I will send you to bear witness to Christ truth in this age

TOPICS: Blessed are the meek  – The ego as a substitute teacher – Christianity promotes a message that is anti-christ –

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Ascended Master Jesus, May 26, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I AM in the midst of them. And rarely on this planet have I been in such a state of joy as to be in the midst of you who are here tonight. There is indeed excitement in heaven. There is indeed excitement in the etheric realm, among the ascended masters. For I must tell you that there has never been a gathering on this planet where so many people have been in such understanding of the essential concepts that we have given you – and that I incorporated into this invocation  – and have been willing to affirm their overcoming of the consciousness of death.

My Beloved, I am not saying this to cause any kind of pride, any sense that you are better than others. Because you know very well that that is just an ego game, and you need to let it die. So I give you a sense of realism that this is an advanced teaching. It is truly so profound that it could not have been given in past ages, except you go back to the Mother land on Lemuria, where similar teachings were indeed given but only to the higher initiates in the temples.

And thus, there is a power released in this invocation that is immense, when you give it from the Christ mind. And I have gladly added my momentum of my overcoming death and winning my ascension to your calls. But I did it while you were giving the invocation, because I was in your midst, as I AM in your midst in this very moment. Not through an outer messenger but through the inner messenger of each one’s Christ self.

Therefore, “in your midst” does not just mean in this room but outside yourself. For what is your midst? What is your center? Well, it is your heart, your heart chakra. And had you not been willing to purify that heart chakra by giving the invocation invocation for the purification of the heart, I could not have released this invocation [the Invocation for Victory over Death].

Blessed are the meek

Only when you have a certain purity of heart, can you see God. Only when you have a certain purity of heart, can you see God within yourself. And only when you see God – at least a glimpse of God – within yourself, can you let the ego die. For you know that if God is within you, how could you possibly die when the ego dies. And thus, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

And the meek are those who will no longer play the ego games but are willing to let them go—to be as a little child, who is willing to learn, to grow, to open your mind to ever new concepts in the infinite growth that is the mind of God. So many people on earth are so afraid of death, that they dare not look at it and see that they have been brought up with a false image of death—as they have been brought up with a false image of life. And thus, they cannot free themselves from the illusion that keeps them trapped in the consciousness of death. They think that if they give up that illusion, they will give up their very life. Yet did I not say, “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life shall find it.” He or she shall find the true life that is the God Flame, out of which you are an individualization.

And as I said 2,000 years ago, I came into this world to bear witness to the truth. And this is done partly through the spoken word, but it is done also by letting your light shine before men, that they may sense that God Flame that you are and know that there is something beyond the duality consciousness, the death consciousness. For is it not true that when you share teachings and concepts and ideas that are expressed in words, then the ego can always find a way to argue with what you are saying?

And thus, people can always, if they are trapped by their egos, feel justified in rejecting what you are saying or interpreting it in such a way that it seems like they really don’t have to change themselves. They don’t have to pull that beam – that ego – from their own eyes. And thus, they can remain on the false path to salvation – the broad way that leads to destruction. Because it is not the way of giving up the ego, but affirming the ego as your true identity and as the “real savior” of your soul.

The ego as a substitute teacher

When your conscious self first decided to turn its back to the spiritual teacher – the representative of God that you had in whatever higher realm you found yourself in when you decided to experiment with the duality consciousness – when that first happened, you made a decision, and it caused you to lose contact with the teacher. And thus, you felt alone. And you could not bear that sense of aloneness, and therefore you created the ego as a substitute teacher, as a replacement for the real teacher, whether it be Lord Maitreya in the Garden of Eden or other ascended beings in other realms and systems of worlds. For truly, many people on earth come from far-away places in this universe and beyond.

And thus, it is indeed true that many people believe that the ego and the prince of this world are their true teachers. There are even those who believe that the devil himself is the true liberator of humankind because as they say “Until we rebelled against the will of God, we did not truly have freedom and free will.” There are those who seriously believe that it was in the act of rebelling against God that human beings attained free will. But my beloved, if you did not already have free will, how could you have the option to rebel against God? And if God really was out to control you, why would he allow you to rebel against his law and separate yourself from him?

I know that the ego and the false teachers of this world have an array of sophisticated arguments against this simple logic. But when you look at it with the innocent mind of a child, you realize that all the sophistication is just camouflage, and it makes no sense. And thus, you can avoid following the subtle logic of the false teachers of this world who have only one goal in mind. And that is to keep the Conscious You thinking it is separated from your own higher being and from your God—and that you cannot come back to oneness with God on your own, that you need a savior from outside yourself.

Christianity promotes a message that is anti-christ

Which is why, indeed, the false teachers in this world – assisted by the egos of those who were in powerful positions in the early church – managed to turn Christianity upside down – to turn my true teachings upside down – and thus present an entirely false image of Christ. It is a sad truth that the mainstream Christian churches today are teaching a doctrine that is entirely anti-christ, and indeed springs from the mind of anti-christ that seeks to create the impression of salvation through control rather than salvation through surrender. Whereby you surrender the ego’s control and accept God control because, as Hercules said, you realize that the Will of God is not alien to your own because God is not outside yourself.

Thus, my beloved, this is indeed my book. This is a book that is released from my Being. It is released through the mind of a person here on earth who has been willing to walk the path of Christhood, the path of Oneness. Thus, this book is a figure-eight flow between me Above and the author below, who has been the instrument for bringing forth this book, not as a dictation but as a cooperative effort. As I said “My father worketh hitherto and I work.” Thus, I Jesus, have worked hitherto, and Kim has worked here below.

[Jesus wants to add here that the book contains all of the concepts that he wants us to bring into the debate about Christianity’s future. Thus, the book is written to give you a foundation for bearing witness to the truth of Christ in this age.]

But I want you to recognize that you all have the potential to step into that same position of being the lower half of a figure-eight flow between yourself – your lower being, your conscious self – and the higher Being out of which you came, including your I AM Presence, the ascended master that is out of that same Being. And you can even go to higher levels of the I AM and the I AM THAT I AM and re-establish that figure-eight flow that is the River of Life that makes you a co-creator with God.

This is a potential that all of you have. And not all of you are meant to write books, but all of you are meant to be part of the new movement that is directed and designed to give Christianity a rebirth in this age. And this can happen only when many people, eventually millions of people, are willing to bear witness to the truth. I came to bear witness to the truth, and I sent my disciples into the world to bear witness to the truth.

And thus, if you are willing to accept that about yourself, then you can work with yourself, with your fears, with your hesitation, until you realize that as the disciple of Christ you are called to bear witness unto Christ truth in this age. And thus, when you are ready, when you are willing, I will indeed send you as I sent my disciples. But you must be willing to take that first step, without knowing where it leads. And in order to come to that point, you need to contemplate the profound teachings about the total surrender of your concepts, your expectations, of how your path should be, how your service should be, what your divine plan entails and how it should unfold. Surrender it all, let it drop from you.

For my beloved, only through that surrender will you attain the true non-attachment that allows God to work through you. And this is a concept that I will allow Mother Mary to expound upon, for she – as the representative of the Mother of God – has a unique perspective on this.


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