How to turn your path into a continual progress

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 25, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself.

Kim: This dictation will be focused on or it will start with a question that was asked. And other people have over time asked somewhat similar questions. So, Mother Mary wants to comment on this and the general term for all people.

Question: Dear masters, how do we deal with depression and losing the meaning of life? I’ve been practicing the teachings for over 10 years already and everything seemed to be fine. But now I feel like it was all meaningless. All my conditions in the psyche, which I thought were gone, are returning now. I feel frustration, loss of the landmark, and the invocations don’t help. How can I rise above this?

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary and I use this particular question as the starting point for giving some general comments about what it takes to be on the spiritual path and what it takes to turn your path into a continual progress.

Now, we will start by recognizing a simple fact. You have all grown up in societies that do not acknowledge the existence of a spiritual path. Most of you have grown up in societies that are anti-spiritual, as the messenger has described in his book. You have been brought up with certain attitudes to life, certain beliefs, certain viewpoints, that will make it much more difficult for you to walk the spiritual path until at least you see through them.

There is a very important sentence that Jesus spoke 2000 years ago, “In your patience possess ye your souls”. You need to recognize that you are all pioneers, you are all forerunners. You are part of a movement where it was part of your path, part of your divine plan, to grow up in an anti-spiritual society and to demonstrate that you can still find and walk the spiritual path.

But because of your starting point you cannot expect that this will always be easy. You cannot expect that it will always be smooth progress and therefore it is important to have this attitude that when you hit a crisis or an obstacle, when you hit a certain feeling that is not quite as enthusiastic as you had in the beginning, then you need to be willing to recognize that this is part of the path in today’s world.

There is nothing wrong with you because you are going through this. There’s nothing wrong with the path. But given the circumstances that you have grown up in, that you are living in, the collective consciousness, the kind of society you have grown up in, it’s just part of the path.

I know this doesn’t make it any more pleasant but it can at least prevent a mechanism that we see in some students.

You will recognize, most of you, that when you first found the spiritual path it was like a big relief, a new world opened up. You were very enthusiastic and you had what we could very easily call a honeymoon period where everything was wonderful, everything was positive, you were very optimistic, very hopeful. Then after a while that feeling starts fading and for some people it can go into a more severe depression or doubts, a sense of hopelessness that you’re not making progress, that you’re not getting anywhere. But again, this is almost inevitable given your starting point in an anti-spiritual society. Also, given the fact that you did not grow up with any knowledge of the spiritual path, but you grew up with certain attitudes that are antithetical to the spiritual path.

The first element I want to give you is that it is not easy to be a forerunner in today’s age, in today’s society, and therefore you need to have a little patience with yourself. You need to avoid going into the reaction that when the honeymoon is over and you start feeling more difficulties, then you start blaming yourself for this.

We have a previous dispensation called the Summit Lighthouse and to some degree even in the I AM movement, where there was a certain culture, and I’m not saying that this was not based on the dictations we gave at the time, but still there was a culture that went beyond what was actually said in the dictations.

This culture presented the path as a very strict disciplinary process that required you to be a very strong, stalwart, firm chela that followed all the rules and prescripts and gave all the decrees and went to services and didn’t do this and didn’t drink that and didn’t eat this and followed all of these outer rules. There was a certain culture of whether you were the right kind of chela, whether you were a strong chela, a stalwart chela and there was a very judgmental attitude towards those who didn’t live up to these requirements.

This caused some people, when they started feeling these difficulties on the path, to come down on themselves, to start blaming themselves, to start thinking they were not good enough. It caused other people to deny that they were feeling any problems, to simply push them down into the subconscious and continue following all the outer rules. This was simply part of the whole process of this dispensation at the end of the Piscean Age and so on.

I’m not blaming anybody for this. I am simply describing the conditions that were there, the reactions people had and I’m doing it because I want to point out to you that we have not said anything in this dispensation to encourage this kind of mindset and culture. We have been very careful not to present the spiritual path the same way, not to encourage this kind of, quite frankly a black and white mind evaluation of good chelas and not so good chelas and what it takes to be a good student and not a good student. We have not encouraged this. Some people have taken it on by themselves. Some people have carried it with them from past dispensations but if you look at what we have said in this dispensation we have not encouraged it, neither has the messenger encouraged it.

So, the first thing you can do is you can ask yourself, “Do I have this reaction in me? Do I tend to feel that there is a certain standard for how I should be as a student of the ascended masters? Do I tend to judge myself, perhaps even judge others based on such a standard? If I do, where did this standard come from? Have I been involved with spiritual groups, other ascended master dispensations, other spiritual teachings or have I grown up in a certain religion that also presents a somewhat black and white picture of what it takes to be a good follower of that religion or a person who will be saved?”

You will see when you start looking at this, that many religions have such a standard. You can clearly see it from the formation of the Catholic church and forward where it was presented, that all people were sinners, but those who were good Catholics would be saved and all those who were not good Catholics would not go to heaven but could go either to hell or purgatory. You see how this attitude goes very far back in the spiritual life of this planet.

It is clear that as we transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, some spiritual people need to take on this attitude and then demonstrate that you can transcend it, you can overcome it, you can free yourself from it. How do you free yourself from this kind of attitude? Well, you do so by recognizing the teachings we have given on the separate selves. By being exposed to this mindset perhaps for several lifetimes, in fact for most of you for several lifetimes, you have created certain separate selves that judge yourself, that judge your involvement with the spiritual path. And you can then follow the procedure for coming to see these selves.

I do understand very well that there are some people who come to a point where it seems to them that giving decrees no longer works, giving invocations no longer works. But quite frankly, the process for coming to see a separate self is a universal process. It has nothing to do with decrees and invocations even though we have given some invocations to help you go through the process.

The essence of this process is to come to see something that you have not seen before. If we really step back we can say that whenever you come to a point where you start feeling like you are not making progress, you are standing still, everything you did was meaningless – the cause of this reaction is that there is something you have not seen. There is something you have not seen in yourself in the form of a particular separate self but there is also something you have not seen about the spiritual path and even about human psychology in general.

So, let me instill this one thought in your mind and I hope you will accept it and fix it very firmly in your mind, any kind of crisis or slowdown on the spiritual path, it is always because there is something you haven’t seen.

When you recognize this, you can then start looking at what exactly is it I have not seen here in this particular instance? Of course, there are things you have not seen and there will be things you have not seen until you reach the 144th level of consciousness, but that does not matter. What matters is right now, in the situation you are facing right now, in the crisis you are facing right now, “what is it I have not seen?”

When you accept this you can do what we have also told you to do, which is also completely universal, has nothing to do with decrees and invocations, isn’t even particularly a spiritual thing, certainly not tied to any spiritual teaching and that is to look at your own reactions. How exactly am I reacting? There are a variety of reactions that people can have that can cause them to go into a crisis. There are more than I can mention in just one dictation but I will at least give you something to start on.

This will not apply to all of you, it will apply to some of you. Perhaps what I say, there will be some of you that will feel it does not apply to me but then there is something else that you can discover if you keep looking at your reactions, asking yourself what is behind those reactions, trying to look for that separate self and the belief behind it.

The first thing I want to talk about is the concept of the outer path. This is a concept we have talked about before but it has been around for a very long time on this planet. It was of course created by the fallen beings deliberately to distract people from the true spiritual path, which is an inner path. So, there is a very old momentum, there is a collective beast that promotes very aggressively this outer path.

You can see it in the Catholic church for example, where you are presented as a sinner but if you follow the outer rules of the Catholic church, then you will be saved. You are following a set of outer rules and this will guarantee that Jesus will save you. He will come and save you, he will do it for you. The problem with this outer path is that it disempowers you as an individual. Yes, you can follow the outer rules, but as we have said this will not save you and many, many people have lived an entire lifetime believing in the Christian promise whether it is the Catholic or Protestant churches and then after that lifetime found out that they are not going to be saved, they have to go back into embodiment. This is why some people have a distrust of all kinds of religion and spirituality because they have experienced this for a number of lifetimes. The outer path basically says that there are outer requirements you can fulfill and that is enough.

Now there are some students that find the ascended master teachings and they have for several lifetimes been affected by this belief. They have created certain strong separate selves. There are also some students that really do not have this belief, created over several lifetimes, but they choose to take it on in this lifetime or perhaps even for several lifetimes in order to demonstrate how to work through it.

When you find an ascended master teaching, then these selves will say, “Ah, now you have found the ultimate spiritual teaching, the ultimate spiritual path. The Catholic church wasn’t the highest teaching, it wasn’t really able to do it but the ascended masters, their teachings can do it. Now if you just follow all the outer requirements of the ascended master’s teachings and give all the decrees and invocations, then you are guaranteed to be saved, then you are guaranteed to make your ascension.”

Again, there were people who found the Summit Lighthouse teachings or the I AM teachings and they had this attitude and they transferred it to the teachings and they believed that if they kept doing all the teachings, all the decrees, following all the recommendations, all of the rules, they were guaranteed to make their ascension. Some have been disappointed after they passed from the screen of life and realized it wasn’t enough.

But again, we have done nothing in this dispensation to encourage this approach. We have in fact given many teachings on the difference between the outer path and the inner path. We have made it very, very clear that there is only one key to making your ascension and it is the resolution of psychology. There is no other way. There never has been, there never will be. This is what the fallen beings will deny and they have denied primarily because they themselves are not willing to resolve their psychology and because they do not want other people to be free, they can only manipulate people who have not resolved their psychology.

Take note of that sentence, it is only unresolved psychology that allows the fallen beings to manipulate you.

We have given many teachings on the inner path and the outer path that you can study. You can use the teachings about the separate self to realize that you have, if you have this reaction in you, you have certain separate selves that firmly believe in the outer path. And this can bring you, when you keep working with this to a point where you see it, you suddenly see it, you break through it and you accept it.

This is not entirely an easy process, I fully realize that. There are some obstacles that can prevent you from having this breakthrough and one of these obstacles that I want to bring to your attention is the ego.

Yes of course, the ego is always an obstacle but there is a specific aspect of the ego that comes into play here. We have to recognize that the ego wants to keep you trapped in a state of mind where it has control over you so the ego does not want you to discover the spiritual path. The ego would prefer that you did not find an ascended master teaching or that you did not accept it. Or that you did not go into the teaching and start following and practicing the teaching.

Given that you are in an ascended master teaching, your ego was not successful in stopping you but this does not mean, of course, that the ego simply lies down and gives up. The ego will not give up as long as you are in embodiment. What the ego will try to do is, it will try to set you up to fail on the path. It can do this in various ways but I want to mention one particular one here and it is that the ego will try to make you approach the path in such a way that the ego gets something out of it.

The ego will say, “Okay, I will allow you to go on this path but I want something in return, I want something for me.” You are not consciously aware of this but this is what is going on. There are various ways that the ego can set up this bargain with you and one of them is precisely the outer path. The ego will say, “I will allow you to study these teachings, I will allow you to practice the invocations and decrees but do not look into your psychology.” Or perhaps, “Well, you can look into some aspects of your psychology but here is an area you cannot look into.”

In other words, the ego will give you a certain outer view of what the path is about, what it takes to make progress on the path, but it is a limited view.

Still, when you come into the teachings, you feel this wave of enthusiasm and therefore you do not notice the subtleties of what the ego is doing. You just throw yourself at what the path has to offer. You read and read and read on the websites and the books, you give decrees and invocations, and from a certain perspective there is nothing wrong with this. I am not trying to say here, that you are somehow inadequate because of this or that you are making a mistake.

We are the ascended masters, we have tried to explain over and over and over again that we do not judge you the way you judge yourselves. We do not judge you the way the fallen beings judge you, we do not judge you the way other people judge you. We do not judge you at all.

Many of us have been in embodiment on this planet. We know how difficult it is, how heavy the energies are and we know one thing very, very well. You have grown up, as I said, in a difficult environment but there comes a point in your life when now you discover an ascended master teaching and we know very well that you have to start the path wherever you are at in consciousness when you find it. In other words, whatever psychology you have at the time you find the path, this is your starting point. There is nothing else that anyone can do, right?

Think about this very carefully. There is nothing else you can do. You have to start where you are at in consciousness when you find the path and this means that you will have certain attitudes, certain beliefs, certain separate selves that will color how you look at the path.

Do you understand what I am saying? It is inevitable that when you find the path you cannot see the path with the same clarity that you will have at higher levels of consciousness. How can you? You need to start somewhere. You will start the path by looking at it through a certain filter, through a certain coloring. One possible coloring is the outer path, I just need to follow these outer rules and I will make my ascension. But the other is this, that I do not need to look at my psychology or I do not need to look at certain aspects of my psychology. This I will return to later because I want to talk about another aspect of this ego bargain, the bargain the ego strikes with you.

The ego often takes advantage of this initial enthusiasm that you feel. It is a very big contrast for many of you to how you felt before. Many of you grew up, through your childhood and youth, having various difficulties. Feeling like an outsider in society, feeling put down by other people, perhaps even feeling criticized for your spiritual beliefs and the questions you were always asking. You have this sense of you were put down and because you are willing to look at yourself, if you were not willing somewhat to look at yourself you would not find the path, you are wondering whether it is true, whether there is something wrong with you. Then you find a spiritual teaching which says there was not anything wrong with you, you were simply a more evolved, more mature lifestream than most of the people who are not spiritual or who are anti-spiritual.

And this is correct. I am not saying this is not correct. But the ego then will use this, if it can, to make you jump from a certain inferiority complex to the opposite dualistic polarity of the superiority complex.

Now you feel, what the ego feels, that because you are in this ascended master teaching, which is such a high spiritual teaching, you are special, you are someone special. This we have seen over the decades, the centuries, the millennia. This can drive people’s efforts on the spiritual path for quite some time. They become very eager to fulfill all of the requirements, all of the recommendations and the more they do, the more they build this separate self that feels special, superior, very spiritual because of all the outer things that it is doing.

Is there anything wrong with this? Well, as I said, we of the ascended masters do not even look at you or your path in terms of right and wrong. We are simply looking at the mechanism in the psychology that we know from ourselves because we went through it and so we only look at how can we help you with this. It is not that it is right and wrong. It is simply a phase that most people go through when they find an ascended master teaching or find a spiritual path in some other context. It is just part of the planetary conditions and the psychology that many people have taken on. There is nothing wrong with this, there is nothing else you can do.

However, now comes another thought that I would like you to fix firmly in your mind. Do you remember the previous thought? Then you can go back and study the dictation again.

There is always something you have not seen whenever there is a crisis. If you are not at peace, there is something you have not seen.

The next thought I want you to fix firmly in your mind is that the spiritual path has stages. There are stages on the spiritual path.

Why is this so? It is so, precisely because of what I have just said. It is inevitable that when you find a spiritual path, you are at a certain level, you have a certain psychology, you have a certain perception filter, you have a certain coloring of how you look at the path. How could it be otherwise? It cannot be any other way. You have to start where you are at when you find the path and this means that when you first find the path, you are seeing the path in a certain way that appeals to you at that level of consciousness, but you cannot see the path from higher levels of consciousness.

Let us just as an example say that you are at the 48th level when you find an ascended master teaching. We have told you there are 144 levels. Well, at the 48th level you cannot even begin to fathom what these higher levels are, how you look at life at these higher levels. You simply cannot see it, you cannot grasp it and you do not need to. You just need to grasp what it takes to rise to the 49th level and then to hopefully keep going. What I am saying is that the spiritual path has stages, which means that when you start the path, you have a certain limited vision of the path. You can see what you can see, you cannot see what you cannot see.

Now comes another thought. There is nothing wrong with having the vision you have when you find the path but this vision cannot take you to the completion of the path. It does not mean it cannot take you several steps up but it cannot take you to the higher levels of the path. This means that there are certain points on the path where your vision must shift in order for you to go to the next level up.

Now, in this respect, there is another obstacle created by the ego. It is an obstacle that, when the ego projects at you, not only that you are special because you have found this ascended master teaching that is such a high teaching but also that, by finding this teaching you have almost become a perfect being right away. You have at least put yourself firmly on the path and your ascension is guaranteed if you keep following the teaching. In other words, the ego wants to make you believe that either you have shifted by finding a path or you were always special, but you just could not see it until you found this teaching. In other words, the ego wants you to believe that the vision of the path that you have when you find the path can take you to the end.

The ego will want you to think that you do not have to reconsider your vision. You do not have to realize that your vision must necessarily be limited, and that it needs to shift. It wants you to believe that the way you look at the path, at the moment you find it, is the ultimate way and it can take you to the end. It can take you to the end but it will be the bitter end and not the ascension. This you need to recognize.

There are stages of the path. What does it take to go from one stage to the next? You must shift your vision. This is why we, why Jesus had started talking about this bait and switch method that we are using. It is not because we are deceiving people but it is because we realize full well that a person at the 48th level of the path or the 48th level of consciousness can grasp a certain vision of the spiritual path but it cannot grasp the higher visions. We need to say something to give that person something that appeals to the level of consciousness and the vision they have so that they can get motivated to start the path and then we simply have to give teachings that allow the people who apply these teachings to transcend that level of consciousness, to expand their vision.

This does not mean that you suddenly gain the ultimate vision. Is there an ultimate vision of the spiritual path? Well, you could say that when you ascend you see an ultimate vision but on the other hand, people come from many different backgrounds, have many different kinds of unresolved psychology. In a sense, you could say that there is a spiritual path for each person. Each lifestream is walking its individual path that is slightly different from all others. So really, there cannot be just one ultimate vision. It is a meaningless concept.

You need to recognize that as you grow towards higher levels, your vision will continue to expand and refine and that is just part of the path. What this means is that you find the teachings, you become very enthusiastic, you apply yourself, you study the teachings, you give invocations and decrees and perhaps you do this for 10 years, perhaps you do it for five, perhaps you do it for more. But there comes a point where suddenly you are not having the same feeling of enthusiasm. The honeymoon is over, so to speak.

In those beginning years you felt you were making progress. Take very careful note of what I am saying here. You were making progress. You were making progress in that initial enthusiastic phase and as a result of that, you were rising. Let us say you started at the 48th level, perhaps you were rising up in the 60s level and you could rise with the initial understanding of the path that you had. You could rise maybe 5,10, 15 levels with that understanding of the path.

But then there comes a point where that particular calling of the path, the approach you have to the path, cannot take you further. It is like you come to a certain level and now you are actually stagnating. You are treading water, you are not moving forward and you cannot help but feel this in a certain way. Your outer mind, your ego, has to explain this because take note of what is part of the ego’s bargain with you. The ego projects that if you keep doing the outer things that you can see as important at that level, when you find the path, you will make it to the end, you will continue to make progress. So you are thinking with your conscious mind, if I just keep doing what I am doing now and applying the teachings the way I have seen them initially, I will continue to make progress.

Here you are, suddenly you are experiencing, I am not making progress anymore, I am not really getting anywhere, it feels like I am not moving, like it suddenly does not have the same meaning as it used to have.

Now, your outer mind struggles to explain this and your ego is trying to come up with some kind of explanation. For some people, the ego manages to give them an explanation that satisfies them. As I said, some people react by simply denying the feelings and continuing to focus on doing the outer path. Some people, as a result, become very judgmental of others because they are constantly straining inside themselves to follow the outer rules. They become very judgmental of others who are not following the rules the same way. Some people react by switching to the opposite extreme, becoming angry with the teachings giving up on the teachings, giving up on all spirituality.

Some of you are not willing to do either of those extreme reactions. You are not quite willing to give up on a path, but you are not willing to silence the feeling you have. You acknowledge that you are dealing with a crisis and this is, of course, the most constructive reaction. You do not make further progress by giving up on the path, and you do not make further progress by denying that there is a problem and continuing to focus on the other things.

The constructive reaction is to recognize, “I do not feel the enthusiasm, I do not feel like I am making progress, what is happening?” The reason for this is that the vision of the path, the understanding of the path, the approach to the path that you started out with has taken you as far as it can take you. In order to go to the next level up, you have to shift your view, your approach to the path. What does this mean? It does not mean that you shift to the ultimate understanding, but it means you shift to the next level up that can take you another 5, 10, 15 levels of consciousness higher, whatever you can see at that level. This is why as I said, there is always, whenever there is any kind of crisis, any kind of slowdown, there is something you have not seen.

Again, you need to consider: “What is it I have not seen?”

It is something in your outer mind that needs to shift. In a sense, we could say that at the inner levels your growth is ready to step up to the next level but you cannot step up to the left next level because your outer mind is fixated on a certain view of the spiritual path. Until you question that view you cannot consciously move on and that is why you experience at the conscious level the tension, the meaninglessness, the hopelessness, the sense that you are not getting anywhere and it is all because there is a certain viewpoint, a certain belief, a certain image of the path that your outer mind is fixated on.

Again, it is not that it was necessarily wrong. That image took you to your present level from the level you had when you started. It is just time to let go of it and rise to a higher view of the path.

So, there is a multiplicity of these steps you need to go through. There are many individual beliefs that people can have, but again, I will give you some that can at least help you get started on this because many of you will have some of the same patterns because you have taken them on perhaps in past lifetimes in order to demonstrate how people can rise above them. We begin by recognizing that the essential aspect of the spiritual path is to come to see something you cannot currently see. I said the essential aspect is the resolution of psychology, but what is the resolution of psychology?

What is unresolved psychology?

It is that there is some viewpoint, some image that you have in your psychology that your mind is fixated on. It is an image that is holding your mind at a certain level of consciousness, in a certain view of yourself, of life, of the universe, of God and it is limiting you. It is keeping you at that certain level. We have said there is a particular illusion for each of the 144 levels of consciousness but there can be individual versions of these illusions. Even though we have given the course on The Path to Self Mastery where we seek to help you rise from one level to the next, there are still individual illusions you might have at say the 63rd level so that you can have two people who are at that level and they can benefit from reading the teaching that applies to that level, but they still have certain individual beliefs.

That means that, as we have said before, we cannot give you a mechanical process. We cannot, even though we have attempted to give a course that applies to a lot of people with the course to self mastery, it is still not a mechanical process. We cannot have 100 people that follow the course, who  take each book, give the invocations, read the teachings and then in the end they have all reached the 96th level of consciousness. It cannot be done.

There is always a general teaching that can be given, but it needs to be applied individually. In other words, you have a certain belief in your mind and it is expressed in a specific way that has meaning for you. It may not have the same meaning to another person. The other person may have the same belief, but in that person’s mind is expressed with slightly different words. Take note of what I am saying.

What is a word? Go back to Genesis, as flawed as it is, “and God gave Adam the power to name all of the animals and whatever name Adam gave them, that was the name there of.” This does not apply just to Adam. Of course it applies to human beings regardless of the sex of the physical body. The simple fact is that you are naming everything in the material world by using words and words are representations of the thing but they are not the thing in itself, they are a description. They are a description from a distance.

Now, why do you need to name something from a distance? It is because you have gone into the level of consciousness found on earth as an unnatural planet. Therefore, you are not able to project your consciousness into a particular phenomenon. If you could project your consciousness into an apple and experience the consciousness at the emotional, mental and identity levels that precipitated the physical apple, you would experience the consciousness that created the apple. But instead, you are in the state of mind where you see the apple as a thing that is separated from yourself and in order to communicate with others and in order to name it for yourself and feel that you know what an apple is you have to apply a word, you have to describe it with a word.

So words are very much part of the consciousness of earth. Words can be very dualistic and they can be used dualistically but they do not have to be dualistic, they can also be simply descriptions. But even when they are used just as descriptions, as neutral descriptions, then they are still only descriptions, representations of it.

Why is this important? Because in the past, you were exposed to a certain trauma by the fallen beings. This created a reaction in you, an emotional reaction, a mental reaction, an identity level reaction, certainly also a physical reaction. These reactions you had in your mind, they were feelings, they were thoughts, they were a sense of identity but they were experiences.

But it was not these experiences that created the particular self that came out of it, whether it was your original birth trauma that created this primal self or other selves. A self is not created out of the experience. A self is created because the mind grapples to understand the experience because the mind functions in a way that if it can understand something, it thinks it can control it, and then it thinks it can avoid it again.

What actually creates a self is that there is a certain thought, a certain belief expressed in words and words can have similar meanings to different people, but not necessarily completely identical meanings. What I am saying is that you could have two people that both experienced a very similar physical event and they both had very similar feelings or experiences of this event. They both created a self, based on this event, but they used slightly different words to formulate that self and the belief behind it. What does this mean? Well, that means that, what is it going to take for a particular person to resolve a particular self? You have to come to see the belief that defines the self and that means you have to come to see it in words, how it was worded originally. Then when you see it in words you have to come to see that any statement made in words can be neutralized or resolved with another statement made with words.

In other words, you were in a very stressful situation, you formulated a certain belief in your mind because this was the only way you could see it in that particular situation. But if you had been able to step outside of this situation you would have seen it differently you would have formulated a different belief. But because the fallen beings have manipulated you into a very stressful situation, you formulated a very limited belief about yourself and what you were supposed to do, or not do, or what you could or could not do on this planet. This is a limited belief that is holding you back.

What is going to free you from this belief?

Well, it is that you see the limitations. In other words, we might say that the belief that you came up with is like a mathematical formula. The words, the combination of the words, form a formula, a matrix, but as all mathematical formulas it has a solution and the solution is that it can be resolved with another statement in words that neutralizes the previous statement. That means that you now have two people who had a similar experience, experienced the same physical circumstances, but each of them formed a slightly different belief. You can take the statement that would resolve this belief for one person and give it to the other person and it is not going to work for that person. They need to have a slightly different worded statement.

What I am explaining is that the key to resolving a self is to find the particular formula of words, the particular expression of words that shifts your mind, that resolves the previous belief, that neutralizes it and you see it as an illusion. We can go back to a very practical thing, there was a time when people believed, and this was again a statement in words, “The earth is flat.” How can you be free from that belief? You come to accept the statement that says the earth is round. There was a time when people believed that the earth is the center of the universe. You are freed of that by the statement, “No, because the earth revolves around the sun and therefore, it cannot be the center.”

This is of course more complex with these beliefs but you will see that many of you have already gone through this process of discovering a certain worded statement that suddenly shifts your mind. Suddenly you look at a certain issue a different way.

This messenger has described several of them. For example, he came to the point where he suddenly experienced in his mind the statement, “I do not have to do anything on earth.” This resolved a previous self where he thought that there were certain things he had to accomplish on earth, and that he could not leave until he had accomplished them. He suddenly saw, “There is nothing I have to do. I can make my ascension after this lifetime. I do not have to stay with earth indefinitely. I do not have to reembody again and again. I do not “have to” do anything. It does not mean I cannot do things and that I do not want to do things, but I do not have to. I am not compelled to do things.”

For each of you there is that statement that you can discover and this is what you need to do several times on your path because you will come to this point where your view of life, your view of the path, has taken you as high up on the levels of consciousness as it can take you and now you are stagnating, you are standing still.

What you need to do is look at, “What is my basic attitude to the path? What are my beliefs?” Then you need to realize this comes from a certain self that you have taken on and you need to discover the belief behind that self, about what the path is. It could be many, many things, your relationship to God, your relationship to yourself, your view of yourself, the belief that you are a sinner, that you are inadequate, that you did something wrong in past lives. These are general things that you can use to examine yourself and your own reaction.

Now, there are some of you and in fact most of you, who will come to a certain point where you are not only connecting to what we have called the birth trauma, or perhaps you are connecting to the birth trauma, but it is not necessarily that something was done to you.

We have so far mostly talked about the birth trauma as the fallen beings attacking, but this is not the case for all of you. All of you will have had at least certain past lifetimes, that may not have been the birth trauma, but certain other lifetimes where you did something that you later realized was wrong. You might very well have judged this based on the epic mindset projected by the fallen beings that you had made a major mistake. For some of you, this can be such a painful thing that you have buried it deep in your consciousness. Some of you do not even know about it but others have had some insight into what you have done in a past life.

Again, you found the spiritual path and you had a certain view of the path and your ego made a certain bargain with you. So the ego might have said, “If you really apply yourself to the path, you do not have to look at this thing you did in the past. It will just be dissolved by the decrees and you do not have to really go into it and really look at it.” This of course, can work at a certain level because when you first find the path, you are not ready to deal with such a deep trauma from such a long time ago. You need to have an initial period where you deal with lesser traumas. You establish yourself on the path. You get some more understanding.

But there will inevitably come a point where you will have to deal with the deeper traumas. We might say that if you start giving decrees for example, they will dissolve certain energies but they will often dissolve first the less dense energies, the ones that are more easy to resolve. Then after a time you will get to a pool of more dense energy and it takes longer to dissolve.

It is the same thing with these traumas. You start with some of the more simple traumas because that builds you a certain momentum but then there will inevitably come a point where you have to deal with one of the deeper traumas, perhaps the trauma caused by you making what you consider a severe mistake. But if your ego had made you believe that you didn’t have to deal with this particular trauma then your outer mind will resist doing so. In other words, you are coming to a point where the next step on your path is to deal with this trauma but your outer mind is resisting.

This will cause you to stand still. It can even cause you to feel that, “but everything I’ve done so far was meaningless because here I am still facing this trauma that I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with” and there is only one way beyond this. You have to be willing to deal with it. You have to make a decision with your conscious mind that you are willing to deal with it. This may become easier if you can discover a self that resists and discover whatever worded statement defined that self. But you can still accomplish something with the outer mind, deciding, “I am willing to deal with this trauma.”

Another aspect of this is that, what is it that makes a trauma painful? Well, it is partly the emotional reaction, it is just the feelings are very intense. For some people when they find the spiritual path, their ego makes the bargain, “Yes you can follow this outer path and then you do not have to go into the feelings, you do not have to look at the emotions, because that will be taken care of automatically.” This is something that the ego gets because the ego knows that if you do not go into the emotions and resolve them you will not be free of them and that means the ego still has some control over you.

The only way to deal with this is to make a decision with the outer mind, as this messenger did at a certain point, that he will not resist feeling these feelings. Instead of trying to resist them and push them back into the subconscious, he will go right into them no matter how painful it was because he realized that it would only be painful temporarily. Once you have gone into them you would realize it was not really as bad as you thought. The ego projects at you that if you go into these feelings you will die. It will be too much. It will be overwhelming. You go into the feelings and you realize you did not actually die, you are still there and it was not quite as scary.

You can have this willingness. You can use the decrees and invocations to dissolve the energy behind the feelings but behind a certain feeling there is always a self. This self is not just at the emotional level, it is also at the mental level. That means that there comes another level where you need to be willing to look at the thoughts behind the feelings.

Why did you for example, feel embarrassed? You have this very strong feeling of embarrassment at the emotional body but behind it is a mental belief that causes you to feel that “You should feel embarrassed because you did something that was so-and-so stupid.” You also need to be willing to look into that because the ego can make you believe that, “Okay, you can do all these other practices, but you don’t need to look into the thoughts” and you do, you need to look into this. What are the thoughts? What are the beliefs? You might even have to go to the identity level and see that this comes from a certain view of yourself as a person who could make serious mistakes and it is wrong to make serious mistakes. You need to be willing to go into this and look at it.

This is not an easy thing and there are certain stages of the path where this will be difficult to do. I am not saying this applies to everybody. I am not saying you should feel bad if you cannot do it. You need to start where you are and use the tools that are appropriate for that level but there are many of you who are at a point where you can start realizing a very simple mechanism, namely that there is a resistance in you to applying an ascended master teaching to yourself.

As I said, you can go back to the Summit Lighthouse that had a very judgmental culture and in that culture it was so, that when we gave a dictation that exposed a certain psychological mechanism, there were many people that could instantly see how this applied to people they knew but they resisted looking at themselves. In this teaching we have done everything we can to not encourage this kind of attitude because we have made it very clear that it is all about psychology. Nevertheless the ego will always resist you being free and that means the ego is going to try to project at you a certain resistance to seeing something in yourself. That means the ego will try to block your conscious mind from taking a teaching and a specific dictation and looking at yourself and seeing, “How does this apply to me?”

At the lower levels of the path you cannot do this because it is too painful. The ego attempts to put you in a catch-22 where you have accepted a certain sense of superiority because you have found an ascended master teaching and you are applying it very eagerly and this makes you feel special, makes you feel superior. But then the ego projects at you that this feeling could be shattered if you were to acknowledge that you have that particular aspect of the psychology that the ascended masters just talked about. So you should not apply this to yourself. This gives you at the conscious level and even at subconscious levels a certain resistance to seeing something in yourself. But what have I said? The key to progress is to see something you cannot see now. You need, in order to make progress, you need to see certain selves.

When you are at one of these crisis points where you feel like you are not making progress it is because there is a self you have not seen. The only way beyond it is to see it, dissolve it and now you are free. You are free of it. Suddenly those feelings you had that you were not making progress, that you were not getting anywhere, it was all meaningless. They are gone. They are dissolved. But if you do not look, you cannot see. It is like the old story of the English naval commander* who during a battle was told that the flagship had signaled to retreat and he had a patch in front of one eye and he put a binocular in front of that eye and said, “I see no signal – Attack!”

That is what the ego makes you do. You are not opening your eyes to look for these selves. So what can shift this?

You can say it comes from a certain self and it is primarily a self that judges yourself. This is a self or even a conglomerate of selves that are very, very aggressively created by the fallen beings. It is a certain attitude that especially applies to many spiritual students, not all because there are some spiritual students that have such severe blocks, that they are not willing to look at themselves. Most of you and certainly those of you who are making progress on the path, you are willing to look at yourself.

You can look back at your life and you can see that you are not the kind of people who have been always projecting out that it was other peoples’ fault, that other people wronged you. You have to large degree taken responsibility for yourself been willing to look at yourself and say, “What do I need to change?” So you are willing to look at yourself and that is what drives you on the path. But the ego has put a certain mechanism up that there are certain things you should not look at because it is too painful, it is too dangerous, or the ascended masters would condemn you if you had this problem or that you would have to condemn yourself if you had this problem.

So here you are, you have risen through various levels of the spiritual path, now you are at a certain level where you need to deal with a specific self in your consciousness but there is another self, another aspect of ego that makes you feel that if you had this particular tendency, it would be very, very bad. Let us just take an example, among millions of examples, if you were very critical of other people and if you were to acknowledge this it would be very, very bad. We have seen people who are very critical of others but they do not see it. Why don’t they see it? Because if you are critical of others, as we have said, you cannot do to others unless you have first done to yourself. That means you are also very critical of yourself. You are judging yourself very harshly, but you cannot bear this so you push it into the subconscious mind. Right?

So what is the mechanism you have, the self you have in your consciousness? It is a self that judges yourself and for a time you did not have to deal with this. You dealt with the things that were more easy to resolve. But now you have reached a point on your path where you cannot go beyond this level unless you deal with this self that is very judgmental of yourself. But how can you do this?

If you were to acknowledge that you are very judgmental you would judge yourself very harshly through this self. You would feel this was very, very bad. You would have to feel bad about yourself and you would even think, or the ego or the fallen beings will project at you that we the ascended masters would condemn you for having been so judgmental. In other words, you are projecting onto us that we are like the fallen beings or like this self, but we are not.

So what I am saying here is this, all of you have certain mechanisms in yourself. It is not that you have all of the possible mechanisms but you have certain selves that form this catch-22 where you think, this particular self, this particular mechanism is the worst you could possibly have. It is so bad to be this way and if you were to acknowledge that you had this, it would be too much, it would be unbearable. You would condemn yourself so harshly and the ascended masters would condemn you if you had this tendency. Therefore, your ego is projecting at you, “You can look at many other things in your psychology but do not look at this. It is too much! Do not even go there.”

When you follow the path that we have outlined, you will come to a point where you have resolved so many other things that it is no longer overwhelming to deal with this self. You can deal with it but it requires that shift in the outer mind where you decide, I am willing to deal with it. Sometimes you just need to make that decision. This messenger can look back at his path and see how for many years, there were certain things he was willing to look at, but there were certain things he resisted to look at partly because he felt that, “Oh as a good ascended master student there are certain things that I should not have done and if I had done them, I would no longer feel I am a good ascended master student.” Then when he became a messenger, he felt that, “now since I am a messenger for the ascended masters, there is certain unresolved psychology that I should not have” and this gave him a resistance to looking at it.

But whoever said that in order to become a messenger, you have to have completely resolved psychology? Perhaps some previous messengers either said this or believed it or perhaps their followers believed it. But this was not the case and if you take a neutral look at previous messengers you can see that they did not have a completely resolved psychology. They had certain unresolved psychology, which Guru Ma has acknowledged in her book. This required for this messenger, a shift, where he came to see this and he came to see that the real problem is not to have unresolved psychology because it is inevitable on a planet like earth that you have unresolved psychology. You will have some unresolved psychology until you reach the 144th level and resolve that last illusion.

So when he saw this he could make this switch of realizing that what holds you back on the path is not unresolved psychology. What holds you back on the path is unwillingness to look at the unresolved psychology because if you do not look at it, you cannot resolve it. This might require you to step up to another level where you recognize that the primary mechanism used by the fallen beings against the more mature spiritual students is that they want you to believe, as the expression is in the Catholic church that there is that unforgivable sin, there is some psychology that is so bad that it cannot be resolved.

But what have we told you over and over and over again? Nothing in an unascended sphere is permanent. Nothing on an unnatural planet is permanent. Everything is created out of the Mater-light, out of energy that is fixed into a certain matrix but no fear-based lower energy can ever be permanent. It can be dissolved. There is no energy that cannot be raised into purity. There is no belief stated in words that cannot be counteracted by another statement of words.

In other words, there is no unresolved psychology that cannot be resolved. There is unresolved psychology, but there is no such thing as unresolvable psychology. Anything in your psychology can be overcome, but it can only be overcome by looking at it. So what are the fallen beings doing? They are trying to do everything they can to prevent you from looking at the psychology.

And that my beloved is the final thought that I will give you in the time and space that is available. I am not saying it is the final thought we will ever give you but is the final thought I will give you for now. Therefore, I trust that those of you who feel you are standing still, you have reached a certain crisis point, you will carefully study this dictation. Perhaps listen to it many times and really allow the words that I am saying to shift your consciousness.

There is nothing that you cannot resolve. There is nothing you cannot be free from. There is nothing you cannot rise above. There is nothing you cannot transcend!

And when you continue to transcend you will ascend.


*Refers to Admiral Horatio Nelson in the 1801 Battle of Copenhagen.  It is believed that his statement gave rise to the saying, “To Turn a Blind Eye” meaning to ignore undesirable information.


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