Is America a Christian or a Buddhist nation?

TOPICS: Your inner sanctuary – Is America a Christian nation? – Problems with Buddhism in America – The judgment of Buddhist teachers – Finding the inner Buddha – Judging the forces of anti-buddha – Political duality – Do not judge yourselves or each other – The control game of judging – Accept yourself as you are right now – 

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, July 19, 2015, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given during a conference in Los Angeles.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, and although you may know me more as the serious Buddha, I come today as the joyful Buddha to share in your joy that you have dared to release.

Truly, it is not only the dictations that are given during a conference, or the invocations or decrees that you give, that release and anchor light. When you freely share of your hearts and your joy-flame, we can use your chakras and auras to release much light and anchor it into the physical octave. Thus, do not fall into the trap of thinking that a free-flowing sharing like you have had, of people talking to each other, is of no value. Do not think that it always has to feel like work in order to have an effect, for truly did not Christ say that unless you become as the little child, you cannot enter the kingdom?

Even the Buddhas are not always serious. We are joyful, maybe not in a way you consider it on earth, but certainly joyful when we observe that those who are the spiritual students can transcend themselves and the seriousness of the world. Do you not realize, my beloved, that in these short days you have been together in this room, you have created a sacred space that is so set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city around you that you are almost not on the same planet. Yet when you walk out that door, you will again be out in the hustle and bustle. You will be in a different space inside, if you will make, not an effort but be aware of the need to maintain it, be aware of the many challenges that come at you from all sides that want to pull you out of your sacred space.

Your inner sanctuary

Truly, we have talked before about your inner sanctuary. In your heart you have what ideally should be a sacred space where no force in this world, no person in this world, no demon, no authority figure, can ever enter. For that matter, no loved one can enter, not even a child, for it is your sacred space. What is it that the forces of anti-love seek to do? They seek to invade your sacred space or to pull you out of it so that you are no longer centered, so that you no longer realize you have a sacred space, so that you forget that you are a sacred being.

There are people in America who will say: “What right does the Buddha have to give a dictation on this soil when we are a Christian nation?” What makes you think that the Buddha is not a Christian? What makes you think that Christ did not study and practice Buddhism? The Buddhic consciousness is the Christ consciousness, at a higher level than the Christ consciousness that goes out into the hustle and bustle of the world. It is not higher in the sense of more valuable, but it is a higher level of detachment from the world.

The Christ is the one who hears the cries of the world and goes out to minister to the people, giving them whatever they need in order to come up higher. The Buddha stays apart, creates a sacred space, a sanctuary, and therefore lets the people come to him or her. Both are equally needed, both are equally valuable, although certainly many more people in the world need the Christ to minister to them, for they are not yet ready for the Buddha.

Is America a Christian nation?

Certainly, I come to challenge the mindset that America is a Christian nation. As Jesus himself has challenged the false preachers of the Christian churches in America, I come to give my polarity to Jesus’ release, not only for the judgment of the false teachers of Christianity but for the judgment of the false teachers of Buddhism that have come to this nation.

The Christ consciousness is a universal state of consciousness, but it is more focused on discerning between light and darkness, reality and unreality. Although the Christ consciousness at the Christic level is not dualistic, it is still focused on the difference between light and darkness, reality and unreality. The Buddhic consciousness has transcended that level and manifested a higher detachment and therefore more of a vision of universality. The Buddhic level of consciousness – the Buddhic level of the Christ consciousness, we might say – is therefore more focused on the universal or formless behind outer forms. The Christ will say: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” The Buddha will not say this, for to the Buddha there is no Satan and there is no behind.

When you look at this nation of the United States of America, what do you see? You see that people from all over the world – from all different cultures, races, nationalities, religions, skin colors – have been brought here and put into this “melting pot.” There are many tensions between different groups of people in America, not only between blacks and whites but many other groups. This growing tension is a sign that America has not stepped up, that not enough people have stepped up to the Buddhic consciousness. How shall America fulfill its destiny without a critical mass of people holding the spiritual balance by embracing and manifesting the Buddhic consciousness? You see, the Christ consciousness is surely needed in America, but the Christ consciousness is not enough for America to fulfill her destiny.

The Christ consciousness shines a light into the darkness, which reinforces and brings out the contrast. The Buddhic consciousness allows you to see beyond the contrast and see that the contrast is not real for there is a Buddhic essence behind both light and darkness. People cannot overcome their differences through the Christic level of consciousness, but only through the Buddhic level of consciousness. Surely, we do not expect all people in America to attain the Buddhic level of consciousness, for they have barely begun to grasp the Christ consciousness. We do expect a critical mass of people to embrace the Buddhic consciousness and hold the balance for America.

The only way that the cosmic experiment of America can work, the only way that the melting pot can avoid blowing itself up, is that people learn to see beyond the outer differences and embrace the universal aspect within. This is, of course, what the forces of anti-love will do anything in their power to avoid by defining these conflicts and blowing them up out of proportion, stirring up the energies in people’s emotional bodies, feeding them illusion after illusion until they are so focused on the outer differences that they have no awareness of the Buddhic nature hiding behind all form.

Problems with Buddhism in America

Who then shall hold this Buddhic balance for America? Certainly we hope that you who are ascended master students will do so. We also hope that those who have embraced Buddhism in some form in America will be able to do so. Unfortunately, many of them are not manifesting that potential because the Buddhic movements, the Buddhic teachers that have come to America, have been far too focused on the outer form of Buddhism, rather than the universal elements of it.

What sense does it make to build a Buddhist monastery in the mountains of America that looks exactly like a Buddhist monastery in the mountains of India or Tibet? What sense does it make to wear the same robes, to have the same rituals? What sense does it make? What sense does it make for the people in the East to still be, quote-unquote, “worshipping” the Buddha the way they have done for centuries when the modern world has shifted? That in itself makes no sense, and it makes even less sense to take that form of Buddhism and try to transplant it to America, where the consciousness is so different.

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