I withdraw space from the consciousness of anger against women

TOPICS: How the Buddha holds space for the earth – Understanding space – The Buddha can withdraw space – Mind projections – Not being willing to call a spade a spade – How will the meek inherit the earth? – Feeling the energy of anger against women – Anger and the Peter consciousness – Why the female gives rise to anger in the male – Withdrawing space from the anger against women – Those who see the least are trapped the most – Where does creativity come from? – Why the Roman Church survived the Roman Empire – The Catholic Church’s anger against women – Men and women in the Golden Age – Transcend anger if you will be part of the Golden Age –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, February 14, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

How the Buddha holds space for the earth

The Buddha I AM. Gautama is my name, space is my game. I am the Lord of the world, but what is hiding behind that title? The reality is, that I am the being who is charged with holding space for planet earth and its inhabitants. Only some of those inhabitants are in human bodies, while some of them are spirits, or what I called beasts at Wesak, created through consciousness—not coming from God by being individualizations of the Creator’s Being, but created out of the consciousness of separation by those self-aware beings, who have chosen to enter into that consciousness of separation. And in doing so they cannot shut off their co-creative abilities, their minds’ abilities to impose mental images upon the Ma-ter light. And when those mental images have formed structures of a certain complexity, and have reached a certain intensity, then they are infused with enough consciousness to gain a rudimentary sense of self-awareness, a desire to survive, a desire to grow and expand.

Thus, indeed, that is why everything you see outpictured in the physical is a manifestation of consciousness, some kind of consciousness or another. And that is why it is possible that you can create – by using your co-creative abilities – a personal ego that becomes such a creation, that it can take over your conscious mind and attempt to control you. Just as it is possible for a group of human beings – that form a matrix through some common characteristics – to also create a collective beast, even the mob consciousness that Archangel Michael spoke about.

Understanding space

Yet when you recognize, that your physical bodies reside in the physical realm, the question then becomes, “Where do such beasts reside?” Well, they reside in space, for space is not what you commonly think of when you hear the word. For you have been so conditioned in western culture, that when you hear the words “space,” you think about space travel, traveling to far-off worlds or the moon or Mars. Or you go into the sci-fi Star Wars, Star Trek – star this or star that – and you think that the salvation for humankind is to travel far away from the earth.

Well, when you consider what Saint Germain discoursed on yesterday, do you not see, that this tendency to project thought into space is nothing more but the extreme outcome of the desire to run away from that which you do not want to face in your consciousness? And that which you do not want to face then becomes something that, in your unwillingness to face it in yourself, you inevitably project it onto others. And in projecting it onto others or the world around you – always directing your consciousness outside yourself – well, then you begin to create that entity on a personal level. And when many people do the same from a particular state of denial, well, then they create something in the collective.

That creation must then exist somewhere in space. Space then is not simply an empty area, for in reality there is no such thing as empty space. This is another fallacy, originally started by science, but then taken over by the common mind and popular culture, so that you think there is empty space outside the atmosphere of the earth. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth, for how would the light from distant galaxies travel to the earth if space was indeed empty? Light is vibration, light is a wave. It must propagate through something, and thus it propagates through space; space that has many dimensions, many frequencies of vibration.

And thus, one could – as one illustration of space – say that it is space that makes it possible for the Ma-ter light to vibrate. You may think that the Ma-ter light itself is vibration, yet this is not so. What is vibration? It is movement. Think about even the popular image of a sine wave with ups and downs, crests and troughs. Think about a wave in the ocean. Now imagine that you put a large steel plate over a part of the ocean. If the water cannot move up because of the steel plate, how could there be waves on the ocean?

So you see, the Ma-ter light itself can exist parallel to space, as both space and light are expressions of the Father, the Creator. We might say that space represents the masculine, outgoing force that makes it possible to go out, for there is space. And then the light represents the mother that can vibrate, and in vibrating taking on distinct, different forms. But if there was no room for the light to vibrate, no form would be possible, no vibration would be possible. And thus, you see that space is that which allows the creation of many different forms, through the powers of the mind.

The Buddha can withdraw space

We have told you, that there are four distinct levels of the material universe, the etheric or identity level, the mental realm, the emotional realm and the physical realm. And thus, if there was no space beyond the physical, then obviously your minds would not be able to create the ego or these mass entities, for where could they exist? Your minds, when you go into duality, do not have the power to directly affect matter, except in special cases that are irrelevant to this discussion. It is because there are other dimensions of the material universe, other dimensions of space, other spectra of frequencies, that your minds can actually create something that can have an existence that is not physical but can interact with the physical. And it is indeed the Buddha, the Lord of the World, who holds the balance for the existence of this space, these different vibratory levels, that can then be filled by some vibration or another.

Now, you will know, of course, that the primary characteristic of Buddhahood is non-attachment. You will know the story of how, before going into Nirvana, I was faced with the demons of Mara, who attempted to tempt me into reacting to them in any way. I had to demonstrate my non-attachment before I could go into Nirvana. And then, what is Nirvana? Well, it is that which is beyond space; it is the spaceless space, the timeless space beyond the material, where the lower vibrations cannot exist. And only when you demonstrate your non-attachment to these lower vibrations, can you enter that space beyond space, where there is no longer room, for the spiritual realm has ascended to a level, where there is no space for that which vibrates below the level of pure love.

That is why duality, separation, evil, even relative good cannot exist in heaven, for there is no longer space for them, as the vibrations have been raised to such a level, that there is no span of space that allows these lower frequencies to even exist. Only the higher frequencies of love can exist, for they can vibrate in infinite space, whereas the lower frequencies need a finite space in which to exist. And as such, they are temporary and have no permanence in God, thus, in a sense can be said to have no reality or no real existence. For they exist only in the space, that has been designed and designated as a laboratory, an experimental testing ground, a sandbox for the exercise of free will by those beings who have gone below the level of duality.

Thus, the Lord of the world holds that space, holds the balance for that space. And indeed, if I were to decide to no longer hold the balance for a certain aspect of space – a certain vibratory spectrum where a certain state of consciousness can exist – well, then there would no longer be space for that consciousness on earth. And indeed, I do, as the Lord of the World, have this option.

I, of course, am in complete peace, in complete non-attachment. Whatever occurs on earth, I will not be upset, I will not be disturbed. Thus, I, the Buddha, will never make the decision on my own to withdraw a certain space for a certain state of consciousness. Yet when a sufficient number of people in embodiment – or even one person reaching a certain level of consciousness – then I can indeed be moved to make the decision to withdraw a certain space, so that a certain manifestation of duality, a certain lower consciousness, can no longer exist.

Mind projections

I have described how, building on Saint Germain’s discourse, that which you are not willing to look at in your own being becomes something that you – without seeing it, without seeing that you are doing it – you project upon other people. If you have anger in yourself, but you have left the twins of your anger in the forest to die – for you will not face them and deal with them – well then, that anger will grow into an angry ego. And the collective anger of a group of people will grow into a collective beast, that will eventually seek to take over their society or civilization.

As Saint Germain described, that a vestal virgin was impregnated and gave birth to Romulus and Remus, that vestal virgin was – according to the legend – impregnated by the God Mars, the God of war. And thus, Romulus and Remus represent the two dualistic polarities, who are constantly warring with each other. And even though they attempted to divide Rome between them, there could be no peace, for none of them could have peace as long as there was the rivalry between them. And thus, eventually one had to kill the other, but of course that did not mean, that the remaining one was in peace. For there can be no peace through this consciousness of anger and warfare.

What I endeavor to explain here is, that when you are still in denial of something in yourself, you are projecting it upon others. And as we have recently explained, your perception is not passive. It is an active perception that becomes a projection, and so what you are not willing to see in yourself is what you project onto others. And then, you literally see in your mind’s eye that other people are angry. You see anger in them, but you fail to see, that you are the one projecting it. And what you are seeing is not just their anger – even though some of them may have anger – but it is, first of all, your projection that you see. And this is, of course, why you are trapped, as we have explained here in Rome and in many other discourses, where we have approached this from different angles.

Not being willing to call a spade a spade

Yet there is another aspect that I will address here, for there are indeed those on earth who have been willing to see something in themselves. There are millions of people who have come to the point of being willing to look at the beam in their own eye, as Christ put it, and at least see some aspect of the duality consciousness. Yet I must tell you, that this awakening is being held back by a certain state of consciousness, that has been put upon humankind by the fallen angels in a last-ditch attempt to hold back a widespread awakening.

You see, when you come to acknowledge an element of duality in your own being – what you might call a fault or a flaw in your own mind or character – then – even though you work through it, surrender it and raise yourself above it – it is very easy to begin to believe in a toxic idea put out by the fallen ones. And that is, that if you have had a flaw in your own mind – even though you may have raised yourself above it – you should still be tolerant towards those who have that flaw. And thus, you should not speak out against it, if you see it displayed in your society. It is, so to speak, a variant of the old saying, where you think that two wrongs can make a right. And you now think, that if there is a wrong that you see in society, yet if you have had some wrong in yourself, then the wrong in you should cancel out your willingness to speak out against the wrong in society.

Thus, there are many, many people who are honestly working on themselves and have made great progress in terms of removing at least part of the beam in their own eyes. Yet these people have become so reluctant to speak out, either against other individuals or against some collective problem, that they are not having the impact upon society that they are meant to have, here in the Age of Aquarius. I must tell you straightforwardly, that you will not see the manifestation of a golden age as long as those who are working on themselves are not willing to speak out and openly address what you see in other people and in society.

This is something that almost all of those who are the non-aggressive, non-forceful people – those who are the honest people, those who are the meek, that Jesus talked about – that all of you have. You can see in the description by this messenger of how he went through his transformation in Israel, of realizing that there was something that he had not been willing to see in the Jews, something he had overcome in himself and thus was able to see, but he was not willing to use that ability.

For you see, as Jesus said, first remove the beam in your own eye—and then you will see clearly. And when you have removed the beam in your eye, then you will see that beam or that splinter in the eyes of others or in society. For when you have been willing to face something in yourself, you are no longer in denial, and thus are no longer projecting that anger or whatever it may be upon others. And when you no longer project out, then your perception is not polluted by the projection, by the denial. And thus, you can see clearly what is going on in the minds of other people, what is going on in society.

How will the meek inherit the earth?

Jesus said, that the meek shall inherit the earth. And the meek are those who are willing to work on themselves, who are willing to see something in themselves, to look in the mirror, to look at something in their own eye. Those are the meek, but how will they inherit the earth? Not by God simply coming in and giving it it to them but by they being willing to overcome, and then to speak out to help others overcome.

I am not here talking about criticism. I am not talking about condemning. I am not talking about judging other people. I am not talking about accusing others of being wrong or demanding that other people change. I am talking about demonstrating that there is a higher state of consciousness, demonstrating it by living it. But also by speaking out and simply – without any accusatory energy, without any anger, without any blame – but in a straightforward, loving manner speaking out and saying: “I see this and this and this; and this just is not right, it is not necessary, it is not benefiting anyone; it is only hurting people, hurting yourself, hurting society in this way and this way and this way.”

It is possible, my beloved – when you have worked on yourself, so that you have overcome anger and fear to a certain level – it is possible to speak out in a very direct manner, but also in a very non-emotional – in terms of lower emotions – manner, in a very straightforward manner, where you are simply calling a spade a spade. You are being neutral and objective, and although some may take offense, you will be surprised at how many people will listen. For they are not used to this kind of energy; they are so used to the negative emotions of anger, blame and the projection.

And therefore, when someone speaks without projecting blame, or anger or negative emotions, they will listen with the heart instead of listening only with the emotions—and thus rejecting the emotional energy projected against them. For they know they have a right to live without having other people’s emotions projected against them, and therefore they will not listen to the truth behind the vibration when the vibration is not pure. And in many cases, of course, they cannot listen because their own emotions are stirred by the emotional projection that comes against them. And therefore, their minds are taken over to the point, where they cannot listen to what is being said behind the energy.

Feeling the energy of anger against women

This messenger has been here in Rome now for several days. He has walked around here, observed, made certain conclusions and – as is customary for him – made certain jokes about the Catholic Church and the Pope and what he has seen here. But he has been unwilling, in his own mind, to label it, for he did not want to be critical. Yet this afternoon I allowed him to feel an energy that he had not been willing to sense before, because he was not willing to look with the heart and to sense the vibration. He had come to certain realizations in his mind, but there was a particular energy, he was not willing to see in the Catholic Church because he has overcome it in himself lifetimes ago.

So this afternoon I allowed him to feel the opposition to that release of light, the return current, the reaction to that release of light. And he started by feeling uneasy, then agitated, and then, as he tuned in, he suddenly saw it. He saw the energy for what it was, and he saw that this energy is indeed the Catholic Church’s anger against women.

This anger is immense. This anger is an immense beast, that has been created by the Catholic Church. But it is actually older than the Catholic Church, for, of course, Christianity took over the Old Testament from the Jewish religion, and there you find the story of the fall of Eve. So, this anger goes back into the mist of history, and, of course, the Catholic Church is truly not the Catholic Church; it is the Roman Catholic church. And quite frankly, as you know the word “Catholic” means “universal” it really should be called the Roman Church, for it is 99% Roman and 1% Catholic.

And the Roman Empire, as you clearly can see if you study it, also had immense anger against women. Look at this in the emperor who kills his own mother, for he feels threatened by the female energy. Look at how women were suppressed, treated almost as slaves, how men would have sexual relations with their own sisters, or they would rape women, treat them as sexual objects. So you see that immense anger, a combination, starting back in the Jewish religion blending with the anger from the Roman Empire, now having an anger both from what we might call the worldly, secular direction and the spiritual direction.

Anger and the Peter consciousness

The reality is, of course, that this is all focused – as Mary Magdalene mentioned in her dictation – this is all focused in Peter himself. If you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, you will see there clearly described how Peter was jealous of Mary Magdalene, because Jesus had a special relationship with her and had even given her a special spiritual instruction not given to the male disciples. And so, you see that Peter was the opening for the rejection of the role of women in Christianity.

Again, you see it is no coincidence that the Catholic Church claims to be based on Peter, for it is indeed an expression of the consciousness of Peter, the anger against the female element, the anger against women. But beyond that the anger against the female in oneself, for you are all male and female, in the sense that you have both polarities in your being. And you are all dealing with the dynamic described in the book of Genesis about the fall of Eve. As Saint Germain discoursed on yesterday about the myths of Romulus and Remus, behind these ancient myths is a deeper meaning, that can be understood when you are willing to look beyond the literal, superficial, surface interpretation. Thus, if you go beyond that, you know that it was not only women that fell; it was, so to speak, the female element that became susceptible to taking on the lower form. Yet here is the essential truth, that has never been brought out in a public forum. It was not the female element that fell; it was the Conscious You that decided to reject responsibility for itself, it was the Conscious You that refused to take this responsibility.

In refusing to take this responsibility, the Conscious You created that division in itself, in its own being. And as Saint Germain and I have now explained, after you had created this division, you did not want to face it. If you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself, how can you face that you are the one who made the choice to create the division? And so, you left it behind, you wanted to get away from it—and you thought you could go out and leave it in the forest. But it did not die in the forest, for you could not run away from your perception.

As I have explained, you started seeing the world through what you were not willing to see in yourself. You started projecting that state of consciousness onto the world, meaning the female aspect of your own being. And the female can only take on what is projected upon it, and thus it is correct that the female element is what manifested the imperfect form. But it was not the female element that chose to eat the forbidden fruit of duality, it was the Conscious You.

Now, you have a right to experiment with your free will, your co-creative abilities. You have a right to create any experience you want. You have a right to experience the world through the filter of duality, and there is nothing inherently wrong with it—if you are willing to use it as a learning experience. But you cannot use it as a learning experience if you are in denial and not willing to look at it. As long as you are not willing to look at it, you must continue projecting it outside yourself, meaning the Conscious You then projects it upon the female aspect of your being, you project it upon other people.

And now you start blaming other people, blaming the mother light, blaming the female element of your own being. And thus, you have the situation where many who are in a female body have come to accept this blame against women, feeling they have to take it on, feel guilty for it. And many who are in a male body have also accepted it, and feel therefore, that they need to look down upon women, to seek to control women or to feel anger against women. And what you see in the Roman Empire was a brutal attempt to control women and to put them down and to hold them in a certain place, where they could not be a threat to men.

Why the female gives rise to anger in the male

But why is there this need to put down the female element? What is it that the female element represents, that gives rise to such anger in the male element? Well, it is precisely two things.

First of all, the female element, the female aspect of creation, is not devoid of consciousness and is not devoid of wisdom. The female element knows exactly what will be the consequences of everything that is projected upon it from the masculine element of consciousness. And thus – if you are willing to listen to the female aspect of your own being – you can always know the consequences of your choices before you make or implement those choices. But of course, if you are not willing to look at yourself, if you are not willing to examine yourself in the mirror, then you are not going to want to listen to this. For only those who take responsibility for themselves are willing to listen and consider the consequences. Those who are not taking responsibility fall prey to the fallen consciousness—that they can escape the consequences of their actions, or that they can compensate by doing some outer action, that will then guarantee their entry into the kingdom of heaven, even though they have not looked at the beam in their own eye, as we have now explained many times.

This is one aspect of the feminine, and therefore even in society, especially a male-dominated society, women can represent that voice of reason, that voice that can help you make right decisions – if you are willing – but can also be an immense threat to the male ego, that wants to do what it wants to do and then never mind the consequences. Those we will try and run away from tomorrow, for today we want to have war, we want to have sex, we want to take whatever we want and experience it—and then we will worry about the karma later, but we think we can cheat our way out of it.

This is one reason why the female were put down, so that they could not provide that voice of balance, that could have prevented the men from going to war and destroying themselves or their society. Look at the Roman Empire: if women had been given a voice, there would not have been the division within the empire, nor would there have been the vulnerability. But then, of course, if women had been given a voice from the beginning, the Roman Empire would not have been such an outgoing empire based on conquest. It would have been a sustainable culture and civilization that would not have collapsed.

Withdrawing space from the anger against women

The other element of the female is, of course, what we have called the second law of thermodynamics, the contracting force of the mother, that will break down that which is created out of duality. And it also has been blamed upon women by the men, through the concept of original sin and many other subtle ideas. Given these two aspects – the wisdom and the breaking down of all that is not balanced, both being elements of balance – then you can see how there has arisen that anger against women, that immense anger that wants to destroy, that wants to rape, that wants to kill women, wants to put them down so they can never rise and threaten this male-dominated culture—that thinks it has created the perfect structure on earth. The structure that holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven, as the Catholic Church claims.

They think they will be guaranteed to go into heaven because of the structure they have created on earth. And they do not want the women to come with their wisdom and tell them this is not so, nor do they want the Divine Mothers’ contracting force to break down or shatter their structures or the consciousness behind it. This then, is a very strong and powerful energy on this planet, certainly found throughout the planet, but I can tell you that it is focused nowhere more powerfully than right here in Rome. I can also tell you, that the very focal point for this energy is below St. Peter’s Basilica in the crypt that holds the tomb of Peter.

This is not, of course, exclusively the responsibility of Peter or the soul of Peter. It is simply that this has become a focal point, because it has been such a focal point for the institution of the Roman Catholic Church, claiming its authority based on Peter. And so, through the focus of that church, the anger against women has been focused right there in that space, in that tomb. Given that many people around the world have come to see this anger against women, I, Gautama, have decided to withdraw the space underneath Saint Peter’s Basilica that allows this anger against women to exist. I, Gautama, Lord of the World, withdraw that space in this minute. It is therefore gone; the space is no longer there, and that means that there is no longer that focal point for the anger.

This is not to say, that this is a worldwide withdrawal of the space, yet it can become so as more and more women stand up and as more and more men start looking at themselves in the mirror, rather than blaming it on women or refusing to listen to the voice of balance coming from women. And so, it is indeed our hope and intention, that this will spread and that this space can be withdrawn worldwide for this anger against women. But for now the very fact that the planetary focal point for this energy has been withdrawn is a significant step forward, that will make it much easier for women to throw off the yoke of suppression and blame—and will make it much easier for men to throw off the yoke of anger, that entraps them even more than it entraps the women. For the women in their wisdom can often see beyond it, but of course the men cannot in their denial.

Those who see the least are trapped the most

Who are most trapped? Well, as always “those who see the least are trapped the most.” That, my beloved, is a sentence you might allow to be burned into your mind, so you can remember it, for it applies to each and every one of you. Those who see the least are trapped the most, for it is that which you do not see, that imprisons you. The chains that you see are not a major concern, for they are often caused by the low state of consciousness of planet earth and the free-will choices of other people. And although they may be unpleasant and give you certain limitations and grief, then they are not ultimately what will hold you back. For no condition on earth can hold you back from rising to higher levels of consciousness, nothing outside of yourself can hold back your growth in consciousness.

It is that which is inside your consciousness, that holds back your growth, and it holds back your growth precisely because you do not see it. That which is not seen is what imprisons you. If you will make progress towards Buddhahood, remember this. And then remember also, that that which is not seen is actually seen, but it is not seen for what it is, for your perception is polluted. And thus, you will often project anger upon others and blame them for being angry while in reality you are expressing anger, but you are not able to see it. For you do not see what you do as anger—whereas you are very quick to see what others do as anger.

Everything is a matter of perspective, everything is a matter of perception. When you allow the conscious you to enter into duality, you see everything from the perspective of duality. Thus, your perception is polluted and you do not see what you are doing. As Jesus said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” They did not see what they were doing to the living Christ. Yet I, at the level of Buddhahood, would say: “What is the point in forgiving them, if it teaches them nothing?” Better that they experience the consequences of their state of consciousness, that they might actually begin to wonder why they continue to run into this or that problem, why they continue to run in to a certain kind of people—until they begin to realize, that perhaps it is something in themselves that has been attracting these circumstances or people and that, in reality, it is because you need to learn the eternal lesson, that what you project is what will be mirrored back to you by the cosmic mirror.

Where does creativity come from?

And thus, when you project anger against women, what will the cosmic mirror mirror back to you? It will mirror back opposition in some form, as you constantly saw the Roman Empire encountering opposition from almost every corner. And so, you see how the Roman Empire considered itself the superior civilization on earth, thinking it had a superior culture, organization and army. Yet it was eventually overrun by the so-called barbarians, and from a certain perspective one might say, that they had a lower level of civilization, organization and culture. But nevertheless they overran the Roman Empire, and so were they really that inferior, was the Roman Empire so superior?

For what was it, that prevented the Roman Empire from adapting to the presence of the barbarians, so they could hold them back? It was that the Roman Empire was not willing to change, was not willing to adapt, was not willing to reinvent itself, was not was not willing to transcend and be creative. For you see, where does creativity come from? Well, it comes from both the masculine and the feminine aspect of God, but do not fall into the trap of thinking that the Ma-ter light is passively taking on form and therefore the female element is passive and noncreative. It is not so.

There is wisdom in the feminine, and thus in the ideal balance, the masculine element decides what to do – envisions what to do – and the feminine element envisions how it can be done. And thus, if there is not balance – for there is anger against the female element – then you may have a vision, you may even have a correct or a constructive vision, but if you have hatred against the mother, anger against the female element, you will not see how it can be done. And thus, the manifestation will fall short, as indeed the barbarians who came to Rome had a much greater mastery of the female element, for they had taken what little they had and had made the most creative use of it. And thus, they found ways to adapt to the Roman military organization, so that they could defeat the Roman legions that had for centuries seemed undefeatable.

This is where you see, that organization and structure only works up onto a point, for when the organization becomes a prison that holds back creativity, then it can no longer adapt. And then, the contracting force of the mother will inevitably cause it to break down. There will inevitably come someone who mirrors back the aggression, that was sent out by the Roman Empire and the desire to conquer. Yet because they are more connected to the mother element, and thus more adaptable and creative, they will find a way to defeat the Romans, who cannot change their strategy and tactics.

Why the Roman Church survived the Roman Empire

Look at the Roman Empire and the buildings. Everything was regimented, everything was built over a theme and repeated that theme without room for creativity or variation. There was, as we have explained, the killing of individuality and creativity—and thus, there was no openness for adaptation as times changed. As we have said before, space is Buddha; time is mother, and an element of the mother is precisely that there must be change. This is what is written into the second law of thermodynamics.

When a system becomes closed – meaning that it does not change – then it will be broken down over time, for time demands change. Time says, that that which is created out of duality can never stand still, can never be maintained over time. For time is the great equalizer, that breaks down everything to its lowest possible level of organization and structure. Time is the enemy of structure, for structure – once created – becomes a beast that wants to preserve itself, rather than continually transcending itself as is demanded by the creative flow of life.

You see the failure of the Roman Empire to adapt, and thus you see that what survived the Roman Empire was not the empire, not the secular militant branch of the empire, but the later creation of the empire, namely the Roman Church—which – partly because it was based on the teachings of Christ and partly because it had been persecuted for centuries by the Romans before it became the state religion – was much more in tune with the matter aspect, with the mother aspect.

And thus, the Christian church up until Constantine had been forced to adapt in order to survive. And therefore, as the Roman Church was created, there was still enough remnants of creativity for the Roman Church to survive the Roman Empire. Yet once the leaders of the church began to think, that they had it all made, then you saw the period of the dark ages, where the creativity had run out, the flame of creativity had gone out. And now there was only the incessant desire to preserve the structure by destroying all real or perceived threats to the structure.

And the more the desire, the more the opposition that wanted to break down the structure. And so, you saw the Crusades, you saw the Inquisition, you saw also, my beloved, the incessant persecution of women in the so-called witch hunts. Do you know how many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of women were killed in the witch hunts and the Inquisition? Any women who had tuned in to the wisdom of the mother – using what today would be called natural healing methods – such a woman would be persecuted and likely killed by the Catholic Church. What a travesty this was, for it could indeed have provided an incredible spurt of creativity to take society, the society of Europe, out of the dark ages much sooner than it happened through the male scientists.

The Catholic Church’s anger against women

And this, of course, is something that many people in the modern age have begun to see. There has not yet been a public outcry against this anger and persecution of women by the Catholic Church. There has not yet been a willingness to go back and air the dirty laundry of history, to see what really happened and to expose the consciousness behind it.

Yet that consciousness can be seen even today, where I can assure you, that if you could hear the secret meetings that take place between the Pope and the cardinals and other important figures of the Catholic Church, you would be shocked at the anger against women, that is being expressed openly at such meetings. You would be shocked at the attitude towards women by some of these men, that claim to be the representatives of Christ on earth—but of course are not. I can assure you, that if the world knew what is going on inside the corridors of the Vatican and the Catholic structure, of how women are used as sexual objects by priests and cardinals and bishops – and then put away secretly or paid off to be silent – then the world would be shocked, that such abuse of women and such a degrading attitude towards women can still exist in the western world in this day and age.

And precisely because there is a growing awareness of this problem, I have decided to give an opportunity for people to rise up and demand the exposure of this consciousness of anger against women. And also an opportunity for them to overcome the momentums and the blindness, that they may indeed not only expose it, but also clear up those ancient records—and therefore open up the way for the Aquarian Age, where men and women must be seen as complete equals.

Men and women in the Golden Age

If the Aquarian Age is to be a golden age, it must be recognized, that both men and women are needed and that no society can be balanced if it is led exclusively by men or exclusively by women. But it must also be recognized, that for there to be harmony and cooperation between men and women, there must be harmony and peace in the relationship between men and women, starting with the marriage and the family.

And thus, you see how important it is for the progression towards the Golden Age to bring these issues out in the open and to transcend the old structures—that keep men and women trapped in these traditional roles, that actually destroy the individuality and creativity of both men and women. For neither can express their full potential in a society that is not in balance, in a family that is not in balance, in a relationship that is not in balance—or in a mind that is not in balance between male and female, the masculine and feminine.

Thus, I have decided to give this impetus by withdrawing the space from the focal point of this energy. For the first hurdle that must be overcome is the male anger against the female. That is where it all starts, and once that begins to fall and be transcended, then all other divisions between the sexes can quickly be overcome. And of course, the anger against women is only an outer expression of the inner anger against the female aspect of your own being, the anger from the conscious self, from the Conscious You that will not take responsibility for itself.

Overcome that—if you will be part of the Golden Age. We have given you the teachings, we have given you the tools—all you need is the decision, that you are willing to see what you have so far not seen in yourself. Be willing to see those twins of the dualistic decision, that you left to die out in the forest. Be willing to see how they were raised by the she-wolf and have now become a powerful force that seeks to control you. Look it straight in the eye. See it for what it is, then surrender it, dissolve it, transcend it. Make the appropriate calls for the transmutation of the energy, call for Archangel Michael to cut you free from the planetary beast to which you have been tied through your own consciousness. Call to Astrea to cut you free and accelerate you into purity.

Transcend anger if you will be part of the Golden Age

Acceleration into purity is the need of the hour, for only when you have accelerated yourself into purity, can you move on and strive for the peace of the Buddha. First things first. First: accelerate into purity—then you can contemplate Christhood and Buddhahood. And so, accelerate yourself beyond anger, for when you truly understand free will, what is the point of being angry against others. And what is the point of being angry against yourself, when you can instantly change the decision that is holding you back.

Nothing in this world can hold you back, when you are willing to look at yourself, take responsibility for making the decision to transcend your old decisions. Nothing can prevent you from making that decision. You can begin right now, for there is space for you to make another decision. I know that when you look at your life from inside the perception of the dualistic consciousness, it will seem as if there is no space to make the decision to let the past go, to simply transcend it. It will seem as if you cannot just walk away from it, you cannot escape, you cannot get around it—you are caught in a catch-22, where you have nowhere to go, for you think there is no space.

Yet I am Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the World. I hold space for earth, and I can guarantee you, that there is space for you to transcend any dualistic condition. I know, for I am the Lord of space. If you desire to continue to have the experience that you think there is no space, then I champion your free will. Yet I would caution you, that while there is space and while space is eternal, unlimited, then time is a slightly different matter.

You have the space to change and right now; you have the time. But it would be unwise to assume, that that time will last forever. And certainly, the transition to the Aquarian age will not last forever, and thus those who will not transcend the old momentums will not be part of the Golden Age. They will be left behind, for there comes a time, when you have been left so far behind, that it becomes very difficult to catch up to the golden age consciousness. Heed these words. Make use of both the space and the time while you have the time. I can guarantee you the space; no one can guarantee you the time.

Be sealed, then, in the space of the Buddha, where there is always room for peace. For when you understand space and experience the infinite nature of space, then you will know peace—peace beyond duality, the peace that has no opposite. For truly, space has no opposite; it just is. And that which exists in space also simply is. The perception of opposites is only an illusion. Ponder this, and you will make great strides towards experiencing the peace, the peace that comes from accepting whatever is as simply what is, and not as good or bad. It simply is—until it is more through transcendence.

Thus, I seal you, and I seal this thrust of our messengers into the belly of the beast. I seal this city of Rome in a certain peace, for while I have spoken, the demons of Mara focused in this place have howled incessantly, for they have been angry: “Is not Rome the capital of the Christian religion? What is the Buddha doing in our territory? Is not Rome the capital of the Roman Empire and its warring and conquering? What is the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Peace doing in our territory?”

Yet they forget – in their blindness – that they exist only because I am still allowing them space. Do not take space for granted. [Breathing out]. Thus, I breathe out peace to fill this space, that even the demons might be forced to make a choice. [Breathing out]. Will you remain where peace is now manifest, or will you flee? For I have a right to present all beings with that choice. Thus, it is complete. It IS complete!


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels