If you hide from Maitreya, the Serpent becomes your teacher

TOPICS: The difficulty of grasping the purpose of the spiritual path – On the true path you cannot hide – The false path of initiation under the Serpents – Comparing your beliefs to observations of reality – The false quest for status and false self-esteem – The delicate balancing act of the ascended masters – True self-esteem comes only from oneness – Learning to see Maitreya everywhere – In the end, it is the means that matter –

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Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, January 8, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

Maitreya I AM. And I shall for this release drop the customary title of “Lord.” For this is, of course, a title that has been misused even in the recent history of this earth, where there were people in embodiment who claimed, that they were the lords of others, the lords over others, the overlords of others. They even claimed, that they had a divine or a spiritual justification for this superiority.

Let me give you a different view of kindness. For as I have given you what you normally associate with kindness through my feminine messenger, I will give you a different shading through my masculine messenger, who himself has always been a very practical realist. And indeed, the opposite polarity to the soft-spoken and gentle kindness is not, as some of you think, the very direct and stern, rebuking voice. The opposite polarity to the gentle kindness is indeed the complete honesty and transparency of practical realism. This is the practical realism which looks at a given individual, and without any nonsense or excuses or fanfare assesses that individual’s current level of consciousness, and then gives a very practical path for how the individual can raise itself above that level of consciousness.

When you begin to tune in to this practical realism, you begin to gain an entirely different perspective on life, on God and especially on the spiritual path, the path of initiation. Practical realism is completely beyond the main characteristic of the duality consciousness, namely value judgments based on a relative standard, with good at one end and bad at the other end. In practical realism, there are no ends—which is why the ends cannot justify the means.

For when you see no end, you realize, that it is not the end that is important; it is the means that are important. It is not the result that you achieve or do not achieve; it is the way you seek to achieve whatever result you have defined for yourself. For the way you seek to achieve the result – the means that you are willing to employ in order to achieve the results – says everything about your state of consciousness. And it is, as I have just explained, your state of consciousness that is the deciding factor for your entry into the spiritual realm, for your ascension.

The difficulty of grasping the purpose of the spiritual path

Why is it so difficult for people in embodiment to understand the essence of the spiritual path? Why is it, that there are people who have studied ascended master teachings for two or three or four decades, and yet they have not understood the essence of the path? Well, this is a complex topic, so I recognize that it is not possible in one release to give a thorough discourse on the many subtle aspects of the state of consciousness, that keeps people trapped on the false path. Jesus recently gave an absolutely ground-breaking discourse, but even he recognizes that this, of course, was not a complete examination of the factors, that make it so difficult for people to see exactly what the path is about.

Nevertheless, for this particular release, I shall take the approach of a practical realist and mention just a few—just enough to get you started on questioning your view of the path of initiation. I have already spoken about this through my feminine messenger, but let me give you the same explanation from the masculine perspective. The view of initiation that most people have, when they find an ascended master teaching, is actually a view that is based on the false path created by the fallen beings and the false teachers. It is the view that is based on the idea, that you are exposed to something that you clearly know is a test or an initiation.

It is also based on the idea, that you clearly know and understand what the test is about, namely that you live up to a predefined standard and produce a certain result. Which will then be evaluated, either based on the clearly dualistic standard of whether your answer was right or wrong, or another standard where you will be graded according to, for example, the kind of grades that you get in school—that are clearly divided into several levels, where some levels are lower than others. And therefore, it requires a grade above a certain level to pass the exam and get your diploma.

This is, of course, clearly what Master MORE spoke about, namely the mechanical consciousness. If you know enough to fulfill the requirements, you will pass the initiation with flying colors by giving the right answers. And if you follow the process outlined, for example, in the educational system – or in secret organizations, such as the Freemasons – well, then you will advance up through the grades, until you reach an ultimate level of initiation. And then you get a diploma.

This is what you see in virtually all universities around the world. If you are a good student, according to the criteria defined by this particular institution, or even by a country as a whole, then you will automatically get a diploma. It is assumed, that if you can pass the initiations in the schoolroom, then you will be suited for doing the task that your diploma authorizes you to do, such as being a doctor or a psychologist.

Yet what does it take to be a good doctor or a good psychologist? Does it take only intellectual learning, only book learning? Is being able to memorize and recite certain theories and facts a sign, that you will be good at dealing with human beings in life-and-death situations? Nay, it is not, as just about any doctor or psychologist could tell you, if they were willing to have the honesty of practical realism about themselves and their profession.

So what is this entire path of initiation based upon? Ahh, when you take a closer look, you see that it is based on being able to hide something. You can follow the educational system of most countries – or even follow initiatic systems such as the Freemasons or other esoteric organizations – and by passing the predefined requirements, you can reach the top level and get a diploma or degree—while still hiding your basic personality, your basic state of consciousness. Are you a truly sincere and kind and honest person, or are you at completely self-centered egomaniac, who only seeks the outer position because of the prestige or the money that it supposedly gives you. You know, of course, that there are doctors who seek prestige, and you know that there are people who have become doctors because doctors make a lot of money. You know the same holds true in most other professions. So you see, that deceit is a fundamental element of this false path of initiation.

On the true path you cannot hide

What, then, is the true path of initiation, that I offered in Maitreya’s mystery school, and that I still today offer in Maitreya’s mystery school? It is the path, as Jesus explained in his discourse, where you cannot hide your true state of consciousness, your true inner being, for the teacher. You cannot fool me, for I will see through anything and and everything in your psychology, that you are seeking to hide.

As I have just said, the Serpent will also see through what it is in your psychology, that you are seeking to hide. The difference is that whereas I will see what you are seeking to hide, expose it to you in a very realistic way and then offer you a very practical way to transcend it, well, instead of this approach, the Serpent will see through what you are seeking to hide and will offer you the perfect justification for continuing to hide it—if only you will submit to certain other things, that the Serpent wants you to do.

And precisely because you are attached to hiding what you thought no one could see, including the Serpent, it will seem to you as a low price to pay, to submit to the Serpent’s recommendations or conditions in order to be able to feel, that you can continue to hide while in the end still being allowed into the kingdom of heaven. For this, of course, is what the Serpent promises.

You do know, that if you are not willing to go to Maitreya, or any other true teacher, and let the teacher expose your psychology, well, then you cannot enter into the mystery school, and you cannot enter into the spiritual realm that the mystery school is set up to give you access to. So if you thought that there was no other way to get into heaven than through the mystery school, then you would know, that if you were not willing to submit to the requirements of the true teacher, you had no way of getting in. So naturally, the Serpent must promise you, that there is another way to get into the kingdom of heaven than following the true teacher and his strict requirements. For the Serpent has discovered a shortcut, an alternative route that can get you into heaven—if only you live up to these outer requirements, that the Serpent will show to you and will help you fulfill while still being able to hide your basic psychology. Oh, how tempting this is for those, who have not been willing to take responsibility for their own state of mind.

How difficult, my beloved, is it to see the lie here? What have we been telling you in the dictations we have released, beginning with Gautama Buddha? We have been telling you, that the one and only key to entry into the ascended realm is your state of consciousness, and that you are the only one who can change your state of consciousness. Yet when you decide, that you are not willing to take full responsibility for changing your state of consciousness, then you become susceptible to the serpentine lie.

Of course, in order to fully come to believe in this lie, there are just a few conditions you have to accept. These are very subtle conditions and might seem very unimportant to you—at least when you are in the frame of mind of wanting to hide something. And so, deceived by your own desire to hide, you accept a teacher who will hide something from you—instead of the true teacher who hides nothing from you, and therefore allows you to hide nothing from the teacher or from yourself. The false teachers also will not allow you to hide anything from them, as they are quite skilled at seeing through your psychology. But they will allow you to believe, that you can hide something, not only from them but also from God, or at least from the beings who judge whether you will be allowed into heaven.

For the Serpents will tell you, that the beings who judge whether you should be allowed into heaven will not look at the things you are seeking to hide. They will only look at how you fulfill the outer requirements, defined by the Serpents. How difficult, my beloved, is it to see the deception here? The reality is, that getting into the ascended state is not a matter of fulfilling any outer requirements. It is a matter of changing your state of consciousness. Changing your state of consciousness cannot be achieved by doing or not doing certain things in the matter realm. It can be achieved only by you looking into your own consciousness. There is no other way.

The false path of initiation under the Serpents

What have we said in previous dictations in this series? The doorway to the ascended realm is the open door which no man can shut. How do you enter the open door to heaven? By you becoming the open door. Do you see what this means? There are no conditions that determine, whether you can walk through the doorway to heaven, there are no conditions you need to fulfill in order to walk through that door.

In order to walk through the door, you need to overcome all conditions in your own mind, so that you are the open door. My beloved, what is an open door? Is it not a door that is transparent, meaning that you can look through the open door and you can see what is on the other side of the door—without your vision being obstructed by anything or colored by anything. So what will it take for you to become the open door? Well, will it not take that you remove anything in your own being, that will obstruct or color the light of God and thus prevent yourself or others from looking through you and seeing, what is on the other side of the door that leads to the ascended realm?

And how can you remove the conditions in your being, that obstruct or obscure the light? Well, you can remove them only, when you are willing to look at them. For guess who put those conditions into your own mind and being? It was not Maitreya, and neither was it the Serpent—or the devil, or Satan, or the prince of this world, or your aunt Agatha, or anyone else. It was YOU, my beloved.

This is not a judgment against you. This does not mean, that I blame you. On the contrary, it means that I empower you. For what is it that has happened, as you have started to believe in the illusions of the Serpent? Well, you have actually walked a path of initiation under the Serpents, the false teachers. Yet instead of walking the path of initiation, that helps you gradually remove the conditions from your being, you have walked a path of initiation, that has increased your skill in justifying these conditions.

Of course, this false path is not subject to the same laws as the true path. The false path is subject to the law of karma, to the law of action and reaction, and to what we have called the second law of thermodynamics. So what happens is, that when you accept that there are certain things in your consciousness, that you want to hide, then it is inevitable that you project mental or psychic energy through those conditions into the cosmic mirror.

And what will the cosmic mirror do? It will mirror back to you conditions in the material world, that reflect what you are not willing to look at. Only, of course, these conditions will not entirely confirm the belief that you are not willing to question, and therefore the conditions you encounter in the material realm will somewhat challenge your worldview, will somewhat challenge the initial illusion that you accepted from the Serpent.

Comparing your beliefs to observations of reality

You see, the Serpent can only offer you illusions. They are clever illusions, they often contain some degree of truth, but in the end the second law of thermodynamics will ensure, that they will be challenged. This, then, is your opportunity to say, that if the material world challenges my belief, does it mean that my belief is not correct, that it is out of touch with reality? This, for example, was the initiation, that the Catholic community faced during the Middle Ages, when the first scientists came up with the observations, that contradicted the Catholic doctrine that the earth was the center of the universe, with the sun and all the other planets moving around it.

They had the opportunity to compare their beliefs to observations of reality, and thereby take the approach taken by any practical realist, which is that if my beliefs contradict my observation of reality, then I must re-examine my beliefs. Yet the path of initiation offered by the Serpents is, that when reality challenges your beliefs, you simply change your beliefs, so that you can still justify continuing to to hide, while feeling that you still have some superiority or authority in this world. Instead of adjusting your belief to reality, you adjust your belief system so that you can justify ignoring or explaining away reality.

This is what you saw in the Catholic religion. You have seen it in many other religions. You have seen it in political systems. You have seen it in scientific materialism, which even to this day denies the connection between consciousness and your observations in the matter world. Even though science has proven that any observation is influenced by consciousness, materialists will deny it—and so will most religious people. For they do not want to admit what any practical realist will readily admit, namely that perception is not the same as reality—until your mind has become the open door.

For as long as there is something you are seeking to hide, you will have to “see through a glass darkly,” you will have to see through a filter colored by the things you are seeking to hide. And here is a simple illustration of how this works. You know that a kaleidoscope is a tube in which there are several panes of clear material, and in between those panes there are pieces of colored glass. The pieces of colored glass will either color the light coming through or they will, if they are dense enough, completely obscure the light.

So now imagine a kaleidoscope, that has completely clear panes of glass as divisions, so that you could see through it unhindered if the kaleidoscope was empty. And this means, that if there were no glass pieces in the kaleidoscope, you could see reality as it really is. Yet now you begin to fill glass pieces into the kaleidoscope, and naturally they will either color your view of reality, or they will completely obscure certain aspects of what you might otherwise see through the tube.

When you have certain aspects in your consciousness, that you are not willing to look at, then your perception will be affected in such a way, that there are certain things you simply cannot see. For you cannot admit, that reality contradicts your beliefs. The reason you cannot admit this is, that you have decided that there are certain things in yourself, that you are not willing to look at. And as long as you uphold that decision to not look at something in yourself, well, then you cannot admit when the outside world challenges your worldview.

The false quest for status and false self-esteem

And what is then the worldview that you have, when you follow the path of the false teachers? It is the worldview that you have a value, a status, that is dependent upon the outer initiations, that you have followed on this false path.

Think of how a person who has a diploma as a doctor or architect instantly gains a certain status in society. People with a diploma can sometimes get a job, even if their personal psychology makes them completely unsuited for that job. Yet in many cases, the diploma is enough—and only later does the employer or co-workers find out how completely unsuited the person is because of his or her human qualities, or lack of qualities.

This then, is what you build when you follow the false path. You build a self-esteem based on your outer accomplishments, your knowledge, your understanding. Yet what most spiritual students do not realize is, that even though it is the false path that allows you to build this self-esteem, it is also the false path that requires you to build this self-esteem. For the false path cannot give you true self-esteem, because you cannot acquire true self-esteem as long as there is something in your own being, that you are not willing to look at. That which you are not willing to look at, prevents you from seeing through your own being, until you can see through the nexus of pure awareness and project yourself into oneness with your Presence—so that you can see yourself as your Presence sees you.

Seeing yourself as your Presence sees you is the one and only source of true self-esteem. For it is beyond anything on earth. So when you are not willing to project yourself into oneness with Maitreya or oneness with the Presence, then you cannot have true self-esteem. The Serpents know this, so they very cleverly offer you an alternative. But once you begin to even consider that alternative, you will be very softly pulled into accepting not only the seemingly beneficial aspect of the false path, but also the clearly dysfunctional aspect.

For the entire idea of the false path is, of course, that there is an outer standard, a standard that can be defined on earth, which will determine your entry into heaven. And this means, that those who live up to the standard, will be accepted into heaven, whereas those who do not live up to the standard, will not be accepted—and therefore would either have to stay on earth or will burn forever in some fiery hell. And so, not only does the false path prevent you from achieving true self-esteem, but it also gives you the urgency, that you need to avoid this terrible fate of burning in hell. And this makes it even more urgent, that you build the false self-esteem by living up to the outer requirements.

The delicate balancing act of the ascended masters

Can you now perhaps begin to appreciate the situation, that we of the ascended masters face? When we are dealing with students who are not affected by the duality consciousness, then explaining the true path of initiation and helping a student walk that path is a very straightforward matter. Yet when we are dealing with students who are affected by the duality consciousness – because they still have something they want to hide – then we are facing an infinitely more complex situation.

We simply cannot give you an explanation of the true path in its practical, realistic form. We need to give you a path, an explanation, that is adapted to your current level of consciousness and to the dualistic illusions that you are not yet willing to question. If we give you a clear description of the true path, you would either completely fail to comprehend it or you would likely reject it, or at least aspects of it.

In many spiritual movements, you find students who are still seeking to hide the fact, that they do not have true self-esteem. And therefore, they are seeking to hide, or to avoid questioning, the very conditions that allow them to feel, that they have this false self-esteem by belonging to an organization or by having followed a certain path of initiation offered in that organization. Look at the leaders or those who have been in such organizations for many years, and see how they feel that this entitles them to some status and some admiration and respect from the new members, or from those who do not have an outer position.

You will see it everywhere, as you see it in most religions or political or scientific organizations: this quest for an external status, this quest to be thought wise among men. So do you then see, that we of the ascended masters face a somewhat delicate challenge? How do we, given all we know about the true path, take students who have so many subtle beliefs that come from the false path, and still get them to start transcending their false beliefs, so that they will come closer and closer to recognizing the true path?

What has happened in many spiritual organizations is, that we were able to take the students to a certain level, and then a majority of the students were not willing to go further. They came to a point, where there were certain convenient beliefs from the false path, that they were not willing to give up. For they were not willing to take full and final responsibility for their own state of mind. They were not willing to recognize, that their perception was fundamentally colored by the beliefs they were not willing to look at, and that they would only go further on the path, if they were willing to question their most fundamental perception of that path.

They started taking certain statements out of context, and using them to justify why they did not have to question their beliefs about the false path. And my beloved, the danger of giving you any teaching expressed in words is precisely, that words can be used and interpreted in ways that justify just about anything you want to justify. So it is entirely possible to take the words spoken by an ascended master – through a sponsored messenger who gave forth those words in the purest possible way – and still use those words to justify certain beliefs about the path, that were given by the fallen beings, by the false teachers.

This is not only possible; it is very easy—when there are certain things in yourself, that you are not willing to look at. For the very things that you are not willing to look at, will prevent you from seeing the deeper reality behind the outer words. And therefore, you will very conveniently be unable to see – or be able to justify ignoring – the words that do not confirm what the fallen beings are telling you. You will instead focus on the words, that do seem to confirm what you want to believe. And therefore, you feel completely justified in following the false path—while thinking you are in reality following the true path defined by the ascended masters, a path that will guarantee your ascension.

True self-esteem comes only from oneness

If I could, I would offer you true self-esteem, so that you will be able to look at anything in your own consciousness, without feeling the need to judge or condemn yourself, as the fallen beings judge and condemn you. For this, of course, is another subtle aspect that you – without realizing it – come to accept when you accept the false path. For the very fact, that there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled for you to enter heaven, means that you must also believe, that it is not only right, but it is necessary, to judge based on the very standard that defines the conditions.

When the fallen beings have captured the privilege or formulating the conditions for entry into heaven, they have also defined the standard, by which everyone should be judging themselves and everyone else. And this is what creates the catch-22. The more you follow what you think is a true path sponsored by the ascended masters – the more you convince yourself that you are superior to others because you are following this path – the more difficult it will be for you to actually come to acknowledge and admit, that you have been following a false path. For if you were to admit, that you had been fooled by the false teachers, then you would also have to judge yourself according to the standard with which you have been judging those who were not in your organization, or who were not as high up in the organization as you thought you were yourself.

So I cannot simply offer you true self-esteem, I cannot even offer you to see how I judge you. I cannot even help you see, that I do not judge you, for I have no standard defined by the fallen beings. I see that it is not the conditions you have in your mind, that will get you to heaven. I see that it is precisely the conditions in your mind, that will keep you out of heaven. And so, I only want to see you become free of these conditions.

So what is the reality of the true path of initiation? It is that it is not a path that I, Maitreya – or any other ascended master – has defined for you. For you are the one, who has defined your own personal path. You are the one who has defined the path by accepting certain conditions, formulated by the fallen beings. You are the one who has decided what it is in your consciousness, that you are not willing to look at, and that is what has decided the conditions defined by the fallen beings that are appealing to you. Because they justify why you do not have to look at yourself, and why you can continue not to look at yourself and still believe, that you will make it to the ascended state.

So do you see: we of the ascended masters have not defined conditions for you. You have defined conditions for yourself. And you have defined those conditions not based on the true teachings of the ascended masters, but based on the false teachings of the fallen beings. What we of the ascended masters offer you is a path, where we will – if you are willing – help you see beyond the conditions in your mind, help you see the unreality of those conditions, so that you can simply let them go, so that you can simply walk away from them.

Do you see, that the conditions make you fixated on the end, on passing this ultimate initiation? And as long as you are fixated on passing this initiation, you do not have the awareness to step back and say: “Is there perhaps something wrong with my conditions? Is it possible, that I do not have to pass this final initiation, for it is defined by my conditions? But what I really have to do in order to be free is to examine my conditions and see them for the unreality they are— and then simply walk away from the entire false path and be completely non-attached to the fallen beings, who will howl at me that I cannot leave until I have fulfilled the ultimate condition. For now I see, that I will never fulfill the ultimate condition defined by the fallen beings, for it is completely unreal.”

Learning to see Maitreya everywhere

This is the true path of the ascended masters, which very few students on earth are ready to accept. Yet it is precisely the role of the Cosmic Christ to offer you this true path, this path of practical realism, instead of the false path of acquiring some artificial status by going through these outer initiations. What did I say through my feminine messenger? I am the Great Initiator, not because I am this elevated teacher, that you can only reach by going through many layers of initiations, before you are worthy to enter my elaborate retreat.

Nay, I am the great initiator because I am the one you do not see. You do not see me as an initiator, you do not see that this seemingly ordinary situation in your daily life is truly Maitreya appearing in disguise, in the form of certain conditions or other people. And thus, instead of treating the situation with the respect, that you would give to this great initiator that you imagine in your mind, you treat the situation with indifference or contempt, or various other dualistic judgments.

There is an ancient story of a seeker in the East, who had been seeking Maitreya for a long time without finding him, without having a direct encounter with me. Yet after many years of wandering around India and the Himalayas, he one day came across a dog lying by the road with a great open wound on its leg, and the wound was infected by maggots. He felt compassion for the dog, and wanted to remove the maggots from the wound. But yet realizing that they were also a form of life, he then felt compassion for the maggots and did not want to kill them. So he decided to bend down and lick the maggots from the wound, so as not to harm them and yet still free the dog from them. And doing this act of complete humility, he then encountered by living Presence, for now he saw me in the seemingly most humble or disgusting material conditions.

If you are willing to step up your personal path to a higher level, if you are willing to pass the initiations of the Year of the Mother, then ponder these words. Ponder how you can make a fundamental shift in your consciousness, so that you overcome this artificial division between what you consider ordinary or worldly activities and what you consider a spiritual activity on the path of initiation.

Most of you will know that it was my vow to attempt to win the people on earth with kindness. What is kindness? It is not simply soft-spoken; it is not simply gentle. It can range to a very direct form of kindness, but it is not anger, it is not fear, it is not judgment. It is practical realism. And the practical realism of kindness is precisely what Jesus taught 2,000 years ago, when he said: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Yet you can take that even further and say: “Do unto others what you would do to Maitreya, what you would do to the Spirit of Kindness.” See the Spirit of Kindness in everyone and in every situation, and then tune in to my Spirit, that you may be the open door for expressing precisely the shade of kindness, that will have the greatest opportunity to raise up all life in that situation.

Get over the idea, that you need to evaluate or judge other people based on outer criteria, or based on whether they believe this or that worded teaching, or whether they belong to this or that organization, or whether they are fallen angels or other kinds of angels, or have this or that status according to some spiritual teaching, that sets one person up above another. Kindness knows no judgment, for kindness knows no relativity. And thus, kindness cannot put any part of life down, kindness is a magnet that pulls on all parts of life. Because it truly does not see “parts” of life; it sees only the underlying oneness of all life.

How can you be truly kind? Only when you see beyond the outer form and see the underlying oneness of all life. And thus, you seek to raise up all life instead of seeking to judge and put down any part of life.

In the end, it is the means that matter

You realize that it is not the end that matters; it is the means. It does not matter what great accomplishments you might have achieved in the eyes of men or in the eyes of the fallen beings. All that matters is to what degree you have embodied the Spirit of Kindness.

For do you not realize, my beloved, that if you really want to talk about a standard, then the only standard that matters on earth is kindness? Why is this so? Because I, Maitreya, am the planetary Buddha, the Cosmic Christ for the earth. Thus, it is the Spirit that I am, that is the higher standard for how you make your ascension on earth. Only those who become one with the Spirit of Kindness, will make their ascension from planet earth.

If you do not like this prospect, well, then you have an alternative. If you really want to continue to hide from my kindness for another round of eons of time, then you can continue to embody on earth and hope that at some future time, I will move on and another ascended master will take my place—who has some other God quality that he or she embodies. And thus, this becomes the higher standard, which you might find more convenient than my kindness. Of course, you might also not find it very convenient. For truly, whether you call it kindness or love, or power, or wisdom, or purity, or truth, or peace, or freedom, or any other God quality, they are all the same, in that they do not allow anything to remain hidden.

For they are not qualities in the sense that they block the light. They are qualities in the sense that they magnify the light of the Creator. And therefore, they magnify all life. If you are not willing to magnify all life, but wants certain parts of life to be judged and condemned to hell according to your standard, then you do not have kindness. Telling you this is not unkind on my part. It is simply practical realism, and that is indeed the highest expression of kindness, that you must pass through in order to ascend from planet earth.

And I thank you especially for having been willing to raise your own consciousness. For unless someone on earth is willing to raise up the chalice, we cannot pour the living waters of the Spirit into it. For there must be a chalice, that can receive the release of light, as it will not be allowed to be spilled on the ground or given to the dogs. The dogs that howl in the need to judge and condemn, instead of simply tuning in to the Spirit of Kindness, that will make any person realize, that none are excluded from the true path of initiation—if they are willing to change their consciousness, so that they can begin to respond to every situation with at least one of the 144 kinds of kindness.

Can you perhaps sense my immense, unbound, unconditional joy? A joy that is full to overflowing. If you can sense it, you can catch what is overflowing, and thus you have been given a talent that you can multiply, so that you will be given more in the future. Go with kindness, and BE kindness. For the world needs kindness—all kinds of kindness.


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