I claim Denmark for the Age of Transcendence

TOPICS: Denmark’s unrecognized spiritual potential – Recognizing the need to go higher – Dare to tell your stories with honesty – Let not the false teachers put you down – 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 29, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given as the messenger was driving in a car through southern Denmark, approaching the border with Germany.

Let there be light in the land of the Danes. Let there be light in the minds of the Danes. Let there be light in the hearts of the Danes. Let there be light in the chakras of this nation. For I, Saint Germain, come to claim Denmark for the Golden Age.

How shall I awaken a people? How shall I awaken them, not to the errors they have made, but to the opportunities they have not taken, for the fact that they are not willing to stand forth and proclaim their talents? How, then, can you multiply your talents, if you seek to hide them under a bushel? Naturally, this cannot be done.

Which is, indeed, why you see that this nation has not had the impact in the European community or on the world stage, that it might have had, if the people had been more willing to recognize that they carry with them from very ancient times certain matrices and thoughtforms, that provide them with a unique opportunity to give an impetus, to give new ideas, that can shift the perception of other nations, even the world.

This, of course, is in no way to imply that Denmark itself can save the world, as the danes would be the first to say, with their self-deprecating humor. Nevertheless, it must be recognized that Denmark has a role to play, as of course do many other nations. For Denmark has a unique role because of the ancient matrices carried by the Danish people, which actually were the thoughtforms that attracted them to the geographical location in what might be considered the nexus of the figure-eight between Scandinavia and Europe, but also the nexus of the figure-eight between the Baltic Sea and the greater oceans.

Denmark’s unrecognized spiritual potential

And thus you see, Denmark sits in the nexus of both a horizontal and a vertical figure-eight. And while the Danes have certainly made good use of their ability to communicate and to trade with other nations, so that they have to some degree lived up to their position as the nexus of the horizontal figure-eight, they have not even begun to recognize or acknowledge, that they also have a position to play in the nexus of the vertical figure-eight between Spirit and matter.

For of course, you see that a thousand years ago, the Danes were into the old Nordic religions. Nevertheless, Denmark was the first country that converted to Christianity and thus became the key to the opening up of Scandinavia to what was, certainly not a perfect religion, but certainly a step up in many, many ways from the Nordic religions.

And so, you see again today, that Denmark has fallen into a state of non-religiousness. And of course, I am in no way looking for the Danes to adopt some formal religion. But they do have a potential to embrace the universal form of spirituality that will be the main form of religion or spirituality in the coming age.

For certainly, the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Saint Germain, will not be dominated by one religion, not even an ascended master sponsored organization or teaching. For there will be a multiplicity of teachings. And this is precisely what is needed, for how can there be a Golden Age unless the people have established a true inner connection to their higher beings, so that they have the true inner discernment, based on vibration, and not an outer claim to authority. Where someone sets himself or herself up as being the guru who has the truth or perhaps even the only truth.

Those who believe that truth can be expressed in words and codified into a dogma or doctrine, even a teaching, will not be successful in the coming age. What will be successful are those who simply put out the teachings and then let people do with them whatever they want, without putting any restrictions or conditions upon them, other than what is reasonable due to copyright and other such concerns.

Nevertheless, in the coming age, people will eat from many tables, and only a few will be willing to limit themselves to one table only. And this is indeed what you see outpictured in the Danish people and their unwillingness to embrace a formal religion and their unwillingness to embrace the equally formal religion of materialism.

But what you also see is the dilemma of then, if you reject both extremes, then what is left? Is it going to be the muddled area in the middle, covered by a dense fog, so you cannot see through it? Or are you going to be willing to reach through the fog, above the fog, and find something higher, a higher discernment that then gives you a vision, that can take you beyond the fog between the two extremes.

For, certainly, when you climb the hills represented by the two extremes, you may climb above the fog, but because you limit your vision to one system, all you really see is the fog from above, instead of seeing life from inside the fog. And that truly is not an improved vision, for you need to reach beyond even the level where there is the fog and the hills that claim to reach beyond the fog but truly do not.

Recognizing the need to go higher

And so, we see then the necessity of a people coming to realize that there is more between heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy, as I had the character in Hamlet say so many years ago, supposedly on this soil. Yet so far, the Danes have been reluctant to acknowledge that there is more between heaven and earth than the comfortable lifestyle they have attempted to build for themselves.

They have been unwilling to question what comes after the welfare society, what comes after the oh-so comfortable lifestyle, where we think we are all so nice and we look after each other. And if there is a problem in society, then we can throw money or social services at it—and then we can ignore it while feeling good in our cozy little houses around the fire.

This is not the highest potential of this nation. And thus, I give an impetus of light that might stir up the pot, so to speak, and shatter this comfortability that what we have attained is good enough. You see, when you look at the nations of the world, you see many nations where it is clearly recognized that something is lacking.

You even see this around the Baltic Sea, where you see some of the nations that have been under communist rule for many years, and they know they have catching up to do. They know they are not where they want to be, so they are willing to strive. For you see, some of the older nations that escaped the communist yoke, and you see that they have become so comfortable in their welfare societies, that they do not recognize the need to transcend.

For you see, when you are clearly aware that you are lacking something, it is easy to recognize the need for transcendence. But when you are oh-so comfortable and cozy, then it is much harder to acknowledge that you need to transcend. However, this is also the potential that the Danish people carry with them from ancient times. And thus, I am in no way speaking something here that cannot be attained by those who are willing. For of course, there is a growing awareness in Danish society, that what we have attained is good, but that there is more, and it is time we start reaching for that more.

For, while it may be regrettable that you made mistakes, I can tell you, that when people pass from the screen of life and look back on their lifetime, it is not so much the mistakes that they regret; it is the opportunities not taken. The potential that was not fulfilled, because people became comfortable at a certain level, where they thought this was all they had to attain for that lifetime.

Do you not, if you are honest, see this, my beloved, in spiritual people and spiritual movements? Where there is a clear tendency that people use the teaching to build some fantasy picture. And they think that if they continue to follow this teaching and practice its practices, then they are guaranteed to ascend or reach enlightenment, or whatever the goal may be defined as being.

Yet I tell you, as long as you are in physical embodiment, you would be wise never the think you do not have to transcend your current state. And this is true whether you believe yourself to be a student, or whether you believe yourself to be a teacher.

Dare to tell your stories with honesty

Thus, be willing to learn from those who have acknowledge the need to always transcend, to not stop where you are comfortable, as this messenger describes in his latest book, with an honesty that even us who have ascended must admire. For when we were in embodiment, some of us were not quite as anxious to expose our own mistakes or our own thoughts. For we still lived in an age, where we thought image was very important. So although we did not lie, there were things we did not say.

And that was, indeed, the Piscean dispensation, where in spiritual movements, starting with Jesus and forward, there were many things that were not said, many things that were not explained. But you see, in the coming Age of Transcendence, this will no longer fly.

For this is the age of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit does not like to be confined by these mental boxes, these black boxes, where people do not want anyone to see what is within. And thus, only those who are willing to be honest, straightforward and expose themselves to the ridicule and anger of the world, will be the true teachers, or rather the true examples. For is there really a need for teachers in the Age of Transcendence, teachers who talk the talk but often do not walk the walk? Nay, there is a need for those who walk the talk, and therefore their talk reflects what they have experienced, what they have been willing to see in themselves.

Certainly, no one can see everything while he or she is still in embodiment. And certainly, one of the things that must be overcome from Pisces is likewise the idolatry of the perfect guru. For there is a need to recognize that no one is above anyone, for it is the same God who is within all. And the more you begin to acknowledge God within you, the less you have a need to set yourself up above others.

For you also begin to recognize God in others, and you see that it is the same God who wants to be expressed through many different facets of the diamond of life, and will not confine itself to only one expression. In other words, even though God might be able to give a complete teaching through one person, why would God do so, when it actually would make it harder for other people to come up and recognize, that they too can be open doors for something from beyond the fog, or from beyond the black-and-white extremes?

This then is the need: that many in the coming age will start telling their story of how they went beyond the common lifestyle in the West, or wherever they are living, that they saw something more in whatever form, and they describe their journey, so that others may be inspired, not only to start their own journey but to also tell the tale. For it is always so, that when a new idea starts gaining foothold in society, it is not because one or a few talk about the idea, but it is because many people start talking about the idea. That is when the shift happens in the collective consciousness. And thus, it is indeed necessary that many people dare to tell their story, honestly and openly, instead of thinking that they have to be perfect before they can allow themselves to say anything.

Let not the false teachers put you down

Do you not see, that in the Piscean age, the challenge for humankind was indeed to not let themselves be put down by the false teachers, those who were so in love with power, that they thought they were wiser and could tell other people how they should live, what they should believe, how they should walk their path. Nay, this is no longer the cycle. It is the cycle where all find the teacher within, and where the outer teacher only becomes an example for how to find the teacher within.

And so, what the power people, the fallen beings, the power elite did in the Piscean age was to intimidate people with the standard of perfection – as this messenger describes with clarity in the new book – so that people thought that unless they were perfect, they had no contribution to make to society, and they especially could not speak out against the elite.

And thus, so many people missed the opportunity to tell their own stories, because they allowed themselves to be intimidated by the fact, that because they had made this or that mistake or had this or that imperfection, they should remain silent. For they knew they would be ridiculed and put down by those who are so wounded in their psychology, that they have no ability to emphasize with other people. And thus, they can only criticize that which they either do not understand, or which they understand but recognize that they are not willing to do. And thus, when they see someone who has transcended what they are not willing to transcend, they must put it down.

This is a mentality that is widespread in many countries, and it is certainly a mentality that you find in this country of Denmark, where there has been a tendency to want to put down anyone who stands forward and proclaims his or her talents. And this, then, is what the light I release will challenge, so that the Danish people might realize that the Danish nation and the Danish people do not have to be perfect in order to make a contribution to the world. They just have to dare to stand up and say: “Maybe, we could do it this way, for we have found that it worked for ourselves?”

And so in closing, be willing, if you consider yourself a spiritual person, to tell your story. Tell the tale, not in a convoluted form, as I did it in the Shakespearean plays. But do it in the straightforward, direct way that is the primary way of expression in the Age of Transcendence. Tell the story of your transcendence, that others may see that it is possible to transcend, and that it is worthwhile to transcend. For when you are willing to work through whatever holds you back, be it fear of ridicule or something else, you gain a new freedom.

For after all, it is only when you have been exposed to the attacks of the fallen beings and lived through it, that you realize that that which is unreal has no power over that which is real.

And I, Saint Germain AM real, and my Golden Age is real. Thus, I claim this nation of Denmark as a forerunner for the Golden Age. It is done!


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels