form, a particular experience of life. But what is the deeper motivation behind this drive, this obsessive-compulsive drive to maintain something in a particular state, where you have it under some form of control? Well, it is – precisely – the drive to feel that you have life under control, that you have your own life, yourself under control. But also, that you have your surroundings, your circumstances under control.

Yet behind this is an even deeper desire for control, that does not truly come from any individual co-creator but came from the original fallen beings who, in their anger and rebellion against God decided, that they wanted to control God. Truly, they were so arrogant, so unrealistic in their assessment of life, that they believed they could control God. And when it was proven, after a short while, that they could not control God – they could not control anything above their own level – well, then they decided, that if they could not control God, they would seek to control God’s creation.

Denying that God is also mother

What is the God they saw as the God that they wanted to control, as the God that they thought had made the mistake of giving co-creators free will? Well, it was the God that they saw as above them in the hierarchy of the spiritual realm, meaning that they saw this as God the father. Indeed, it is relevant to say, that there is a God who represents the father aspect, the masculine aspect. Yet, what the fallen beings were not willing to recognize was, that this God is everywhere present, meaning it is present within its creation as well. And thus, you will see, that in the mindset of these fallen beings, the only way they could maintain their illusion of being in opposition to God was, if they denied the presence of God where they are. And thus, in order to deny that God is everywhere present, what is it that you must deny. Well, you must deny the mother aspect of God.

For truly, the father aspect, in its ultimate sense, is the unexpressed, formless Creator that has not yet divided itself into the two polarities of Alpha and Omega, father and mother, Spirit and matter. What you deny, what the fallen beings denied, was that the mother aspect of God is also God—that God is present within the mother as well as within the father. For the formless Creator expresses itself as both Spirit and matter, but it creates both out of its own Being, meaning that the formless Creator is equally present in both Spirit and in matter.

This is the truth, the reality, that the fallen beings had to deny, and they have been denying it ever since, seeking to get all of God’s co-creators to deny it as well. And on planet earth – as is the case in certain other places throughout the cosmos – they have been remarkably successful in getting people to deny, that God is within themselves. This is the entire concept behind monotheism, where you create an image of God as a masculine figure, who is not found on earth but is only found in a remote Kingdom up there in heaven. And then you say, that God is only up there and is not down here among human beings—who are all sinners or somehow deficient in other ways. So they need some external assistance from an external religion, in order to enter the external kingdom, that has now been defined and as the ultimate goal for the process of life.

The true goal of life

Yet what is the true goal of the process of life? It is to know the reality, that God is right where you are, for the kingdom of God is within you. And when you see and notice – when you experience – this reality, then all of the illusions of the duality consciousness, of the fallen consciousness, fade away—fade away, my beloved, as if they had never had any hold over your mind. But which aspect of your being is it, that can know the God within? It is not the intellect, it is not reason, it is not logic, it is certainly not emotions. It is, as I have explained now many times over these years since I gave my book on the abundant life, it is that part of you which I like to call the Conscious You.

This is the part that is able to experience pure consciousness, awareness without an object—being conscious without being conscious of any particular form. And therefore being able to be conscious without identifying yourself with or as any particular form, be that the physical body or any sense of identity, that you have built over many lifetimes as a vehicle for your expression in the material universe.

The core of your being is an extension of the Creator’s Being. And that core is not a separate sense of self, it is not a sense of self built on the illusion of separation, of distinction, of differences—that can only be based on form. For surely, you realize, that when you go beyond form, there is no distinction, no difference. And thus, it is only because the world of form must have distinctions, that it can give rise to the illusion that forms are separate, are independent and did not spring from the same underlying source, the same underlying cause. This is what the outer mind, any aspect of it, will never fathom. And thus, in order to fathom it, you need to go to the very core of your being and experience that pure awareness.

The self based on form

Yet in order to experience pure awareness, you need to be willing to let go of the awareness that is centered around – focused on, trapped in – a particular form, a sense of identity based on form. You see, the illusion that caused you to separate yourself from your I AM Presence and from your spiritual teacher, is the illusion that in order to express yourself in the world of form, you had to create a self based on form. My beloved, I am giving you a secret key here: pay attention—not with the outer mind but seek to connect to the core of your being.

It will seem logical to the outer mind, that in order to express yourself in the world of form, you have to have a sense of identity based on form. It seems as if, in order to express yourself in this dense material realm, you need to have four lower bodies. A physical body to perform physical actions. An emotional body to let the energies from your higher being flow into the physical body and animate it to perform physical action. A mental body, that is designed to let ideas take the form of emotions, that can be translated into actions. And finally an etheric body, that can translate the blueprints from the spiritual realm into thoughts, that can be expressed in this realm.

We have told you, that the etheric body is the identity body because that is where your identity is stored. This is correct—your identity is stored in your etheric body. It is stored in that body because it cannot go higher, it cannot go to the level of the causal body. Yet why cannot your identity go beyond the lower etheric body? It is because it is not your true identity; it is based on the illusions of the world of form, first of all the illusion that form has permanence—and beyond that, the illusion that form has power over your spirit.

The identity stored in your identity body is your worldly sense of identity, the sense of identity based on the illusion, that in order to express yourself in this world of form, you have to adapt your Spirit, or at least the expression of your Spirit, to the world of form. So that it is acceptable to the beings who are already here, beings who have long ago accepted, that their Spirit should be adapted to the world of form in certain subtle ways. But nevertheless, they are still rebelling and refusing to completely adapt to the world of form—out of their insatiable desire to control the world of form.

In the original design, you are created as a spiritual being. You are not meant to adapt to the world of form, for you are meant to be a co-creator who can bring the etheric, the higher etheric, thoughtforms into physical manifestation. Thus, you are not meant to look at any state in the world of form as permanent or unchanging. You are not meant to descend into embodiment on planet earth, look at the conditions found here at the time you descended, and accept them as permanent or accept them as having any power over your Spirit. You are meant to retain the connection to your I AM presence, so that you continue to superimpose the etheric images and thoughtforms upon the Ma-ter light, never accepting that the current images and forms are permanent or real in the sense that they are more real than your Spirit.

In the original design, you are not meant to create a sense of identity based on the conditions that you find on earth, using these conditions to reason, that you are only a human being, that you have certain limitations and that the power of your mind cannot override what has already been manifest as material forms. And thus, you need to build a self based on the inevitability, the permanence, the reality of the material forms, that you see already manifest on earth. How can you be a co-creator who brings God’s kingdom to earth, if you look at the present conditions and accept them as permanent or real or as having power over you? Or if you see yourself as not having power to change them, for you have somehow come to accept the idea, that with God all things are not possible on earth—at least not for you.

Two ways to progress, one way to be stuck

Yet my beloved, were you even to go to the ultimate opposite extreme of totally identifying yourself with form, then even that might actually be a way to progress spiritually. As you would eventually come to a point, where you would be so tired of being limited by form, that you would begin to long for something more. And thus, it is indeed correct, as they say in the East, that there are two ways to progress spiritually. One is to focus on Spirit and withdraw from the physical realm to some degree; the other is to immerse yourself in the material world and indulge in its pleasures, until you have had enough of that experience.

What the fallen beings have attempted to do, is to fixate most human beings in a no-man’s land and no-god’s land that is in between these two, where you neither renounce the material world nor immerse yourself in it. For you, instead, seek to attempt to control the material world, rebelling against the basic design of it, the purpose behind it, but yet not fully accepting it either. Therefore being neither accepting nor withdrawing from it, but seeking to make it conform to the images in your mind, the images that are based on the illusion of separation, that can never truly have power over matter.

Do you see, that this springs from the desire to control, the desire to be proven right—even over God the Creator, the desire to prove God wrong? What you see on this earth is indeed, that most people have come to believe in one of the many subtle illusions created by the fallen beings, namely that there is a flaw, some fundamental evil, in the material world that must be overcome, that must be corrected, that must be destroyed, making it necessary to destroy the forms, even the people, that our epic mindset has defined as being the embodiment of that evil, that flaw.

Free will is not a flaw

My beloved, there is no fundamental flaw in the material world, for the fundamental law that guides the forms that you see on earth is free will, and free will is not a flaw. It is the very essence of the purpose of life, namely the growth in self-awareness through experimentation with your co-creative abilities, and an expansion of your sense of self from a localized to a universal viewpoint.

This is not a flaw, even if it results in taking the original pure design of the earth into the state you see today, with a myriad of imbalances and impurities. Yet even though you may look at the conditions currently found on earth and see, that they are surely below the original vision of the Elohim – when they created the physical planet – still this is not a flaw. There is no flaw in the Creator’s design, for even that which is imperfect, even that which is below the vision of Elohim, can become the basis for a learning experience that leads to an expansion of consciousness.

You see, the essence of the fallen consciousness is, that it imposes a value judgment that says, that this is bad, this is good, this is evil, this is God. When I, as the representative of the mother flame – the mother aspect of God for planet earth – when I look at the earth, I do not see good and evil, good and bad. I see only expressions of a certain state of consciousness. I also see that any state of consciousness, any sense of self, that is based on duality and separation, can only lead to suffering.

And thus, as the Buddha said, if you speak or act with polluted perception – because you see through the filter of separation – well, then suffering will indeed follow you all the days of your life. Yet I also see that behind this sense of self based on form, are pure spiritual beings, who can at any time return to and rediscover their pure awareness, the pure awareness within them—what Saint Germain called the point of stillness within them. And thus, they can return to that stillness, that pure identity and begin to express it. They can do what Jesus said: let the old sense of self die and be reborn into a pure sense of self.

Mother Mary has no value judgments

And thus, when I look at the earth, I see no epic need to correct, to destroy, some evil. And thus, I am not tempted to enter into the epic dramas, the epic consciousness, the epic mindset of the fallen beings. I wish you could see the earth through that immaculate conception, that immaculate concept that I see it through. I wish you could see yourself as I see you, as the pure spiritual being that was created. I wish you could see what I see, namely that you are a pure spiritual being and that the external sense of identity based on form is simply unreal.

Thus, you would see, that you do not belong to a particular spiritual movement. You do not belong to a particular religion, to a particular nationality, to a particular ethnic group, a particular race or even a particular sex. Your pure spiritual being is neither male nor female, for it is in polarity with the male aspect of the Spirit, your I AM Presence. Thus, there is no male or female spiritual beings, as you conceive of male and female on earth. For surely, many people on earth – even if they were to accept reincarnation – would think, that if you are a female spiritual being, you can only express yourself and embody in a female body. But it is not so. Your conscious self is neither male nor female, in the sense conceived by human beings through that filter of separation and distinction, that must set male and female apart from each other—and therefore can give rise to a conflict between the two. As you indeed see the conflict between men and women.

The deepest conflict on earth

This is indeed the deepest division found on earth—that between men and women. It is a division, that has been used by the fallen beings from the very beginning to create conflict, irreconcilable conflict, on earth. For as I said, as we explained last year, there is indeed no possibility of peace in society if there is not peace in the home, peace between man and woman.

And thus, what do you see, when you look at the world? You see a suppression of women in almost every culture and society. Can we say that women are only suppressed in monotheistic cultures? Nay, we cannot, for surely women are even more suppressed in India and China and other cultures influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism; where women are considered to be of no value, so that they will abort female fetuses, kill female babies or abandon them, give them away. Or they force them to marry at a young age, so that the parents might gain some kind of advantage—for the girls are seen merely as property to be traded for some short-lived material advantage.

Hatred of the mother

What then is the very basis for this universal suppression of women? It is a concept, that I would like to call “hatred of the mother.” What is hatred of the mother? In order to explain it, we need to again look at the original fallen beings. They thought that they could control the Creator and cause the Creator to change its design for the material universe, for the world of form, for their particular sphere. They thought they could get the Creator to withdraw free will from co-creators and make the co-creators the subjects, the underlings, of the fallen beings themselves; so that the fallen beings would be allowed to force co-creators to enter into what they conceived of as the proper state of consciousness—that would allow the co-creators to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Now, this was from the very beginning a fundamental misconception. The fallen beings did not even understand the consciousness, that allows you to enter the ascended state. For if they had understood this, they would realize, that you cannot come up with one image, that defines the ascended consciousness. It is not so that all beings who ascend become alike or even live up to a particular standard or norm. This is a misconception, even held by many who call themselves ascended master students. Yet in reality the image of the ascension process is based on a particular interpretation, filtered through the consciousness of duality and separation.

There is no standard for ascended beings, and the reason for this is, that a being who has ascended is one who has become one with the River of Life, and therefore is expressing its God-given creativity in full measure. Do you think that I, as an ascended being, that I am expressing myself the same way that Master MORE, or Gautama, or Saint Germain or Jesus are expressing themselves? There is no norm, there is no standard—unless you want to call it a standard, that each ascended being expresses its God-given individuality and creativity by constantly transcending itself. If indeed you think this can be called a standard, then I wish you good luck in trying to define it. But I would suggest that you give up trying to define it, and instead focus on your individual creativity, allowing that to be expressed through your outer form. For that is how you will qualify for your ascension.

As long as you think, that you have to live up to some external standard, defined based on how other beings have ascended in the past, then you cannot win your ascension. You may make spiritual progress, which is why we have given certain external definitions in the past, for students whose consciousness could not yet fathom what I am explaining here. You may make progress towards the ascended state by raising your consciousness according to certain criteria, according to a certain path that can indeed be defined. But you will not make that last step into the ascended state, until you have become one with your higher being, and thus naturally and effortlessly express your individual creativity and being through your outer form.

The desire to judge others

This is what the fallen beings could not understand, could not fathom. And the reason for this was, that they wanted to judge others, they wanted to raise themselves up as being superior to others. And how can you do this? You can do it only by creating a standard, a graven image, and now setting that graven image before the true God of constant transcendence, the living God. Now you elevate that graven image to some absolute authority or standard, saying that only those who live up to this image will enter the kingdom of heaven, whereas all others will be denied—and therefore condemned to the opposite of the kingdom of heaven, namely hell. But you see, in defining an opposite to the kingdom of heaven, you must first define the kingdom of heaven based on separation. And thus, what this “absolute” standard gives entry into is not the real kingdom of heaven, of the ascended state. It is a false, man-made concept that does not have any actual existence or reality.

That is how the fallen beings set up an impossible goal, of seeking to get people to strive to qualify for entry into a nonexistent kingdom of heaven by living up to a standard, that either cannot be defined or cannot be fulfilled. How many people can give a definition, a clear concise definition, of perfection? And how many could live up to it, if they could give a definition? And so, you see the impossibility of what the fallen ones have set up as the ultimate goal of life. Yet it is set up precisely to keep you trapped in the state of consciousness I described earlier—that is neither this nor that. For it is based on an attempt to control the matter realm, to stop the flow of life and to force the Ma-ter light to take on and maintain a certain form indefinitely, even forever. Or so the arrogance of the fallen angels would have you believe, for they have come to believe it—that it is actually possible to maintain their fallen state of consciousness forever.

When you go into this frame of mind – of judging everything based on an impossible standard – then it is inevitable, that the safety mechanism built into the world of form will seek to shatter your illusion. What we have called the second law of thermodynamics or the contracting force of the mother will break down the graven image, that you seek to superimpose upon the Ma-ter light.

The Ma-ter light will indeed take on the image for a time. For according to the Law of Free Will, you must be allowed to create any form, any experience you desire. So if you desire to create the perfect empire on earth – as for example the Roman civilization, or the Greek civilization, or the civilizations of the Middle East or many other civilizations have desired – well, then you must be allowed to create that empire. But of course, in creating it, you make it subject to the second law, that will then break it down. And you must then continually struggle and struggle to maintain it, which means your life becomes a process of suffering.

As you then experience, that some force is seeking to break down this perfect kingdom that you created on earth, what is the inevitable result? Well, it is that you come to hate the force of nature, that is breaking down what you have created. Therefore, you come to hate the mother aspect of God, the world of form, even the Ma-ter light. So, what is hatred of the mother? It is hatred of the ongoingness of life, it is hatred of the demand of life – the underlying principle of life – namely that of growth, change, self-transcendence. You hate the process and love a particular result, and you want to freeze the process on that particular result and maintain it indefinitely. This is hatred of the mother; the unwillingness to change, the unwillingness to transcend, the unwillingness to flow with the River of Life.

Hatred of the mother in the Middle East

Why am I giving this teaching in a message, that is a continuation of what Saint Germain gave, and what we gave earlier as a result of the messenger traveling to Israel? I am giving it because there are few places on earth, where you find such a concentration of the hatred of the mother as you find throughout the Middle East. Yet even when you look at the map of the Middle East, you see that the strongest concentration of hatred of the mother is found precisely in the city of Jerusalem. There are certainly other centers, where hatred of the mother is very strong, among them are Cairo in Egypt, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Bagdad in Iraq, Teheran in Iran, the major cities of Pakistan, even Lebanon, Turkey, Syria. They all have their focuses of hatred of the mother, but the most concentrated hatred of the mother is indeed Jerusalem itself.

This is caused by the consciousness exposed by Saint Germain in his latest discourse, the consciousness of wanting to elevate some human beings as being superior to all others, as being God’s chosen people. These human beings that are superior can, of course, only be men, with women who belong to the same race being completely subordinate. There are those who believe, that even Jewish women are not truly among God’s chosen people, that only the men are the chosen. There are even some who believe, that only the men will enter the kingdom of heaven.

There are those who believe, that even though the women may enter, women in the kingdom of heaven will be as subordinate and as suppressed as they are in the kingdom of earth. For these people think, that the kingdom of heaven is simply an extension of the kingdom that they are seeking to create on earth. They think, in their arrogance, that the way they imagined the kingdom of heaven is the way the kingdom of heaven really is. They fail to see, that what they are striving to create on earth is only their own imagination, their own graven image, that has locked their imagination on a particular form. So that their imagination has been separated from the River of Life—that is constantly imagining more and more. More than the old, rather than more of the same.

So they think that their imagination – which they have decided to stop, to kill – can also kill the flow of the River of Life. They are, of course, being challenged by the fact, that even though they now have a state of Israel, they do not truly have the kingdom that they are meant to have, for the Muslims built that “abomination” on the Temple Mount, that they cannot tear down. And thus, they cannot build that temple, which they see as the literal doorway to the kingdom of heaven. As if there could ever be a building on earth, that could be the doorway to the Kingdom of heaven. Nay my beloved, it cannot be done. There is no physical structure, no physical place on earth, that is the literal or physical doorway to the kingdom of heaven.

Look beyond structures defined by men

Neither is there any structure, any Scripture, any physical line of authority, that is the key to the doorway to the kingdom of heaven—as the Catholics envision, that Jesus gave the literal keys to the kingdom to Peter, based on that misrecorded, mistranslated and misinterpreted quote from the Gospel of Matthew. And thus, I seek to help you see, that the desire to establish a physical kingdom on earth, a physical temple on earth, or a physical organization on earth is indeed a misrepresentation of the process of life. Thinking that something on earth is the entry into the kingdom of heaven, is a complete perversion of the reality of the father. And therefore, seeking to force the Ma-ter light to take on and maintain such a matrix, is the extreme expression of hatred of the mother.

Thus, if the Jews were indeed to gain control of the Temple Mount and build that elaborate temple that they envision, that structure would be, indeed, the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place where it ought not. For the true holy place is within you, as Jesus attempted to help the Jews accept 2,000 years ago—and as they are still rejecting to this day.

Why are the Jews rejecting the concept that the kingdom is within you? Why did they reject it back then, why are they rejecting it today? Well, as Saint Germain said, it is not truly the Jews who are rejecting it. It is those who have this insatiable desire to feel, that they are better than others, and therefore want to outplay that drama—to create something here on earth, that makes them feel they are better than all others, they are superior. And thus, it is not the Jews as a race; it is those who have embodied as Jews, but who really are trapped in the epic dramas of the fallen beings, even some of them being the falling beings themselves, who are now facing their last opportunity to turn around or to be removed from the earth.

Can you see, that unless it is possible to create some structure, here on earth, that sets people apart from others, then it is not possible to feel, that you are better than other people? And thus, there must be something, something physical—be it a book such as the Bible, be it a temple building, be it a particular empire, or a particular person, such as Christ or the emperor or the high priest. My beloved, unless there is some physical characteristic, that is clearly superior to all others, then how can there be people who feel, that they are superior to other people because of their proximity to that which is so special?

And what is, of course, the highest authority, that one can imagine on earth, based on the consciousness of separation? Well, it is indeed, that there is something on earth, that is the exclusive entryway to the kingdom beyond earth, the kingdom of God. So that even God is forced to accept into his kingdom those who have qualified, based on the conditions defined by themselves here on earth.

You can change yourself—not God

Can you see the fallacy of thinking, that the conditions based on the consciousness of separation, can guarantee your entry into the kingdom of oneness, the consciousness of oneness? Can you see the fallacy of thinking, that the conditions defined by the fallen beings – who rebelled against God – can guarantee you entry into the kingdom of God? Can you see, that this is nothing more than the ultimate arrogance of the fallen beings, of thinking that they can indeed force God to allow them into his kingdom—without them having surrendered the very consciousness that sets them apart from oneness.

Can you see, that you will never – ever – change God; you will never force God? You may force all human beings on earth to believe in your graven image, to worship that graven image before the living God, but it will have no effect on the living God. For that living God says: “Transcend yourself as I am constantly transcending myself, and you will be in my kingdom wherever you are.” As Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect even as your father which is in heaven is perfect.”

But what was the Christ vision of perfection? It is constant self-transcendence. What is the fallen vision of perfection? It is some ultimate state that because it is ultimate does not need to change, and therefore could not possibly transcend itself any more, for it has reached some ultimate state. But what could be ultimate unless it has form, and what could be truly perfect that has form? Only that which is formless is ultimately perfect.

Dreams based on hatred of the mother

The reality is, that all of the dreams of men are based on a hatred of the mother—and the dream that there is some magic, some way to stop, to neutralize, the contracting force of the mother, that breaks down the kingdoms of men on earth. The dream that there is some way to create the ultimate graven image, that will be permanent, that cannot be destroyed. The dream that there is some way to create a kingdom, an empire of men, that is everlasting, that is eternal. The dream that there is a way to create an eternal city. This is the dream that the founders of Israel had for their nation—that they were God’s chosen people, that there was a promised land, that they could create a city of Jerusalem, a city with a temple that would be everlasting on earth.

It is, certainly, not the only example of such a dream, for what was it that destroyed the last temple of the Jews, at the time shortly after Jesus had appeared to the Jews? Was it not the Roman Empire that tore down that temple, for they could not stand to have a rival, that also attempted to do what the Romans themselves were trying to do, namely to create an eternal city, an eternal empire. And thus, they had to tear down anything that seemed to compete with the splendor and the glory of Rome, such as Carthage, such as the Greek cities and temples. Anything that rivaled the splendor of Rome had to be destroyed, so that Rome could stand alone, so that Rome could stand out and be elevated above all other civilizations. And so that the men, the Roman emperors, who were in control of the Roman Empire, could indeed maintain the illusion, that they were superior to all others.

I send our messengers to Rome

And thus, I shall send this messenger and his companion on another trip to continue the work, that was begun in Israel in another center of the hatred of the mother. The remnants of the empire, the records of that empire, focused in that city of Rome, shall indeed be shaken up and partly consumed by the Scepter of Surya. So that the Prince of Peace can step through the veil and consume those records of war, so focused and outpictured by the Roman Empire, even by the continuation of the Roman empire, and the consciousness behind the Roman empire, that has been called the Catholic Church. And as another abomination, it has called itself the only true church of Jesus Christ, the only organization that represents Jesus Christ on earth, and therefore has the keys to the kingdom, as the physical structure that can guarantee your entry into the kingdom of God—if you submit to the king of the earthly kingdom of the Catholic Church, namely the Pope.

This is the next task for our work—to shake up those remnants of these megalithic power structures, that indeed Jesus came to overthrow 2,000 years ago. For it was one of the goals of the Age of Pisces, that humankind would finally free itself from this dream of creating an earthly empire, an earthly kingdom, that was an outpicturing of the kingdom of God. And therefore, it guaranteed entry into the kingdom of God to those who submitted themselves to it and to the image upon which it was built. It was the hope, that humankind would acquire the discernment to see through the fallen consciousness and its attempts to build these earthly empires, these structures that can guarantee your entry into the external kingdom of heaven. And thus, they keep you so focused on defending or building these earthly empires, that you forget to seek the kingdom within you—that is the true entry of the kingdom of heaven.

You have your own entryway to the kingdom

Do you see, the essence of this? Every self-aware being has his or her personal entryway to the kingdom of heaven, located within your heart. Yet you will not find that entryway as long as you are looking for it outside yourself, and thus the entire plot of the fallen beings is to create the epic dramas, that make you think that you have to fight for some cause, for some empire, for some kingdom on earth. And therefore, you will qualify – through that external activity – you will qualify for entry into the kingdom, that you see as external to yourself.

They will do anything they can think of, to get you to forget to look inside yourself. And what is, indeed, the main tool? It is the hatred of the mother, that you then turn against yourself, as hatred not only of your physical body, but hatred of your self. For when you see your self as separated from your heavenly father, then you cannot see your self as truly an expression of that father.

So you think you are confined to the mother realm. You think that the mother realm is separated from God and therefore has some fundamental flaw—that therefore, there is something fundamentally wrong or evil about matter, there is something fundamentally wrong or evil about your physical body, there is even something fundamentally wrong or evil about your soul. For you were conceived in sin and you can only sin—unless you are saved by some external savior. And thus, you come to hate yourself, for hatred of the mother can only be hatred of self.

For what is – truly – the mother? It is the expressed God. You are an expression of the unexpressed God, but you are an expression and therefore you are in the matter realm, the mother realm. And thus, when you hate the mother, you hate yourself—and hatred is not the doorway, the entry, the key to the kingdom of heaven: love is, oneness is, acceptance is.

Surrendering into the flow

How can you enter the kingdom of heaven, until you accept yourself as worthy to be in that kingdom? And how can you accept yourself as worthy, as long as you have any hatred of the mother left in your being? Hatred is resistance. What is the key to overcoming resistance? It is to surrender into the flow, to surrender all that causes you to resist the flow. Yet, what is it, that the fallen ones will not do? They will not surrender into the flow.

If you surrender into the flow, you can indeed create something on earth, that is an expression of the kingdom of heaven. But if you will not surrender into the flow, you condemn yourself to seeking to create something, some kingdom on earth, that is based on the imagination of separation and duality. And thus, the kingdom you create out of that limited, polluted imagination, can never be permanent but will be broken down. And it is broken down for your own sake; it is broken down because the mother loves you, and does not want to see you confined indefinitely into this limited state.

The mother wants to see you free, to see your imagination free to flow with the River of Life. And therefore, you abide in the love of the father, expressed through the mother, where you feel constantly loved and constantly free to express your creativity, without having to judge it based on some value judgment created by the fallen consciousness—that makes it impossible for you to ever live up to this graven image of perfection. And thus, you think you can never feel acceptance of yourself, you can never accept yourself as worthy of the father’s and the mother’s love. And you can never surrender yourself into the flow of that love, where you feel that constant oneness with love.

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I would gather you under my wings of love, but you have resisted me for eons. You are resisting me today. And yet I know, that some will understand, some will be awakened, some will finally see the futility of resistance and surrender into the flow of love that I am. For I am the process of life, the process of love, which is life becoming more of itself—its infinite self in expression in form, thus accelerating form beyond any fixed image. So that even the kingdom of form can be a self-aware expression of the unexpressed Creator, knowing full well who you are, knowing that you are more than any form you have created, more than any sense of self you have created. And thus, you are never trapped in that form, you are not trapped in the sense of identity based on the form that you have created, or that humankind has collectively created, or that the fallen beings have created.

You are not trapped by form; only by your imagination

You are not trapped in any form based on limited imagination. You are free to let your imagination soar beyond anything, that you have imagined in the past. You are no longer trapped by thinking, that you have to limit your imagination by forcing it to exist only within a certain framework, defined according to some standard of what will supposedly get you into the kingdom of heaven.

What will truly get you into the kingdom of heaven is your imagination, for it is your imagination, that is the foundation for your transcending your current sense of self – and continuing to transcend your current sense of self – until you suddenly transcend all sense of self based on the material world—and now imagine a sense of self as an ascended being. It is not force that gets you to the ascended state. It is the freedom of imagination that allows you to flow with the River of Love. I AM that flow. I AM that love. I am sharing my Presence with everyone who is willing to attune to that Presence.


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels