How Ideas Are Used to Justify War

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 3, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I wish to speak to you about another cause of war, we might say another justification for war. What I am seeking to help you see through the discourses in this book is that one can make a distinction between the causes of war and then the justification for war.

Much of what human beings would see as the causes of war, based on a superficial or materialistic view, are simply camouflage. They are the conditions that are used to justify going to war, but the real causes of war are at a much deeper level, namely in the minds and mindset of the fallen beings. This mindset I will address in a coming discourse, but for now, I wish to speak about one of the elements that are used to justify war, one of the elements that are used to get people to go to war. This element is the use of ideas. Ideas, of course, take many forms, but why is it necessary to use ideas to get people to go to war?

The complexity of the physical body

The worldview that we of the ascended masters seek to give you is that you are not human, material beings. You are spiritual beings who are inhabiting, on a temporary basis, a human, material body. This means that you do have the potential to take command over the body, to master the body. It also means that if you do not exercise this potential, the body may take command over you.

The human body is a very, very complex creation. You may have heard various figures of how there are more neurons in the brain than stars in the universe. There are many other such facts that can be used to describe how complex the human brain is. You may have heard how many cells there are in the body and how complex the different systems of the body really are.

It should be obvious that with such a complex machinery, there are certain rules or laws that are working in the body. The human body is an organism that can in some ways be compared to a machine controlled by a computer. When I talk about your four lower bodies or the four levels of your mind, I am talking about an identity body, a mental body and an emotional body. I am even talking about a level of the physical mind that is very much tied to how you, as a spiritual being, interact with a material body on earth.

There are elements of this soul vehicle that you take with you from lifetime to lifetime. Therefore, one can say that this soul vehicle is not produced by or part of the material body. There is also an aspect of the physical body you are wearing right now that is unique to this lifetime, to this body. This aspect is still a mind, although not a self-aware mind. It is so complex that one can compare it to one of these supercomputers that has taken on an almost human-like intelligence. I am not thereby saying that researchers or scientists will be able to create artificial intelligence, as many dream of doing. They will be able to create something that mimics it, but they will never be able to create life that has self-awareness, for self-awareness comes only from above.

The complex programming in the physical body

There is an aspect of the body that contains a very complex programming. This is programmed into the physical body. You can override this consciously, but for the vast majority of the people on this planet, they are not able to do this. What they can do is override the programming in an unconscious, unaware manner. They are overriding the programming, but they are not consciously aware of what they are doing. They have, so to speak, been tricked into overriding the programming. Where this plays into the understanding of war is that one of the deepest programmings in the human mind-body is that of survival.

You do, of course, have a programming aimed at preserving your specific physical body. If this program perceives a threat to the life of your body, it will do whatever necessary to preserve your body, including killing the body of another human being. This is self-preservation. For most people in the modern world this program rarely comes into action. It is not a program that controls your normal day-to-day behavior when you are not in a stressful or life-threatening situation. It simply lies dormant, as the program you have created for riding a bicycle only gets activated when you get on a bicycle.

There is another program that is aimed at preserving your species as a whole. This program is aimed at preserving the whole of the species rather than individuals. It is more important to preserve the species than a given individual because the species can survive without a particular individual, but if the species itself becomes extinct, then, of course, no more individuals can exist.

When the body’s programs clash

The human mind-body has two programs that can very easily clash with each other. There can be a conflict in the psyche of an individual when it comes to the entire concept of killing other human beings. You can be in a situation where there seems to be such a threat to the life of your body that you will kill another human being. There is a deeper more powerful program that prompts you not to kill other human beings in order to preserve the species.

Do you understand what I am saying? The human mind-body is programmed in such a way as to strongly discourage killing other human beings. This is a very deep and very powerful program in the body. When you add to this the fact that you are a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body, you see that, as long as you have some intuitive sense of being connected to a greater whole than yourself, then you have some sense of the oneness of all life. You may not use this expression consciously, but you do have a sense that life is a whole. If you see yourself as a spiritual being, you would not want to kill another human being because you realize that you are part of the Body of God and so is that other person.

There is a disconnect between the reality that I am explaining to you and a very popular idea that is floating around in the collective consciousness. This idea is in part based on the observation of history and in part based on the theory of evolution and its idea of the survival of the fittest, or as the popular saying is: “nature red in tooth and claw.” The idea is that, for the human species, killing is almost normal, almost natural. You must kill in order to survive. You may even have to kill those of your own species in order to survive. This idea is an idea—not a reality.

It is an idea created by the fallen beings and projected into the collective consciousness. Both your spiritual identity and the programming of the physical body make it extremely difficult for a human being to kill another human being. This is simply part of the self-preservation of the species that in many cases overrides the self-preservation of the individual.

War is not an individual conflict. If you are in a situation where your physical life is threatened, then the program aimed at preserving your physical body will kick in and may cause you to kill another human being. If you are a soldier and you are on a battlefield, then you may have your life threatened and the program may kick in and cause you to kill an enemy soldier who otherwise would kill you. The question is: “How do you ever get yourself from a normal human life to the rather extreme condition of being on a battlefield? What motivates you to go there? What prevents you from objecting to going there?”

The deeper, more powerful program that programs you not to kill other human beings works directly against the entire concept of war. In order to get human beings to engage in war, the fallen beings have had to find a way to neutralize the program that is aimed at preserving the species and to inflate the importance of the program that makes you kill in order to preserve yourself. The program aimed at preserving the species would say it is wrong to assemble an army and to attack another country because this works against the preservation of the human species. The fallen beings must find a way to neutralize this program and then over-inflate the individual preservation program so that you think that this other group of people, this other nation or this other race is a direct threat to your survival. Now it becomes acceptable or necessary to kill them.

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