I Am Come Again—through You!

TOPICS: The true meaning of the second coming – A new cycle to bring about the second coming – Woe unto the false pastors – The true meaning of the wedding feast as the path of oneness – No one can keep you out of heaven – Discover the true path of oneness – You cannot follow Christ –

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Ascended Master Jesus, July 25, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I Am He! I am Jesus Christ, and I am come again on earth. I am come again through the heart and mind of the person standing before you, who has dared to defy the forces of anti-christ in this world, the wolves in sheep’s clothing who cry out that it is blasphemy to heed the words of Jesus Christ, to follow in his footsteps and do the works that he did.

This is indeed the true second coming of Christ. Not that I will appear in the sky and take away all humankind’s problems and sins that they have created, and which they must uncreate in order to learn their lessons in life.

The true second coming is that I, Jesus Christ, come again through the hearts and minds of those who dare to follow in my footsteps. Those who dare to no longer be the sheep of Christ, but to be the brothers and sisters of Christ. There are 10,000 lifestreams on this planet who have been in embodiment continuously for these past 2,000 years. They have prepared themselves at inner levels to step through the veil in this age, and declare before the false pastors of this world that they will not be put down, that they will no longer deny the Living Christ within themselves and within each other and within all life.

A new cycle to bring about the second coming

I am come this day, to start, to inaugurate, a new cycle on planet earth, a cycle that will – that will! that will! that will – bring about the second coming of Christ in this age. Because those ten thousand will be awakened at inner levels, because my call is given forth in the physical—now! And therefore, I say to all of those who are my own, “Wake up! and choose life! Wake up and choose the life of Christ, which is the only true life there is.”

Did I not say, that unless you partake of my body and blood, you have no life in you. Well the true spiritual meaning of the word “life” is, that as long as you are separated from your God, separated from your I AM Presence and deny the Christ within yourself, you are truly dead in a spiritual sense. And there are billions of people on this planet who go around thinking they are alive, but they are spiritually dead because they deny the Christ within themselves. They have followed the false pastors, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, those who are like whitened sepulchers, filled with dead men’s bones, those that I challenged over and over again 2,000 years ago in the Jewish religion. And those who have now reembodied and set themselves up as the false leaders of the Christian religion.

Well, I challenge you once again, and I say, “Woe unto ye lawyers, for ye have taken away the key of knowledge!” the knowledge of the inner path of Christhood, whereby you do not simply blindly follow an outer organization or an outer doctrine or even an outer leader. But you follow the true inner path that is the only path that has ever been approved by the ascended masters on this planet.

The inner path of light, the inner path that leads to your inner oneness with your God, with your I AM Presence, who is your true identity in Christ. There is no other way to the kingdom of heaven, and when I said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes unto the Father save by me,” I did not mean the outer person of Jesus Christ. I did not mean an outer organization or an outer doctrine. I did indeed mean the inner Christ, the true universal Christ consciousness that is within all life.

Woe unto the false pastors

I now say to the false pastors, standing in their Christian churches on this Sunday – standing in their pulpits, feeling holier than thou, feeling that they are the true representatives of Christ and that they are teaching the true gospel of Christ – I now say to you, “I know you not, because you have denied my Living Presence within yourselves and within the flocks that sit in their pulpits, being the blind followers of the blind leaders, those heading for the ditch, the ditch of hell, the consciousness of hell, which is the denial of Christ. I know you not! But I would want to know you—if you would wake up and stop denying the Presence of the Living Christ within yourselves.”

Therefore I say, “Wake up and choose Christ! Choose the life of Christ, which is the only source of life there is. Because truly, no one comes to the Father without going through the Christ flame within their hearts.” I now say to all those Christians who believe the Bible is the Living Word, the true word of God. If that is what you believe, then read the Bible. Remember when I was challenged by the Jews, and they called me a blasphemer because I said I was the Son of God? And I referred to the Old Testament scripture, where it says, “Ye are Gods!”

Heed my words then, in the scriptures that you call infallible, and heed the one sentence in the New Testament that is more important than any other sentence. It is this: “The kingdom of God is within you!” I did not tell my followers to go looking for the kingdom of God in a Jewish Temple. I did not tell them to go to Rome, which at that time was the center of the universe. I did not tell them to go to Timbuktu, the Himalayas or anywhere else. I said, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

So if you want to find the kingdom of God, why would you look outside yourselves? Why would you look in a Christian church? Why would you look in a Christian doctrine? Why would you even look in the Bible? Do you think the inner kingdom of God is in the Bible? No! The inner kingdom is within you, in your heart, in your heart flame, because on the altar of your heart burns the Living Flame of Christ. For many of the people in the world, that Christ flame has gone out. But it can be rekindled, because I am here! And I have been with humankind for these past 2,000 years, offering anyone who is willing, the body and blood of Christ that will rekindle the Christ flame within your hearts.

You have denied me for 2,000 years, when I came to you over and over again as the still small voice in your hearts. You have ignored that voice. You have said, “It is impossible that Jesus Christ could tell me something in my heart that is contrary to the outer scripture and the outer doctrine.” Wake up and realize that this is precisely what the scribes, the Pharisees, the lawyers and the temple priests said to the Jews 2,000 years ago. And I came to dispel that lie, that you need an outer organization or an outer priesthood in order to reach God.

The kingdom of God is within you! If you think you need someone outside yourself in order to reach God, then you are truly following the way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. Because that path can never lead you to the true kingdom of God.

No one can keep you out of heaven

I am here to invite all those who are willing, to come to the wedding feast. But remember my parable. You can come to the wedding feast only if you put on the wedding garment. And the wedding garment is the Christ consciousness. Because the human consciousness, the carnal mind, the consciousness of duality, cannot take you to the kingdom of heaven, Because in the kingdom of heaven, we are all one. And we are one because each and every one of us in heaven recognize our inner oneness with our Creator, with God.

Therefore, since the beginning of time, since the beginning of the Fall, we of the ascended masters have taught the path of oneness as the only path to the kingdom of God. And why have we taught that path of oneness? Because the true cause of the fall of humankind, the true original sin, was the consciousness of duality that causes you to see yourself as separated from your God. This is the truth that was taken out of the Bible by the forces of anti-christ, who wanted to set themselves up as gods on earth, as the only representatives of God on earth, making people believe that they had power over them, that that false priesthood had the power to deny someone entry into heaven or to admit someone into heaven.

What folly that people believe this lie even today, when a careful reading of the Christian scriptures should reveal to them, that I directly challenged all those who set themselves up as the false authority, as the abomination of desolation, standing in the holy place at the altar of God where it ought not. Therefore, I say to those who are the awakened people on planet earth, or those who are ready to be awakened, but have not yet broken through in their outer consciousness to the fact that they are my own. I say to you, “Wake up! And tear down the golden calf of the false Christianity that the false pastors of the Christian religion have had you dancing around for 2,000 years. Wake up this day!”

Discover the true path of oneness

I speak sternly, and I spoke sternly many times 2,000 years ago. And there were many of those who denied me who said that no prophet of God could speak that way. But I tell you truly, that when people are asleep, they need a good talking-to to wake up. And I call you to awaken because, this is my hour! This is my time to come again!

And yet, I can come again only through those of my own who will stop denying the Christ within themselves, who will stop denying my Presence within them, who will stop denying that they have a Christ self, which is their individual representative of the Universal Christ, the Living Christ of God, which is truly the One Sent, the Only Begotten Son of God, the Incarnation of the Word.

Read the Gospel of John, “Without Him was not anything made that was made.” God is within everything because God can create in only one way; by creating out of himself. By embedding his own consciousness within everything he creates. Your lifestream was not created to be a blind sheep, following some leader on earth who claims to have the authority of Christ. The Conscious You was created to follow the only true authority of God, namely the Christ within yourself, so that you can come to the point where you can say, as I did, “I and my Father are one!”

Your potential is to be God on earth, to be the Word Incarnate. And I did not come to be the only Christ Incarnate. I came to demonstrate the path, the inner path to Godhood, the true way to Christ consciousness, that is the only path to heaven. That path has been taken away from my followers over these past 2,000 years.

But I, Jesus Christ say, “No more!” Because, you who are my true brothers and sisters, will no longer deny the Christ within yourselves, in each other and in all life. And therefore, you will – by the grace of your free will that is the true inner vow of your the Conscious You, the true inner love of your being, that you have carried in your hearts for these 2,000 years – you will go out and shout my true gospel from the housetops, the true gospel that Jesus Christ is an example for all to follow and that every human being has the potential to put on the mind of Christ.

Take note that my beloved Paul knew this reality, that it was the calling of every human being to “let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Then contrast that with the situation of Peter, who denied me three times. Do not focus on Peter or condemn him, but see that Peter was an exponent, a representative, of the human consciousness that causes you to deny Christ within yourself. Why was Peter given that test? Because every human being needs to be given the test of whether he or she will deny or affirm his oneness with Christ.

You cannot follow Christ

You cannot follow me. The false pastors have programmed you to believe that the key to salvation is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. But I tell you truly, you cannot follow me, because, as long as you think I am outside of yourself, you cannot reach the kingdom within you. Therefore, the only path that can lead you home is the path of becoming one with me, becoming one with me while you are in embodiment. And the only path to that inner oneness is to stop denying your own Christ potential. You must reach for the Christ, the Christ Self within you and put on that wedding garment of the Christ consciousness, whereby, from deep within your being, suddenly arises that perfect love that will cast out all of your fears, all of the fears that cause you to deny your oneness with me and your oneness with God.

I did not come to earth to have people follow me. I came to earth to have all people become one with me, because I truly am willing to be one with every human being who will stop denying my presence. That is why I said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me.” And the inner meaning of that statement is that I am within every one who will give me room, everyone who will bid me enter their hearts.

Therefore, I am come this day to give all of those who will hear or read this dictation the opportunity, an extraordinary opportunity, to feel my Presence within you, know my Presence, bid me enter your heart and take up my abode there forever—if you will have me.

Therefore, I shall now withdraw from speaking to you through an outer vessel, and I give you the opportunity to sit quietly and commune with me from within. Therefore, I now say: the true mantra, the true calling for this next 2,000-year period is no longer, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But it is, “Be here below, all that you are Above.” Beyond that, the affirmation “I am Jesus Christ, as Above, so below.” Or you may create your own affirmations for whichever ascended being you feel is close to your heart. Or you may say, “I am the Living Christ, as Above so below.” I therefore bid you, commune with me in your hearts.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels