It is time Christians saw through the layers of deception in Christianity

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, April 9, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 Easter webinar – Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

You cannot understand the mission that I carried out 2,000 years ago unless you understand that I often talked about forces, beings, and people that opposed my mission. You cannot get a full grasp of the mission of Christ, unless you understand that in the world there is a force of antichrist, which I called the prince of this world, or the devil, or Satan; and there are people who can be tools of this force, which are, of course, the people who opposed me at every turn, the scribes and Pharisees, whom I called the sons of the devil and, of course, the people who wanted me condemned, arrested, and put to death. But if you look at contemporary Christianity, how much talk is there of such a force? How much understanding is there of such a force? And this is one of the reasons why this force has been able to put Christianity on the cross in the first place and keep it there for 17 centuries.

Christians talk about the devil, but the devil they talk about is often seen as being just as remote as the God they talk about. There is a remote God up in heaven, there is a devil down in hell and he can tempt people, but there is not sufficient understanding of how this actually works, so this is what I will give you some thoughts on.

The power elite in embodiment

First of all, we need to recognize that there are people in this world who have reached an extreme level of self-centeredness, selfishness, and they are what psychology today calls the narcissists, the sociopaths and psychopaths, or a combination of all three. These are beings that, to begin with, were not fundamentally different than other beings, other self-aware beings. But they have gone so far into the death consciousness, the consciousness of antichrist, that they have a completely different way of looking at life than what most people on the planet have. They are firmly convinced that they are superior to other human beings, that they have a right to set themselves up as an elite, that they are right in the excuses they used for setting themselves up in these powerful and privileged positions. And they believe that the ends can justify the means, therefore they have a right to use anything that appeals to people in order to achieve the ends that they see.

You need to recognize that throughout history, there has been a certain group of people in embodiment who have formed this power elite, who have attempted to set themselves up in a powerful and privileged position, where they are above the general population and where the general population cannot challenge them. You see an example of this, as we have mentioned many times before, in the feudal societies of Europe, where there was a small elite consisting of the kings, the noblemen and also the clergy of the church. And most of the people were in all practical practicality, the slaves of this elite, and therefore you could say that the people were crucified by the elite. They were fixated on the cross, spending all of their waking hours, all of their energy, all of their time, on working for the benefit of the elite. The elite, in physical embodiment, had crucified the people in a quite physical way.

The hierarchy of the non-embodied fallen beings

Yet, why could the elite that was in embodiment do this—only because there are beings that are not in embodiment who are working through the elite in embodiment. And these non-embodied beings are what I called the prince of this world, the antichrist, Satan, the devil, the sons of the devil. They are what we today call the fallen beings, who have fallen from grace out of their own choosing and therefore have taken on this mindset of working against God, working against God’s purpose, and therefore of course, working against Christ and the purpose of sending Christ into this world.

You cannot fully understand Christianity and my mission if you do not understand that there is a force of disembodied beings who form this force of antichrist, who were doing everything they could to prevent me from being the Christ in embodiment and who have since then done everything they could to prevent the success of my mission.

You can see, if you look at the scriptures, how King Herod was one of these embodied beings whose mind was taken over by the disembodied beings and that is why he believed in this idea that someone would be, a child would be born, that would challenge his reign, and therefore he was willing to kill all male babies of a certain age group in order to take out of embodiment the one being that could be the Christ. He did not understand this consciously, he did not have a sophisticated understanding of it, but he was willing to act based on these non-embodied fallen beings taking over his mind.

You see that the fallen beings were willing to kill a large number of male babies in order to be sure that they had killed the one that had the Christ potential. Why did they eventually kill me, kill my physical body? Because again, the disembodied fallen beings were working with the fallen beings in embodiment to kill me before I could fulfill my mission. They, of course, did not fully understand what my mission was about, but they did understand that I came to set the people free from being dominated by these fallen beings, the sons of the devil.

Why does Christ come to earth? Why does God send someone? Why does the hierarchy of light send someone to earth who can bring forth some kind of teaching that can set the people free? Well, of course, this is done because the people have become enslaved and you look back throughout history and see that there was a point in the distant past where, for reasons we have already explained and that I will not go into, these fallen beings, these dark beings were allowed to come to earth.

What we need to recognize is, that at the time that I was born 2000 years ago in a physical body, there were already fallen beings in embodiment and out of embodiment in the emotional, mental and identity realms. They have been here for a long time and what they had achieved in that time was to basically make all people their slaves, set themselves up as a powerful and privileged elite and the people were virtually the slaves. Why? Because the people were crucified.

How co-creation works

We have given many teachings on the four levels of matter. We have said that you who are self-aware beings are actually created to be co-creators with God or at least co-creators with the ascended masters who have created the earth. The earth is created as an environment where you can exercise your creative abilities, your co-creative abilities and thereby grow in consciousness.

How do you exercise your co-creative abilities, your receiving light from your higher self, your spiritual self? It first enters your identity body, where you superimpose certain images on the light, then it goes into your mental body, where you superimpose more concrete images, then in your emotional body, where you superimpose a certain momentum and direction, and then the energy goes into the physical spectrum where it takes on physical form, at least in the ideal scenario.

The earth is meant to be a co-creative environment. You are meant to, and I say all people, are meant to exercise their co-creative abilities and to enjoy doing so. You are meant to get fulfillment out of it. When you exercise your co-creative abilities, you improve your physical situation, you improve your emotions, you improve your thoughts, you improve your sense of identity. You grow in your sense of identity and therefore, as I described in a parable about the talents, the more you multiply the talents you are given, the more you will receive, to him that has more shall be added.

Co-creation as a struggle

The original design for the earth was to create this co-creative environment where people could exercise their abilities and there was no suffering. There was no conflict, there was no warfare. Again, without going into how the fallen beings came to earth, there came a shift where humankind has lowered the collective consciousness, the fallen beings came to earth and ever since they came, they have managed to enslave people so that people are crucified in their four bodies, their four levels of their minds.

Now co-creation is not an enjoyable process, it is a struggle, it causes suffering and therefore, people are literally crucified in the four levels of matter, crucified in the four levels of their minds. And that is why God sends someone to earth. That someone is the only begotten son, but that only begotten son is not and can never be confined to one human being. It is the Christ consciousness, the universal non-personal Christ consciousness. This consciousness can be expressed in the physical octave by a human being, but only when that human being has taken embodiment as other human beings and has raised his or her consciousness to the sufficient level where that person can be an open door for the non-personal Christ mind to express itself on earth.

The example of Christ

Why is the Christ mind sent to earth in a personalized form? Because, first of all, people are trapped, they are crucified, they cannot take themselves down from the cross once they are nailed to the cross, they need something from outside their own minds so they have a frame of reference from outside their own minds. And they need this in a form that they can recognize and understand and grasp, because people cannot connect to some remote God up in heaven. They need to see an example, a demonstration of the path that you can follow so that all people can escape the cross, escape the suffering and be reborn into a higher sense of identity, but it cannot be enslaved by the fallen beings. Because, now they know and accept that they are sons and daughters of God and not sinners.

This is the basic dynamic. From time to time, the hierarchy of light sends someone, or rather you could say that from time to time, one person raises his or her consciousness where they can serve as the open door so they bring forth something that gives people a frame of reference from outside the mindset that makes them slaves to the power elite and fixates them on the cross of the four levels of matter.

What do the fallen beings do? Well, I said their first consideration is to prevent that person that has that potential from even being born. They can know this because some of them can read the consciousness of those who embody, they can know that someone had reached a high level and therefore, in his or her next embodiment, has the potential to be the open door. And they will therefore try to prevent that from being born as they did with me. But if they cannot prevent this, then they will, of course, prevent, try to prevent, this person from being acknowledged by the people. And in order to do this, they have created this elaborate scheme of beliefs, religions, ideologies, thought systems to try to prevent the people from recognizing the Christ.

The fall into duality

Now, as I have said, you can never actually lose the opportunity to recognize Christ. But you can be programmed to then do what I described in my previous discourse that Peter did, where he recognized Christ as being someone special, but then he tried to pull me into his mental box, his expectations, his view of what should or should not happen to Christ. And this is what the fallen beings do.

Let us take a look at this. There are several elements. The first element is that the fallen beings will take advantage of the fact that all people have descended below the 48th level of consciousness, so they now experience themselves as separate beings. Most people on earth see themselves as separated from their higher selves. And this makes them susceptible to the ideology, the beliefs of the fallen beings that says there is a God, but he is up there in the sky and you are down here on earth. And you are separated from him by this gap, this chasm, this distance.

They have, throughout the ages, had various explanations for why people are separated. But in the Christian religion, it is because you are sinners, you have sinned and as a result of having sinned, you have been cast out of paradise, cast out of the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve walked and talked with God. But you are now separated, you are outside the Garden of Eden, and there are angels with flaming swords, keeping you outside.

Now, there is, of course, a certain reality that people have made these choices to go below that level of consciousness where they do not experience themselves as connected beings but as separate beings. Some people have made their choice even before the fallen beings came here. But what is depicted, somewhat accurately in Genesis, is the temptation in the Garden of Eden. Of course, it was both Adam and Eve that were tempted equally, it was not Eve who caused the fall of man, but this is again a perversion of the fallen beings. And what is portrayed there is that there was the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. They were not allowed to eat of it. The reality was, actually, they were not allowed to eat of it until they were ready, because it was a particular initiation. And the Garden of Eden was a school room, where they would go through levels of initiations and the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil represented one of the more advanced initiations that people were not meant to take before they were ready.

The serpent, which is a representative or symbol for the fallen beings, tempted people to go into, to partake of the fruit, which is to go into the duality consciousness, that we have explained many times. When you go into duality, there are two opposite polarities, they are both relative, none of them are ultimately true but you take one and elevate it to the status of infallibility or superiority by putting the other one down. You are creating these two polarities and this is what allows you to become as a God, knowing good and evil, but you are not knowing good and evil, you are defining good and evil. And of course, most people on earth are not able to do this, but the fallen beings are able to do this. What has happened is that instead of following a true teacher that seeks to help you come back to oneness, they are following the false teacher that seeks to take people deeper and deeper into separation and, of course, it is the illusion of separation that makes you crucified to the four levels of matter.

This is the first element. You are separated from God. This separation is in large part created by the fallen beings that have led people deeper and deeper into separation, making it more and more difficult for people to walk the path towards oneness. Some people throughout the ages, in every age, have discovered the path, but the vast majority have not. This is important to grasp it because then you realize one fundamental truth. The problem on earth is created and exacerbated by the fallen beings.

Redemption through the outer religion

Now comes the next level of deception. They say you can actually be redeemed, but you can only be redeemed through an external religion and the hierarchy of that religion, the priests of that religion. This is what you saw in the Jewish religion when I took embodiment. The Jewish religion claimed you have sinned, therefore you are outside the kingdom of God, but if you follow the Jewish religion, obey the priests, by taking all of the rituals, you can be redeemed and go into, go back into the kingdom of God.

Yet, who were the priests of the Jewish religion? They were fallen beings in embodiment. Who was behind the Jewish religion? The fallen beings out of embodiment. What you see now is that the fallen beings have first created the problem that people have gone into separation and now they attempt to set themselves up as the ones who have a monopoly, a patent on the solution for how people can get back to the kingdom of God. This is the essential dynamic that should have been grasped by the Christian church, but has not been grasped by the Christian church. Why have they not grasped this? Why has not this been shouted from the rooftops since my mission on earth?

Destroying the example of Christ

Well, partly because many of the early followers of Christianity did not fully grasp it, but it really became cemented, you might say, with the formation of the Roman Catholic Church which elevated me to the status of being an exception, the only son of God, of the same substance of the Father, begotten, not made, setting me in a special category. Thereby, nobody could see me as an example to follow, nobody could see that I had demonstrated the path that all can follow. And we were back in a situation where the Catholic Church from its inception has been built on this idea that the only way for Christians to enter heaven is through the outer church and its hierarchy.

In other words, after 300 years, the Christian religion became the exact same kind of religion as the Jewish religion that had me killed. An irony of history you can say, but when you understand what I am telling you here, you see that it is just the simple fact that history repeats itself and if you do not learn from the mistakes of history, you are destined to repeat them.

The reality of my mission was that I came to set people free from the fallen beings in embodiment and out of embodiment, the prince of this world, the sons of the devil. And yet after 300 years, the Christian church had been taken over by these fallen beings and has now, from then on, been used to keep people as trapped as they were before I came. In some ways, even more trapped.

God vs. devil

Now, there are these two elements. The fallen beings seek to create a problem. They also seek to protect a false view of what the problem is and then they seek to set themselves up as the solution. But how, what is the next element of their deception? Well, they create this dualistic polarity saying: “Yes, there is a God, but there is also a devil who is his opposite.” Well, the devil who is opposite of God does not exist, for nothing can be opposite of the real God. But the fallen beings have created a false image of God that people have worshipped for a long time and they have created this being in the emotional, mental and identity realm that can take on the form of various gods. This is a false god. This is a dualistic god, and therefore this god does have an opposite, namely the devil which is also created through the image of the fallen beings. You have a certain temporary reality to god and the devil, but the real God is beyond this polarity and is beyond all human images and projections.

The fallen beings have created a god in their own image and after their own likeness and they have created a devil in the image and after the likeness of another group of fallen beings. You have these two groups of fallen beings representing the opposite polarities and how are they using this? Well, first of all, they have the ‘devil fallen beings’ seek to commit and get people to commit all kinds of atrocities on earth. And then the ‘god fallen beings’ are seeking to scare people with this, use this to scare people into fearing that they could go to hell or they could be taken over by the devil and tempted by the devil even while they are in embodiment. But they could also, after leaving embodiment, go to hell and stay there for all eternity and be tortured by the devil. Naturally, this scares people if they believe this, so what do they then do? They say: “Well, there is a way to escape the devil. There is a way to avoid being tempted by the devil while you are in embodiment and there is a way to permanently escape the devil by going to heaven after you leave embodiment.”

And what is that way? It is the outer church and its religion, you must completely obey it, follow its rituals, then the church will protect you against the devil while you are in embodiment and the church will take you to heaven after embodiment. Both these claims are fictitious. The church on earth, no church on earth, be it the Catholic religion or any other religion that has ever existed can take you to heaven. Because what did I say: “Where is heaven? The kingdom of God is within you”, because the kingdom of God is the state of consciousness. It is the state of non-separation. It is getting back to your innocence, the innocence with which you were created.

The ultimate trap of a closed system

But of course, the fallen beings have also obscured that fact by saying that: “No, you were not created as a son or daughter of God, you were created as a sinner through this original sin going back to Adam and Eve.” You see the picture that is beginning to emerge is how the fallen beings, the forces of antichrist, have used the Christian religion to crucify people so that anyone who believes in its Christian religion is truly crucified because they dare not open their emotional, mental and identity minds to anything beyond that outer religion and its doctrines. For after all, if it is not in compliance with the Christian religion, it must come from the devil and it is the devil attempting to tempt you so that you will be pulled into hell where you will suffer for all eternity.

Now you can see how total this deception has been for many people by looking at what the Christian religion specifically, or especially the Catholic church, has actually done. Look at the whole concept of that there are heretics leading to the Inquisition, the Crusades, the witch hunts. Look at then the split between Catholicism and Lutheranism and the wars that ensued from this when they were trying to kill each other after having tried to kill all Muslims and so forth. You see all of these actions committed by Christians and you can ask yourself: “Could Christ really approve of this?” You can go all the way up to today with the pedophilia scandal in the Catholic church and ask yourself: “Could Christ approve of this? Is this really what Christ wants his church to do?”

And some people dare not even ask that question because they think it must come from the devil who is trying to tempt them to doubt the church and therefore go to heaven. People can be trapped in this for lifetimes.

Why is it that at least some people have moved out of it today? Some people have even abandoned Christianity, but some people have started to question it. Well, it is because of the reality of reincarnation. Reincarnation of course, has also been denied by the fallen beings because if you accept that a human being can have more than one lifetime, you must accept that this is a condition that was created by God and this leads to the question: Why? Why would God set it up so that you can have more than one lifetime? Well, the most plausible explanation is that life is actually meant to be a path where you can raise your consciousness until you qualify to enter the kingdom of God. If you cannot qualify in one lifetime, you get additional opportunities.

But this is not what the fallen beings want because if people believe that: “I am born a Catholic in this lifetime, but I do not have to obey the church 100% because I can get an opportunity in my next lifetime where I might not be born as a Catholic.” Well, then the fallen beings cannot get total unquestioning obedience from people so they very quickly took out the concept of reincarnation from the Catholic religion and even all Lutheran religions that have not put it back in. Again, another way to keep people firmly nailed to that cross that they have created.

A broken promise

But the reality is, of course, that reincarnation is real and so what has happened? Well, what is it that the fallen beings have found it necessary to promise people? Well, in order to get them to totally obey them in this lifetime, they make people believe that if they do follow the fallen beings in this lifetime, then they are guaranteed to be saved and go to heaven after this lifetime.

What has, of course, happened to people, is that they have lived an entire lifetime completely obeying the church. They leave embodiment, they expect to go to heaven, but they are told they have to go back into embodiment. And although they come back not remembering that they have lived before, they will gradually, as this repeats over several lifetimes, be some residual memory and understanding where they do not remember the specifics, but they come back with a distrust of the promise made by the Christian religion. And now they become somewhat open to looking at the actions of the Christian religion and saying: “Does this really make sense? Can this come from Christ? Are the doctrines consistent or are they contradictory? Can the priests answer my questions? Or can I see that I can find better answers elsewhere, whether it be in science, some other religion or a mystical teaching?”

Questioning a closed system

You see that the fallen beings cannot keep people trapped forever. They cannot prevent them from questioning their illusions forever. But they can prevent it for a very long time as envisioned by the fact that from the year 381 and until the Reformation and even until the advent of science and the modern secular democracies, Christianity had an incredible hold over the minds of most people in the Western world. You see here how incredibly dangerous this is and how the fallen beings, once they have created this closed system, where people are afraid to question it and look outside, they can keep a very large group of people trapped in such a system for a very long period of time.

Christianity is of course, not the only example. Many others—Islam, Hinduism, some aspects of Buddhism, scientific materialism, communism, are many other examples throughout the ages. But I am, of course, primarily concerned about taking Christianity down from the cross and one potential is that more and more people will wake up, start questioning the church, first of all the Catholic church, but also the Lutheran churches and the Orthodox churches, questioning the doctrines, questioning some of these beliefs that do not make sense. And it could potentially change the church, lead to the creation of a new Christian church or several new Christian churches or at least free people to move on into a more mystical teaching. It is not that I am particularly concerned about preserving the Catholic church or renewing the Catholic church.

The Catholic church–beyond reform?

The Catholic church is so steeped in the mindset of the fallen beings that even if you had a sincere desire to reform the Catholic church, it is doubtful that it could be done but we could ask the question: “Does anyone in the Catholic church see the need to reform the church? Do they see a problem at all?” And of course, many lay people do see a problem with the Catholic church. Many people have been awakened by the pedophilia scandal and other scandals to see that there is a problem. But what is the typical response of such people? They feel you cannot fight City Hall and you cannot fight the Vatican so you cannot really reform the church. What is the only option they can see? Well, they leave. They might go to other Christian churches, they might go to other religions, they might go to some mystical or new age teaching, or they might become entirely non-religious, but they leave. If you see the need to reform the Catholic church and you leave, how can you be part of reforming the Catholic church?

Now what is it that the fallen beings want to do? Well, they want to create a closed system and once they have created it, they want to maintain it by keeping people trapped in the system. What have they done not only in the Catholic church but in many other of these structures they have created? Well, they have set up what we might call a process of unnatural selection. Natural selection supposedly selects out those who are most fit for survival. Unnatural selection does not select the people who are fit to survive individually. They select the people who are fit to ensure the survival of the organization, the structure. What do you have in the Catholic church? You have a situation where nobody who is a lay person has any say in the Catholic church. Only those who are educated and trained by the Catholic church to hold some kind of position, from priests and deacons up to cardinals and popes, can have a say in the Catholic church. What does that mean? It means only those at the top have the power to change the Catholic church. But what does it take to get to the top of this fallen structure?

Well, the only way to get to the top is to demonstrate complete loyalty to the survival of the structure. The system selects out anyone who has a desire or a potential to reform the structure. Meaning, that you can become Pope as you see the present Pope and you can have some desire to create reforms in the Catholic church. But you cannot become Pope if you have a real desire and if you are willing to do what needs to be done to bring the church in alignment with the mind of Christ instead of being controlled by the mind of antichrist.

It does not mean I am saying that only fallen beings can become Popes. But you have to have demonstrated this loyalty to the survival of the organization, otherwise you cannot reach higher levels in the organization. That means that you cannot become a cardinal if you have not demonstrated loyalty. If you have a true desire to reform the Catholic church you cannot become a cardinal. And who selects the Pope? Well, of course, the cardinals and it is one of the cardinals that becomes Pope so you see those who might have a true desire and a true ability to reform the church would never attain a position where they have the power to reform the Catholic church and the same, of course, in most other Christian churches.

But what is it that they really are seeking to do, the fallen beings, by creating this structure? Well, let us say as a thought experiment that it would be possible to reform the Catholic church. How could it be done? Who could do it? What kind of person could do it? Well, a person who had the potential to raise his consciousness, because it would have to be a man as the Catholic church is right now, to the level of the Christ consciousness. You would have to have some level of Christ consciousness in order to bring the Catholic church back into alignment with the Christ mind. This I trust should be possible to see. Yet what is the underlying purpose of the entire structure and doctrines of the Catholic church that the fallen beings have created? It is to make sure that no one with a sufficient level of Christhood could ever rise to a position in the Catholic church.

They want to shut out the Christ from the Catholic church so that the fallen beings can remain in control. Would it be possible to revert this, to change this? Not very likely. One Christed being could not even do it because how could one Christed being be elected Pope if you have all of these cardinals that are trapped in the fallen mindset? The person could not be recognized by the cardinals as having anything of value to offer the church. They would instead see him as a threat. They would see his desire for reform as a threat and his vision of how the church needed to be reformed as a threat to the survival of the structure and what would they say? “Well, the Catholic church has survived for 2000 years and we cannot change it because it would endanger the survival of the church.” It hasn’t, of course, survived for 2000 years, only for 1700, but that is what they will often say because they, of course, claim it goes back to Peter which as I have already said is not the case.

Layers of deception

What is another level of deception that we need to look at? Well, the hierarchy of light sends a Christed being to set the people free from the fallen beings. But what have the fallen beings done with Christianity? They have created a church that keeps people trapped as slaves of the fallen beings but they claim that this church not only represents Christ but was actually created and ordained and is to this day supported by Christ. In other words, they claim that Christ approves of the church of antichrist. The deception that the fallen beings have achieved through the Christian religion is almost complete. If you really accept the claims made by the Catholic church you are nailed to a cross and you are not going to get out of it in this lifetime and potentially not in many coming lifetimes. That is why you saw the Catholic church dominate the life of Europe for over a thousand years virtually unchallenged. I talked about the feudal society of the kings and the noblemen enslaving the people physically, but this would not have been possible if the Catholic church had not enslaved them in their emotional, mental and identity bodies.

How do they do it? At the emotional level they create the fear of hell and the fear of the devil. At the mental level they ensnare people with all these subtle doctrines, all these argumentations and reasonings that the church is built on and then at the identity level they ensnare people by this false identity that you are created as sinners and therefore it was not that you were created in innocence and descended into the consciousness of death and can ascend back out of it. No, you were created in sin and therefore you were created to need salvation and you can only achieve it through the outer church.

The inner path of Christ

What did I say when I was in embodiment? “The kingdom of God is within, he who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Many other statements that demonstrate that you can walk a path that qualifies you to enter heaven and that in order to do this, you do not need the external church here on earth. You do need Christ, not as an external savior that does it for you, but as the redeemer that helps you see through the illusions of separation and duality so you can free yourself from them, so you can have those scales fall from your eyes, you can cast off the shackles and therefore rebuke the devil when he comes to tempt you in the form of the Catholic church, the very church that claims to represent Christ. You have the Christ discernment to rebuke the devil as you saw me rebuke the devil when I was tempted after fasting in the wilderness and many other situations.

This is what all can do, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall ye do also, and greater works.” This was the path I demonstrated. This was the path I talked about, but despite the fact that there are still some remnants of my words and the descriptions, the Catholic church has completely obliterated this idea that you can walk a path and that you can therefore free yourself without the external church here on earth, because the only thing you need to free yourself is Christ and Christ is beyond anything on earth.

What did I demonstrate by letting myself be crucified and being resurrected afterwards and then ascending to heaven? I demonstrated that the force of antichrist does not have power over Christ. You can kill the body of a Christed being but you cannot kill the spirit. This is the power of the Easter story that you can through Christ rise above death. What is death? The consciousness of separation, duality, the consciousness of the fallen beings and all of the lies that spring from it. What is life? It is to be reborn in Christ.

Now take the concept of original sin, that you were created as sinners and compare it to what I said to Nicodemus. When I said to him you shall be reborn, unless you are reborn you cannot enter the kingdom and he being a very literal person said: “Well how can a man be reborn? Can he enter his womb a second time?” And I said to him: “Only he that descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven.” What does that statement say? You were not created in sin because nobody in heaven is in sin and is created in sin. You descended from heaven. As we now say, the Conscious You descended from heaven and it is that “you” that can ascend back to heaven when it overcomes the illusions of death, the consciousness of death and it does that through the consciousness of Christ, the consciousness of life.

When you follow me, when you are willing to let the death consciousness, the self created out of the death consciousness, die, you are reborn into the eternal life of Christ and then you can ascend back to heaven. Once you are in death, you cannot do it without Christ, but you can certainly do it without an earthly institution controlled by the fallen beings who are in the consciousness of death.

The consciousness of death in Christian religions

If you go to Rome today, which is considered the center of Christendom, at least the center of the Catholic Church, what is it you see there? You see this famous church, St. Peter’s. But when you go in, what do you see? You see dead popes that are lying there on display, their mummified bodies. Because it is after all, not St. Peter’s Cathedral but St. Peter’s Basilica. You will have to look long and hard to find a picture of the resurrected Christ or rather a statue of the resurrected Christ. You can find a big statue of Peter and you can find dead popes but very few images of the resurrected Christ. There is one of the dead Christ lying on the lap of Mother Mary.

What is it you see when you go in there and you are sensitive to vibration? What vibration do you sense in St. Peter’s Basilica? You sense the vibration of death because not only the Basilica but the entire Vatican is permeated by the consciousness of death, the vibration of death. And in fact, the entire Christian religion, not only the Catholic Church but also the Lutheran churches and the Eastern Orthodox churches are permeated by the consciousness of death.

Not even Christ can resurrect them because Christ does not work against the free will of people in embodiment. And the people are so attached to the consciousness of death, they are so afraid of questioning it that they cannot ask the one logical question: “How can they enter eternal life through the consciousness of death or an earthly structure permeated by the consciousness of death?”

Knowing truth from within

What is the entire message of Christ in a concentrated form? Christ comes to give you eternal life by taking you beyond death, the consciousness of death. Only Christ can do this, no structure on earth can gain you entry into the kingdom and no structure on earth can keep you out of the kingdom. But the fallen beings claim that they have the power to allow you to enter heaven or to prevent you from entering heaven and send you to hell. This is all a lie and if you believe it you will die. There is no way that you can ever enter heaven in any other way than going through the universal Christ consciousness, which, of course, has been expressed also through Buddhism and other religions where they did not use the word Christ. But it is the same consciousness because it is beyond words, it is beyond doctrines, it is beyond human beliefs. There is no other way.

Again, the way has been made plain for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. You might say: “Well, have I not said this in different ways through this messenger now for many years,” and have you, who are the students, not heard this before—sure you have. But have you truly assimilated the words, truly grasped what it means? And of course the other reason for saying it is to send it, to send another wave of this into the collective consciousness. There is a certain tendency in the modern world that people will say: “Well, why are you repeating yourself? People have such a short attention span, they do not see the value of repetition, now that everything can be printed and put on the internet and therefore be read over and over again.”

But there is value in repeating it. For every time it is stated, every time it is stated more clearly, there is another rung of people who are able to grasp it in their identity bodies, in their mental bodies in their emotional bodies and slowly it starts that process whereby they begin to question, they begin to reconnect to something within themselves that makes them willing to recognize that they can actually know Christ, they can know truth within themselves. This is, of course, another deception of the fallen beings that has been projected by all of their structures, including the Christian religion, and it is what? It is that you, as an ordinary human being, as a sinner, you cannot know truth on your own. You can especially not know truth within yourself. Truth must come from an outer source, and it is the Christian church, or rather the fallen beings who control it.

Again, there is a truth and an error here. When you are in the consciousness of death, the consciousness of separation, truth can only come from an outer source because it cannot come from the separate self, but it can come from Christ, the Christ mind. The thing is, Christ cannot be confined to outer doctrines and rituals, not even words in a scripture. It can only come from within, in the sense that what will get you out of the consciousness of death is that you are reborn, psychologically, spiritually, but this means actually a shift in consciousness.

The process of inner rebirth

Well, how can your consciousness shift? It cannot be done as a result of an outer process. You cannot create an educational institution and all people who go through it will be guaranteed to shift their consciousness and attain the Christ consciousness. You can create mystery schools that can help people if that is the purpose of them, but you cannot even then guarantee results, because people must be willing to look within, to look at the beam in their own eye, and to shift. And this is an inner experience. It can only be an inner experience. Christ cannot do it for you, but Christ can show you that there is something outside of your separate self, the death consciousness.

If you are willing, then you can use that frame of reference to gradually shift your sense of identity, shift your beliefs, shift your feelings and then you are reborn into a higher sense of self. But it must be voluntary. It must be conscious. It must be an inner process. It cannot be any other way. And this is another lie of the Christian religion—that salvation is an outer process whereby I come as the all-powerful Son of God and take you to heaven. This is the dream of the fallen beings that they can somehow force their way, cheat their way into heaven. They can fool Christ into taking them into heaven because they have such a good appearance on earth.

Look how many Christians believe this. They live an entire lifetime believing, “Oh, I have been such a good Christian, I have been loyal to the church, I have given money to the church. I have been engaged in charity. I have gone to Mass and said prayers and lit candles and I have done all of these outer things. Surely, Jesus will meet me when I leave the body and take me to heaven.” They come up there leaving the body and they are shown that they must go back into embodiment because all of the outer things they have done have not shifted their consciousness and therefore, how can you enter the kingdom that is within you when you have not shifted your consciousness? How can you enter the kingdom that is within you through external means? It cannot be done. You see the many layers of deception created by the fallen beings and it is all of these layers of deception that are putting the Christian church on the cross, that are putting Christianity on the cross and that are putting most Christians on the cross.

I have found it important to talk about this at this occasion of Easter. And I am grateful that so many of you have been willing to tune in, so that by you hearing this live and by those who will hear or read it later, these words will be reinforced over your attention, over your four lower bodies and therefore are projected into the collective consciousness where another group of people can be freed from this hypnotic state that the fallen beings have put so many Christians in for such a long time.

It is time, it is high time, it is past time that the captives be set free, that the prodigal sons and daughters return, that the lost sheep are returned to the shepherd. For Christianity is not the shepherd. Christ is the shepherd and I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I AM He.


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