I come to join forces with Jesus and Mother Mary

TOPICS: The Golden Age is a do-it-yourself project – Saint Germain’s sponsorship of the violet flame – I can no longer multiply the violet flame decrees –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 1, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

The Golden Age is a do-it-yourself project

Most gracious ladies and gentlemen, I am Saint Joseph, but I am far more. Some have known me as Saint Germain, but I tell you, I am a cosmic being and I am far more than the image that many people have of Saint Germain.

Truly, I was the Wonderman of Europe* but I tell you, I have gone way beyond making wonders for the royal people of Europe, who were not truly open to the universal truth that I attempted to give them. I have moved far beyond those who are not willing to open their hearts and their minds to the new energies of the new age that I come to bring.

I attempted to work with those who were in leadership positions in church and state, helping them see that it was time to change from their positions of dominating the people. I came to set the people free from the domination of those who wanted nothing but power and have not the love of Christ in them.

Thus, I come today to set the earth free from those who are the false teachers in any religion, who preach the outer path that seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of spiritual death. I come to join forces with Jesus and Mother Mary because I realize full well that until more people are awakened to the true, inner teachings of the Universal Christ – the teachings that were taken away by the false preachers in Christianity – until more people are awakened to the Universal Christ, the Golden Age of Aquarius simply cannot be manifest.

Saint Germain’s sponsorship of the violet flame

Because what is the Golden Age of Aquarius? Is it that I, Saint Germain, or that Jesus Christ appears in the sky and suddenly manifests this Golden Age. Nay, that is a false image. What would people learn from having the Golden Age given to them without them bringing forth the effort from within themselves, without them multiplying their talents and being the open doors for bringing the Golden Age into manifestation.

I tell you, they would learn nothing, and therefore they would remain the blind followers who would sit in their churches, staring at the pastor every Sunday, not paying attention to what he is saying, and then going out, living a human life, a worldly life, for the rest of the week. Thinking they can come back next Sunday and make amends for their sins—therefore, going back and forth on this seesaw without ever growing, without ever getting anywhere beyond the level of consciousness they had when they were born, or the level of consciousness they had 10, 15 or 50 lifetimes ago.

Do you think that is why I asked for the dispensation of the violet flame** to be released to this earth—so that people could use the violet flame to transmute their sins and then go and sin again? Nay, that was not my intent. It was truly my intent that the violet flame could be used as a grace, so that people could rise above the burden of their past and then follow the admonition of Christ to “Go and sin no more,” because they had transcended the consciousness of sin, they had come up higher and come up higher in their personal Christhood by recognizing the Christ within themselves.

Truly, I saw clearly, back in the 1930’s, that humankind was so burdened by their own karma from past lives that there was no way they could recognize the Christ within themselves. And therefore, I pleaded with the cosmic hierarchy for releasing the dispensation of the violet flame, so that people could be given a relief from this burden. And it was my intention that as people were relieved from the burden, they would be free to look inside themselves and find that Universal Christ.

And truly, some people have done that, but not enough people have done so. Many people have simply said, “Oh thank you Saint Germain for taking this burden from me, now I can go out and enjoy life some more. And if that should burden me, then I will just come back and do more violet flame and I will be free again.”

This was never my intent. How could anyone possibly think that I, an ascended being, would come to earth to give people a blank check that they could cash in at any time and pay back their debts. What folly is this? Who came up with this idea? Surely, it could not have been a person who was willing to look within his or her own heart and discover the Christ truth that is like a sword and cleaves the real from the unreal.

I can no longer multiply the violet flame decrees

Therefore, I come with the full determination to add my momentum to the momentum of Mother Mary and Jesus. And I come to say to you, “I, Saint Germain, no longer have the dispensation from the cosmic hierarchy to multiply the violet flame decrees, whether they were released through this or that prior dispensation.” I cannot multiply them anymore because not enough people have used the violet flame to rise in their Christhood. Therefore, I can no longer add my momentum to the decrees you give, and you will only get the benefits that are according to the light that you invoke through your own heart flame.

Yet I have asked for and received another grant, another dispensation, to add my momentum of freedom to the multiplication of the effect of Mother Mary’s rosaries. And therefore, I must tell you that the acceleration that I could add to the decrees of previous dispensations will now be added to these invocations of Miracle Freedom and all other forthcoming invocations, that are truly the Aquarian age rosaries that we will bring forth.

This is indeed a major gift, and it is given to those who are willing to be the just stewards, who are willing to multiply their talents instead of burying them in the ground of the separate mind and the human desires and lusts. I too will speak to you again, and therefore, I will now withdraw and bid you a good night and a good rest. So be prepared, and expect the unexpected. Good night!

* During the 1500’s and 1600’s Saint Germain worked with many of the kings of Europe, seeking to establish a United Nations of Europe. He was known as the Wonderman of Europe because he performed various miraculous feats, such as removing flaws from diamonds, appearing out of nowhere and maintaining a youthful appearance for over a century.

** Since the 1930’s Saint Germain released a number of violet flame decrees and affirmations through various movements. Up until then, the violet flame had been known only to initiates of secret societies and orders. Saint Germain received a special dispensation to release the knowledge of the violet flame to the general public.


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