How to truly embody the Flame of Mercy

TOPICS: No peace through force – The masculine aspect of love – Allow people to judge themselves – Using the Flame of Mercy to transcend duality – Why the road to hell is paved with good intentions – There are many people of my heart in Central Asia – The final step to embodying the Ruby Ray –

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin, December 28, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

My beloved hearts, I, Kuan Yin, come to greet you in the Flame of Mercy.

Why is it so, that the sound OM is universally recognized? It is because, my beloved, it embodies the very essence of unity, of oneness. Not only oneness between Spirit and matter, but oneness here below, between people who have grown up in very different outer circumstances—and therefore have often been conditioned to look at the differences, and therefore overlook the underlying unity beyond all appearances.

And thus, in order to call people beyond this focus on appearances, we of the ascended masters have released these sounds, these primordial sounds, that are meant to call people back to the essence of a certain flame. To call them beyond the outer differences, that have so easily been used by the fallen mindset to create the dualistic struggle. Where, as Sanat Kumara said, people become seduced by the very fallen mindset itself: that something has gone wrong and something needs to be fixed. And it needs to be fixed by you getting everyone to accept a certain outer appearance, a certain system, a certain philosophy.

No peace through force

Look, my beloved, what you in this area have experienced while under the influence of the Soviet Union. What was the essence of the communist system, the communist ideology? Well, it was to attempt to create one system, and then force it upon all people, under the guise that this would then bring them into unity, even harmony and peace. It was the old lie that if we can force all people to follow our system, then there will be peace on earth.

This is, of course, one of the central plots of the fallen beings, for they came to this earth not to bring peace, but they must talk about peace in order to ensnare those who are not of the fallen bands, who are not of the fallen consciousness, but have in their hearts the sense that they are here for a purpose.

So what, then, is the key to balancing your inner knowing that you came to this earth in order to help this earth rise to a higher level, yet you cannot fulfill this mission by allowing yourself to be pulled into the dualistic struggle created by the fallen beings? Well there is not simply one solution to this dilemma. Yet each spiritual flame has its own solution for the people who resonate with that flame.

And thus, the essence of what we of the ascended masters are doing, and have been doing, is to call people to a remembrance of their central flame: the one out of which they came before they descended to earth. And this is, of course, the flame that will bring them back, also, to remembering who they are. And thus being the open door for expressing their flame in this world, where it can call others to remember who they are, where it can therefore call all people to look beyond appearances and tune in to the flames.

The masculine aspect of love

For even though there are many flames, they can never be in conflict. There is no conflict, no duality, no division in the spiritual realm. And thus, you see, when Sanat Kumara volunteered to come to earth, he naturally came bringing the Flame that he had embodied. Venus has so often been associated with love, the planet of love. And this is precisely because Sanat Kumara brought that Love Flame from Venus. Yet what Sanat Kumara brought, as the Ruby Ray fire, was the masculine aspect of the Flame of Love.

For you see, when you step into the dualistic realm, you will project an image upon the spiritual flames. So naturally, you have the third ray of love, and the third ray of love that most spiritual students are familiar with, can be said to be the Omega or the Mother aspect of love. And once you take a concept or a spiritual flame and bring it into the realm of matter, then it is inevitable that people will project upon it the images they hold in their minds.

Which is precisely why you see so many people on this earth, who have various images of what love is and what it means to express love. So then, what Sanat Kumara decided to bring to earth was indeed the masculine aspect of the third ray of love, which is the Ruby Ray fire. Now, you must understand, my beloved, that once we give you a concept of the Ruby Ray, then anything expressed in words has entered the realm of matter. And when we give a concept expressed in words, it is indeed possible for people to project upon that concept their own dualistic images.

And so, since we have, in the past, talked about the Ruby Ray, various spiritual students have projected images upon it. Some even making it seem like it is a dualistic flame, used for a higher form of judgment. But you see, the Ruby Ray fire does not actually judge. For did not Jesus say: “Judge not after appearances,” and this means that when you are beyond duality, you are beyond judgment after appearances. And therefore, you do not actually judge people or situations.

You simply are who you are, and you express who you are through the I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE aspect, that you are when you are in physical embodiment. And so, when you are beyond duality, but still in embodiment, you do not judge other people, you do not judge their mental images, you do not judge their actions. You are who you are, and you allow people to project upon you whatever they want to project—and that then becomes their own judgment. As they judge themselves by projecting upon your flame, instead of taking in that flame and using it to transcend their appearances, their images in which they are stuck.

Allow people to judge themselves

Do you see, my beloved, even though I have said that the Ruby Ray fire is the masculine aspect of love – and thus an outgoing aspect – judgment is never outgoing. It is only in its perverted aspect, where people judge after appearances, that they think judgment is outgoing, and you have to go around judging others or calling forth the judgment of others.

Yet in the true Ruby Ray fire, there is no judgment. This may require you to stretch the mind beyond the breaking point, for the mind will not understand this in a linear way. But the heart can know, that when you go beyond duality, you do not judge. For how do you go beyond duality? You go beyond by no longer seeing through the filter of the dualistic scale. And so, when you are not looking through this, you are not seeing any appearances as real. And what is the need to judge that which is unreal?

Is there a need to judge whether one unreal manifestation is better or worse than another unreal manifestation? Nay, for you see that they are both unreal and they both keep people trapped. So your desire is to set people free, and what is the point of then judging, when all needs to be transcended? You see, it is not that one unreality is better or worse than another, for even that which people judge as good can keep them trapped and keep them from transcending the level of duality.

There are many, my beloved, who see themselves as being good, as being spiritual, yet  they are as trapped in duality as the ones that they judge as being evil or not spiritual. For it is precisely the judgment of oneself and others according to appearances, that keeps you trapped in duality. And thus, when you are trapped in duality, you cannot be the open door for the Ruby Ray fire. You may think you are; you may have created a mental image of the Ruby Ray fire, but it is just an image.

You cannot truly be the Ruby Ray fire in action, until you transcend the need to judge after appearances. And so, given that there are various ways to transcend this desire to judge, I, Kuan Yin, desire to offer you one way, namely how the Flame of Mercy can help you transcend the desire to judge.

Using the Flame of Mercy to transcend duality

Again, mercy and forgiveness have had images projected upon them, images of duality. People think that in order to forgive another, that other person has to live up to certain conditions. But even beyond this, people think that in order to forgive, the other person must have done something that is wrong. For if you have not done something wrong, why would you need forgiveness?

But you see, my beloved, beyond this level there is the pure Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy. This is an active flame, where you forgive before any wrong has been committed. For you have transcended the need to judge based on right and wrong. And therefore, you are not for-giving people, you are not extending mercy to people, based on the idea that they have done something wrong and they deserve or need to be forgiven. You are being the open door for the stream of the active Flame of Mercy, that can burn away not just what people label as wrong but also what they label as right—and thus burn away both of the dualistic extremes, that of course cannot exist without each other.

And so, do you see, that so many people have come in contact with a spiritual teaching, be it the teachings of the Buddha or the teachings of Christ, and they have come to see the need to forgive, as both these teachers said and as almost all other spiritual teachers have said. And so, these people look at their lives and what other people have done to them, and they say: “This person did something wrong but I will forgive him.”

And then, when they have forgiven, they feel that now they must be spiritual because they have forgiven. Yet, in judging themselves as being spiritual compared to the people that they have forgiven, they still affirm and re-affirm the dualistic view, the judgment after appearances. For if you distinguish between right and wrong – or between spiritual and not spiritual and more spiritual and less spiritual – you are still engaged in the dualistic judgment after appearances.

So there is a higher way to look at the Flame of Mercy, the Flame of Forgiveness. And it is that it has no dualistic aspect whatsoever. People do not need to have done something wrong for you to extend the Flame of Mercy. For the Flame of Mercy is beyond right and wrong. Those who have not committed a wrong – but believe they have done something right according to an earthly standard – are as much in need of deliverance as those who see themselves as sinners or criminals or whatever.

Why the road to hell is paved with good intentions

In fact, those who believe they are doing good according to an earthly standard are often more trapped, than those who recognize themselves as having done something wrong according to an earthly standard. It is not insignificant that you have the saying that “The road to hell is paved with good intensions.”

For indeed, you will see that many of the people who promoted communism had good intensions. They had simply been ensnared by the subtle serpentine logic of the fallen beings. They truly believed that this would bring about a better world. But of course, the lie is that people would only accept communism by being forced to do so, and thus it was justifiable for the greater good to force them.

For surely, once they had been forced into accepting communism, they would eventually come to see its wonderful qualities and thus accept it voluntarily. Which, of course, is disproven by the fact, that as soon as there was an opportunity, all of the former Soviet republics took that opportunity to throw off the yoke of the communist system.

And so, you see, you might think that Russia and the Russian people who forced communism upon other nations are in need of mercy and forgiveness. You might even think that the capitalist West has been proven right by the fall of communism, and thus it must prove that capitalism is superior. Yet the reality is, of course, that the capitalist system is just the dualistic polarity to the communist system. And thus, the West is in a way more in need of mercy and deliverance than is Russia and the Russian people—although, certainly, there is also a need of deliverance in Russia from the communist mindset, that has not yet been shed fully by many among the people.

There are many people of my heart in Central Asia

So why, then, am I giving this release here in this heart of Central Asia? I am giving it here because I desire you to understand, that many of the people here in Central Asia, which includes a large part of China, are indeed people of my heart. People who have embodied that pure Flame of Mercy, which says that when some outside aggressive force comes and wants to force the communist system upon us, then we allow this to happen. For we know that we can exist within a communist system and still be the open doors for the Flame of Mercy.

And thus, this is what you have seen in China and in these Central Asian countries. You have seen that Flame of Mercy, where the people are not aggressive and do not fight back with violence, when a force comes and wants to suppress them with violence. And this is why you see – in this nation of Kazakhstan and in other neighboring countries and in large parts of China and in Tibet as well – this willingness to submit to the outside force, out of an inner knowing that you can maintain your core identity under any system.

And as soon as there is an opening, then you can throw off the yoke and express your flame more openly and clearly. This is, indeed, the active quality of mercy, where you see many people – and certainly all of you who are here – who have already embodied this and know that there is no need for violence. But you also know that there is no need for judgment. There is only a need to set all life free from these judgments after appearances.

This is the true Flame of Mercy, where you set all life free from identification with appearances. And this is the quality that you have embodied in this nation of Kazakhstan, in certain neighboring countries and in large parts of China. This is indeed, a flame that has been anchored for the planet throughout the Himalayan region, the larger Himalayan region. It is a flame that was embodied here a long time ago as a balance to the Ruby Ray fire.

For truly, you cannot be the open door for the Ruby Ray fire, unless you have first truly embodied the Flame of Mercy in its pure form. For if you have not become one with the desire to set all life free, then you cannot give birth to the Ruby Ray. You will instead give birth to a perverted form of the Ruby Ray based on a dualistic value judgment, where you think that certain appearances need to be judged or consumed by the Ruby Ray, even to the extent that certain people need to be judged and consumed by the Ruby Ray.

But you see, the Ruby Ray does not desire to consume any lifestream. It desires to consume the appearances that entrap the lifestream. And there is an essential difference. And only when you fully embody the wisdom that allows you to know the difference, can you then give birth to the Ruby Ray fire in your heart.

Many of you who are physically here, many of you who have grown up in this region, and many people around the world, have gone very far in terms of embodying this Flame of Mercy. Thereby setting the foundation for acknowledging that you are part of the 144,000, and that it is your mission to be an open door for the Ruby Ray fire.

The final step to embodying the Ruby Ray

But many of you have not yet taken the final step. And thus I, Kuan Yin, will offer you that if you will listen to this release and read it many times over, if you will give my mantra: the OM MANI PADME HUM, and if you will ask every night to come to my retreat, then I will tutor you personally in how you can see through these last dualistic illusions that keep you trapped in the sense there is something you have to fix, and therefore you have to force other people in some way.

My beloved, many years ago, many eons ago, Lord Maitreya asked the question of the Karmic Board: “Can we win them with kindness? Can we win the people of earth with kindness?” And he was told that yes, it was possible to convert people with kindness, but only by embodying the 144 shades of kindness. And certainly there is a range of kindness, from very active, masculine kindness to very feminine kindness. But there is no place in the 144 shades of kindness for force.

You cannot force people to be kind. And you cannot show them kindness through force. Neither can you, of course, force people to be merciful. You can not show them mercy through force. And neither can you force people to receive the Ruby Ray fire, nor can you show them the Ruby Ray fire through force.

There is no force in the spiritual realm; it is only in the realm of the fallen consciousness that you have force. And until you truly understand this, you will not be free of the desire to fix someone or something.

Thus, you see, you can gain a different perspective on the cold war by looking at it with this in mind. Those who were the leaders of the communist system, were thinking that they had to force the world to accept communism. And those who were the leaders of the capitalist system were thinking they had to force capitalism and democracy and freedom upon the world, as recently expressed by George Bush in his speech about the axis of evil.

But you cannot force democracy, you cannot force freedom, and thus it is only the lie of the fallen beings. And the antidote to the lie of the fallen beings is partly the wisdom, where, as Jesus said, you become wise as serpents. But the other part of it is to become harmless as doves, because you tune in to the pure flame that is beyond duality and thus has no force in it.

How can you be forcefully harmless, my beloved? Ponder this. Ponder this: “forcefully harmless.” And you will see that your mind cannot wrap itself around it. But your heart can go beyond it and tune in to the true flame of harmlessness, which is also the true Flame of Mercy that I AM.

Thus, I give you this opportunity to study with me, to be tutored by me. Read and listen to this release and to the release of Sanat Kumara. Ask to be taken to my retreat, that you may be free from the last blocks that prevent you from fulfilling your destiny of being the open door for the Ruby Ray, the true Ruby Ray that is beyond force.

Thus, I seal you in the true Flame of Mercy, that is also beyond force. For it is truly harmless. Not only is it “less” than harm, it is less than any dualistic quality or appearance. Whatever appearance you may have, it is always less than that. And in being less than the dualistic appearance, it is always more: the MORE that I AM. Be sealed, then, in this Flame of Unconditional Mercy.

NOTE: Kuan Yin’s etheric retreat, the Temple of Mercy, is located near Beijing, China.


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