How to recognize a true messenger

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Ascended Master Shiva, October 22, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

And indeed, Shiva I AM! For I come to offer you my assistance in increasing your discernment and your ability to tell the difference between a psychic messenger and the real messenger of the ascended masters. For this is something that must be done – in this Age of Aquarius – on an individual basis. And that is why there is no absolute way to tell. There is no way that the ego cannot distort. There is no way for the ascended masters to somehow convince everyone that we have anointed a certain messenger, and that this particular messenger is indeed true. How could we give you a proof that your ego would not be able to distort?

The beginning of wisdom

And that is indeed the beginning of wisdom—when you realize that the ego sees only what it wants to see. So if you are honest with yourself, you can begin to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I have some kind of attachment to a particular image of the ascended masters, of their messengers, of their teachings or of an organization?” And is it possible that if I have such an attachment, it might color my discernment and give me a preconceived vision that prevents me from seeing reality? And therefore, I only see what fits my attachment, my desire, for how things “should” be?

Truly, as we have attempted to explain to you throughout this conference, the state of judgment – whether it is in the inferiority or the superiority extreme – has exactly the effect of making people believe that they know—and therefore they are fully capable of judging the validity of something. Even to the point where some people believe that they can judge the validity of a messenger without ever bothering to read or listen to the teachings brought forth through that messenger.

Yet they know—just by the fact that this person does not live up to their personal criteria. And thus, my beloved, they refuse to do what Gautama Buddha told all spiritual seekers to do, namely to accept nothing that is unreasonable, yet to discard nothing as unreasonable – to judge nothing as unreasonable – without proper examination.

For it is indeed better to take an open look at what is there than to reject it offhand without even giving it any consideration. Yet even so, I must tell you that there is a tendency that some of the people who are open to new messengers are open to almost anything. And so, there is the extreme of being completely closed-minded, and there is the opposite extreme of being open to anyone who claims to be a messenger – or at least open to several who make that claim – without being able to come to some inner determination based on a higher standard.

Shiva’s gift for becoming free from the psychic

As I have said, there is truly no absolute standard that I can give you, because what we want you to attain is your own discernment, so that you know from within through vibration, through resonance. So I come to give you a gift, and that is that I will personally assist each and every one of you to increase your discernment. If you will call to me and ask me to cut you free from any ties to any psychic messenger, psychic beings or psychic teachings. If you will call to me honestly and give simply the call “Shiva” a number of times each day – while first making a call to me for helping you increase your discernment and cut you free from the psychic – then I will do whatever is possible – given your state of consciousness – to help you see what attachments you have that make you vulnerable to a psychic message.

And I will do what can be done to help you come to the realization of what it means to be in a psychic vibration, so that you can see in yourself when you enter into that vibration and when you are not. For many of you do indeed go in and out of the psychic vibration without realizing the difference. And I will be happy to tutor those who are willing to come to that discernment that there is indeed a very noticeable difference. The question really is, “Are you willing to know the difference between the psychic realm and the realm of the ascended masters?” For if you are willing to see your own attachments that make you blind, then I will help you overcome that blindness if you apply yourself to me.

And this, of course, can and must be done completely independently of the messenger I am speaking through. For my beloved, here is my next challenge. Even if you think this person is a false messenger, you must realize – I hope – that there is a real being called Shiva—and that is the real Being you invoke when you call the name “Shiva!” And this real Being truly wants you to be free from the psychic realm and truly wants you to have discernment. So apply to the Shiva that you consider real. And I will help you—for I am indeed the REAL Shiva!

Daily call to Shiva for discernment

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ, I call directly to the heart of the REAL SHIVA, and I say:

Beloved Shiva, I want your assistance to increase my discernment, so that I can tell the difference between the vibration of the psychic realm and the vibration of the ascended masters.

Beloved Shiva, cut me free from any ties to any psychic messengers, psychic beings or psychic teachings.

Beloved Shiva, help me increase my discernment. Cut me free from the psychic and help me see any attachments that make me vulnerable to a psychic message. Help me see my ego-illusions that make me prone to believing what my ego wants to hear.

Beloved Shiva, help me come to the realization of what it means to be in a psychic vibration, so that I can see in myself when I enter into that vibration and when I do not. For I no longer want to go in and out out of the psychic vibration. I want to be completely free of any influence from the psychic realm and any influence that is not of the Christ. Thus, I give you, beloved Shiva, the full authority to bind and consume any and all psychic forces working against the spiritual growth of myself and the top ten percent of the most spiritual people on earth.

Beloved Shiva, I am willing to know the difference between the psychic realm and the realm of the ascended masters! I am willing to see my attachments that make me blind. Beloved Shiva, I apply myself to you and call for you to help me overcome all spiritual blindness.

I therefore call to the REAL SHIVA, and I say:

SHIVA! (9X, 33X or 144X)


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