How you make your Divine plan

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 18, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and it is my great joy to open this gathering for the purpose of teaching you about what we have called your Divine plan.

“What’s in a name?” as the Bard said. Well, whenever we give a concept, we, of course, face the reality that we have to use words in order to communicate these ideas that are truly beyond words. We also face the reality, that not very many people think about, which is that words are interpreted differently by different people, depending on their background, their culture and their individual psychology.

When we give a name, such as a “Divine plan,” well it cannot necessarily reach everybody because some people will have a prejudice against the idea. They will not be open to even hearing more about the concept because they have a reaction to the word “divine” or they have a reaction to the word “plan.” It causes their minds to go into this state, that is so common on earth, where you reject without truly considering with an open mind and heart what is hiding behind the words, what is being said that is beyond the words.

Focus on one of the four lower bodies

I wish to give you a little bit of a view of how it is for us as ascended masters. Now, I want you to imagine that you, with your present level of consciousness, were transported to wherever you see us residing—whether it be in a higher energetic realm or however you can conceive of it. You are transported to the level where we reside and you are now with us, looking down at the earth. You see what you may never have considered, or at least what most people have never considered. You see how many different types and groups of people there are on the earth. You now see that which you cannot see with your physical sight but you can see this from our level: How all of these groups of people are in a certain state of consciousness. You see what you already know: Each person has an individual psychology, an individual state of consciousness made up by their four lower bodies. You see how people have a physical level of the mind, an emotional level of the mind, a mental level and an identity level.

Now, you see that each human being, of course, has what we have called the conscious mind. You see that each human being has the conscious mind focused in one of its four lower bodies. For some people it is the physical body they are mostly focused on. Other people pay more attention to their emotions and live their entire lives in their emotions. Others are focused on the mental realm and are always thinking and analyzing, and a few are more focused in their identity bodies or their identity minds.

You see that when we give a teaching, one of the goals of that teaching is to reach the person’s conscious mind and cause the person to have a conscious insight, a conscious revelation, an “Aha experience,” if you will. This causes them to shift their consciousness so that they see something they did not see before and they have a broader, more mature view of life or of their personal situation. Therefore, they can shift into doing things they could not do before: overcoming certain emotional patterns, overcoming certain mental patterns or even shifting their identity to a higher level.

In order to do this, we need to give a teaching that reaches people’s conscious minds, we need to somehow, from our level, penetrate through to people’s conscious minds. Now, you also see that in order for us to reach a specific person’s conscious mind, the ideas and concepts we give have to pass through those of the four lower bodies that are above where a person’s conscious mind is focused. If a person is focused in the emotional level, our ideas have to penetrate the identity and mental minds of that person before they can reach the conscious mind. It may even have to penetrate some aspect of the emotional mind.

Now, you see that each person has certain filters, certain barriers, certain beliefs, certain attitudes, certain emotions that might actually block the ideas we are releasing from reaching the person’s conscious mind. Mind you, this is not simply a matter of the person hearing, finding or reading the ideas. It is entirely possible that a person can read a book that contains our ideas but as the person is reading the words, the higher levels of the mind of that person are blocking, are filtering out, the concepts from really reaching the person’s conscious mind, connecting and having an impact. In other words, the person is reading the words but is not truly absorbing them, connecting to them, grasping them.

Limits to understanding

I am deliberately not saying “understanding” because it is not just a matter of understanding; it is a matter of truly connecting to the idea so that it shifts your consciousness. Too many people focus on understanding and that is because many of the people who have found the spiritual path are focused in the mental mind. They are focused on understanding an idea but there are many, many examples of people who have a great intellectual understanding of spiritual concepts but it does not shift their consciousness. That is because they have not truly connected, they have not actually had an intuitive experience of the idea. It is blocked by their mental mind’s desire to understand the idea, to categorize and label it so that the mental mind can put it in a nice little file folder in the database where it feels like it has the idea under control.

My beloved, it is not a matter of having an idea under control because if your ego and your mental mind feels that it has a spiritual idea under control, how is that idea going to shift your consciousness? It will just be filed away as something you know and understand at an intellectual level and it does not shift your consciousness.

If you could see what I have now told you, you would see that there are many, many people on earth that are completely unreachable for the ideas we can bring forth from our level. You will also see that there are many, many people who are actually open to a spiritual teaching, who are maybe even open to an esoteric, metaphysical, New Age or even an ascended master teaching. They still have so many prejudices, filters, preconceived opinions and ideas they are not willing to question, that it is very difficult for us to come up with an idea, to formulate an idea in words, that can actually reach these people’s conscious minds.

If you were to see this with your present level of consciousness, it is very likely that you would be so shocked that you would feel almost hopeless and discouraged because what could you actually say that can reach people? Some of you will even have the experience of knowing people that you have attempted to tell about what you believe. You also run into the limitations of the words so that whatever you say does not connect to the peoples’ conscious minds, does not really shift them.

Why the masters are not discouraged

If you could see the situation that we face, you would, with your present level of consciousness, most likely feel discouraged. Now, I am, of course, not giving you this teaching in order to make you feel discouraged because we do not have your present level of consciousness, we have ascended. There are two aspects of this that I wish to bring to your attention.

The first one is that we have, of course, truly integrated and experienced the reality of free will and therefore, we have no desire to change other people against their free will. We have actually accepted, as we have even said in some of our latest books, that when you consider that the earth is an educational institution that is meant to give certain people the experiences they desire, then we have no frustration about working with earth.

Now, you may go back, if you are familiar with previous ascended master dispensations, and you may be able to actually find dictations where there, even in the wording or in the vibration of the wording, could be detected a certain sense of frustration or impatience on behalf of the ascended masters. You may even go back and find some of the early dictations given in this dispensation where you can find that sense. I wish to make you aware here that if you detect such a vibration in an ascended master dictation, then that frustration, that vibration, came from the three higher bodies of the messenger. There is no other explanation when you are talking about a sponsored messenger because we, of course, do not have any frustration. If we had any kind of frustration about working with earth, we would have long ago experienced what you on earth call “burn-out.” I can assure you that this phenomenon does not exist in the ascended realm. An ascended master does not go down with stress, does not have a nervous breakdown.

We have ascended because we have overcome the desire to change people against their free will. It is true, of course, that there are many phenomena on earth that we would like to see changed because they obviously cause people to suffer. You should not reason based on that and say that we are impatient or frustrated because these conditions have not been changed. You realize that from our perspective, we do not have any kind of frustration. Therefore, we are, of course, not feeling discouraged. We are working with people and we are in acceptance of the fact that every human being has free will and therefore has the right to be in their present state of consciousness.

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