How You Can be Free from Your Past

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 25, 2015. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

My beloved hearts, you have now seen a very practical demonstration of the challenges you all face in the physical octave. Things do not always go in the ideal way. There are things that disturb you, that disturb your sense of what should or should not happen. This ties in with the dictation you have heard now again of what I want to say at this conference.

There are times where you cannot fix what went wrong in the physical octave, so you just have to forgive and move on as if it had never happened. Look at the continent of Europe. Look at the many wars and conflicts. Look at the many people who have been hurt. As we have said, their souls stretch back in time to when they received that original hurt, or another trauma in some war or as the result of whatever they have been exposed to. Whatever happened in the past cannot be fixed. It cannot be changed. It cannot be repaired. It cannot be undone.

How the past can be undone

Ah, but it can be undone! Not in the physical. But, you see, the physical moment of when something happened to you in the past no longer exists. It has been undone by the passage of time. Many of you have come to look at time as something that is controlling your life because your daily life so much revolves around being certain places at certain times. But have you ever considered that in an unascended sphere time is a gift? For no situation, however pleasurable or unpleasurable, can be fixed in space, because time moves on. There is no need to go back and repair what happened during the Second World War. Time has moved on.

They say that time is the great healer, but it is not true. Time moves on, but healing comes from releasing, from forgiving the scars that are in your soul. You cannot undo the physical thing that happened – for example, during the Second World War on the European continent – but you can undo the scar in your own soul from being in embodiment at that time. When you undo it for yourself, you can then begin to help other people heal themselves also. You cannot heal these people for them. You can, however, free them from some of the energy. You can pull on their consciousness so that they can come to see what you see, and therefore see the value of letting go, and finally let go.

How to forgive

No amount of changes, no amount of actions, no amount of punishing those who harmed you, will ever heal you. The ultimate healer is the act of surrender, the act of forgiving. What does it mean to forgive? It means that you put the act of giving before the act of holding on. What does it mean to give? It means to let go and release it. Ownership means holding on, so only by forgiving – by giving up, by releasing the hurt, by releasing the desire to punish, by releasing the sense that this should not have happened – only by doing this, by releasing, can you be free from the past.

The past truly is not the past. You look at it with the linear mind, and you have created a linear time line. You say that in 1942 so and so many people were killed in this or that battle, and you think that this happened in the past. It did in the linear time line. The real effect that is lingering is the effect in people’s minds, in their souls, and that is not truly in the past, in the sense that it is separated from you. It truly is a part of that stretch of your soul that Saint Germain talked about. The importance of this is to realize that you can heal in the present anything that happened in the past—when you stop being unwilling to go into the feelings, to go into the hurt. And you can do this on behalf of other people.

During this conference you have, without perhaps consciously realizing it, gone into much of the pain that is in the collective consciousness on this continent of Europe. You have not been overwhelmed by it. You may have touched it. You may have sensed it. But you have come to that point of going through it, and when you go through it and come out on the other side and realize: “I am still here,” then you can release, and you can feel that release.

Some of you know that you have been killed in both the First and the Second World Wars or in other wars, and you have experienced that release. All of you can experience it personally, and all of you can actually experience the release on behalf of others. This does not mean that they release it in their own individual minds, but it does mean that there is a release in the collective mind. Therefore, by going through these exercises, you can indeed help the collective mind progress. You can help heal the collective mind.

A powerful matrix

Now this matrix that we have given you here, of playing part of a dictation and then giving a decree to the master who gave the dictation, is a very powerful matrix. [The participants had played part of Mother Mary’s previous dictation, then stopped the recording and given a section of her decree.] You can, of course, do it with a written dictation, but it is more powerful when you play the audio dictation and stop it and give the decree, play a little more and stop it and give another verse of the decree, and so on. This is a powerful matrix that you can repeat individually or in groups. You could even do it over the Internet if someone was willing to organize this.

It is a way of you forming the Omega polarity to the Alpha action of our releases whereby you anchor it in the physical in a different way. You form, you close, the figure-eight flow and send it back up to us whereby we can multiply it and send more. Truly, what you have done with this exercise is a very powerful, a very significant healing for many people who embody in Europe today, and who have been hurt by the many wars on this continent.

The feminine wisdom

You may look at Europe and wonder what is going to solve the present problems. Well, there are two things that will bring forth a solution to the present problems in Europe. One is a healing of the individual and the collective psyche. Many of the problems you see in Europe are born from the fact that people have been scarred in past lives or in this life, and therefore they cannot overcome that sense of being hurt, of being incomplete, of being somehow flawed, and upholding some kind of animosity against another group of people. Many times they do not know why, but it is because these people hurt them in a past life. Although they do not have the conscious memory, it still lingers in their four lower bodies that these people cannot be trusted, that these people should somehow be punished. This is a major conflict in many of the problems. It is a major reason for many of the problems that you see in Europe.

The other one, the other factor that could bring forth a solution, is something we have not, until now, talked much about, but which we will talk about more in the future. That is the feminine wisdom, the wisdom of the Mother. You have the concept in Christianity of the divine Sophia, which represents the wisdom of the feminine. The problem with this concept, both in Christian context and in other contexts, is that people tend to mix up the Divine Feminine, the Divine Feminine wisdom, with women in physical embodiment. They tend to think that feminine wisdom is restricted to women, those who are in a physical body.

Of course, as we have taught you, the Conscious You is beyond male and female. You can embody as a male in one embodiment and as a female in another. You need to step up to a higher concept and realize that the feminine wisdom of which I speak is not confined to the sex of the body. It is a condition of the Conscious You and the I AM Presence. We may say that the I AM Presence stores the divine blueprint for your individual being, and that blueprint is the Divine Father, the Divine Masculine, the Alpha aspect. What then is the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine wisdom? What is the Omega aspect? It is what we have called your causal body. Your causal body stores all of your positive experiences from your embodiments on earth, and therefore it contains this database of experiences of knowing how the material universe works, how the Mother realm works.

Many people on earth have forgotten this wisdom and are not using it, primarily because the fallen beings, after they started embodying on earth, have done everything they could to put down not only women but also the feminine aspect of wisdom. Why have they done this? Well, they have done it partly because they always do this, because they hate the Mother realm, the physical octave. They feel they are in the unascended sphere, where the Mother realm is dense, as a punishment from God because they were thrown out of heaven, as they see it. As we have explained, they were simply making choices and could not follow the ascending spiral of the universe, so they confined themselves to the unascended sphere. As a result of this, they hate the material realm, they hate the Mother, and they put her down.

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