It is time to accept the unconditional forgiveness of Christ

TOPICS: “I do not need you, Jesus” – What the German people volunteered to show Europe – The true forgiveness of Christ – Nation states have outlived their purpose – It is time for the Germans to ask for forgiveness –

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Ascended Master Jesus, October 29, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given as the messenger was driving in a car through Northern Germany.

“Deutschland über alles!” as the saying was during those years, where the collective consciousness in Germany had been hijacked by one individual, and a group of people around him, who had managed to create such a fog of deception, that they had literally managed to create an energy vortex, that had captured the focus of the collective consciousness of almost the entire nation.

When this happens, as it has indeed happened in many nations before and since, there are very few people, who have a strong enough individuality to go against the current, the maelstrom in the collective consciousness. And thus, you see them getting sucked in, and you see them standing by the military parades and the speeches, raising their right hand and with mindless faces and empty eyes, shouting “Heil Hitler!”

“I do not need you, Jesus”

You may think, if you have grown up outside of Germany, that this was caused by some flaw in the character of the German people. You may even think this if you have grown up inside of Germany. Yet I tell you, that what I said 2,000 years ago, when I walked the earth as Jesus, was: “Judge not, that ye be not judged!” For it is easy to create a dualistic standard and apply it to judging other people, while refusing to look for the beam in your own eye. This is truly the oldest game in town, the oldest ego game, for it is started by the fallen beings several spheres before this one.

And so, if you desire to go into that state of consciousness and judge, then I, Jesus, will respect your free will. For I know that when you enter that state of consciousness – of judging, condemning and putting down another human being based on your self-created standard or based on the standard defined by your religion – well then you have in effect said to me: “Jesus, I don’t need you right now, I don’t need your Christ discernment, I don’t need the Christ discernment that enables me to see that all life is one. And therefore all people are of equal value and have equal opportunity to self-transcend. And thus, I do not need to see, that if I truly want to raise myself, I seek only to raise others. For I have decided that I want to experience what it is like to be above others by putting them down.”

For do you not see clearly outpictured in the entire Nazi era, that the Nazis had created the illusion that the German people belonged to a super race? But they could do this only by defining another race as sub-humans, as non-humans. And thus, is this not an extreme illusion of what happens in the duality consciousness? And so, if you want to apply the same dualistic judgement – the value judgement as applied by the Nazis and their master minds, so to speak – well, then, I will let you do this.

What the German people volunteered to show Europe

But if you are willing, then I would take you to a higher vision of the Christ mind, where you might begin to see, that when a people outpicture something, it is not necessarily because of a flaw. But it is also because those people have volunteered to take on and outplay a certain state of consciousness, so that others might see this. And they might, then, set an example that the world finds it difficult to ignore.

For if you do look honestly at the history of the European continent – not that the European continent was unique at this regard, but let us focus on Europe for the purpose of this discussion – then you see that Europe has a history, going back several centuries, of certain nations developing a sense of superiority and predestination, and feeling they had a right to forcefully subdue others and set themselves up as being the masters of a certain territory.

And thus, you will see, that the extreme scenario you saw outplayed in Germany could also have been outplayed, and was indeed outplayed in a milder form, in several other European nations. Do you not see clearly, that the British Empire also believed it had some superiority, that made it perfectly legitimate that it subdued the colonies? Do you not see that during those times, many people in Britain had the sense that one Brit was better than ten foreigners, or whatever the number was in the individual mind?

And so, you see the same tendency in France, in the Austria-Hungarian Empire and, as Saint Germain mentioned, in Sweden. You have seen it in Spain, you have seen it in Italy, you have seen it in Greece. And thus, can you not also see, that if there was ever to be a united Europe, then this state of consciousness had to be exposed? Yet given the long history, where various nations had outplayed this consciousness without seriously questioning it, can you not see why it was decided by the Karmic Board that it was necessary to let the knocks in the school of hard knocks become so severe, that it was virtually impossible to ignore?

The true forgiveness of Christ

And thus, can you not begin to gain a new sense of appreciation for the German people’s sacrifice in being willing to be the focal point for the exposure of this consciousness? And thus, perhaps, you might begin to forgive, as the German people have begun to forgive, but have not truly forgiven. For they have fallen prey to exactly what Saint Germain just talked about across the border, of the fallen ones’ plot, that once you have made a certain mistake, then you can never truly be redeemed.

Yet, my beloved, what was the central message of Christ, when I came to earth 2,000 years ago? It was, indeed, that there is nothing from which you cannot be redeemed, through the light and the love of Christ. And thus, I, Jesus, am indeed here, and I have directed my female and male messenger here at this hour, to release a great impetus of light, that the German nation might wake up and truly begin to accept the forgiveness that is possible through Christ. And that I, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene with me, are offering the German nation.

Not that I have not been offering this before, but I offer it from this day forward in a stronger manifestation than ever before, in the hope that many among the German people will begin to tune in and begin to seriously look at the past in a way they have never looked at it before. For if you do not look at the past and acknowledge that you need forgiveness, then how can you ask for forgiveness? And if you do not ask for forgiveness, you cannot receive forgiveness. For it is not that some being in heaven, be it Jesus or God, it withholding forgiveness from you. For the Spirit of Forgiveness is constantly raining upon the just and the unjust, as the sun is shining upon all who will receive its rays. And thus, forgiveness is offered to all, but there are many who reject it, because in their minds they have fallen prey to the fallen beings and the whole mindset that in order to receive the forgiveness of Christ, you have to live up to certain conditions.

Well, I tell you, this is the lie of the fallen beings that I, Jesus, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter this day for the four winds. And I shatter it in the etheric and spiritual realm as well. I shatter this consciousness, that all might see that Christ is forgiveness, complete and unconditional forgiveness. There is no mistake you could have made, there is no deed you could have done from which you cannot be forgiven, when you accept Christ, when you accept the reality of Christ over the unreality of anti-christ.

And thus, I say: “Arise Germans, for you have made great strides towards overcoming the consciousness of superiority. You have been willing to humble yourselves, you have been willing to be a team player, you have been willing to go through great strides in the reunification after the fall of the Iron Curtain. And you have been willing to reach out and make great efforts to keep together the European Union.”

Not that this has always been done for self-less purposes, but nevertheless it has been done. And there has been a great measure of selflessness. And thus, I say now: “Arise, not to superiority, but to the fact that all life is one, to the greater recognition that you truly only raise yourself by raising others.” For if you go into trying to raise yourself by putting others down, there will come a point, where all have been put down, including yourself.

And thus, this is the consciousness that I shatter, this lie of the fallen beings that you can be a superior person as long as you think that anyone else is inferior. For truly, he who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all—out of the recognition that all is one. And thus, you raise up yourself only by seeking to raise the All.

Nation states have outlived their purpose

Wake up then, reach out and recognize that there is a great potential for establishing a regional awareness around the Baltic Sea, and that the Germans have a role to play in this, by reaching out to the nations to the East and the Baltic nations that used to be occupied by Germany. Reach out, then, with a new Spirit of Cooperation and the sense of oneness. So that there might be established a region that goes across the divisions that have been outpictured as national boundaries, the national boundaries that truly were drawn artificially in the first place and therefore have long ago outlived their purpose.

For what Europe and the world have not seen is that with the end of the second world war, the nation state had outlived its purpose. This was outpictured in the division of Europe into the eastern block and the western block, where it was necessary for nations to look beyond themselves, for no single nation could withstand the threat from the other block.

Can you not see, that this was, again, the school of hard knocks outpicturing itself? But it is time to realize, that even the school of hard knocks teaches you a valid lesson, when you are willing to transcend and look at the mindset that caused you to receive the hard knocks, [then] and say: “Why would we want to keep learning from the hard knocks? Let us instead be willing to look beyond the knocks and look at our own consciousness and what the hard knocks are seeking to expose by getting you to take them to the extreme.”

And thus, I release a great light of the true forgiveness of Christ, the unconditional forgiveness that will even allow people to persecute it, to say all manner of things falsely against it for my sake, in order to be part of the drama, where people outpicture their state of consciousness to such an extreme that many begin to see it. And thus, as I have said before, forgiveness is the key to passing the initiations of the Year of the Mother. For I tell you, that what you have not forgiven is something you hold on to.

And if you are to move into the Year of the Holy Spirit and flow with the Spirit even beyond this coming year, then you cannot hold on to anything from the past. For it will be a dead weight that will slow you down. And then, the rushing waters of the Spirit will begin to flow around you. And it will become harder and harder to withstand their pull, until you feel like you are in a whirlwind, a maelstrom, and that the waters of the Spirit are your enemy instead of your greatest opportunity for self-transcendence.

It is time for the Germans to ask for forgiveness

And thus, I say also to the German people: “It is time that you go back and look at these old ghosts from the second world war and before. It is time that you look in the mirror of the past honestly, and that you begin to talk freely and honestly about this, so that you can quickly move through it, within a few years.”

“For I tell you, in the coming decade, there is much work to be done in Europe, and you, the German people, have a great opportunity to be part of the transcendence that will be outpictured on the European continent. Thus, be willing to forgive yourself and be willing to ask for the forgiveness of others, so that you may give them an opportunity to either give that forgiveness and move on or reject it and be left behind.”

You are not humbling yourself by asking forgiveness, for truly, asking is an opportunity for those that you ask. And thus, be willing to play also this part of the game of asking. For the time has come, that Europe might look at the second world war and finally transcend it. Thus, I have had my say through this messenger, and it is finished.


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