I am overjoyed in the company of saints

TOPICS: The Eternal Breath instruction – Don’t be afraid to make mistakes –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 5, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, my heart is overflowing with the joy of the Mother. Never before in my sojourn with this planet have I felt so privileged to be in the company of the saints below and the Saints Above. I stand at the nexus, between you in embodiment and between the masters you have heard pledge their support to the guarding of the Mother Light.

I am grateful for both, and I truly say, “I see you here below as one with us Above. I see no difference. I see only the oneness of hearts and the perfect figure-eight flow that will truly bring the immaculate concept into the physical world and manifest that kingdom of God on earth.” And thus I come, simply to seal this new movement and give it a thrust of my Mother’s love.

The Eternal Breath instruction

Let me say, concerning the exercise I have given you of the Eternal Breath. When you visualize the spiral, do not be concerned about whether it goes clockwise or counterclockwise. Visualize what comes most naturally to you, because the deeper meaning of the spiral is that there is an Alpha aspect and an Omega aspect. There is truly an ascending spiral and a descending spiral.

Yet I give you the ascending spiral first because you first need to raise the Mother Light to the crown and contact the Buddha, before you can be the instrument for bringing the immaculate concept back down into the physical world and manifesting it here. Some of you have already raised the Mother Light, and you might find that a certain direction works best for you. Then go with what works best for you, and allow it to flow naturally.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

You are now in the beginning of the Aquarian Age, and I can tell you that you have been processing a state of mind that has burdened humankind for several decades. It is the fear that many children have before they move away from home, before they spread their wings and fly on their own. For truly, until you reach a certain state of separation from the ego, you will be afraid of freedom. It is so much easier to have someone telling you what to do. And this is indeed the key to understanding the origins of the ego—as I will give you in much more detail in the forthcoming book.

Yet I will say this; when the soul realized that it had fallen and had separated itself out from the teacher, it decided that it had made such a bad mistake that it no longer wanted to make decisions. So it needed someone to make decisions for it, and that “someone” became the ego, guided by the prince of this world. The key to raising back up the Mother Light and reclaiming your identity is that you must be willing to make decisions.

And there will be a time, where you will have to start making decisions, even though you do not yet have the full Christ discernment to always make the right decision. But as we have said, it does not matter whether you make a right or wrong decision, as long as you are willing to learn from that decision and come up higher. Because, then, every decision, no matter what the outcome is in the physical octave, can be turned into a victory, whereby you come closer to your Christhood.

It is far better to make a mistake and know what not to do than to stand there wondering what to do. The true students are those, the true students are those, who are willing to TRY, who are willing to make an effort and then learn from that and then come up higher. This is truly the motto of those who are the guardians of the Mother Light. We will not, as El Morya has said, tell you in every little detail what to do because you have to express your own creativity—that is part of the bargain.

That is your end of the bargain. And as you do so, as you multiply those talents, we will then give you our multiplication factor, but you must take that first step. And you must keep always taking the next step, and as you go along and try different initiatives and maybe find out that they do not work as you hoped for – because the world will not respond as you hoped – then you must not allow yourself to stop. You must never allow yourself to feel discouraged and say, “Oh, it is hopeless. Nothing can be done about this planet.”

Do not fall into that trap of the serpentine mind. But as we have now said several times, always be willing to take the next step. I am there whenever you take that next step. I am there to give you my full love for every step you take higher on the path. And that is the momentum that I add to this new movement, and I say, “Well done! Let us move on for we have many people to awaken.”

And we have a big job ahead of us before the year 2012, when we are truly hoping to bring about a mass awakening, whereby people will suddenly wake up and realize that a new day has dawned and that there is no way back for planet earth. This is my vision. Walk with me and you will truly see that new day. And thus I seal you in the love of all those Above who are not so different from you but who are really the greater you that you are. In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of the entire Spirit of the ascended masters, it is sealed. Peace, Peace, Silence!


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