Intratheism—an entirely new approach to religion

TOPICS: The murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria  – The religion of the Mother – Why they destroyed the religion of the Mother – The birth of monotheism – The remote paradise in the sky – Christ to counteract the imbalance in monotheism – Raising up women in Christianity –

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Ascended Master Maraytaii, June 26, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, say with me now the mantra given by the Great Divine Director, of his ancient name: “EUTAI” (9X). Now say with me the feminine counterpart of that mantra, which is: “MARAYTAII” (9X).

This name is in an ancient language, and it is the name of the Mother of God, the Divine Feminine, out of which Being I come. I AM the Being whose foremost representative you know on earth as Mother Mary. She has come out of that greater being, as indeed some of you have, and as many around the earth have. For I, the Divine Feminine, do indeed have many representatives in embodiment at this critical time, when it is an absolute necessity, that the Divine Feminine is awakened in all humankind. And that the Divine Feminine is restored in religion throughout the world.

We have called you to this place on this island chain of Hawaii; we have called you here because in this area was indeed part of the ancient Motherland—or Lemuria, or Mu, as it has been called. My Beloved, this continent was indeed established to raise up the Divine Feminine, to raise up the Divine Mother in all life, but first and foremost to raise it up in religion, and to keep that Mother Flame burning on the altar of the hearts of those who were the priests and priestesses of the order of the Mother – those who had dedicated their entire lives to keeping that perfect balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine – so that they could form the nucleus for keeping the balance for the entire planet.

The murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria

I come to give you a deeper understanding about the Motherland than we have released previously. For you have heard, that there came a point, where there was the murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria, and that this was the event that caused the eventual sinking of that continent. Yet, we desire you to understand that everything – and I mean everything – that happens in the physical octave, has a counterpart in consciousness. Or perhaps we should say, that it is an outpicturing of a condition in consciousness.

We have previously given a linear teaching about this, according to which it was stated, that there was a particular person in embodiment, who was the representative of the Divine Mother, and who was murdered in the Temple on Lemuria. And while this is true, we desire to give you a deeper understanding, so you understand what was really happening at the deeper levels of humankind’s consciousness—at the unseen levels. While there may be one person on earth who may hold a certain flame, a certain spiritual office, or even hold a certain balance, well, that person is only the visible representative of a state of consciousness. This is why we have said, that Jesus represents the birth of the Christ consciousness in all life. Likewise, the high priestess at the Temple on Lemuria was only a representative of the Divine Feminine in all, and the perfect balance and perfect union between the masculine and the feminine in all life.

What really happened was not just the murder of one person, not just the destruction of an outer religion and an outer temple, but it was indeed the murder of the Divine Feminine in all life, in the sense that there was the murder of the consciousness, the awareness, of what God truly IS. Namely, as we have explained at the last conference and in our latest invocations, that there is the infinite, unexpressed God and there is the expressed God. And the expressed God IS the feminine aspect of God, IS God the Mother, IS the Divine Feminine. And thus, everyone and everything in the material world and in the entire world of form is an expression of God the Mother, the Divine Feminine.

The religion of the Mother

The ancient religion on the Motherland was indeed meant to perpetuate this truth. But you must understand, that even though there was at one point a golden age on Lemuria, it was not possible at the time to teach this truth to the multitudes. Thus, it was only a select few, that were taught the inner mysteries of the Temple. Those who were ready to not see God outside themselves, not see God as the remote being in the sky, or in some mountain or some tablet or some figure carved in stone.

There has been a slow progression of humankind’s consciousness. And at the time of Lemuria, humankind was not ready for the understanding that you have been given over these past few months. And this should be easy to understand, when you realize that in fact the AskRealJesus website has indeed been a preparation for the release of this very truth that we have now given you. And which we surely expect you to ponder and internalize, although it may take some time. Nevertheless, the essence is that you realize, that you form the nucleus for the reawakening of that consciousness. We started a spiral in North Carolina that we intend – with your willing cooperation – to accelerate greatly. For now we have both the East and the West, my beloved, by spanning the two major oceans of the planet.

This conference is indeed an opportunity to accelerate that cycle of reawakening humankind to the reality of religion, and then getting to a point, where this teaching of the true identity of the Divine Feminine can be taught to the multitudes. So that at least the top 10 percent, and a certain percentage from the 80 percent of the general population, can come to gradually understand, embrace, accept and internalize this truth. Whereby we once and for all leave behind that ancient worn-out consciousness of seeing God up there in the sky, as the remote being who will either send you to hell or produce some miracle for you—if he feels like it on that given day, when you happen to pray.

Why they destroyed the religion of the Mother

In order to truly understand what happened on Lemuria, you need to have an understanding of the teachings given in Maitreya’s book, about those who rebelled against God’s plan for the universe. What is stated between the lines by Maitreya – a truth that will later be fully explained – is indeed that the purpose of the entire universe is that you, who are the co-creators with God, you who are the self-aware beings, eventually come to see yourself not only as extensions of God, but as gods in the making. Eventually, you rise to that full God consciousness, where you are no longer co-creators but can now conceive of creating your own universes, your own worlds of form. And thus, my beloved, you will see that the purpose of the material universe is that it must serve as a platform for the awakening of self-aware beings to seeing God within themselves.

Those fallen beings, who were cast out of heaven, metaphorically speaking, and who therefore descended to planet earth, well my beloved, can you see that the ancient religion of the Motherland was indeed the ultimate threat to their reign, to their control over humankind, to their desire to turn planet earth into a barren planet—barren spiritually speaking, because no one dare to conceive of the possibility of God being in themselves? And therefore, no one dare to even conceive that they could be God in embodiment, or at least a co-creator with God in embodiment.

And thus, the earth would then not produce sons and daughters of God, and therefore it would be spiritually barren, and therefore the fallen beings could attain and maintain total control over this planet, until their time ran out. And in the meantime, they would have humankind to serve them as slaves, even being able to milk their life energy, so that they could sustain a certain form of life longer than after their allotted time and their allotted energy and light had actually run out.

The birth of monotheism

This is why they formed a secret band, that plotted the destruction of the true religion, of the true identity of God. And thus, they managed to turn some of the very priests that had taken vows to uphold the religion of the Motherland, they managed to deceive them into actually believing, that the religion of the Mother was inferior to the religion of the Father, the so-called monotheistic God, the remote God in the sky. Some of these very priests that had received, not the highest, but certain higher initiations in the religion of the Mother, were actually deceived into believing in the inferiority of the religion of the Mother and the superiority of the religion of the Father, that was actually created by the fallen beings and did not descend from God and was never meant to become an important religion on this earth.

After the physical murder of the last representative of the Divine Mother, after the physical destruction of the Temple, well then they managed to raise up an idol in the holy place – where the Temple had been – the idol of a new God, of a new religion, of the one supposedly superior God, the masculine God that was the only true God. And therefore, the people of the Motherland should ignore the God of the Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother. What I am actually telling you here, is the shocking – to some – truth, that the monotheistic religions are NOT a creation of God. They are not worshiping the one supreme God that they claim to be worshiping. For the one supreme God is the infinite God, the one God, the Creator, who is beyond the world of form, and therefore has absolutely no need to be worshiped by any self-aware being.

For that God has created all self-aware beings out of its own being, as extensions of itself. And why would this all-powerful, almighty God need to be worshiped by itself? My Beloved, it makes no sense! When you think about it with the heart, when you feel the heart fire burning, you recognize the absolute truth that God – the Father aspect of God – has no desire to be worshiped by human beings, but desires to see human beings recognize who they are, as extensions of itself. Therefore, they acknowledge the fact, that they are co-creators with their God, that they are here to co-create the kingdom of God on earth—instead of spending all their time and energy and actions on preparing for some heaven, that comes after you are no longer in embodiment on earth.

The remote paradise in the sky

When they created the false religion of the remote God in the sky, they simultaneously had to create the illusion of a remote heaven in the sky, of a remote paradise. They also came up with the myth of the paradise lost, the paradise that could never be regained on earth but could only be attained after you are no longer here. They created the possibility, that even if a few people dared to claim their Christhood, at least to some degree, well even they would long for the remote heaven in the sky. And they would believe, as many people have believed, that the goal of life is to qualify for your ascension and get out of here as quickly as possible. Whereas the goal of life has always been to manifest the Kingdom of God here on earth. Which is why Jesus came with the message that “The kingdom of God is at hand!”

What happened after the destruction of the religion of the Mother was, that the majority of humankind, the majority of the people, were seduced by the monotheistic religions. Even those who had many gods were seduced by the concept of God as the remote being in the sky, that certainly could not manifest within themselves and express itself through themselves. So you have this long history of humankind becoming more and more unbalanced in the masculine aspect of God, in creating a false image of what actually is the false masculine and not the true God.

Christ to counteract the imbalance in monotheism

That imbalance became so extreme, that it was deemed impossible by us that we could teach the ancient religion of the Mother again, without first going through an intermediate period of introducing the concept of God the Son, as the Christ, that is the mediator between heaven and earth. Jesus came to introduce that concept, and the concept – in its pure form that Jesus taught 2,000 years ago – stated that it was possible to reconcile man here in this world with the God above, the Divine Masculine.

And you will see that even Jesus had to play upon the image of the remote being in the sky, yet in his true teachings he gave the concept that the kingdom of God is within you, and that you can attain oneness with your Father and thus say “I and my Father are one” and “My Father worketh hitherto and I work.” Thus, you acknowledge yourself as a co-creator with God, when you truly understand Jesus’ teachings. This is the purpose for Jesus’ coming—to set the stage for a greater awareness of the need to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of God. So that when the 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces came to fruition, we would have a platform for reintroducing the reality of religion as the religion of the Mother, by recognizing that the feminine aspect of God is indeed All and in All.

Everything that Jesus has released up until this point has been a gradual and slow preparation for the reintroduction of this truth of the Divine Feminine, and indeed to restore the Divine Feminine in religion. And thus, it is, of course, Jesus’ hope, that this restoration can begin with the Christian religion. And certainly, if you look at the other two so-called monotheistic religions of Judaism and Islam, you see that they are even more focused on the male aspect of God. They are even more prone to suppressing women, not only in religion, but also in society, than is the Christian religion and the Christian world.

Raising up women in Christianity

So there is indeed a possibility, that this can happen. Not of course that we envision – as was stated at our last conference – that the major Christian churches would suddenly wake up and elect a female pope. But at least there will be women from many Christian churches, who will come apart and form new movements, new initiatives, new churches, that honor the equality of masculine and feminine, men and women, and the value of letting women hold any position in their spiritual movements.

Thus my beloved, I have given you some strong meat, because I desire you to ponder these ideas. I ask you to recite the mantra I have given you to yourself, calmly and quietly as you go to rest, as you go about your activities. Keep a part of your attention on my Presence. Recite my mantra, attune yourself to beloved Surya. Ask to be tutored in how you can better come to understand, accept and embody the ideas we have cast before you.

The culmination of Jesus’ teachings

For you see, my beloved, this is indeed a turning point, a culmination of the teachings that started with Jesus’ release of the concept of Christhood 2,000 years ago. And thus, we are indeed very hopeful that we will see a breakthrough at the etheric level, which then gradually can be lowered through the mental, emotional and eventually into the physical, where you will suddenly see people around the world waking up, tuning in and saying, “What happened to the Divine Feminine in religion? Where did it go? Why did it get lost? Maybe we need to restore it.” And they will find themselves surprised at hearing themselves say this. But yet, they will be impelled to listen and then ponder these questions.

And then, they can find the teachings we have given in the physical and they can say, “Ah, this is what I know in my heart is true. This is what needs to happen. We need to restore the Divine Feminine in religion. We need to rise above the unbalanced approach to religion, represented by the monotheistic religions, and even other religions that worship God as the remote being in the sky. Or even those who worship some form of the Mother God, but see that Mother God as a physical planet, as a mountain, as a statue, or as some other image that still identifies God as being outside yourself, instead of being inside yourself.”

Thus my beloved, I congratulate and thank you for your presence here, for your attention, and thus I leave you with one final thought: We need to transcend mono-theism and create intra-theism—an entirely new approach to religion, that recognizes the God within all life. Thus, I seal you in the flame of the Divine Mother. Be at peace in my light, for my light is All and in All.


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