How Can There Be Peace Without Victory?

TOPICS: You can be a chalice for the Flame of Victory – You were born worthy of Victory – See God in each other – VICTORY is all-accomplishing –

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Ascended Master Mighty Victory, October 23, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

VICTORY I AM, and I AM the Presence of Victory, come to tell you that you have – in the last few days – obtained a victory for the ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood, a victory that has not been seen for many years. I am here to congratulate you and to thank you for opening your hearts, coming to this place – making it indeed a holy place because of your heart flames anchored here – that have allowed us to anchor our heart flames as well.

You can be a chalice for the Flame of Victory

Thus, it is my lot, as the Presence of Victory, to come to put the crowing achievement on this conference. And therefore, I – as I so often do, if I might say so – come to enjoy the fruits of other’s labors. And yet again, I have truly labored long and hard before I was ever able to embody the Flame of Victory that I AM and before I was able to magnify it to such a point that I could overcome any force of anti-victory in this world. And therefore, I have a right to be who I AM. I have a right to be the Flame of Victory.

And I must tell you that each and every one of you have the opportunity, have the potential, to be a chalice for the Flame of Victory that I AM. But in order to do so, you have to let go of the consciousness that makes you feel unworthy, that makes you feel like you are not good enough, like you are not doing enough.

You were born worthy of Victory

You have to realize that you were born worthy because you were created by a most magnificent Creator, who has created a most magnificent universe. And truly, when you look up into the night sky, you should be able to see that the God who could create such a magnificent tapestry of light can surely create you as the perfect spiritual being, as a perfect co-creator. And thus, you only need to recognize who you are, to dare to acknowledge who you are and to dare to express who you are. Because acknowledging that you are a co-creator is not enough.

The purpose of being a co-creator is, of course, to co-create. And you can co-create only when you let your light flow, when you let your light so shine before men that they can see your good works. And therefore, they see the source behind your good works that is the light of God in your being. And when they see that light of God in you, they can be quickened, they can be raised up so that, eventually, they can come to see that that very same light is also in them.

See God in each other

And thus, you can follow the call to see God in each other, for that is what we desire for you. Do you seriously believe that we want you to go around feeling sorry for yourselves, judging each other so that hardly anyone in an entire spiritual community dares to express their God Flame, dares to express their Christ Flame, for fear of being put down by those who should have been his or her best friends, encouraging everyone on the path to come up higher and come up higher still, whereby the entire community could enter an upward spiral that would literally bring heaven to earth? And yet, in many spiritual communities, you have allowed those among you who are the lawyers – who would not take upon themselves the key of knowledge – you have allowed them to drag an entire community down in a spiral of anti-victory.

VICTORY is all-accomplishing

I want to give you a sense of co-measurement of what the Flame of Victory can accomplish. Truly, you are trapped on this planet and you have a tendency, as so many human beings have had through the ages, to look at this planet as the center of the universe. And even a medieval church had the belief that the earth truly was the center of the universe. But I must tell you that earth is not the center of the universe. There is truly no center, for the universe is an ever-expanding sphere. And there is no center, no planet in the physical realm, that is the center, the center being – instead – God the Creator.

This universe is so vast, so incredibly vast, that you cannot understand it with your mind. But I must tell you that there are innumerable galaxies that have been even darker than the earth is today, and yet they have been turned around into a victory for the light. I know that thousands upon thousands of planets have been worse off than planet earth today. Yet today they have had their victory and they are shining stars.

And thus, when I look at this planet, I can only say, “There is nothing on this planet that my Flame of Victory cannot conquer!” Yet because of free will, that flame of victory must be embodied by someone in embodiment. And therefore, I am looking for a few good men and women who will make it a goal to leave behind them the consciousness of anti-victory and instead enter into the consciousness of peace—the peace that is not passive. That does not mean that you sit around and meditate all day but that you carry the inner peace with you, even in the midst of the most intense activities. And therefore, wherever you are, you are the active, living Flame of Peace that is the Flame of victory.

For truly, how can there be true peace unless you know that you have won the ultimate victory for the light? If there is still darkness, there can be no peace. And thus, peace and victory are two sides of the same coin. And I ask you to consider making it a goal to embody that Flame of Peace. Allow it to enter into your temple, and then allow it to grow until it goes beyond being the quiet, meditative peace and becomes the active, all-pervading, all-accomplishing Flame of Victory.


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