Is anything on earth real?

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, January 4, 2019.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and for this second installment of the work you are doing at my retreat, I desire you to consider in your conscious mind: “What is real and what is not real?” Now, of course, philosophers have for centuries had various discussions and debates amongst themselves about the nature of reality, about what can be considered real and what cannot be considered real. Let me give this a more practical slant.

The reality simulator room

When you attend my retreat at this level, I have a special room where you can go. The room is a room that is not just circular but it is like a sphere inside, this means that you are seeing all the way around whatever is projected on the inside of the walls of this room. These walls form a screen upon which I can project any image whatsoever. Now, the important point of this exercise is that as you go into this room – and I know, of course, you are not in your physical body, you are in your identity body – you experience that you are inside a real world.

There is nothing that allows you to distinguish that you are not in a real world. In the beginning of this exercise you are thinking, you are feeling, you are experiencing that you are inside a real world. As we move further along in the exercise, we teach you that there are various ways whereby you, just with the power of your mind, can affect what is projected on the inside of the sphere. In other words, you realize that you are in a world that is not as real as it appeared to you when you entered it. It is not completely real in the sense that it is created by some outside force that has nothing to do with your mind. It is not real in the sense that you often consider the “real world” on earth where you think that this world cannot be influenced by the powers of your mind.

You learn gradually that you can actually use the powers of your mind to influence what seems like a real world. Now, I need you, as you are doing the exercises for this lesson, to ponder this with your conscious mind. Naturally, I am not interested in having you come to the conclusion that nothing in the physical octave is real. There are people, even some spiritual students, who have suddenly come to doubt that anything in the physical world is real and they can often go through an identity crisis and even end up in a mental institution. This, of course, is not what I desire to see for you. Therefore, we will consider what it means whether something is real or not.

What does reality mean?

The division I want to create here is that you know very well, as an ascended master student, that you are not living in a world that is exclusively inhabited by human beings. You are not alone, you are with seven billion other human beings on the planet, but you also know that there are other types of beings in the world in which you live. There are ascended masters, there are Elohim, there are angels and archangels and there is the Creator at the top of the pyramid. The distinction I want to make is this: What has been created by beings who are at a higher level of consciousness than human beings, is real. In other words, what has been created by the ascended masters, by the Elohim is real in the sense that it is not within the powers of the human mind to influence this.

We have given you many teachings about the creation of the universe, the creation of the different spheres. We have said that planet earth was created by seven spiritual beings, called the Elohim. They came together, used their co-creative powers to create this planet. They created it in a purer, in a higher, state than what you see today. When it comes to the original creation of the Elohim, the original matrix that the Elohim defined for earth, we will say for this exercise that this is real. This has reality to it. You can go to even higher levels. There are, of course, many ascended beings that are beyond the level of the Elohim that created the earth. There are different spheres that go all the way up to the Creator.

Nevertheless, the point here is simply this: There are certain things in the universe in which you live, even in the physical octave, that are created by beings who are in an ascended state of consciousness. In other words, they are permanent beings, they are not in duality, they do not see themselves as separate beings, they are one with the whole. They have created certain structures in the world that you live in, and for the purpose of this exercise, we will define these structures as real. There are certainly aspects of the earth that are real based on this definition. There is a certain reality to the planet itself and to some of the features and characteristics that the planet has.

How earth became what it is today

However, we now need to define that there is a distinction to be made because you know that the earth is not in its original state, in its pristine state. It is not in the same state in which it was created by the Elohim. What this means is that we need to consider how the planet has come to be in its current situation, in its current state. We have explained to you that this has happened over a very, very long time span. We have explained that when the planet was originally created, several life-waves of co-creators descended to earth. They also ascended from earth and while they were on earth, they actually built on to the foundation created by the Elohim and made the planet even more beautiful, even more detailed. They co-created the earth.

We have also explained that there came a turning point where more and more of the lifestreams that embodied on earth at that time started to go into the state of duality and separation. They gradually started a downward spiral and this has led to the current situation. These life-waves, these lifestreams, de-created the earth by taking it down from the level of the Elohim, so the earth is now quite far below that state.

What you recognize here is that when we define that what has been created by ascended beings is real, then we also need to say that that which has been de-created by unascended beings is unreal in comparison. This means that many of the current conditions and characteristics that you see on earth are unreal according to this definition. Of course, we could have other definitions of what is real and unreal, but based on this definition, we need to say that most of the conditions you see on earth today, are unreal.

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