How to Stop Projecting in

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Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels, January 16, 2017.

I AM the Ascended Master Hilarion. What do you encounter at the fifth level of my retreat? Well, as I have already said, you encounter the need to take a look at what you are projecting in at yourself.

Let us begin by looking at the fact that most of the people that follow this course will have been on the spiritual path for some time. You have probably studied several spiritual teachings, maybe been part of several organizations or followed several gurus. You have probably read many books that are maybe popular out there among spiritual people. What has happened as a result of this process? Well, what has happened is that you have taken in certain ideas, certain very subtle beliefs, and you have used them to create an image in your mind of what it means to be a spiritual student, what it means to follow the spiritual path. Many people have followed ascended master teachings for decades and they have built an image of what it means to be a good ascended master student.

Your image of a good spiritual student

Now again, what have I said several times? There is nothing wrong with this because you can do nothing else at a certain level of the path. It is not that what you have been doing is wrong. It is not that I am here to tell you that this was wrong. What I am here to tell you is that it is now time to take a look at this and realize that you need to let go of at least some of these ideas. As you complete this course of self-mastery, I can assure you that you will have to let go of all of your ideas.

How can I say this? You may have followed an ascended master teaching that talks about what it takes to walk the spiritual path. Is it not natural that you use such a teaching to build an image of what a spiritual student should be like? Yes, my beloved, it is natural that you do this, but are you not beginning to understand that the path of self-mastery means overcoming the outer self, the separate self? Do you not realize that in order to attain self-mastery, it is not a matter of forcing the outer self or giving the outer self some special abilities?

The goal of the path to self-mastery is not to somehow make the outer self acceptable in the eyes of God so that he will let it into the kingdom of heaven. This is what the fallen beings would like to see happen and what they are projecting out there through the false teachers in or out of embodiment. You will not attain self-mastery by perfecting the outer self, the separate self—it cannot be perfected.

You will attain self-mastery by coming to the point where you are able to exercise your creative power without having it be affected by the outer self. You are free of the outer self so that you are not the “doer” but your I AM Presence is the doer through the Conscious You and your four lower bodies. This is, again, subtle because rising to the 96th level does not mean that you have no desires at all. It does mean that your desires at the personal level are in alignment with the desires in your Divine plan, the desires that you yourself chose before you came into embodiment. They are also in alignment with the individuality built into your I AM Presence, the individuality that you have partly built through your past embodiments.

Creativity and the separate self

What you need to recognize here is that as you have walked the spiritual path up until this point, you have taken in certain ideas and you have used them to formulate an image in your mind of what you should be like as a spiritual student. This means, among other things, how you should express your creativity, given that you are a spiritual student. The reason you need to look at this is very simple. At each stage of the path, at each level of the path, you have (as I said) certain illusions. It is inevitable that when you build an image of what you should be like as a spiritual person, then that image will incorporate the illusions you still have, the illusions you have not let go of.

Again, this is not wrong, it is simply the mechanics of how the path works in an atmosphere as dense as earth. I have said to you that as you climb towards the 144th level, for each level of consciousness there is an illusion you need to overcome. This means that when you reach the 96th level and have completed the course of self-mastery, you have still not overcome all illusions. You have, ideally and hopefully, come to a certain point where you have overcome the illusions that cause you to express your creativity through the separate self.

This may not seem all that important to you at your current level, but it will become increasingly clear and increasingly important as we go higher in this course. The Chohans above me will explain this and help you become more and more free of these subtle images that you have. I am not expecting that, at the fifth level of my retreat, you can let go of all the images you have of what it means to be a spiritual student. There is one aspect of this image that I would like you to become conscious of at this level. In fact, you need to become conscious of it in order to pass the initiation at this level and rise to the next level.

What should you be?

Now, I want you to do this consciously at the conscious level of the mind as you are reading or hearing this. Of course, I have already had you go through this at my retreat, but I am seeking to help you filter this down to the conscious awareness. I want you to calm the mind, to relax the mind and to focus within, to focus on your heart chakra. Then, I want you, as you are hearing or reading this, to have no preconceived opinions or beliefs, but I want you to be aware of your first reaction to what I will say next. What is your first reaction when I say: “As a good spiritual student, I should be…” What comes to your mind? There are two aspects of this. You may have a concrete idea of what you should be, but what I am really seeking to make you aware of is that when I say: “As a good spiritual student, I should be”… there is a pull on you. Something is pulling you. In other words there is an aspect of your vision of what it means to be a spiritual student that is based on a sense that you should be a certain way.

This is, of course, not surprising when you look at the history of this planet. Just look at the religions that you see on earth and how many of them have prescribed certain outer rules for how you should behave when you are a member of

that religion. You will see how some religions have taken this to an extreme where almost every aspect of people’s lives is determined by some rule defined by their religion. This entire idea is released by the fallen beings because the idea is very simple. It is that by living up to conditions in the material realm, you can qualify to enter the spiritual realm.

Now, again, there is a subtlety here, my beloved. I am not saying that it is completely wrong to have certain rules for how people should live. You will see that Jesus, for example, in the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings gave certain general rules for how people should behave, how they should treat each other. You understand that such rules are primarily for people below the 48th level of consciousness?

When you are below the 48th level, you are in a state of consciousness where you are very focused on the separate self and you are willing to use force to protect the separate self or fulfill the desires of the separate self. There may be varying degrees of force you are willing to use but you are willing to use force. This, of course, means that practically everything you do with force makes karma for yourself. It has been necessary, for people at this state of consciousness, to give certain general rules so that if they follow these rules, they will make less karma for themselves. You understand that anything that is given on this planet, the fallen beings will attempt to pervert it? What they have done with this is they have said that these outer rules are not just for people below the 48th level of consciousness, they are for all people and all people should follow them. Then, the fallen beings have put out the idea that following these outer rules (which usually means obeying a power elite of fallen beings in embodiment, such as the priesthood or a secular ruler) guarantees that you will qualify to go to heaven. This is precisely the lie.

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