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TOPICS:  Do not accept the old ways of thinking – Victory is in giving – The people have the power to thrive without an elite – Overcoming a spiritual crisis –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 12, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I Mary come to you with great joy—with a great, bubbling, overflowing sense of joy for your presence here at this particular place in the City of Angels on the West Coast of the United States. We have much that we would like to see accomplished for this city and for this state of California.

For truly, I must tell you that if there is going to be a major shift in the United States – from the old Piscean-age consciousness to the consciousness of the Aquarian age – well then, my beloved, that shift can only start in one place and that is here in the state of California. For there is no other place in the United States, where there is such a concentration of people who at inner levels have reached the spiritual maturity where they are ready to fully embrace the Aquarian age consciousness, the age of spiritual freedom, the consciousness of spiritual freedom. And this new consciousness must sweep through this nation, if it is to free itself from the shackles, not only of the old consciousness of the Piscean age, but of the consciousness of those lifestreams who for eons have formed a power elite, that have weighted down this planet and have kept the majority of the people in a state of virtual or physical slavery to the elite and to their state of consciousness.

What I would like to impart to you is that we have the potential to create an astonishing and unique breakthrough in the consciousness of the people in this city and even in the entire state. Whereby many of these people who have volunteered to come into embodiment in this state at this particular time, will suddenly be awakened to the reality that they came here for a greater purpose. They did not simply come here to enjoy the sunshine or the surfing or the good material lifestyle that has almost become a religion in itself, not only in this state but throughout these United States.

Do not accept the old ways of thinking

What is needed is simply that these people are awakened to the purpose that they themselves chose before they came into embodiment. Do you see that I am not talking here about forcing anyone to do something that they do not want to do? I am, in fact, talking about reawakening people to the reality of what they chose before they came into embodiment. This is reawakening people to the greatest joy, the greatest love that they have—the love that propelled them to make a not inconsiderable sacrifice to come into embodiment at a time when this planet is at a crucial point. When the weight of negative energy is at the highest it has been for a very long time, simply because those forces who would like to see this planet stay in the old consciousness are doing everything they can to prevent people from breaking through and throwing off the shackles of the old ways, the old ways of thinking.

You have watched this movie [October Sky] of one person who in a small mining town broke through the old consciousness, broke through the consciousness that you can only go down into the ground to dig out a living in the dirt and the dust that will eventually kill you—but there is no other way so you just have to do it. And this person broke through and said “No, there is another way. I will not accept that this is my lot in life, just because I was born in this particular place at this particular time.”

There are thousands – tens of thousands – of people, who volunteered to come into embodiment in California right now to have that same breakthrough of consciousness of saying, “No, I will not accept that this is the limit for what I can do and how I can live my life. For I know there is more, I know there is a higher way of life and I am willing to be the forerunner, I am willing to be the example, I am willing to speak out. And I am willing to demonstrate in my own life that there is more, there is a higher lifestyle than materialism, than depression, than atheism, than the old form of religion that is so rigid and stifled in doctrines and dogma that it might as well be atheism, for they are not worshiping the Living God but a dead god of their own making.”

When you think about this movie and you think about the qualities [of the main character] – and you realize that you have had some of these qualities – well I want to ask you: How many of you during that movie saw yourselves as that person? For if you think back at your life, you will realize that you have been unique individuals. You have dared to stand out from the crowd. You have dared to think beyond what your parents, your peers and your society have conditioned you to think. You have been willing to think outside the box.

You might look at your life and say you have not accomplished anything significant in the outer. But nevertheless, what I want you to realize is that you have been willing to think outside the box. Why can I say this? Because of the fact that you are sitting here listening to a person who thinks that he is letting a spiritual being speak through him. My Beloved, how many in the world would be willing to do this? And therefore you know that you are willing to think outside the box, do you not?

What I want you to realize is that even if you think that you have not done much in your life, well your life is not over, is it? You still have a potential. And I want you to lock in to the fact that the very reality that you are open to a higher teaching, to a higher way of thinking, means that you have the potential to come up much higher than you have come up so far. And I am not asking you to feel guilty. I am not asking you to feel inadequate. I am not asking you to look at your life as a failure. I am simply asking you to recognize that the very fact that you are here and listening to this, means that you have the potential to be among those who are the forerunners for a breakthrough into a new awareness, a new state of consciousness. And no matter how old you are, no matter how short or long of a life-span you have left, you can fulfill that potential and make a significant contribution.

And I am not talking necessarily about shooting rockets into the sky or inventing this or that invention. I am talking about Being who you are, daring to Be who you are and radiate that consciousness, radiate that Being. For I must assure you that when you do that, you are radiating such a powerful matrix of light, that it can reawaken those who have not yet dared to think outside the box because they have – as you saw in the movie with many of the people who had grown up in that little town – they have become overwhelmed by the mass consciousness of the environment where they have grown up.

They have accepted the limitations that were defined by that mass consciousness, and therefore they have not dared to think outside that box. They have not dared to lock in to their potential, and therefore they have not dared to even remember the purpose for which they came into embodiment—feeling so inadequate so weighted down that they cannot even dare to conceive that they could be part of a new movement, a new movement in consciousness that is more significant than any awakening you have seen in recorded history.

Dare to lock in to that potential. Dare to look at your life and realize that you have much to offer, that God in you has much to offer this world. Even if the world does not seem to want it, even if the people around you in your own family, among your friends and co-workers do not seem to want it. It is not a matter of evaluating whether other people want your gift. It is only a matter of radiating that light, of giving that gift. The Victory is not in other people’s responses or lack of response. The Victory is in radiating the Light.

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