Hypocrites need not apply!

TOPICS: The ego has no power once you see it for what it is – Stop tiptoeing around the ego! – The ego prevents you from taking the next step – The path of total humility – How to help Jesus awaken others –

Ascended Master Jesus, July 5, 2005.

The ego has no power once you see it for what it is

I, Jesus, too add my momentum to the Guardians of the Mother Light movement. I am here to stay with you, and what I offer is that I will be the one who will initiate anyone who is willing to let go of their egos. Anyone who is willing to have it exposed, so that they can see it for what it is, and thereby separate themselves, separate that Conscious You, out from that prison of the ego.

So many Christians think I am a soft master. Yet I am a direct master. I do not play games, and I will not play games with anyone who comes to this movement. For if you are not willing to let go of the ego, you are free to go elsewhere, where they will pamper your ego, rather than help you separate yourself from it.

Yet in saying I am a direct master, I am not saying I am an unloving master. And it is important that you contemplate the difference, because, truly, my love is the perfect love that casts out all fear. And I am fully aware that many people are afraid of having their egos exposed, fearing what will happen, when they can no longer hide behind this or that cleaver argument, that was formulated in the mind of the Serpent who deceived the evolutions of this planet.

Stop tiptoeing around the ego!

So many spiritual students have tiptoed around the topic of the ego, even though we have spoken about it in several spiritual organizations. They have been afraid that if their ego was to be exposed, they would go through some kind of crisis, they would lose their sense of self-worth or in other ways experience an identity crisis.

Therefore, you need to simply switch your sense of identity just a little bit. You need to start asking yourself, “Knowing what I know about the spiritual path – and the goal of freedom in the Christ consciousness, the goal of experiencing that greater freedom of being above and beyond the ego – knowing what I know, is there really any part of my ego that I would not be willing to give up, if I could see it?” And I think when you meditate on this, you will see in your hearts that there is indeed nothing that you would not be willing to give up in order to come closer to the love of God, in order to be who you are and express who you are. When you come to that realization, you no longer need to fear the ego or fear having the ego exposed.

You no longer need to fear making a mistake, for whether you make a mistake or not, either way it can expose part of your ego and help you overcome it. The ego has no power over you whatsoever. It only has the power that you have not seen it, or seen it for the illusion that it is, and therefore you cannot separate yourself from it. And the moment you see it, and the moment you choose to separate yourself from it, it has no power over you and you can walk right through it. And when you begin to realize that, you see that the path of overcoming the ego is not a hard path. It is not a path of fear, it is not a path of embarrassment, it is not a path of feeling like you are a failure or you were not good enough because you had this or that aspect of the ego left.

You are far more than the ego. And I will remind you over and over again that you are more. You are so much more, and that is what we love. And when you realize how much more you are, it is no problem to let go of the ego.

Yet the essence of the ego is precisely that—that you either cannot see it or that you are not willing to let go of it. The ego is always trying to remain hidden. The ego is always trying to tell you that you cannot take that next step on the path, you cannot walk out the prison door. And then, when you realize that you can move forward on the path, the ego is trying to make you think that you don’t want to or that you are not allowed to.

The ego prevents you from taking the next step

The essence of the ego really is that the ego is what prevents you from taking the next step closer to God. Truly, the ego has many qualities, but the essence of the ego is, that it is that which prevents you from taking the next step on your path. And when you begin to realize that – and realize that the greater part of your being has an uncompromising commitment to taking that next step – then why would you fear the ego? Why would you fear to have it exposed? You would welcome having it exposed, because now you can say, “Ah, I see it. And now I can let it go.”

As I said to you at Easter, the key to overcoming and walking the path is that you must give away all that is unreal. You must surrender it, you must let it go. But you cannot let it go, you cannot give it away, until you own it, until you take ownership of it. So, we can say that the ego will first of all try to prevent you from taking ownership of that part of the ego, prevent you from seeing it or prevent you from admitting, “Yes, that part of the human ego is still residing in my container of self.” And then, if you do see it, it will try to prevent you from letting it go by making you think that you somehow need it.

And this is the key—to come to that realization that you are willing to let it all go because you love something more than staying in your comfort zone. And I will be here to help all of those who are willing to let go of the ego. I will give further teachings and tools on this, as the time is appropriate and as cycles unfold. But for now, I would say, “Saint Germain has declared clearly that he is no longer fooling around with anyone’s ego. If you want to be a student of Saint Germain and help him manifest the Aquarian Age, then get rid of your ego before you approach him.” Well, I am the one that will help you get rid of that ego, so that you can fulfill your divine plan to co-create the Golden Age with Saint Germain.

The path of total humility

Therefore, I am putting up a sign, for I am looking for those who are willing to help co-create the Golden Age. And you might have seen on businesses, there is a sign saying, “Help wanted. Apply within.” I am putting up that sign, because your help is wanted. And you must apply within, meaning within yourself, by going within and discovering that ego, and then letting it go.

Yet, I also have certain conditions. Two thousand years ago I spent a considerable amount of time and energy dealing with those who were not willing to even consider that they needed to change, that they had an ego; those who thought they were perfect, those who thought they were the wise ones, they were God’s chosen people and they did not need to change themselves. It was everyone else who had a problem and everyone else who needed to change. My big sign says, “Help wanted. Apply within.” But the small letters underneath say, “Hypocrites need not apply.”

The path that I offer is the path I offered 2,000 years ago. It is the path of total humility. And even my disciples, who had spent three years with me, had not fully understood that path. And that is why they started arguing amongst themselves, concerning who would be greatest among them when I left. At that moment I had one of these “hitting the concrete experiences,” and I said to myself, “Does that mean that after three years they have not understood your message? Have you not been able to penetrate and make them see what the path is all about?”

And today I am in a much better position because there are many people who can see what the path is about. It is not the way that seemeth right unto a man, which is the glorification of the ego. Instead, it is the path of the total humility, of letting go of all of the pride of the ego, so that you can simply walk away from it and be free. This is the path I offer. I offer it with all of my love. And I will lovingly guide you to that point of freedom. Yet I must also say that love is not always soft, for sometimes you need a firm hand to be awakened. And this relates also to how you approach other people about the spiritual path.

How to help Jesus awaken others

While you are still somewhat trapped in your ego, it is valid to take the approach that unless people ask, you do not say anything. Let them ask, and then give them what they ask for. Yet there comes a point, where you have reached a certain degree of bonding with your Christ self. And now you have the freedom from the ego that you will not seek to impose your ego-beliefs upon others, but you are working truly – you live – to set men free. And you are constantly moving on with your God.

And at that point you no longer need to be concerned about letting people ask before telling them about the path, because now you realize that there are many people on earth who are so asleep, who are so caught in ignorance, that they simply do not know what to ask. They do not know how to ask, and they dare not even ask. And so how can these people be free? They will not be free if you sit around waiting for them to ask and they don’t know what to ask.

So you have to be the one who takes the initiative, as I did so many times in my life. I went to the people. I was willing to get in their face and provoke them and say, “You are asleep! You need to wake up!” I was willing to overturn the tables of the money changers who had managed to get into the temples, which is truly the inner temple of the heart and mind, and sell their wares of the serpentine lies in the temple of God.

And when you reach a certain degree of Christhood, you are ready to take that approach. Not necessarily in an unloving way, but there will come a point where you know from within what is the right approach for each person. And until you have that clear direction, my suggestion is this. Approach people this way. Say, “You know there is a better way, right? You know you don’t have to go through this? You know you don’t have to suffer with this problem. You can actually solve it. You can let go of it. Do you want to know how?”

Or you can say, “You know I have had the same problem and this is how I overcame it. Would you like me to help you?” And then, if they respond negatively, you might try again, up until three times. But if they reject you three times, then withdraw and say, “I have done my duty to that soul, and it is now up to the soul to rise and be willing to ask for help.”

Ask and ye shall receive. So there is validity in asking. But as I said, if you do not know what to ask, how can the soul even come up with the right question. So help people by giving them questions. Help people by helping them realize that there is more to know, there is more they can ask about life. And if you ask me, then I, through your Christ self, will help you help others. Therefore, apply to me within.


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