How to stop rejecting the abundance of the Divine Mother

TOPICS: Manifesting material abundance – Imagining having material wealth – Fearing to have material wealth – The fear of material freedom – Choices in the time-space continuum – How to experience gratitude – Seeing life as an opportunity to express light – Share a universal spiritual bond –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 23, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come for this occasion as the twin flame of Master MORE. As we have explained, in the ascended realm we are far more fluid beings than what you can conceive of in the outer mind. Thus, we have the ability to blend with each and every other ascended master. When I come as the twin flame of Master MORE, Master MORE becomes more Mary and I become, then, MORE. Thus, I wish to discourse with you as a continuation of the previous teachings, but I wish to relate it to some of the topics that you have asked for this conference.

Manifesting material abundance

One of them is the abundant life and how to manifest the abundance you require. Let me say to you that the Divine Mother is more than happy to give you the abundant life both materially and psychologically, and the Divine Father is more than happy to give you the abundant life spiritually. So I will give you the perspective of the Divine Mother, and I wish to bring out the thought that since the representatives of the Divine Mother and the Ma-ter light itself will gladly outpicture abundant material circumstances, the question to ask is: “Why you do not have it, why does such a large part of humanity live beneath the poverty level, why do they not have material abundance?”

As Master MORE just said, everything is subject to free will. There is an individual free will and there is what becomes a collective will, which is not really one unified will but is made up of the entire chaotic blending of the individual wills of people in a society or even humanity as a whole. What we have taught before is that people have various dramas created by the ego. Therefore, I can say with absolute certainty that if you do not have the abundant life it is because there is some kind of drama that causes you to reject what the Divine Mother offers you.

Now, in some cases your particular personal situation may be tied in to the collective situation in your area. I am not trying to give you the idea that you can always say that if you don’t have abundance there is something wrong with you. You may be living in a certain area, a certain nation, among a certain group of people for a higher purpose, for a spiritual purpose; and there are situations where it would be very difficult to manifest abundance in that nation.

What I say here does not apply universally, but let us acknowledge the fact that most of the people who are currently open to ascended master teachings live in countries that have a greater degree of affluence. Therefore, there is also a greater degree of opportunity to acquire material wealth. Now, on the one hand let me make it clear that we of the ascended masters look to our students and we have only one evaluation: “How can we help them fulfill their individual divine plans?”

Your divine plan does not necessarily require you to become wealthy materially, and therefore we are not setting up a standard saying that there is anything wrong with you as a student or as a person if you do not have abundant wealth. Yet if you feel that you would like to have more material abundance than you have, then I suggest you consider what kind of human dramas you might have taken on in this and perhaps previous embodiments.

Imagining having material wealth

For this purpose, start by looking at your family and the society in which you live. People play many different dramas. For example, there are many people all over the world who are outplaying the drama that they are somehow the less fortunate classes, the working class who can only take whatever jobs are available. There are many people who have grown up in families where no one has ever gone on to receive a higher education for they simply could not conceive of doing so. Traditionally, you see many societies where it is believed that you need a certain amount of intelligence, a certain amount of ability, in order to receive a higher education, but you first of all need the attitude that you are willing, that you are able and that you are worthy. This is precisely what is lacking in many people.

There are many families where they look at themselves as just workers, and they almost look down upon those who have a higher education. Therefore, many parents, without even realizing this, discourage their children from going on to pursue an education. There are likewise many families that can only conceive of themselves as having a job offered by others. They could never conceive of starting a business where they might offer jobs to others. This is not because they don’t have the ability or the opportunity, but they do not have the mindset. They cannot even imagine and believe that they could do this.

The Divine Mother, the Ma-ter light can outpicture any possible circumstance. What do you need in order to outpicture a certain circumstance? You must first be able to imagine it, and here be careful to listen to what I am saying. Surely, all of you can watch a program on television where they portray some rich people that live in a huge house, have five or six cars, and spend money as if it was water. But can you imagine yourself being in a position of having material abundance?

You see, there are so many times where people’s imagination does imagine easily being rich, but there is a gap in imagination between this image of what it means to be rich and then seeing yourself in that position. What is it that makes up the gap? Well, it is precisely these dramas that you have taken on. For example, as I said, many people around the world somehow look at themselves as being only poor and actually look down upon, or look at it as something to be avoided, to be rich. They cannot imagine themselves in that position and thus what is the Ma-ter light and the Divine Mother giving to these people? Exactly what they are subconsciously saying that they want.

Fearing to have material wealth

The Divine Mother serves. We serve by giving you the experience, the exact material conditions that correspond to what you carry in your subconscious minds. If you carry a drama that says you want to be disadvantaged, you want to be limited by material circumstances, we must give it to you. Now, we may, according to cosmic law, accelerate this tendency so we actually give you more and more severe material conditions until you open your mind to the potential of something better by changing the contents of your mind, precisely by looking at what dramas you are outplaying.

What is your excuse for rejecting the abundant life? Many spiritual people have in past embodiments lived in what we called monastic conditions where you have retreated from the world, where you have renounced material possessions. This has been an ideal in both Eastern and Western religions for thousands of years. Many of you have, lifetimes ago, decided that you wanted to pursue a spiritual lifestyle as you saw it at the time. In doing so you did, those lifetimes ago, accept certain beliefs; certain beliefs about material wealth that are actually still in your subconscious mind and that might very well be blocking the manifestation of material abundance. There is a part of you that wants it but there is another part that pushes it away.

You will, of course, see, many of you, that you have observed what happens to many people who have great material abundance and how they often cannot handle it. They have changed in many ways, often even to the point of behaving in a way that is clearly not in accordance with any higher spiritual principles. Therefore, you might have a subconscious fear of what would happen to you if you had great wealth. Could you handle it? Or would it actually take you away from the spiritual path?

These are legitimate concerns, but if you truly want to grow then consider why you shouldn’t be able to handle having material wealth. Why should this be a problem for you if you are willing to look in the mirror and continue to work on your psychology as you have been doing? Certainly, you would be able to handle this in a responsible manner by continuing the process you know is the spiritual path: using our teachings, observing yourself, being honest and straightforward. Certainly, many of you can handle it.

The fear of material freedom

Now I wish to go to a deeper level. I wish you to recognize, and ask yourself why people have created the dramas, and this very much has something to do with what Saint Germain discoursed on, namely the mindset that blocks the golden age. Saint Germain is, of course, the Master of Freedom, and I am and can be his twin flame as well. Thus, Saint Germain has earlier given the teaching that many people are actually afraid of freedom.

It is truly a challenge to stand there, having gained some mastery on the Seven Rays, and now you are on the Seventh Ray towards that final exam. What do you have to do to pass the final exam and move on from the 96th level of consciousness? You have to do what Master MORE talked about: You have to be willing to exercise your free will, to make choices, to make a choice as to what you will do with your creative abilities. I can assure you that there are many spiritual people who, over many past lifetimes, have built up this sense that they should not be rich.

The reality behind it all is that you are actually afraid to have the freedom that it gives you to have abundant material wealth. You are afraid of what you will do with it. How will you use the money? Would you hoard it and use it to build more and more wealth as some rich people do? Would you buy more and more material things?

Do you see, my beloved, that it is possible to be afraid of having freedom to the point where you subconsciously limit yourself? Because if you do not have the money, then you do not have to make the choice about how to spend it. This then ties in with what Master MORE said; that you have accepted the mindset of the fallen beings where there is always a standard of right and wrong.

But you see, when you reach a certain level of the path – and certainly when you are at that 96th level where you must either go down or you must go up towards Christhood – then you face that initiation. You must be willing to express yourself and say: “This is my choice, this is my individual choice. It is not a matter of right and wrong for I know enough to not express myself in a selfish manner. Therefore, I am willing to make a choice and realize that the way I am expressing myself is one among millions of possible ways but it is the right one for me at this very moment, given who I am in the time-space continuum.”

Choices in the time-space continuum

You see, the unique quality of time and space is that you can only be in this moment right now, you can only be in this location right now. You are in a certain situation, there are certain conditions here and therefore you have a unique opportunity to express your creativity in this situation. Tomorrow, or ten years from now, you will have moved on and will be in a different circumstance in time and space. You will be in a different circumstance in consciousness and thus you make a different choice not bound by the choices you made in the past.

This is one of the challenges that many ascended master students face. You have been on the path for some time, you have risen to a certain level of Christhood and therefore you cannot look back and say: “I must continue to follow this outer rule” or “I must continue to make choices today based on the choices I made yesterday.” This is what the fallen mindset, including your own ego, will whisper in your ear: “You have been such and such a person in the past, you must continue to be this way.”

What did Master MORE say? “Free will is free!” It is as free as you allow it to be through your imagination and your willingness to transcend the past, to leave it behind, to look at these ghosts from the past and say: “Get thee behind me Satan for you are no longer part of who I am today, and thus I will not choose today based on what I chose in the past for the past be gone!”

How to experience gratitude

This is when you can begin to step up and look at each situation you encounter in life in a different way. If you will look again at the dramas that people are outplaying, you will see that a large majority of the people on this planet have a very subtle mindset where they see themselves as victims of outer circumstances.

I know you can set up gradations and say that some people really are facing very difficult outer circumstances, but I tell you that even many people in the richer countries who actually have very good material conditions, they still have a subtle sense that they are limited by outer conditions. They can only react to them, and that they can only react in certain ways, often by doing the same thing they have been conditioned to do by their parents and upbringing, therefore continuing to make the same choices they have made in the past. Of course, when you look at life this way, you look at life as one continuous string of challenges that are coming at you, that are seeking to overwhelm you and that are limiting you.

When you look at life this way, life is not fun, is it? This ties in to another topic that you brought up for this conference: how to experience gratitude, and how to be in the stream of gratitude. Well, when you see life as something that is imposed upon you where there are constantly outer circumstances or other people who are impinging upon you – making demands upon you, forcing you or trying to force you to go here and there or do this or that or even to react – then you lose your joy in life. How can you feel gratitude in life when there is no joy? How can you feel joy if there is not creative freedom?

Do you see that when you make the shift I have outlined, when you are willing to make choices and say: “This was the best I could do in that situation, this was how I wanted to express myself in that situation” and then be at peace with that, then you can begin to see life, not as an endless string of forced situations but as an endless string of opportunities to express yourself, to express your creativity, to share your Presence.

As Master MORE said, if you can become non-attached to outer results, you see that in any situation – no matter how limited it might seem – you have the opportunity to share your Presence—and this will make a difference. It will make a difference to some people, it will make a difference by bringing light into the collective consciousness. It will make a difference to you by adding on to the momentum where you actually dare to imagine the highest possible outcome, where you dare to now imagine, even with your outer mind, the images that your I AM Presence is holding for you. You dare to imagine that there is no gap between the vision of your I AM Presence and the fulfillment of your divine plan and the materialization of that divine plan. You see yourself and you accept yourself as having the conditions that your I AM Presence sees for you.

You are “as above so below.” You have united your vision with what is above, you have dared to overcome the dramas that separate you and can make you unable, unwilling, to accept that what your I AM Presence envisions for you can be manifest by the Ma-ter light and by the Mother realm. Thus, you can come to the point where you do not see the Ma-ter light or the Divine Mother as your enemy, as someone who is forcing something upon you by outpicturing all of these unpleasant material conditions. Instead, you see the Divine Mother as your greatest friend and supporter who only wants to nurture you in your growth toward Christhood. The Divine Mother sees you as the Christ child, and when you begin to see yourself as the Christ child, then you are beginning to work with the Divine Mother instead of working against material conditions, thinking you have to force your way to have certain conditions.

Instead you simply tune in to your I AM Presence, accept the vision of your I AM Presence, see the vision of reality and let the Divine Mother outpicture it in the cycles of time, being patient, knowing that the call compels the answer but that there are certain cycles in the material universe that must be fulfilled, in many cases. Although there is certainly also the potential for an instant manifestation, as you saw in the life of Jesus, but that requires a higher level of self-mastery, a higher level of oneness with the Presence where you have no gap between you and the Presence because you can say with Jesus: “I and my Presence are One.”

Seeing life as an opportunity to express light

This is the key to gratitude: You see life as an opportunity, even as an opportunity to learn. You realize the Divine Mother only presents you certain material conditions in order to give you an opportunity to learn, to give you an opportunity to consciously decide that you want more. When you come to a certain level, there is no contradiction between wanting more and still feeling gratitude for what you have. You see what you have as an opportunity to express your creativity and to share your Presence, yet you are still looking for the future to bring your more opportunities to express your Presence. You are not actually looking to have, to own, to control and to preserve something. You are looking to receive greater opportunities to express your creativity and to share your Presence and therefore do more and more to increase the light in the material world. Increasing the light is your true labor of love.

Whatever conditions you face, there is the potential to express the light of your Presence. When you do this, you have multiplied the talents. As Jesus’ parable demonstrates, then you will be given more for I can assure you that we of the ascended masters, we, the representatives of the Divine Mother, want to see the abundant life manifest for all people on earth. We know that this can only be done by releasing more spiritual light, but we also know that we can only release spiritual light through those in embodiment who are willing to become the open doors. Therefore, we are standing up here having more light than we could possibly hold, we are just looking to have that light be born, that it can be released into the material world. We are just looking for anyone who will give us an opening for releasing this light.

You who are the spiritual students, who know the ascended masters, you have the potential to make the effort to be the open doors for the flow of this light. This is what we desire for you, this is what we envision for you. This is why we give you teachings and tools, and truly we have given you already so many teachings and tools that most of you who have found our teachings can manifest the abundant life. We will, of course, continue to give teachings as we hope to reach wider and wider groups of people who might need slightly different teachings, slightly more simple or slightly more profound or just slightly different ways of expressing the same eternal truth and principles that have been expressed in the past in other ways.

Truly, as Master MORE said: How will you truly use a teaching? Not by learning it by heart with the outer mind but by looking beyond the teaching, using it as a ladder to climb into the heart of the ascended being that released the teaching. This is the key, the absolute key, to matter-realization. I AM the master of matter-realization, thus I will work with anyone who applies to my heart to learn the process of materializing the spiritual images, concepts, the spiritual reality.

Share a universal spiritual bond

Now then, I wish to express the gratitude of myself, the gratitude of all the ascended masters, for these twin conferences that you have had in Novosibirsk and here in Almaty. I can tell you that it is a great joy to us to see what you have brought forth, through your coming together, through you invocations and decrees, through your being the open door for the light released from our side. You have formed an arc of light between Almaty and Novosibirsk. If you could see it in the etheric realm, you would see it almost like a rainbow stretching from one city to the other. Yet when you see it from a distance, it radiates a golden light and when you look at it more closely, you see the hues of the seven Rays on the golden background with the golden light shining through each of the colors of the rays.

This is a most beautiful sight, a most beautiful sight, my beloved. We are very grateful for this arc of light for it is actually a potential to create a greater connection between the two nations, especially the Eastern part of Russia and the nation of Kazakhstan and the other nations in this area who should, according to the golden age blueprint of Saint Germain, start forming a region. A region where there is cooperation between the people based on the geographical location and also the natural resources and also the mindset that they share.

I encourage those of you that are spiritual people to consider what we have said about looking beyond outer divisions. I encourage you to recognize that there are indeed people, both those that were part of the former Soviet Republics and other people, who look with some suspicion upon the Russian people. I encourage you to recognize there is a tendency for many among the Russian people to look with suspicion upon non-Russians and to look down upon certain nations.

There is a certain tendency for Russia to look down upon the people of Kazakhstan for the Russians do not understand the qualities of peace embodied by these people. Yet I encourage you who are the spiritual people to look beyond this and to form a bond in your hearts where you recognize that you are first and foremost spiritual people and that there are spiritual people in every nation, in every nationality and in every ethnic group. In every grouping that you see there are the spiritual people who share a universal bond.

My beloved, do you not see what Saint Germain has said that in the golden age people will not be divided by all these outer things? There will be the arising of a universal consciousness of oneness. Not one that destroys diversity but that sees oneness behind diversity and therefore sees the diversity as beautiful, unique expressions of the same oneness, therefore never seeing it as a threat. My beloved, how shall this universal consciousness be born in the physical unless it is born through the spiritual people? Thus if you cannot see beyond outer divisions and characteristics and form a bond of the heart, how shall we have the non-spiritual people manifest such a consciousness? How can they manifest this if they don’t have examples to follow? And who shall be the examples if not you?

You might indeed visualize that in the future you build these golden arches of light, the golden arches of light of the seven rays between all nations and all groups of people. You may, as you come in greater contact with spiritual people from other nations, envision it between yourselves and those nations. There are representatives here from other nations, nations in the West, Hungary, America; other nations, and you may visualize these golden arches from here to South Korea, from here to other nations where people have tuned in over the Internet, a golden arch to Ukraine, to Belorussia, to other areas and cities in the Western part of Russia: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, other cities from which people have come. You may, all of you who have come to either this conference or the conference in Novosibirsk, manifest a golden arch between these two cities and your home city and your home nation. Visualize how the light is streaming from the focuses created by these two conferences directly to your hearts and spreading out to your city and nation.

Whoever may in the future read or hear these dictations, visualize this golden arch to where you are. Visualize the light, visualize how the light consumes the outer divisions and be willing to have it consume your own prejudices that you might hold towards people of other nations or other groups. Be willing to see the universal behind diversity for this is the role of the representatives of the Divine Mother, such as myself and Kuan Yin. We see beyond the diversity, we see the Christ child and the Christ potential in each human being and we only seek to nourish that Christ child in each and every one of you.

Thus, I give you my great gratitude for these two conferences. You have indeed achieved a breakthrough that will have important ramifications not only for the nations of Kazakhstan and Russia but for the world at large. East can indeed meet West, but it can only do so in the heart of the Divine Mother. Thus, be sealed in my peace and in my infinite gratitude.


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