How Eastern Europe can be free of Russia

TOPICS: Alcoholism and other kinds of addiction – Seeing communism as an opportunity – Finding a life of contemplation – Binding the national demons from the communist era – The national demons of the fear of Russia – Forgiving Russia for your own sake – Russia will not be as aggressive again – The only way to be free of Russia – Holding the vision for your nation – 

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, December 3rd, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Elohim Astrea. I come, first of all, in gratitude for your willingness to be here to give these decrees and invocations that have allowed me to release much light into Eastern Europe. As a result of your willingness, your openness, the qualities of your hearts and the amount of people that are here, I have decided to multiply the calls you have given during this conference with the factor of ten thousand. This would be not entirely equivalent to you having ten thousand people here but close to it.

Naturally, this is a dispensation. It is also a recognition of the value of you coming together and a show of our appreciation for when this happens. It also is a show of our love for the people of Eastern Europe, whom we truly desire to see set free from this burden that it was to be under this communist suppression for so long.

Alcoholism and other kinds of addiction

One of the areas that I wish to bring to your attention is an area that is close to my heart as Elohim of the Fourth Ray and that is, of course, all kinds of addictions, first of all to alcohol. You will notice, my beloved, that other masters have talked about what was suppressed during the communist age. As a result of all this suppression, there is, of course, this feeling that nothing really matters, that life does not have a purpose. There is a certain frustration, a certain pain.

People have a desire to just escape, and they cannot see any way to escape but to numb themselves so that they do not feel anything. So, they turn to alcohol or drugs or whatever it may be. Now, there are, of course, other forms of escapism. You can see that what actually has happened is that during these decades of the communist suppression, the primary addiction was, of course, to alcohol. Now, that the nations of Eastern Europe had been opened up more to have an influx of other ideas and a more materialistic lifestyle, there are, in fact, many people who have created a new kind of addiction where they are addicted to material goods, material possessions, money, property, nice things, whatever it may be. Although, this is not quite the same as a physical addiction, it is nevertheless a way to numb yourself and thereby escape the necessity to look into yourself.

Seeing communism as an opportunity

You see, my beloved, you could say that any situation you encounter on earth is an opportunity. Although most of you, who have grown up in Eastern Europe, have not been used to thinking about it this way, it could be valid to consider: “What opportunity was presented to us during the communist times?”

When you step back, you can recognize that there was a time where the earth was close to going into a self-destructive spiral and therefore it was decided by the ascended masters to allow fallen beings to embody on this planet. What was our purpose for allowing this? Well, it was simply to stir things up and to force the original inhabitants of the earth to confront certain issues that they had not been willing to confront. We have said before that the original inhabitants had created civilizations where the overall goal was harmony and the avoidance of conflict. This had caused them to create civilizations where all people had been brought up, we might say brainwashed or programmed, to be the same, to be similar.

These are not, mind you, the kind of civilizations you have seen under communism because the people did not feel suppressed by their leaders, by their government, by their system. Most of them felt very content with the very comfortable and also very affluent material life that they had. What this very comfortable lifestyle allowed people to do was to avoid looking at themselves, looking into their own psychology. That is why they were not growing individually and the societies were not growing collectively. One of the purposes of allowing fallen beings to be here was that they are so aggressive that they would do certain things that people simply could not ignore.

Again, what was the opportunity presented during communism times? Well, it was that there was such an oppressive regime that you could not ignore this. You could not ignore that you were oppressed and all people felt, in some sense, oppressed. Naturally, there is a broad range of consciousness but if we look at the more evolved people who lived under this oppressive regime, what was their opportunity? It was that they could not ignore that they were oppressed, they could not ignore that they had a tension. At the same time, they had no physical outlet, there was nothing they could really do to change the situation and so what was the opportunity left for them? If you have nowhere to go outside yourself, if you cannot change anything outside of yourself, well, you can look inside and you can change yourself.

Finding a life of contemplation

Indeed, there were people who did this. There were people who did make progress during the communist era by working with themselves, their own psychology. Some of you, who are here, were among them. Some of you are so young that you were not so greatly affected by it but you still came into embodiment with this drive to look at yourself, to make progress and to be willing to work with yourself. You can see that, even under the most oppressive regime, a regime may be able to control your actions somewhat (your outer situation), but it is very difficult for them to control your mind—if you are not buying into the propaganda promoted or spread by the regime.

Even people who have been in prison have managed to go into a state of inner growth. Of course, you can look at some of the monasteries that you have seen in the past, both in Europe and in the East, and you can see that the monks and nuns there are in some sense living like people do in a prison; they even live in a cell. You could see that if you can live a life of contemplation in a monastery, you can live a life of contemplation in a prison and you can live a life of contemplation in a communist nation.

Many of the people were able to do this, at least a certain percentage, but many more were not able to do this, were not willing to do this. Yet those who were the more evolved people had the inner tension and in order to avoid the inner tension, they then numbed themselves with alcohol and other things. Today, now that the outer oppression is not as severe, there are still some of these people who are caught in alcohol or drugs. Some of them have gone into numbing themselves by the materialistic pursuit of more and more material goods. These are the people that have a potential to help bring society forward. As part of the result of your calls during this conference, I have decided to release a certain portion of light from my retreat to cut free the people that I evaluate have the greatest potential to rise above their numbness and to therefore find a constructive role to play for the rest of this lifetime.

This is a great service to the individual, but it can also be a great service to society because more and more people can find a creative outlet and therefore make a contribution to bringing society forward.

Binding the national demons from the communist era

Another action I have decided to perform here as a result of your calls is that I am using my circle and sword to bind many of the national demons that were created during the communist era. I have already gone through each of the nations of Eastern Europe, and the national demons are slightly different from nation to nation. I have decided to bind the demons that were most oppressive to the individual nation at this time. Some of these demons have lost much of the power they had over people because people had freed themselves somewhat from the communist mindset. As we have pointed out to you, there are still certain things that people have not confronted, have not dealt with. Therefore, those things that have been mentioned in dictations by other masters, those are the demons that I have primarily bound, in order to, of course, give the people of these nations an opportunity to grow without being burdened by these demons that are constantly pulling them in the opposite direction.

There is, however, one more national demon that is present in all countries in Eastern Europe that we have not mentioned so far and that I have also bound in every nation. Now, you understand, of course, that when I say I have bound a certain demon, then that means that the demon that is there at the time has been bound, consumed, and taken. People can, of course, still, through their free will, begin to create a new collective entity that can eventually grow into the intensity of what we call a demon. This does not mean that this has been bound forever, which is why it is important for some of you to make calls on this on an ongoing bases.

The national demons of the fear of Russia

The demon I wish to bring to your attention is, of course, that every nation who was suppressed by communist Russia, starting with Stalinist Russia, has a national demon of the fear of what Russia might do. You can see very clearly that when Russia went into Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula, many of the nations in Eastern Europe instantly reacted with this fear-based reaction. For decades, they have felt relatively secure because it seemed like the Russian bear was asleep, but all of a sudden it seemed now that the Russian bear was on the loose again. They instantly went into a fear-based reaction, which, as we have pointed out, was not really quite rational because, after all, many of these nations are members of NATO and the principle is that if one is attacked, the others defend.

There was a certain irrationality but then, fear, my beloved, is never rational. Obviously, it is an understandable reaction. I have decided to bind these demons of fear so that the nations of Eastern Europe will get a sort of fresh start, a new page. Of course, people can still individually have fear in their auras, they can still have certain beliefs in their mental bodies. They can even have a certain sense of identity in the identity body where they identify themselves as people who have to somehow react to or distance themselves from Russia. They can recreate these national demons of fear and that is why your calls can have a great impact on preventing this. It is, of course, much easier for you to make calls on a very weak momentum of fear than it is when the fear has grown into a powerful demon that has power over people’s emotional bodies.

This is a great accomplishment for this conference, as a result of your calls, as a result of my acceleration and multiplication of your calls. It can really be a new start for the Eastern European nations where they truly can begin to embrace a more positive outlook on the future. They can come to the realization that they really want to be free of Russia and the old communist influence and therefore they need to be free of their fear of Russia. Of course, this means that they also have to forgive Russia and the Russian people as it says in the invocation and this is a topic I wish to talk about a little bit.

Forgiving Russia for your own sake

It is, of course, a very typical reaction for people on earth when they have been wronged by someone that they feel that they cannot forgive that someone until some condition has been fulfilled, until the people who have hurt them have fulfilled some kind of condition. You will see how most of the nations in Western Europe that were attacked by Nazi Germany have for the most part forgiven Germany. In other words, they do not associate modern-day Germany with Nazi Germany. The main reason for this is that Germany has been willing to acknowledge the mistakes of the Nazi era, the Holocaust and the war and have been willing to take some responsibility to process this internally. Therefore, they have, sort of, fulfilled the conditions that people had. They felt that because Germany had acknowledged this, then they could forgive and therefore they could disassociate Nazi Germany from modern Germany.

They did not hold modern Germany responsible for the Nazi era. This has to some degree been facilitated by the demonization of Hitler. He has been seen as the one who seduced Germany and the source of all this evil and so forth and so on. All this is not entirely constructive and correct, nevertheless it has facilitated that process of forgiveness.

Now, as we have said before, even though the Soviet Union collapsed, it was never so that Russia was defeated in some war and Russia never really accepted defeat, so it is not the same dynamic. Therefore, there are many people in Eastern Europe who feel that somehow Russia or the Russian people should be made to see what they have done to us, to feel responsible for all they have done to us, to say they are sorry, to ask for our forgiveness and then – if they are willing to do this – then we will forgive them.

Now, my beloved, given the atrocities that happened during fifty years of Soviet occupation and suppression, this is an understandable reaction. Again, we are not seeking to blame anyone, we are not blaming the Russian people or Russia for what happened during the communist era. We are not blaming anyone in Eastern Europe for reacting the way they do. It is, in fact, necessary for you (in order to move on from a difficult past) that you acknowledge in your mind what happened to you. If someone else violated or oppressed you, it is necessary that you acknowledge that this was wrong, they should not have done this, they were not allowed to do this according to this general humanitarian standard of how you treat other people.

It is necessary for the nations of Eastern Europe to openly acknowledge (and some of them have not done this to the necessary degree) that it was wrong of Stalinist Russia to occupy or suppress their nation. It was wrong of these henchmen of the Stalinist regime and the communist party, even those people in their own nations, to go out and arrest people, kill them, torture them, send them to concentration camps and so forth and so on. This was wrong. It was an inhuman, anti-humanitarian act. There is no question about it. It is necessary for you to come to that point where you recognize this because in your own mind, this is actually the only way you can move on and separate yourself, not so much from the action but from your own reaction to it.

You can recognize that the action should not have taken place. When you recognize that this violation should not have taken place, you can (at least the people who are most aware) take the next step. You can say: “This action caused a reaction in me, in us as a nation, in our national Psyche. Now, if the action should not have taken place, then in an ideal world, the reaction should not have taken place either. In other words, when we recognize that the action should not have taken place, we also see that our reaction should – ideally – not have taken place. The reaction is understandable, but in an ideal scenario, our reaction should have not taken place and as a result, we should not still be carrying with us that reaction.”

Russia will not be as aggressive again

Because, my beloved, communism has collapsed and your Nation in Eastern Europe is not under Soviet Communism, it has a greater state of freedom. Some of you are members of NATO and the EU. You have, in a physical way, moved away from Stalinist Russia. Stalinist Russia does no longer exist. You are not physically being oppressed right now. The action is no longer there, but the reaction in the individual and collective psyche is still there and that means you are not affected by the action anymore, but you are still affected by the reaction.

The question that needs to be asked here is: “Do we want to continue to be affected by the reaction to the communist era? Or will we come to a national awareness and make a conscious effort to let go of the reaction, to rise above the reaction, to remove it?” We have given you some other thoughts on how this can be done by changing society, but what I wish to bring up is one more thing. It is, again, understandable that many of the  people in Eastern Europe have a certain resentment or anger against Russia as a nation. Not necessarily as the people of Russia today, but still because of their fear that Russia could do something like that again, then, they feel they cannot forgive Russia until they are sure that Russia will not attack them or oppress them again.

You see, of course, that in Western Europe most nations feel relatively sure that Germany could never again create a situation like what happened in the Nazi era. If you look at Eastern Europe, there are many, many people who have an, often unspoken, fear that Russia could once again do what they did during the Stalinist era. This is partly because the Russian people have not acknowledged that this was wrong, that this should never have taken place, and have not, in any way, asked for any kind of forgiveness. So you are never sure how the Russian people will react.

What I am saying is that I have taken away the demons of fear. You are members of NATO, in the EU. The physical situation is different. What I also say is this: The situation in Russia is different. It is not necessarily that I can promise you that Russia will never take any form of aggressive action, but I can assure you, with absolute certainty, that Stalinist Russia will never be recreated. Russia will never again reach the level of aggressiveness that you saw in the past. It will not happen because the planet has simply moved beyond the point where this could happen. The collective consciousness in Russia has moved beyond the point where this could happen. Some may doubt this, but it is nevertheless the case. It is in large part caused by the many spiritual people in Russia who have raised their consciousness, including, of course, our students who have used our invocations and decrees that has created this shift that you could not go back.

The only way to be free of Russia

Now, we are looking at a situation where you recognize that you have a certain fear of what Russia might do. You recognize that you have a reaction from communist times and you are carrying this emotional, mental, identity level reaction with you and it is burdening you. The question is simply: “Do you want to move into a new era where you are not burdened by the communist past, you are not carrying it with you but you can embrace a new positive outlook on life and feel that your nation is free to evolve without any oppression from Russia?”

If you want this, you must realize that the only way to do this is to let go of your reaction from the past. The only way to let go of the reaction from the past is to forgive Russia and the Russian people unconditionally. You must overcome this tendency to wait for them to change before you will forgive. Why is this so, my beloved? Because if you are waiting for the Russians to change, you are still allowing them to oppress you, to hold you back. You have not freed yourself from influence from Russia.

Therefore, the question is very simple: “Do you want the progress of your nation to be dependent on the Russians?” Or do you want to be free to move forward as an independent, free nation that has a bright future ahead of you? If you want to move forward, you need to simply look at this and say: “We cannot wait for the Russians to change. Perhaps we don’t even have a right to demand that the Russians should change. Perhaps they are not capable, perhaps they are not willing. But whatever the case may be, we are not going to wait for someone else to change. We are going to change ourselves, we are going to move forward, we are going to accept that we have a clean white page and a new era. The golden age of our nation begins right now.”

Of course, this could be accomplished by a public debate about this, and it is possible that there are people in many nations who can be the forerunners for bringing these ideas out. Even if a certain number of people came to this conclusion individually, it would have a major impact on the nation. My beloved, if you do not fear something, then it is very unlikely that you will face that condition in the physical.

Holding the vision for your nation

These are things that you can hold the vision for, you can make the calls for. My beloved, just by you being here, anchoring this consciousness, realizing it, then you can truly have a major impact on your nation and the other nations of Eastern Europe if you are willing to make some calls for them. It can bring about a very gradual shift, where they begin to shift out of this stalemate many of them are in. They have made some progress but they cannot understand why they are not making more progress. They cannot, as you see in some nations such as Poland, understand why they are not equal to the West, why they do not have the affluence they see in the West, why they do not have the respect. They cannot understand why they have not overcome the setback of the communist era and caught up to where they should have been.

The reason for this is simple: They are still carrying the reaction in the national psyche and the individual psyche with them, so they have not freed themselves from the Soviet past, the communist past. How can you really expect that your physical situation would be at the level as if you had never been burdened by that past? As long as you are dragging that reaction with you, how can your physical situation catch up to where it ideally could have been?

It has been very important to anchor these ideas in the collective consciousness, to spread it out so that those who are the more sensitive, the more perceptive, people may be able to lock in to some of this. There is at least an opportunity that in the coming years and decades, many of the nations in Eastern Europe will begin to become more aware of this, to have more of a debate of how we can move forward. This can be a great, great service to these nations, for naturally, we desire to see the peoples of Eastern Europe be free of any burden from the past, as we desire to see people everywhere, including in Russia, be free of any burdens from their past.

I simply wish to express my deep gratitude and the deep gratitude of all ascended masters for this conference, for your service, for your calls, for your open hearts, and your willingness to be the broadcasting stations for these messages and these releases of light that we have performed. So with this, my gratitude and my love.


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