I congratulate you for the vigil to God’s Will

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, March 27, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I AM Michael, and I come with great joy and with great excitement. I wish you could feel the excitement of my angels, because they have been set free this day to do the work for which they came to earth. Oh my beloved, what a joy it is to see my angels spread over this planet and do battle with the forces of totalitarianism, that are found in so many nations and in so many disguises. My angels are ready, and they are up to the task. All they need is your authorization to act on your behalf.

I am grateful that so many people in Russia have used this rosary of mine because truly, never before has there been such a dedication to Michael the Archangel in Russia. And this has given me many opportunities to do the work of the Lord over these past 33 days. Yet I must say that not enough people decided to use this rosary to accomplish all the work I had hoped to accomplish in this cycle.

Yet through the work of this rosary, given today, we have been able to complete the work that was meant to be done. And all of the darkness that could be taken in this cycle has now been poured into the Pillar of Fire. I want you to visualize this pillar of fire, and I want you to keep this visualization with you, because truly this pillar of fire will be here, as Jesus said. It will be anchored in the physical octave.

You can visualize that Pillar of Fire, yet be aware that it is not a physical fire, and thus it is not visible to the physical eyes. You have all seen pictures in the Bibles of how the Israelites were led by a visible pillar of fire, but even then the fire was only visible to those who had raised their consciousness and had a pure, inner sight. And you must understand the equation why this is so. In order to consume the darkness that is of a lower vibration, the fire must be of a higher vibration. So if the fire was actually visible to the human eye, then it could not have a high enough vibration to do its work of consuming the darkness. Do you see the equation?

It is so simple, when you understand that everything is energy and everything is vibration. And this truly is one of the great accomplishments of science, that they have brought about this understanding. And truly, there is no contradiction between this scientific discovery and what spiritual people, true spiritual people, have been saying for thousands of years, only using different words.

I move swiftly, and I simply come to congratulate you and to thank all of you who have given these two rosaries over these past 33 days, because I too am grateful. And thus I leave as swiftly as I came, because I have work to do. And I am looking forward to doing that work. Therefore, I bid you, farewell.


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