It is time to accelerate yourself beyond psychic projections

TOPICS: The origin of psychic projections – How to make the maximum amount of karma – The difference between psychic forces and ascended masters – How to free yourself from psychic projections – The fallen angels believe there is a flaw in God’s design – Becoming psychically non-violent –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 15, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

My beloved hearts, Mary I AM, the Divine Mother for the earth, the one who holds the office of the Divine Mother for the earth. And thus, I come today to give you a teaching, that for many of you can be an essential key to rising to the next level on the spiral staircase that leads towards your personal Christhood. It is indeed a teaching that pertains to what we have called the psychic realm, psychic energies, psychic projections and psychic forces.

It is a teaching that all those who aspire towards Christhood will need to be familiar with, for at a certain point you will be faced with the test of learning to discern the difference between psychic projections, psychic forces and the reality of the ascended masters and the ascended realm. If you cannot tell the difference between a real ascended master and an impostor in the psychic realm, well, then you cannot rise beyond a certain point on the spiritual path.

And what is it, that makes it difficult for people to discern the difference? It is indeed that they have not freed themselves from the psychic energies and the psychic projections in their own beings. If you have psychic energies and ideas, that have been projected into your mind from the psychic realm, then these will form of filter, that will prevent you from truly recognizing the essential difference in vibration between an ascended master and a psychic impostor.

If you have psychic ideas that you have not questioned, if you have psychic energies that you have not seen as being lower than the level of love, then how will you be able to question the psychic impostors that appear to you, and tell you to do this or that—or not to do this or that? How will you tell the difference between the forces who have an aggressive intent of controlling your free will and the ascended masters, who have no intention whatsoever of controlling your free will, but only the desire to give you the frame of reference, that allows you to exercise that free will in a way that is truly free.

The origin of psychic projections

What, then, do I mean, when I talk about something psychic? Surely, the general definition of this word pertains to the abilities of the mind, of the psyche. This may be related to thoughts and feelings, or it may be related to deeper abilities to sense something beyond the material world, such as people who are sensitive and can serve as mediums for communicating with dead relatives, disembodied spirits—or other phenomena that are often labeled as psychic.

This, however, is not the way we of the ascended masters prefer to use the term. When we talk about the psychic, we are talking about a specific perversion of your psychic abilities, not be higher and correct use of these psychic abilities. So let me endeavor to explain the difference.

As Maitreya explains in his book, there was a point in a higher sphere, when a certain group of lifestreams decided, that they were not willing to transcend their level of consciousness and lay down their lives to be the servants of all. Thus, they rebelled against God’s plan for salvation through free will—which really was not, in God’s eyes, a plan for salvation but a plan for the raising up of all self-aware beings to the level of self-awareness of the Creator out of which they came. Thus, in God’s original plan, there was no need for salvation, for there had been no fall, there was no cosmic accident that caused self-aware beings to descend into a separate sense of identity.

God, of course, knew this to be a possibility, a consequence of free will. Yet God had also defined the universe, and the laws of this universe, in such a way, that no being could possibly sink so far into the illusion of separation, that it could not come back to oneness by reaching for the mind of Christ, that is the universal unifying agent behind all form and within all form—and thus accessible from anywhere in the world of form. Thus, the deeper reality is, that there was no flaw in God’s plan. There is no flaw in giving self-aware beings free will; on the contrary, free will is the means to the expansion of self-awareness. For how can self–awareness be expanded in a way, that is imposed by an external force? The growth in self-awareness must come from within the self, through the experiences of the self and the decisions made by the self.

Yet when these beings rebelled against God’s plan, they separated themselves from the flow of the River of Life. Instead of ascending with their sphere, they were then lowered into the next sphere that was created. In their minds, they perceived this as being cast down forcefully by beings in what they then called the heaven realm. Thus, you have, even in the Book of Revelation, an impure view, that presents the fall as a great war in heaven, where Michael fought the dragon. But it was not so, Archangel Michael, as he has explained himself, did not fight the devil. Archangel Michael was simply immovable, and thus it was the devil who fought and in fighting separated itself from the oneness of God—and thus confined itself to a lower level of vibration than the ascending sphere, thus being left behind by that sphere and all of the inhabitants that were willing to transcend.

Now then, what was it that happened in the process of the fall, when the, shall we call them “fallen” beings, rebelled against God? Well, they realized, that in order for them to have any chance of proving themselves right and proving God wrong – as they had decided was their desire, their life’s goal – they would have to pull as many lifestreams as possible with them into the lower sphere. They knew that they would descend, and they wanted to drag as many beings with them as possible, thinking that if enough beings were dragged down with them, then God would have to do something to change the design and the plan for the universe.

And how, then, did they manage to drag a great number of the beings in the ascending sphere with them into the fall? They did so by using their abilities of the mind, abilities that most people in the ascending sphere had never used and had never encountered. For you see, when you are in the Ascension spiral and know that you are being raised up, you have only one desire and that is what was expressed in the words of Jesus, when he said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men onto me.”

You are not seeking to raise yourself out of selfish reasons, you are not seeking to elevate yourself in comparison to others. You are not in any way seeking to set yourself apart from others or above them. On the contrary, you are only seeking to raise the All, you are seeking to raise yourself, that you might be an instrument for raising the All. And in this pure motive, you are indeed elevated, which is why Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth.

Most of the beings in that ascending sphere had only encountered other beings, who also had these pure intentions. Yet, when those who thought they were the high and the mighty in that sphere realized, that they were not willing to lay down their lives in service to the All, they then went into a different state of mind than even they had been in before. For up until that turning point, they too had attempted to raise the all, although with a hidden motive of thinking that it would elevate themselves in the end. Yet when they realized, that the only way to progress and ascend with the sphere was to lay down their lives without knowing what would come after, then they rebelled. And now, in their rebellious state of mind, they decided to attempt to drag as many other beings with them as possible.

And they accomplished this by using the abilities of the mind. These are the very co-creative abilities, but in a perverted form. We have explained in many different ways, that you have the ability to formulate a mental image and to superimpose the image upon the Ma-ter light. You do indeed have a right to experiment with this creative ability. You do have a right to formulate any mental image you want, and to project it upon the Ma-ter light, for the Ma-ter light will gratefully take on the form you project upon it, thus enabling you to experience what you have created. And in experiencing these consequences, you can then evaluate, whether your mental image was indeed one you wish to repeat or whether it was one you wish to transcend. Yet of course, in having this ability to formulate a mental image and project it outside yourself, you also have the possibility of not only projecting it upon the Ma-ter light but indeed projecting it into the inner sanctuary of other beings with free will.

How to make the maximum amount of karma

You will see, my beloved, that on planet earth, you have the possibility of physically – through physical force – forcing someone else to do what you want them to do. This is, of course, a violation of free will, but it is not the most severe violation of free will possible. Indeed, even killing another human being is not the way to make maximum karma on planet earth.

A much more severe violation of free will is when you use your psychic abilities to project images, beliefs, emotions and energies into the inner sanctuary of another human being, thereby interfering with that person’s state of mind and its ability to make free choices. And thereby in subtle ways, often unseen by the recipient, you are forcing the other person to make the choices you want that person to make. So even though you will make a severe karma by physically killing another human being, you will make an even more severe karma by projecting psychic projections into the mind of another person, so that that person kills himself.

Do you see my point? It is one thing to physically violate the free will of others by seeking to force them by what they see, clearly, as an external force. But it is an entirely other thing to project psychic projections at them, so that they do not realize they are being forced, but nevertheless you are controlling their will, or at least interfering with their ability to make free choices. This then, is precisely what the original fallen beings did in the sphere that was close to the ascension point.

They used the energies of the accuser of the brethren, as we have explained before, to create mental images, that were limiting to the ascension process. Then, they used very intense fear-based emotions, such as anger, fear, resentment or what have you, to project these images into the minds of other beings. And because they had never been exposed to this, many of these beings, in their innocence, had little defense. They were harmless as doves, but they were not wise as serpents, for they had never been exposed to the serpents, or the serpentine lies or the serpentine energies. So many of them reacted to these projections in various ways that caused them to also go into a lower state of consciousness—where they attempted to either refute the accusations or attack the accusers back. And thus, they became, as the fallen beings had foreseen, pulled into the dualistic struggle.

And of course, when you are in the mindset of the dualistic struggle, you cannot ascend. And thus, when the sphere ascendeds, these beings were left behind, plunging into the newly created sphere, attempting to restart the process of the ascension from there. It was not, as the Book of Revelation says, a third of the stars of heaven that fell; it was indeed a much smaller number. But it was a third of the stars in a particular system, where Lucifer and the original fallen angels resided.

The difference between psychic forces and ascended masters

Thus, what you see on planet earth today is indeed a continuation of this process, where you have a great number of forces that are seeking to direct these psychic projections into the minds of all human beings, for the purpose of keeping them trapped in this dualistic struggle, that prevents them from entering the ascension spiral. These forces exist, not in the physical realm but in the emotional realm, the mental realm and even in the lowest level of the etheric realm. These are spirit beings, dark spirits we might say, but many of them are indeed able to masquerade themselves and appear as benign spirits, or even spirits with a certain light and power. For they have learned to mirror back to you your own light, so that you see it and think it is their light. Yet of course, these beings do not work only from the realms that are beyond the material, for indeed there are many people on earth who have – without knowing it, and in a few cases by knowing it – become tools for these psychic forces, these sinister forces, if you will.

What then is the essential difference between these psychic forces and the beings in the ascended realm? Well, I have already expounded upon it by saying, that as you enter the ascension spiral, you overcome all desire to raise yourself in comparison to others but only seek to raise the All. But how do you come to that point? You come to that point by purifying your intent, your motives, your beings, your chakras your auras, your inner sanctum from all lower energies.

You see, there is an essential distinction, that must be known by those who are serious spiritual students and aspire to the ascension. It is indeed the ability to sense the difference between the vibrations that vibrate above a certain critical level and those that vibrate below that level. The vibrations that are above a certain level, cannot easily be described by the words you currently use on earth, for almost any word that you can use can be interpreted and misinterpreted in various ways by various people. That is why, given the limitations of words, we have used the word “unconditional” or the word “infinite” to describe these vibrations. But it is a vibration that seeks to accelerate and raise up life, and does not seek to put down or limit life.

Thus, let us take the vibration that most people call “love,” and let us realize, that in the ascended realm, we experience and express a form of love, that is completely beyond what most human beings call love. It is a form of love, that is completely without restrictions, without conditions and that only seeks to raise up life. This does not mean, that this love is always soft and gentle and always agrees with people and seeks to make them feel good. Unconditional love is the love that accepts no conditions for its flow. It wants to flow, it wants to be expressed, and when it encounters a person who has conditions for its flow, it will challenge those conditions in a way, that is most suited to awakening the person from those conditions.

Now then, take what happens when love is lowered below the critical threshold and thus becomes the kind of energy, that most people call love, yet it is a conditional love, a possessive love that seeks to control others in order to make you feel good. There are many of you who have experienced this kind of love from parents, spouses and many other people. These people love you only if you live up to their conditions, so that they can feel secure, or feel comfortable, or feel that they don’t need to change—or that you will not change and therefore upset the apple cart. This is clearly a form of love, that is not the higher love. It is a possessive, controlling love, that seeks to interfere with your free will and get you to make choices, that will make the other person feel comfortable, or feel in control, or feel superior or whatever the need might be.

And thus, this is not a love that seeks to raise up and accelerate you; it seeks to hold you in a certain matrix, in a certain limitation, in a certain mental box. This, therefore, is what we might call psychic love, although it truly becomes psychic only when it is projected into someone’s mind with a deliberate and aggressive intent of controlling their free will. So we might say, that there is even a form of human love that is, although selfish and self-centered, not the aggressive love that is expressed in a psychic projection.

Thus again, there is a distinction between lower energies and energies that are directed into other people’s minds for the specific purpose of influencing their free-will choices. Now, if you think back at your life and your own path, you will most likely see, that you have encountered a number of people who had an aggressive intent. And although they were not able or even willing to force you through physical force, they were both able and willing to attempt to force you through psychic means, by making you feel bad if you did not live up to their expectations, by making you feel obligated, or by making you feel afraid—or even by engaging you in arguments, so that they would be able to steal your energy.

My beloved, have you ever met a person who attempted to engage you in an argument, and after the argument had gone on for some time, suddenly – even though no outer resolution had been reached – the other person stopped arguing and was now suddenly nice and conciliatory? Why do you think there was this sudden shift? Because the person had managed to direct psychic projections into your mind, into your mental and emotional bodies, and to get you so agitated, that you released energy that the other person – or the demons, discarnates and entities controlling that person – were absorbing. And when the person or the entities had had enough light to be full, there was no need to continue the argument, and so the argument stopped—until, of course, they became hungry the next time and thus attempted to engage you once again.

Can you see, that even in society you encounter an almost infinite amount of psychic projections? Consider how, from the womb to the grave, you are bombarded by advertising, that seeks to get you to buy certain products. Or you are bombarded with political ideas and ideologies, seeking to make you vote for certain parties or certain people. All this, if it has an aggressive intent, is psychic projections. Anything that aggressively seeks to invade your mind and being, your inner sanctuary, and seeks to influence your free will is a psychic projection. It comes ultimately from the psychic forces, but it often comes through other people, people who are not aware of what they are doing—and therefore might think they have the best of intentions. But ignorance of the law is no excuse, as they say.

How to free yourself from psychic projections

Those who are the open doors for these psychic projections, will indeed be responsible for what they allow dark forces to do through them—as you, of course, are responsible for the psychic projections you have directed at others. And again, if you are honest and look at your life, you may see, that you have also had a tendency to want to – in subtle and “nice” ways – force other people to comply with your expectations. Yet, I am not here to find fault with you, I am not here to blame you, I am not here to create fear.

I am only here to awaken you to the willingness to acknowledge this phenomenon of psychic projections and decide, that you are willing to rise above it, so that you stop directing psychic projections at others. And as you stop doing unto others, then you will also make yourself invulnerable to their doings unto you. For it is indeed whatever beliefs or energies you have in your own being – that are below the threshold of the psychic – that will make you vulnerable to the psychic projections from other people or dark forces.

Only when the prince of this world has some psychic energy or belief in you, will he be able to affect you by directing psychic beliefs or energies at you. This is the truth, that I trust almost everyone open to this teaching can see and acknowledge. And thus, it is absolutely necessary, that you take a look in the mirror, look for the beam in your own eyes and look at how you might have used your psychic abilities to project something into the minds of other people. When you see this honestly, then you do not need to feel guilt, for have I not said that this world has been deeply infused with the fallen mindset, and that these psychic forces have been around in this world for a very long time?

Thus, there is no need to feel guilty over the fact that your body gets dirty and starts smelling after a while. You simply take a shower and accelerate your physical body into purity. And thus, there is no need to feel guilty when you realize, that after having lived for a certain amount of time in the density of the psychic projections found on earth, you have also become dirty in your inner sanctuary. Do not feel guilt, do not feel fear but sense the willingness in you to accelerate your being into purity, by taking a cosmic shower of invoking higher energies, that will purify your being from these psychic energies and projections.

And to this end, I indeed come to release to you this latest invocation, specifically designed to help you attain freedom from psychic projections. Certainly, there is an almost infinite number of such projections, and we could not possibly incorporate all of them in one invocation. But there is enough in this invocation to put you in the accelerated spiral, that will eventually free yourself from the hold of these forces, especially when you combine them with our other rosaries and invocations, such as the ones for clearing the heart, loving yourself and many of the others.

The fallen angels believe there is a flaw in God’s design

My beloved, let me give you one more key to understanding the psychic forces and why they are so detrimental to the ascension spiral. I have already said, that there was no flaw in God’s plan. Yet after the original beings fell, they have, now for a very long time, continued to project the image, that there is some kind of flaw in God’s plan, that something went wrong, that some cosmic accident happened. Even in the Jewish Kabbalah you will see the concept, that at a certain point in the descent of light, there was a cosmic accident that shattered the vessels and the shards were lost in the lower realm. Thus, even the Kabbalah makes it seem like there must have been a flaw in God’s design, for otherwise how could such an accident happen?

This is, therefore, the essence of psychic projections. A psychic projection is based on a very simple dynamic: something has gone wrong and it needs to be corrected. You have done something wrong, and you need to correct it.

Yet, do you see the subtle, underlying mechanism? If you can define what has supposedly gone wrong, then those who accept this definition will have their choices controlled by the condition. If you think there really is an angry and judgmental God in the sky – who will send you to an eternity in hell if you do not live up to certain conditions, defined by an external religion on earth – well, then you will condemn yourself to using your free will in an attempt to live up to those conditions, so that the angry and judgmental God in the sky will accept you into his kingdom—that is supposedly more wonderful than the fiery hell that is the only alternative.

Yet what would be so wonderful, my beloved, about spending an eternity with an angry and judgmental God? Is that really the future of you look forward to as the highest expression of your potential as a self-aware being? For I can tell you, that it is not my ideal of how I would prefer to spend eternity, for I prefer to spend it in oneness with the loving Creator, that is beyond all conditions that can be defined in any unascended sphere, that can be defined by the mind of anti-christ.

So do you see, my beloved, I am not here saying that you can do anything you want and it will have no consequence? You are, of course, responsible for what you do with your free will and with God’s energy. But God’s law, God’s design was perfect from the very beginning and is still perfect. The fact that a number of beings have fallen into separation and duality is not a flaw in God’s design. It is all foreseen in God’s design that this could happen, and God has designed a perfectly functioning mechanism, that will return to any self-aware being what they are projecting out. And therefore, it will eventually cause the vast majority of self-aware beings to decide, that they have had enough of kicking against the pricks, of pounding their heads against the concrete wall of the cosmic mirror, and that therefore THEY are willing to change—instead of projecting that the change needs to take place outside themselves.

Can you see, my beloved, that the original fallen beings were not willing to change themselves, and ever since then, they have attempted to make all other beings think that “The flaw cannot be in me; it must be out there somewhere, in other people, in dark forces or even in God’s design for the universe. I could not be wrong, I could not possibly have to change. Thus it must be those other people who have to change. They are the problem, they are the threat!” And thus, you have the classical mechanism described by Jesus, when he told you to stop looking at the splinter in the eye of your brother and instead look at the beam in your own eye.

Do you see that the cosmic mirror, in returning back to you what you are projecting out, is perfectly capable of giving you ample opportunity to eventually reach the point, where you are willing to look at the beam in your own eye, instead of projecting out and therefore receiving back – again and again and again and again – exactly what you are projecting? There is no flaw in God’s design. There is no need for you to correct that flaw by projecting psychic projections at other people, in order to make them live up to whatever standard you have accepted.

The way to deal with the current imperfect conditions on earth is to stop looking at the splinter in the eyes of your brothers, to stop projecting anything into the minds of other people, but to instead look at the beam in your own eye and transcend that beam. And as you continue to transcend the beam, you will enter the ascension spiral. And thus, by you being lifted up from the earth, you will draw all of the people unto you, as Jesus himself has done, as any other ascended master has done. And thus, you will be part of creating the ascension spiral for earth, that will make it easier and easier for people to transcend the illusion of separation and duality. This is your contribution, this is your contribution to correcting, so to speak, the current problem on earth. Because this problem is not the result of a flaw in God’s design; it is the result of choices made by a number of beings, who are not willing to take responsibility for themselves, and thus they projected that other people or God are at fault.

Becoming psychically non-violent

You need, if you are willing to enter the ascension spiral, to become psychically nonviolent. You need to become innocent as a child, to become one of the meek. You need to be made perfect by love, so that you do not feel threatened by what other people do—and therefore have no need to seek to force them, either through physical means or through psychic means. This is the key to YOUR ascension, and it is the key to the ascension of planet earth and the entire sphere in which you live and move and have your being.

There has never been any being anywhere in the world of form, in this sphere or a previous sphere, who has ascended by seeking to change other people. You can ascend only by focusing on changing yourself, and thereby becoming an example that other people can follow if they so choose. But you are not concerned about what they choose; you are only concerned about accelerating yourself into the purity of the Ascension spiral.

And when you lose the desire, the need, to change others – the sense of being threatened by others, so that you think you have to force them – then you will purify your own being from psychic images and intent and energies. And therefore, you will be, not impenetrable to psychic protections; you will be transparent to psychic projections, so that they pass right through you and meet no opposition, no resistance that can create turbulence and friction in your being.

Why is it, that you are agitated when you feel other people’s psychic projections? It is because there is something in you, that you have not seen or surrendered. And thus, for you to be free, you must focus on yourself instead of focusing on others. That is why we have designed this latest invocation to accomplish a two-fold purpose. One is to give you a reprieve from psychic projections, so that you can indeed be protected and sealed for a time. But then also to help you make use of that reprieve in freeing your own being from the psychic energies, beliefs and intents, so that you eventually become transparent and no longer need the protection—for there is no vulnerability to protect.

I am your unconditional mother, who has no other desire than to see you be raised up through your own free-will choices. Yet I do also have a desire and a right to give a teaching and a tool, that can accelerate you beyond your former state of consciousness—if you are willing to be accelerated. And thus, I end this release by saying:

Accelerate into purity,

accelerate into purity,

accelerate into purity

—the purity of the Mother that I AM!


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels