I have withdrawn my Presence from the White House

TOPICS: Saint Germain’s plan for government in America – Saint Germain’s guidance for those lacking Christ discernment – Your opportunity to make up the difference – The president’s speech on the economy – When will the people have had enough? –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, September 26, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I am, and I come to announce that I have withdrawn my Presence from the White House and will remain absent for the remainder of the Bush presidency—unless there is a dramatic turn-around, which does not seem likely given the president’s track record. Instead, I will manifest a higher intensity of my Presence and the Flame of Freedom over the Congress and the Senate, in order to work with the people who are open to timeless, universal principles—as opposed to short-sighted illusions of gain for the elite.

Saint Germain’s plan for government in America

My Beloved, I realize that not many people know or understand what it means that Saint Germain sponsors this nation, and thus they have no appreciation for what it means that I have my Presence over the White House. So let me endeavor to explain. As an ascended master, I was instrumental in inspiring the founding fathers of America to establish this nation with a form of government, that was an alternative to the kingdoms of Europe. The principles upon which the United States of America are built were nothing short of revolutionary at the time, given that most nations had a tyrannical form of government with all power concentrated in the hands of one king or emperor and his closest advisors.

As a result, the people themselves had virtually no say over their own destiny or the destiny of their nations. At the whim of the king – who in many cases had severe mental problems as a result of inbreeding among the royal families of Europe – their nation could be plunged into war at a moment’s notice. It was indeed to give the people influence over their destiny, that a new nation was founded on the concept of inalienable rights for all people, meaning rights that no institution on earth – neither king, nor emperor nor president – had the right to take away or violate.

My Beloved, these rights are sacred rights, meaning inviolable. As such they can exist only in a nation that holds something sacred—as opposed to a nation that either thinks might is right – as the typical tyranny – or thinks there is no God and thus nothing is really sacred, but everything is defined by the human ego, which has now become trapped in its own circular logic.

And while the concept of inalienable rights – even when written into the Constitution – is no substitute for the discernment of the Christ consciousness, it was a good first step toward the form of government that will be enacted in the Golden Age. It was the design, that as we neared the end of the Piscean age, a critical mass of people would begin to embody the inner teachings of Jesus and embody the Christ consciousness. Whereby they could become the instruments for taking government to a higher level, of not simply being guided by outer rules but also being guided by the Christ consciousness.

It simply is not possible to write rules for everything. And even if it were possible, it would not be in alignment with the laws of God, for the Law of Free Will mandates that people must always make decisions and reap the consequences—as the main tool for people’s growth in consciousness. Thus, while working with the founding fathers to establish the first modern democracy, I was well aware of the limitations of a democratic form of government, first of all that it can only survive in the long run if a critical mass of people attain a critical degree of Christ consciousness. For no rules can guarantee the survival of democracy against those trapped in the duality consciousness—who are willing to twist any rule in order to re-establish their modern version of the feudal societies in which the power elite has unchallenged power and privilege.

Saint Germain’s guidance for those lacking Christ discernment

At the time of the founding of this nation, there was not a critical mass of people with the necessary degree of Christ consciousness. Even the founding fathers themselves did not have sufficient Christ consciousness, as an honest study of their lives will reveal. For example, the person who penned the Declaration of Independence and spoke of inalienable rights, Thomas Jefferson, was unwilling to give up his comfortable lifestyle based on slavery. My point being that as an ascended master I was allowed to use my own spiritual attainment to make up for this lack in order to get this nation founded.

The way this works is that I can make my Presence and my Christ attainment available to the sitting government, so that its members, and especially the president, can access it when they are willing to attune their minds to me and seek higher guidance. For example, George Washington during the revolutionary war often prayed for Divine guidance and received it as his mind was open and able to grasp my directions. The same for Abraham Lincoln and a majority among the other presidents.

Yet, of course, my guidance is always subject to the Law of Free Will, which means a person can receive only what his or her mind is open to receiving. Thus, it is entirely possible, that a person can have preconceived opinions and beliefs that the person is not willing to question or look beyond. And thus, the person simply cannot receive my guidance, which, of course, is not confined to any man-made belief systems but given from the level of my ascended consciousness—although stepped down to some degree, but not to the degree of compromising the very principles I embody.

My Beloved, do you understand what I am saying here? Throughout the history of this nation, no president has had the sufficient level of Christ consciousness to be a true leader of the American experiment. Thus, the very survival of this nation has been secured ONLY by the fact that every president had access to my attainment and momentum, which has the potential to make up for any lack on the part of humans in embodiment. Thus, in many cases, my guidance provided the crucial difference that helped a president – or his advisors – make the decision that secured the survival of the nation. Of course, given free will, there have also been many instances, where a president ignored my guidance and made decisions that endangered the survival of the nation. Yet on balance, so far the nation has survived and has moved forward, although it has at times been a bumpy road.

I am, of course, beyond the human ego and any need for self-aggrandizement. Thus, I am not trying to make myself seem important. I am simply being realistic in stating the fact that a president’s access to my guidance has in countless instances been the very factor that ensured the survival of this nation. Thus, you can understand, that when I have to withdraw my Presence from the White House – as I have had to do only slightly more than a handful of times – the sitting president is left entirely to his own human devices, and no matter how much he might pray, no guidance will be forthcoming.

Your opportunity to make up the difference

I am not saying this to alarm you in any way. I am actually saying this so that you can be aware of the need for yourselves to step in and use your attainment in Christ consciousness to make up for my absence. I am withdrawing not only as a reaction to the continued decline of the Bush presidency but also to give you and many others the opportunity to step up. Obviously, most of you are not in government positions, but you are indeed in spiritual positions to hold the vision and make the calls, that the people who are in the right positions will be enlightened and emboldened to step forward and make up the difference in bringing Christ discernment to a presidency, that lacks it almost entirely in both the president, the vice president and too many – but not all – among the top officials and advisors.

My Beloved, this is your opportunity. Use your knowledge of spiritual principles and your knowledge of society – and educate yourself on both as necessary – and then tune in to my Presence and envision the right moves for this nation. What advice would you give the president if you were asked to step forward? Then do indeed step forward in your mind and envision yourself in an advisory and decision-making position. For I promise you that as you do this, I will use your multiplication of your talents to work with those in the government who have influence or have the president’s ear. Thus, my absence can be compensated for through your presence.

The president’s speech on the economy

Now then, as my final remarks, let me explain why I have taken the step of withdrawing my Presence from the Bush presidency. This has, of course, been a long process of the president and his advisors too often choosing the lowest possible way to deal with the challenges they faced. For example, using the 9/11 attacks as an excuse for a wholesale undermining of the very civil liberties that no power on earth – according to the Constitution that the president has sworn to uphold – has the right to override. Another major factor is, of course, the war in Iraq, as Jesus has explained in great detail, which the president has refused to learn from, not one time but continually, year after long year or mounting losses of American and Iraqi lives.

Yet the final straw was indeed the president’s speech to the nation on the economy, given on Wednesday, September 24. My Beloved, when a president asks for the attention of the American people and then lies to them about the real cause of the economic situation, well, then surely he jeopardizes the sponsorship of Saint Germain. For how can lying and the Flame of Freedom coexist, given that truth and freedom are one?

And how can one claim to be working to address the “root cause” when one will not address the fact that for there to be stable growth, money must be tied to something of real value, stocks must be tied to the real value of companies, no financial instrument must exist that is NOT tied to something of real value, and thus speculation based on the gambling mentality becomes rooted out as a driving force in the economy. Therefore, claiming that one is addressing the root cause while not looking at the real cause is simply a lie, and a disgraceful one at that.

Furthermore, when anyone says that we suddenly have a financial crisis – even though the facts have been known for years – that demands immediate action, that person is – consciously or unconsciously – trying to manipulate people into making decisions under pressure, that they would not have made without that pressure. Do you see parallels to the rhetoric used before the start of the Iraq war? The claim that we must act now before a greater calamity is upon us is always the lie of the manipulators, for when you act with the power of God, any calamity can be averted. So there is ALWAYS time to seek Divine guidance.

Yet the by far most damaging aspect of the speech was indeed the president’s complete and utter failure to accept any kind of personal responsibility for the evolution of the current financial situation. A previous president had a sign on his desk in the oval office that said, “The buck stops here,” and this is still true, even though the value of that buck has been seriously eroded. Therefore, to have an American president talk to the people about a problem without taking any responsibility for his failure to prevent that problem from escalating – as surely the information was available to him if he had decided to pull his head out of the sand – is a disgrace to the Office of the Presidency of this nation.

Thus, I must tell you that based on the state of consciousness of the president and several of his advisors, there will be few people in the White House who will even notice my absence—for how can they when they have not paid attention to my Presence? Thus, it is an irony that there are people on the staff of the White House who have been there for many years and who have developed a sensitivity to the spiritual Presence in that place. And some of those people have indeed already noticed a subtle difference, that they cannot quite grasp with their outer minds. But they know in their hearts that something has changed and something is missing that is supposed to be there. So the stark reality is that some among the cleaning staff are more attuned to my Presence than the president.

Yet their sense of sorrow and confusion will be short-lived, as I will surely manifest my Presence to give opportunity to whomever the people decide to elect as the new president. For the people’s choice must be respected—even when it is based on a meager selection of candidates. And there is always the possibility that a person can be raised up by the office, as has indeed happened in the past.

When will the people have had enough?

And while I am not here to condemn any human being – knowing as I do that any human being is acting based on his or her unresolved psychology and that there is no psychological fitness test for presidential candidates – I will say, that for a president who is so concerned about his legacy, the best way to secure a positive legacy is to act decisively. Hiding from problems and refusing to confront your own advisors when they give conflicting information, simply is not the way of a true leader.

If one wants to secure a positive legacy, one should not shirk from taking responsibility, thinking that if one never admits a mistake, one will not be seen as weak. In reality, those who do admit mistakes and then demonstrate their willingness to learn from them and correct them, are the ones who will be judged as great leaders in history. Thus, the withdrawal of my Presence from the White House will indeed remove a certain veil of protection, so that the American people will now be able – as they are willing – to see the Bush presidency in its unmasked form, seeing its shortcomings so that the nation has a clear opportunity to learn its lessons from this president and decide, “Never again!”

Thus, it is my hope that the dismal performance of this presidency will awaken the American people to the need to demand an entirely new form of leadership, one that is not based on a candidate belonging to the elite or having the right connections here below. Rather it demands a candidate having the personal integrity and connections to higher principles, that is the key to being a successful leader of any free, democratic nation.

It is always my vision that something good comes from every situation. And I encourage you to hold the vision for a mass awakening of the American people, so they will decide – with their entire hearts, souls and minds – to demand a new course and a new form of leadership for this nation, a form of leadership that none of the presidential candidates can deliver, but that future candidates can indeed deliver. For there are already people in embodiment who can provide enlightened leadership. All it takes is that the people become able to recognize such leaders and stand behind them, as they take this nation to a level that is so much higher than the current manipulated chaos, that the people are not yet able to envision it and accept it as a realistic possibility.

My Beloved, there is talk about the decline of America, and if the current trend continues, this nation will indeed implode under the weight of the power elite and their schemes. Yet if the people awaken, America can rise from the ashes and become the forerunner that will bring about the manifestation of the Golden Age of Saint Germain for all nations. The Golden Age must start somewhere. I am holding the vision that it will be here‚ in the land prepared. Will you join me in holding that vision of a golden future for this and all nations?


Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels