Improving the situation of women with the River of Life 

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Ascended Master Liberty through Kim Michaels, September 23, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan—Being the River of Life in action.

I AM  the Ascended Master Liberty. Although my official title is the Goddess of Liberty, I prefer to be less formal for this dictation and have you look at me as your older sister who is here to support you on your path.

Many currents in the River of Life

So far, we have talked about the River of Life without being very specific. We have sort of given the impression that the River of Life is this amorphous, non-distinct entity or movement or momentum, but of course, this is not the case. We might say that there are many individual currents in the River of Life. We might say that for any positive endeavor, any self-transcending endeavor, there is a current in the River of Life. What that means specifically for you who are in embodiment on earth is that whatever activity you want to engage in that is aimed at raising up all life, which of course includes yourself, there is a current in the River of Life built by all of the beings before you who have engaged in the same activity. When you open your mind to the flow of the River of Life, you will tie into that momentum and it can express itself through you, flow through you depending on the openness of your mind.

Never alone

Part of what this means is that you are never alone in a particular endeavor. You might look at earth, you might feel that you have grown up in a family and society where you are the only spiritual person. And therefore, you have grown up feeling somewhat alone in your spiritual pursuits. But when you tie into the River of Life, you can overcome that feeling of being alone. For you are not alone, you are a part of this upward movement and you are tied into all of the other beings who have been engaged in your activity and who have helped build the momentum that you are now a part of. This momentum wants to be expressed through you. And when you allow it to be expressed, you will feel that connection and you will not feel alone. And this goes for any activity you engage in.

You look at history and see that there have been many, many individual people who have brought forth some new idea, they have taken a stand, whether it be in politics or other areas of life, they have challenged the power elite, and many of these people have felt alone. But the feeling of aloneness is, of course, coming from a separate self. And it is very understandable that people have created such a separate self – especially for avatars, for you can hardly embody as an avatar on earth without feeling alone, because you will be opposed by the fallen beings, you will be ignored by the general population. You will, in many cases, be the only one taking a stand. All who have embodied here on this planet have felt this aloneness. But when you have the teachings you have, you can look at this, you can come to identify that there is a separate self that makes you feel alone. And it even projects at you that you should not dare to take a stand for anything because you will be left all alone as you have been so many times in the past. But when you use our tools to go after that separate self and let it die, then you can tie into the River of Life. And why would you feel alone when you feel connected to all of these beings before you who have engaged in this kind of activity? There are, of course, as I said, many of these currents in the River of Life, one for each constructive endeavor you could possibly engage in on earth.

The current of improving the situation of women

However, what I specifically want to focus on here is the situation of women. This is the decade of women, already well into this decade, and you may say, what has happened to improve the situation of women? But many things have actually happened and many more things will happen. How can you best help advance the cause of women? By opening your mind to the River of Life and tying in to the momentum that has been created before you by all of the beings who have worked on improving the situation of women. It is not so that earth is the only planet where women have been suppressed. This has happened on other unnatural planets.

Naturally, it does not happen on a natural planet that women are suppressed. But nevertheless, even on some natural planets, there can be a certain tendency that men attain dominance in society. Not that they forcefully or violently suppress women, but still that they develop a certain, we might say, competitive mindset where they want to do the right thing and they feel they know what the right thing is, and therefore they are more outgoing, more into seeking positions. There can be a certain, we might not say suppression of women, but a certain setting aside or ignoring women, even on some natural planets. Not all of them, but certainly some. This only lasts for a time, but what I am saying is that even on natural planets, there is that current of improving the situation of women, of creating true equality for women. And you can tie into that on earth, and it is a tremendous momentum of moving upward.

Going to a neutral state to fulfill your Divine Plan

We might also say that even in previous spheres, there has always been a challenge of male and female beings integrating, attaining a greater sense of oneness, not just equality, but oneness where they balance each other. This has always been a challenge in the world of form. Again, there is a very old, powerful momentum of working towards this, not only equality, but oneness and balance between male and female polarities. You who are the spiritual people, you can feel, use your intuition to sense what is your Divine Plan. What is your Divine Plan relating to the situation of women?

Some of you are in a male body, but it is still part of your Divine Plan to work for the improvement of women’s conditions on earth. Some of you are in a female body, and it is part of your Divine Plan, I am not saying that all of you who are in a female body, it is part of your Divine Plan to work on improving the situation of women, at least not in a direct way. But it certainly is in an indirect way, because any woman who fulfills her Divine Plan is really helping to raise the collective consciousness and improve the situation for women. You are all part of this upward momentum. And when you open your mind to it, you can begin to feel this, feel the flow. You can begin to go through the process we have talked about – of becoming more and more neutral about this.

We understand fully that it is very difficult to be a woman on planet earth. It is especially difficult in many nations where the suppression of women is still going on at a level that really should have been transcended in the Middle Ages, but has not been transcended in some of these countries. What insanity, outright insanity, that a woman who wears her scarf in not exactly the prescribed way is arrested and killed by the police. We understand that there are many women who have experienced this suppression, persecution over several lifetimes. And therefore you have built a series of separate selves relating to the situation of a woman, relating to being a woman, being in specific situations as a woman, such as, as we have talked about, pregnancy and childbirth, relationships, abusive relationships, and many other things. Before you can fully open yourself to the flow of the River of Life, you will, of course, need to look at these separate selves, work on them, and overcome them. Because again, it is very understandable that you have these separate selves, but they do form a certain coloring, a certain overlay, a certain bias. And this means that when it comes to taking action to improve your own situation or women’s situation in general, you cannot be neutral about it, because you are pulled into an emotional reaction by these selves. And as we have said, the more neutral you can be, the more you are the open door for the River of Life that is flowing through you. And this can mean the difference between having a positive impact and having no impact, between fulfilling your Divine Plan and not fulfilling your Divine Plan.

What is it that suppresses women? Force. Sometimes it is necessary to be very determined in order to improve women’s situation. But if you go into using force, you are just creating more counterforce. There is a fundamental difference between acting from force and acting from neutrality, where you allow the River of Life to flow through you. When you are in this force-based mindset, colored by these separate selves, you will look at the situation a certain way, and there are things you will not see. But when you are going to a neutral state of mind, then suddenly new perspectives will open up. You will see something you could not see before. And sometimes you will just take action without really consciously seeing why you are doing this. But you will see that the results will be more positive, have greater effect, than when you are acting from this force-based mindset.

Going to a neutral state to approach the men

Again, because it needs to be stated more than once here, we see in many of you these wounds from past lives. We see the selves you have built. We understand that you built these selves. We are not in any way blaming you for having these selves. I am simply saying this: If you can get rid of the selves, you will have a much greater impact, because it is not just you acting through a separate self, but you allowing the Holy Spirit and the River of Life to flow through you. And this can have an impact that you could never have through the separate self. There are many times where women are acting from a separate self that is hurt by the suppression from men. And there is no question that the suppression from men is real. It has taken place. It is taking place. Women are hurt. It is, again, fully understandable.

Yet, when you allow yourself to act from a separate self, what will invariably happen? You will activate the separate selves in the men. And once those separate selves are activated in the men, what will the men do? Seek to defend themselves and their male ego, their male pride, and reject anything you say. Have you not all experienced this in the men that you know? No exceptions whatsoever. You need to ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish? Do you want to punish the men? If that is what you want, fine, but then you do not need the advice of an ascended master or the River of Life. For the River of Life does not want to punish men. The River of Life does not want to punish them even when they have committed violations against women. We want, the River of Life wants, all people to come up higher. Ask yourself this simple question: You see that when you act through a separate self, you activate the separate self in men and you do not achieve a positive result. Obviously, something must change in this situation. What is most likely: That the men are going to change, or that you are going to change?

The simple fact on earth today is that women are much more open to changing themselves than men are. And therefore, if a situation that is currently locked by the reactions of these separate selves is going to change, the change has to come from women. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but in general who is most likely to be willing to change themselves? The women. What do you do? You use the tools we have, you go after your separate selves, and then you go into this neutral state and now you approach the men. And when you do this, there is, of course, no guarantee that you will not activate the separate selves of the men, because some men will feel attacked no matter what you do or say. But there is a much higher probability that many men will be able to avoid reacting to you through a separate self. And therefore, you can now have the kind of interaction, the kind of conversations that you could never have through the separate selves.

How progress happens

And I know very well and I understand very well and I experience the reaction from the collective consciousness of women that women have been severely abused and suppressed on this planet. There is this collective beast of women who are saying: “But we are the victims, why should we be the ones who fix the situation? Why should not the men do something?” Well, this is actually understandable, but it is not based on an understanding of how progress happens. You see, if we are to be completely straightforward here, you will see that most people on earth are simply unaware. They are sleepwalking through life. They are not open to consciously, deliberately, changing their situation. There is a tendency that goes back to even before the fallen beings came here for people just to want to flow along, as we have said, with the currents in the collective consciousness, not stand out from the crowd, not make decisions. Whatever conditions people are exposed to, the vast majority of people tend to adapt: “Oh well, we have to accept it. We cannot do anything about it. We just have to make the best of it.” And this attitude will not change society, will not bring society forward, will not bring the golden age.

Why were the fallen beings allowed to come here? As we have said, there were societies created where the focus was on what they called harmony, but which was really conformity. Everybody just followed along with current conditions. And as we have explained, because of what we call the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of perpetual self-transcendence, this will lead a planet into a downward spiral. Why were the fallen beings allowed to embody here? Because they would expose people on earth, the people who were adapting and conforming, to such abuse that people would no longer conform and adapt. They would finally come to the point where they say: “This is too much, this has to change.” What you see here is simple: When people have gone into this state of blindness, they just adapt, they do not bring change. What can force them out of this passivity? Well, this is the School of Hard Knocks, so only hard knocks. What does that mean? It actually means that those who are the victims, those who are the abused, those who are exposed to this suppression, they are the ones who most quickly come to the point where they say: “This is enough, this cannot go on, this has to change. We have to do something about this.“

You see, it may sound like a paradox, but the ones who in the School of Hard Knocks have the greatest potential to bring change are the victims, those who have been abused and put down to the point where it is no longer tolerable for them. Even though it sounds harsh, it is a reality that women are the ones who have the opportunity to bring change because the men cannot, they are just adapting. And they are, in many societies, in a privileged position. People who are adapting are not going to give up their privileges. They are not going to sit there and say: “You know, we really have a nice society here, the women are doing all the work, and we are just sitting around smoking a water pipe all day and reading the Koran. But even though it is nice, I think we should change it because the women are suppressed. It just is not right.” You just cannot expect men to do this when they are in this state of passivity. Therefore, even though it sounds harsh, it is the women who are victimized who have the opportunity to bring society forward because they are the ones who can come to that point where they say: “This is enough. We will not take it anymore.“

Free yourself  from the sense of being a victim

And, of course, you see examples in history where women have done this, they have done this with force, and it has brought change. But what I am pointing out is that those of you who are spiritual, you can be part of bringing an even greater change by going into this neutral mode, not allowing yourself to feel like you are victims, in fact, overcoming the separate selves that feel like you are victims, and therefore tying into that River of Life where suddenly you can speak out about an issue in a way that has never been done before. And this can lead to at least some men waking up and saying: “But what they are saying actually makes sense. I actually understand what they are saying. I actually understand this is not right. This cannot go on. This must be changed.” Because you have bypassed – or the River of Life has bypassed – the male ego, the separate selves that want to always defend against and reject any accusation.

These are some very direct teachings, I realize. But many of you are ready for this, because you have been on the spiritual path for a long time and even though you may still have some separate selves left, you cannot really be on the spiritual path and see yourself as a victim. Because the whole idea of the spiritual path is that you take command over your mind and thereby also a greater command over your outer situation than you have when you feel like a victim. For if you feel like a victim, what can you do about your outer situation? That is the whole characteristic of the victim consciousness: You feel powerless because there are conditions you cannot change. Once you let go of that, you realize that there is nothing that could not be changed. Not by you alone, for you of your own self can do nothing, but the Father within you, or rather the River of Life within you, your I AM Presence within you, with God, all things are possible. Not all things, because there is free will – Jesus had a tendency to dramatize a bit. But nevertheless, things are possible with the River of Life that are not possible without the River of Life. Those of us who are part of that River of Life for earth, we very much want to see women’s situation improve. We very much want to see this improve in this decade of the 2020s. And we are working, of course, with anyone around the world who is open to some idea that will bring change.

Being the open door and karma

Naturally, we are working with the people in Iran who are open to this. Some of them are still in the victim consciousness, some of them have separate selves. Some of them have a certain violent streak, and they want to dramatically change society or punish those who are oppressing them. But, once in a while, they are open to some idea, some impulse from the River of Life. Whenever there is an opening, we give that impulse, which, of course, does not mean that we can completely support or sponsor a certain person or a certain initiative. In some cases, people may receive a valid idea from us, but have such a cultural overlay or so many separate selves that they express it in a context that distorts the idea and really turns it into something that it was not meant to be. But still, we just keep expressing when there is an opening, because, as we have said, we do not judge. We do not judge what people do with it. When there is an opening, whatever can flow through it, flows through it, and then whatever happens in the physical octave or even in the emotional, mental and identity realms, well, that is up to the people and their free will.

And it also means that even though we have given the impulse, we are not karmically responsible for what people do with it. And this is something that you all, men and women alike, need to contemplate: What if you open yourself to the River of Life, you express some higher idea or some higher ideas expressed through you to another person, and that person misuses the idea, interprets it in a certain way that validates his or her present beliefs, or uses it as justification for some action. Do you then make karma? And the answer is: No, you do not – not if you are neutral. If you are neutral and open yourself to the River of Life, something flows through you, you are not karmically responsible for what other people do with it. You are responsible for what you do with it, but not what other people do with it – that is their responsibility, their karma.

Being the open door and the judgment of Christ

And if they receive something from the River of Life and abuse it, it also becomes the judgment of Christ upon them. And you do not need to be reluctant to bring the judgment of Christ on other people, because the judgment of Christ works in various ways, but the judgment of Christ is not out to punish, it is out to awaken. It always seeks to bring people in a situation where they get another opportunity to awaken, another opportunity to change.

Again, when you open yourself to the River of Life, you are not responsible for what other people do with what they receive. This is not your karma, it is their karma. I know there are some people, because I have heard it over and over again, who could be so concerned: “What if I express something to a person I know that comes from the River of Life and the person abuses it? Then, I am bringing the judgment on that person.” My response to that would be: So what? What do you expect can bring change to earth? Is it just that you are nice to people? Do you think that if you have some dictator, or the government in Iran, that they will change if you talk nicely to them?

What then is the other option? If they do not respond when you are being nice, what can you do? Yes, you can engage in a fight with them, but as we have said, that is not the way to bring the golden age. That is the way to make karma. Does that mean you are stuck? You either have to fight people or you have to be nice to them? Nay, you have many more options. One is to let the Holy Spirit flow through you, let the River of Life express something that the people have never heard before. But the other is to bring the judgment of Christ. If people do not change voluntarily, if they will not change when you talk to them from the Spirit, then the judgment of Christ is the next step in giving them an opportunity to change.

I can assure you that if you look back at history, you might look at the emergence of democracy and think this was, at least in some countries, a fairly peaceful process where the old power elite just gave up power and allowed the country to become a democracy. But this is not a correct view of history. There is no country that has shifted from a centralized authoritarian government to a democratic government without the judgment of Christ. You may say, yes, there was a certain person who was in power, a king or whatever, who saw the necessity for change and agreed to create a democracy. But in many cases that king did not see this right away, only when he was exposed to the judgment of Christ, which made it so obvious to him that he finally saw it.

When you look at the history of this planet, when you look at the enormous amount of conflict and violence on it, when you look at the suppression on it, when you look at the power elites and the fallen beings, you can realize: The positive changes did not happen voluntarily, but it was not violence that brought it, it was the judgment of Christ. It was, of course, also positive expressions, I am not discounting that in any way. I am just saying that the positive expressions could not have brought it alone. There were certain writings that were very important for the bringing forth of democracy. But they themselves, they alone could not have brought it. If it had not been for the judgment of Christ, then it would not have happened.

Being nice will not bring change

Why would you be reluctant to bring the judgment of Christ? Even if it is a person, say, a man you personally know, no matter what happens on the physical, the judgment of Christ is still better for that person because the aim of the judgment of Christ is to set the person free from the separate selves, the demons, the dark forces that the person is entrapped by. Do you not think that even if you have an abusive man, that it is better for him to be set free from these demons through the judgment of Christ than to remain entrapped by these demons lifetime after lifetime? Even if you speak out through the Holy Spirit and a man will not change, the judgment of Christ is still better for him than to remain trapped in the darkness.

There is a strong momentum, as I said, in the collective consciousness, of women being very concerned about not hurting others. This of course is natural because you have these wonderful little creatures called children that you are much closer to than the men. You are often mainly responsible for bringing them up and naturally you do not want to hurt your own children. There is this movement in the collective consciousness of women not wanting to hurt anyone, always wanting to be kind, to be gentle and all of this. But you see, this will not bring change. If women could have brought change by being kind, then the planet should have changed hundreds of years ago.

As I said, the alternative is not to go in with force, at least not human force, but with the force of the River of Life, and part of that force is the judgment of Christ. The judgment of Christ does not hurt anyone. Now, I know that many will object to this and say: “But listen, I made some calls for a certain person and suddenly his business went bankrupt, or he was in an accident, or he got ill, or whatever. Did that not hurt the person?” But did it? Was it not the descent of his karma? And yes, from an outer perspective you can say this hurt the person, but what is karma? It is the opportunity to learn through physical events what you have not been willing to learn by looking at your psychology. In the long run, is that hurting the person, or is it liberating the person? Or at least giving the person an opportunity to be free from these forces of darkness that have taken over the person’s mind?

The School of Hard Knocks

Again, you are in the School of Hard Knocks – or rather, many people on the planet are in the School of Hard Knocks. The aim of the School of Hard Knocks is not to punish people, but to set them free. But sometimes it takes the very hard knocks to set people free, to get their attention, to wake them up from their conformity and say: “I have to change. I have to change. Not the world, not other people, I have to change.” When you look at it from the ascended perspective, you see that the School of Hard Knocks actually works. I know that when you look at it from the human perspective you may doubt this, but the School of Hard Knocks actually works. There are many people who have received harder and harder knocks until they finally started thinking, observing, looking at themselves and saying: “There must be something different I can do.” And of course, this does not have to happen through the School of Hard Knocks. It can happen by you opening yourself to the flow of the River of Life that then expresses something to another person that awakens them without the hard knocks. This also works, but if you look at the planet, you will see that many people will be closed to such direction so they are in the School of Hard Knocks.

Therefore, when you talk numbers, more people have been awakened through the School of Hard Knocks. But this is also partly because there have not been so many people who are open to the River of Life. This is what you all have the potential to change, where more and more people become open to letting the River of Life flow through them and therefore more and more people are exposed to this, the flow of the River of Life, and therefore gain an opportunity,  an opportunity to hear something they have not heard before and this can give them an opportunity to awaken without having the hard knocks. Again, if you want to avoid hurting other people, open yourself to the River of Life and there is much more of a chance that people can be awakened without the hard knocks.

The solidarity between women

I could, of course, say much more about women’s situation. And perhaps we should be a little more specific. When you look at the planet, you see that there are many nations, what we often call the modern democracies, where women’s situation has already improved. It has, so to speak, turned a critical corner. A critical corner is that women can speak out about their situation and be heard without using force. There are many of these nations where it is possible to be a woman, to open yourself to the flow of the River of Life, and to speak out without being forcefully suppressed or ignored. If you have grown up in one of these countries it is very likely, if you are a woman—or rather a spiritual being in a female body—that it is part of your Divine plan to speak out to improve women’s situation further. But it could also be that it is part of your Divine plan to speak out to improve women’s situation in other countries. Because, as we have said before, the countries that have made the most progress have a responsibility to help people in the countries who are still behind. Certainly, there are things that can be done by the women in the modern democracies to help the women in Iran and other countries where they are suppressed.

The solidarity between women, the sisterhood between women, there is tremendous potential for expanding this because there has been a tendency for many women in the modern democracies to become complacent, to be focused on themselves and their own situation and enjoy the opportunities they have and the good life they can live. Again, this is understandable because many women have been suppressed in past lives and have, for example, not had the opportunity of having a career and being able to take care of themselves financially. But still, there is an opportunity here and a responsibility for women in the more affluent modern nations to develop that solidarity with their sisters who are still suppressed and therefore, use the influence they have or can get in these modern nations to put pressure on these repressive governments.

We have talked about it before. Should you really buy merchandise from a country that suppresses its women as if they were living in the Middle Ages? Should there not be a worldwide movement of women which says: “We are not going to buy these clothes that are made in these sweatshops where people are not paid and have deplorable working conditions. We will start an initiative to improve the situation for these women, and if they will not, we will take our money elsewhere. We will not buy anything from these Arab nations that are suppressing their people. You want to sell us oil? You give women equality, then we will buy your oil.”

There is a tremendous opportunity here. Again, you understand that I am speaking directly to you who are ascended master students. And we know very well from the past that when we give a dictation such as this, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed. You can feel: “Oh, is it my responsibility to do this that the Master is saying?” But you understand that we are also speaking into the collective consciousness. You do not need to feel overwhelmed with your outer mind and think: “Oh, I have to do all these things that the Goddess of Liberty said.” You need to tune in to your Divine plan and see what is in your Divine plan, what you can do.

But I am also speaking into the collective consciousness. There are many women in these modern democracies who have it as part of their Divine Plan to do what I am talking about, but they have not become aware of this yet because they have grown up without having any spiritual outlook on life. You will also see that many women in the affluent nations have adopted a more spiritual outlook on life, are seeking to improve themselves, and therefore by this being stated and projected into the collective consciousness through your chakras, some of these women will be awakened, as I already see that some have been awakened as this dictation has progressed. Avoid feeling overwhelmed. Avoid thinking that: “Now I have to change my entire life so I can engage in this effort.” Tune in to what is in your Divine plan. Take it step by step. But first of all, use the teachings we have given at this conference to open yourself to the flow of the River of Life.

You cannot control the the River if Life

Then, realize one more thing. For both men and women, realize one thing. You will not always know with the outer mind what the River of Life will express through you. You will not be able to control it. You will sometimes be surprised. Other people will be surprised by what is flowing through you. If you feel a reaction to this, which many of you do, it is because you have these separate selves that are afraid of consequences, afraid of what might happen. There was a person yesterday who said to the messenger: “You know, the one time in my life where I really spoke from the heart, I got into trouble.” And the messenger’s spontaneous response was: “No, you did not get into trouble, you got out of trouble.” And this, of course, requires you to step outside of the perspective of the outer mind. Because the outer mind would say in many situations: “But I did get into trouble when I spoke out, because this happened, and that happened and they kicked me out and they ignored me and they did not like me.”

But if you are in a situation where you are surrounded by people who are not open to change, is it really getting into trouble when they reject you? Compared to if you stayed in that situation for the rest of your life because it was comfortable, but you did not grow. Is it not better to get out of that environment so you can grow and transcend yourself? This is just a slight change of perspective, but, of course, for some of you it will require uncovering these subconscious selves that were created in past lifetimes where you also spoke out and felt you got into trouble. Obviously you look back at history and you see that many avatars were embodied in the Middle Ages in Christian nations. If you are an avatar embodied in medieval Spain, you cannot remain silent and completely accept the abuse of the church. It is very likely that you spoke out, that you were hauled before the Inquisition. It is very likely that if you were a woman at those times you were accused of being a witch. There are many other situations where avatars have spoken out and been persecuted for it.

Again, it is understandable you have these selves but it is not really going to help you attain Christhood and win your ascension that you pussyfoot around those selves and say: “Oh, I better not speak out. Something bad is going to happen.” It is far better for your growth that you go into this neutral state of mind and allow the River of Life to speak through you. Many times in the past when you got into trouble for speaking out, it was because you spoke out through the outer mind to the force-based selves, but there could have been another way to speak out. Especially, of course, in the modern world, in the modern democracies, there are so many more opportunities for speaking out without being hauled before the Inquisition or put into jail or whatever you have. If you can overcome those selves, if you are willing to look at those selves and let them die, then you can truly see that you have greater opportunities than ever before for fulfilling your Divine plan by being the open door for the River of Life.

The example of Gandhi

Think about certain things. I know, of course, that some of you are living in a country that is more repressive than what we call the modern democracies. You have to be very careful what you say, or you could end up in jail. But perhaps spend a little time studying the life of Gandhi or at least watching the movie about his life—it is, after all, only three hours. Look at what Gandhi did. Instead of using violence against the British, he looked at some of the laws that the British had created and he challenged them in a way that they could not really accuse him of because what he did was not strictly illegal. Or at least it was something that, even though it was illegal, it also showed how ridiculous the law was.

For example, the British had a monopoly on selling salt in India and made tons of money on this. But there was really no law that said that you could not go to the sea with a little pot and take a scoop of seawater and put it on the hot beach and let the water evaporate and then you had some salt. Of course, one man doing this made no difference whatsoever, but it did expose the ridiculousness of the law and eventually made the British see that it was better for their own self-worth to leave India than to do what they otherwise would have to do and engage in an all-out war to suppress the people. And yes, this would not necessarily work with other regimes, but I am still saying there are always ways to speak out that the authorities cannot really object to. When you overcome these selves, the River of Life can find ways to express itself that may not have some epic, dramatic effect, but still can bring your country a little bit forward, awaken some people.

Showing an alternative to polarized debate

Consider this. I am not saying you need to decide with your outer mind what to do. I am just saying, consider opening yourself to the possibility that the River of Life could find a way to express itself through you that would not land you in jail. This, of course, applies in the modern democracies as well because even though you may not be put in jail for speaking out, there are, of course, many issues where there are two sides that are locked in a battle against each other and any other voice drowns in the debacle.

Take the United States of America. The political situation has become more and more polarized between the supporters of Trump and the opposing side, the so-called liberals or whatever they call themselves. You have these two political blocs that cannot cooperate. But there are a myriad of ways where the River of Life could speak out with a different voice, with different ideas, that could go beyond this gridlock, that could bring real change. There are people who are open to this because they are fed up with politics as usual. You may say: “Well, is not that what Trump used to win the election? That people were fed up with politics as usual?” Well, yes and no, because Trump appealed to the people who were angry. But there are many people who are fed up with politics as usual but they are not angry, they are not ready to use violence, they want to create change in a democratic way. And there is a myriad of opportunities to speak out in some way that cuts through the polarized opinions, that shows that there is an alternative. There is a different way to look at it.

Again, if you can free yourself from this bias, from the cultural overlay, go into neutral, then who knows what the River of Life can bring forth through you that could actually make a difference. The only thing that is certain is that if you do not open yourself to the River of Life then nothing will happen. If nobody opens themselves to new ideas, then status quo will not change, it will only get worse.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you. I have, as we so often do, clearly overwhelmed you, your outer minds, but perhaps some of you realize that we are actually often deliberately seeking to overwhelm your outer minds so that what we say goes in at a deeper level of the mind where there is not so much analyzing and therefore it has a more transformative effect on you. With this, I will seal you in the Flame of Liberty. What does the Flame of Liberty want? It wants you to be liberated. How can you be liberated? Only in the River of Life are you liberated. For only in the separation from the River of Life can you be imprisoned.

Be liberated in the River of Life that I AM and that you are. I see that I AM the River of Life. Can you accept “I AM the River of Life”? That is my impulse for you to make that switch, and you might use this as a mantra: I AM the River of Life. Say it with me.

I AM the River of Life.

I AM the River of Life.

I AM the River of Life.

Is that all you’ve got?

I AM the River of Life.

I AM the River of Life.

I AM the River of Life.

That was much better. Thank you.


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