How can Europe be free, when the minds of the people are imprisoned by illusions?

TOPICS: Freedom does not depend on material conditions – Is your country truly free? – The grand conspiracy of anti-freedom – Many forms of anti-freedom – There was an alternative to the Second World War – A truth many will resist – The way to make wars stop – The lie of the ultimate system – I am multiplying your work – Freedom is not found in separation from me – Many people are afraid of freedom – Freedom through ascending in consciousness – Freedom is in the mind – The work of the ages – You can be free right where you are – The ego has no reality – Matter has no reality – The stage is set for a breakthrough –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, November 1, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Who here wants to be free? Then I shall give you the key to freedom. It is to become One with me. For I AM Saint Germain, and I hold the God Flame of Freedom for the earth. And you have often been conditioned, one might say programmed – one might even say brainwashed if one prefers to use that term, although the brain does not react very well to water and soap – one might say you have been conditioned to see every divine quality as being separate from yourself, as being distanced from yourself.

As for thousands of years, the false teachers of this planet – the teachers of anti-freedom – have attempted to enslave humankind by projecting the image of the external God, the remote Being in the sky. They have attempted to lead the people astray, so that they would dance around the golden calf and worship this or that image created out of the illusion of separation.

Freedom does not depend on material conditions

There are those who believe, that freedom is a concept, that can be understood in dualistic terms. It can be understood as some remote concept, that is “out there,” and that therefore is defined by, and is conditioned upon, certain material conditions. Do you see, however, that if freedom is defined according to materialistic images and concepts, then it will forever be dependent on material conditions?

And given that nothing in the material universe can be infinite, well then freedom cannot be infinite—defined within this mental box. And if freedom is not infinite, how can it be free? For as long as there are boundaries and conditions, how can you be truly free? And thus, it is impossible to be free, if you think your freedom depends on material conditions. We may talk about a free country and a free society on earth, but there is no such thing in reality, for there is only freedom found by going within and transcending these outer labels and graven images. How can one define a particular system and form of government and say, that this form of government will guarantee the people’s freedom? My Beloved, this cannot be done.

If you doubt me, then look across the pond to the United States of America, conceived with a free democratic system, meant to involve the people in the government. Look at the vision of the founding fathers and how they had grasped the necessity to go beyond the kind of restrictive society, found here in Europe at the time. Look at how we inspired them to write into the American constitution certain basic principles and rights. Nevertheless, look at the reality today of how, systematically, over a couple of centuries – the blink of an eye on the scale of time – how that American form of government has been systematically undermined and degraded to the point, where one cannot be honest and say that America is a free society, living up to its highest potential.

Is your country truly free?

Be honest, then, and look over here in Europe as well, to the countries that claim to be free societies, and then consider, whether they can truly live up to that high label. Are you really free in the western part of Europe? You may have democracy, you many have human rights, you may have freedom to move around, but are you truly free if you have been brought up in a culture, that is so infused with duality, that they cannot even give you a clear, concise image of who you are and why you are here?

How can there be freedom, when a society is trapped in a dualistic struggle between the traditional, orthodox, mainstream religions that have been used for centuries – nay for millennia – to control the minds of the people and make them believe that they are not sons and daughters of God, that they are not anything more than sinners, that they do not have a Christ potential? And on the other hand of the battle field is the materialists – the aspiring power elite, seeking to overthrow the established power elite of religion – promoting their idolatrous image, that you are nothing more than a sophisticated animal and that life has no purpose beyond the material realm.

Ah, how can this be freedom? How can people be truly free, when they do not even know who they are and cannot answer the questions, “Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Is there a God? Is there something beyond the mental box created by the ego?” But they cannot even ask that last question, because they are brought up without any awareness of the ego, of the duality consciousness, of the illusion of separation. They are brought up to believe, that what they see in this world is real—has some ultimate reality. And because it has this ultimate, objective reality, then it exists independently of their own consciousness—meaning that they have no power over material conditions.

The grand conspiracy of anti-freedom

Right there, you are brought up to be unfree, because you are brought up not to accept full responsibility for your own life, always thinking that your life, your state of mind, your feelings, your life experience is determined by these outer conditions. And you are but a slave, who when you are exposed to certain outer conditions can only react a certain way—for you do not have the freedom to choose your own reaction. You do not have the freedom to choose to be non-attached, to be unaffected by anything that anyone does to you, instead remaining at peace no matter what goes on around you.

There are so many subtle illusions, that you have been brought up to take for granted, and they limit your self-image. And what limits your self-image will also limit your self-expression. And this is indeed part of the plot of the false teachers, who are the blind leading the blind. Take note of what I am saying. There are those who think that there is a grand conspiracy, which is consciously plotting to take over the world. But you must understand, that anyone who is involved with the power elite in the control of the people—well, they are the most trapped of all people.

For while they might seem to have some power and control over the people who are blind, well, they themselves are even more blinded by their own egos, by the dualistic illusions, by the sense of separation, thinking they can attain privileges for themselves and it will not affect their greater selves. They can do to the people whatever they want without ultimately limiting themselves. They truly believe that they can get away with this. They believe they are superior, because they are separated from “the people” and better than the people. For the people cannot govern themselves, and therefore, need the elite to govern for them.

Many forms of anti-freedom

There are many forms of prisons, there are many forms of anti-freedom. And when you do not recognize who you are as a spiritual being – who is beyond the religions of this world and the political ideologies of this world and the scientific philosophies of this world – when you do not recognize this reality, then you are led to follow one of these systems of thought, that claim that they have the ultimate reality, the ultimate truth, and can take you to whatever promised land they conjure up. Or you will be trapped in the opposite polarity, where you are not promised something better, but where you are driven by fear, trying to get away from something even worse.

You have seen this used cleverly in the past on this continent, where you have seen various dictators and totalitarian machines ultimately promising to bring forth a better world through control. Or scaring the people into trying to avoid some greater calamity, by making you follow them blindly without asking questions, without taking charge, without understanding what is going on in the economy or other parts of life. This is the pattern that has occurred over and over again on this continent.

There was an alternative to the Second World War

Take a look at Europe in the years leading up to the Second World War, and see how the people on this continent gradually became blinded by this cloud of war, that caused them to believe, that there was no alternative to the current situation than all-out war. Both the people in Germany and the people in other nations were led to believe in this illusion—that they had no other option for dealing with conditions. But you see, my beloved, there is always another option. And let me, then, to provoke you to think beyond traditional interpretations of history, let me take you through a thought experiment.

Let us envision, that the rest of Europe had not resisted the Nazi expansion plans and had indeed allowed the Nazi troops to roll into their countries and control them. It is easy to see, that pretty soon every country in Europe would have been under the Nazi banner, with Hitler as the supreme Führer standing on top of this false pyramid. Nevertheless, how long do you think Hitler would have survived in that position? How long do you think it would have taken, before infighting in his own inner circle would have destroyed the Nazi regime?

For you see, it was an extremely dualistic regime. And you see, also, that duality will always create an opposite polarity to itself. Action creates reaction. For every action, there is an opposite and equally strong reaction.

The extreme action of the Nazis created its own opposition. Now, in this case, the other countries in Europe and the United States chose to step into the role of out-picturing the opposing force to the Nazi action. They became the reaction. But do you see, that if those countries – most of whom claimed to be Christian – had heeded the call of Jesus, they would have refused to resist evil; they would have turned the other cheek? And what would then have happened?

What would have happened was, that since there was no external reaction to the Nazi action, well, then the reaction – which could not be held back, for it is universal law – and when the reaction does not come from without, it must come from within. It is as certain as if you throw a rock into the air, it will fall back down to earth. Do you see, my beloved? There was an alternative to war. There is always an alternative to war.

A truth many will resist

This is a truth that many will resist. They will say, “But we had no other alternative. We had to resist or the whole continent, the whole world, would have been under totalitarian forces.” But you see, they say this in order to justify their own dualistic illusions, which made them believe, that they had to respond to violence with more violence. This is indeed an unpopular truth, but it is the truth that can set you free—that WILL set you free, if you accept it.

For you see, while there would have been some suffering if the Nazis had been allowed to take over Europe, on an overall scale less people would have died than died in the Second World War. There would have been less suffering overall, than there was because the world repeated the old pattern of all-out war, of refusing to turn the other cheek, and instead, responding in kind.

Now you may know, that in the past I, Saint Germain, gave special decrees to resist the spread of communism. I encouraged the building of certain defense measures to defend against communist aggression. But you see, I am here talking about two slightly different things. For I am not saying that the nations of Europe could have responded with non-violence to the Nazi aggression. They could not have responded with non-violence, given the state of consciousness they were in at the time, and given the fact that they were unwilling to transcend that state of consciousness.

And likewise, during the cold war of the ’70s and ’80s, there was a potential for a nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States. And on the one hand, there was always the alternative that the West could have chosen to turn the other cheek to communistic expansion. But given the state of consciousness of the West, this was not a realistic alternative. And therefore, the best that could be achieved at the time was, that the West had enough of a defense to provide a deterrent for an all-out Soviet attack. So you see, I am on the one hand talking about the highest potential, but I am not denying the fact, that we of the ascended masters have to be practical realists, who work with the people of the world in whatever state of consciousness they are in.

The way to make wars stop

But my hope is that you can see here, that there is always an alternative to war and that, in fact, wars will never stop coming, until a critical mass of people do choose to turn the other cheek instead of responding in kind. For as long as people are in that state of consciousness of feeling threatened, of feeling afraid and of being ready to strike back at the slightest provocation, well, then how can war stop, how can you be free of the threat of war, that hangs over this planet as a Damocles sword ready to drop at any minute?

So how then do you free yourselves from the consciousness of war? Well, it goes back to what I started out talking about—that you need to know who you are. You need to know that you are a spiritual being, that you are more than any earthly conditions. And therefore, you have the power to choose how you respond to any condition you face in a material universe. So when you are faced with a threat, you have the power to choose, that instead of focusing on the splinter in the eye of your brother, you can look at the beam in your own eye and say, “Why have I attracted to myself this situation, where I am being threatened by an external force? What is the action I have set in motion, perhaps in past lives long forgotten, that has precipitated this reaction from the cosmic mirror? What is it I must learn, in order to free myself from this dualistic ping pong match with the universal mirror, that will always shoot back to me what I send at it?”

You may miss the ball in a ping pong match, but the universe will not. It will always return to you what you send out. It is not possible to escape the reaction to your action. It is not possible to be free from that reaction. All you can do is to create another type of action by changing your consciousness and then, when you change your consciousness and send that other action into the universe, well, then with absolute certainty the universe will send back another reaction. It cannot be any other way.

The lie of the ultimate system

The lie that it can be some other way, and that there is a way to cheat the laws of nature, well, that lie is precisely what you have been brought up to accept. And that lie is what keeps you from being free, because it makes you believe, that there is some ultimate system, some ultimate system of religion, some ultimate system of science, some ultimate system based on a political ideology or a particular economic system. And when that system is in control of the world, paradise will be on earth.

This is the lie that the false teachers, the blind leaders, have perpetrated upon humankind for eons, for they believe in that lie. And why are they allowed to continue to perpetrate this upon humankind? As some people say, “Why does God allow evil to continue to exist?” But it is not God who allows it; it is humankind collectively that allows it. For did not God say, “Let us make man and woman in our own image and after our own likeness. And let them have dominion over the earth.”

Well then, you have dominion. What you choose to accept – whatever image of the world, of reality, you choose to accept – that image becomes your reality, because it is out-pictured by the cosmic mirror. And it will continue to be out-pictured, until you take full responsibility and say, “WE have created this, and we must un-create it! We must transcend it. We must overcome that state of consciousness.”

I am multiplying your work

I know, my beloved, that you have heard this before. But you see, I am on the European continent, and I need to speak this into the mass consciousness, building on the magnificent foundation you have set through your invocations, through your visualization and through your presence. For you see I, Saint Germain, am multiplying what you have brought to the altar of this conference.

As I am speaking, I am using your beings and your chakras to radiate the Flame of Freedom based on your visualization. For certainly, if the trees of the world can bind the divine qualities of mercy and forgiveness to the oxygen atom itself, then can they not also attach freedom to that oxygen, so that the people on this continent can begin to breathe in freedom, that quality of freedom? And suddenly one day they wake up and say, “Why are we breathing more easily? Why does it seem like everything is lighter?” Well, it is because they are beginning to feel more free.

Freedom is not found in separation from me

As I said in the very beginning, you can be truly free only by becoming One with the Flame of Freedom and the Being who embodies it for earth. Do you think, that I am some remote Being, that you can worship as a god and then somehow, magically, I will bestow freedom upon you from a distance? Or I will call you before my great throne, as some of you think I have—for some of you think I have ambitions of becoming like the kings of Europe, but I do not. But nevertheless, there are people who think that I will call them before my great throne and knight them with the sword of freedom, and somehow they will be magically transformed into free beings.

But do you see, that as Jesus said 2,000 years ago, “The kingdom of God is within you.” And as long as you look for it outside yourself, you will never find it. Well likewise, freedom is within you, and as long as you look for freedom – or as long as you look for Saint Germain – outside of yourself, you will not find me. For you cannot come into Oneness with that, which you envision as being separated from yourself, as being different from yourself. You can be free only by coming into Oneness with that flame.

Many people are afraid of freedom

But in order to come into Oneness with the Flame of Freedom, you must be willing to let go of the elements of anti-freedom, the very consciousness of anti-freedom, that you have allowed to lodge in your being—and that you have come to worship or feel so comfortable with, that you think you could not live without it. There are many people on this earth who are afraid of freedom. For what would they do with themselves, if they were totally free and really acknowledged that they could do anything they wanted? There are so many people who actually want to be boxed in from the cradle forward, so that everything is determined for them. And they just find their natural little niche in society – defined for them by their parents, by their society, by their ideology or belief system – and they fit into it.

Do you know, that in the monasteries of Europe, the rooms where the monks and nuns stayed were called “cells,” like a prison cell? And do you not see, that it was because they wanted to live in a system, where everything was decided for them? They did not have to take responsibility for themselves and make decisions as to what kind of life they would lead.

It was so easy to give that up, and then you were taken care of physically and you just had to follow the rules. And you could basically park your free will on the parking lot, while you went on a shopping spree in the supermarket of life—as so many people do in the modern world, where their system has become the pursuit of material pleasures and possessions.

Freedom through ascending in consciousness

Again, do you see that you are truly free to choose what kind of life you will live? You are truly free to choose which state of consciousness you will manifest, thereby choosing which image – which mental image of yourself and the world – that you project into the cosmic mirror.

When you recognize this, you should ask yourself a question: “When I have taken responsibility for myself and acknowledged that I create my own reality, what kind of reality do I want to experience? Do I want to continue to remain in the kind of reality that humankind has collectively built here on earth?” And if you know in your heart that you do not choose to stay in that kind of environment, then raise your consciousness. Ascend to some higher realm.

Yet, if you know in your heart that you came here for a reason, mainly to help raise the collective consciousness, then accept that. Accept that you are here to stay, until a certain raising of the collective consciousness has taken place, that you have vowed to be a part of.

But then make peace with that. Accept it. Accept that there will be certain limitations you will face, but they do not define you. You are free to know that you are MORE, but that you are volunteering to be in these limitations in order to help others. For when you do this, you can stop identifying yourself with your limitations. And this means, that you can be in seemingly very limiting circumstances and yet be more free than the people who seem to have everything on earth.

Freedom is in the mind

Do you see, that freedom is in the mind, and that even though you may have risen to a level of consciousness, where you do not have to remain in the limiting conditions of earth, you can volunteer to remain for a higher purpose? But I ask you, then, to recognize, that when you know you have volunteered, you are free to be who you are, to accept that self-image of who you are, even though you are in somewhat limiting circumstances. And this is what other masters have talked about. We obviously do not want all of you to ascend right now – even if all of you could – because we need those with a higher consciousness who can remain on the earth. But we do very much desire you to know true freedom, even though you are volunteering to remain in limited circumstances in the material octave.

Do you see? I have no greater desire than to see you have that freedom. And thus, again, I ask you to consider the concept of the tip of the spear. You who know you have volunteered to be here at this time, you are the tip of the spear to penetrate the walls around the collective consciousness, that keep the people trapped, so that they think there is no way out. And in so doing, you might have to do some hard work, some heavy lifting, to penetrate that shell. But nevertheless, you can still feel free in doing so, in being part of that endeavor. And that is what I desire you to feel.

I desire you to recognize, that these burdens are not necessarily your own. They are something you have taken on for the mass consciousness. So you can still feel free, even though you are dealing with them, even in your psychology, for you are MORE than your psychology, as you are MORE than the physical body. And do you not see, my beloved, that when you raise your own consciousness and overcome a certain illusion, that keeps you trapped and that takes away your freedom, well, then you are pulling up the entire collective consciousness?

The work of the ages

And this is indeed the work of the ages. It is the work that we have all done, for we have all volunteered to be in embodiment, sometimes many times. And we have all dealt with precisely the same kind of limiting conditions that you have dealt with—in some cases, having embodied in past times, we dealt with even more limiting conditions.

I can assure you, when I was the Wonderman of Europe, even though I could purify diamonds of their flaws; well, I still had to go to the outhouse—which was cold and damp and drafty in those days. So you sometimes forget that we, who were in embodiment, were not superhuman beings. Or should we perhaps say, that you realize we were superhuman beings, but you forget that you too are superhuman beings—if you accept it.

You are supra-human beings. You are beyond human beings. Certainly, as the Wonderman of Europe, I was somewhat beyond many of the bodily limitations. But that was because in my last regular embodiment, I had attained freedom from the illusion, that material conditions are real and therefore can have power over me. For I realized that I am real as a spiritual being.

You can be free right where you are

You can attain that freedom right here where you are. You can attain it by becoming One with me. And you can become One with me in surrendering, in releasing, the conditions of anti-freedom in your own being. This is my offering that I offer you – again, as the other masters have done – to release into my heart, as I continue to speak, any conditions of anti-freedom that you are aware of, that they may be consumed by the Flame of Freedom that I AM. A flame that I can assure you could instantly consume all imperfections on earth. But, of course, what then would the life-streams on earth learn? For being set free suddenly, without winning that freedom, well, they would instantly start recreating from their state of consciousness.

You see, there are two things we are dealing with here. There is the fact that human beings have used their co-creative abilities to impose certain images upon the Ma-ter Light, which has caused a certain portion of the Ma-ter Light to take on a lower vibration. My Flame of Freedom can instantly burn away that energy—instantly, my beloved. All of the misqualified energy created on this planet since the beginning of time, my flame could burn away—like that. But what my flame cannot do – because of the Law of Free Will – is take away the images that people have chosen to accept.

 The ego has no reality

I might say that some of you, in your understanding of the ego, have come to a somewhat unrealistic image, where you think the ego has some actual substance, some actual reality, so to speak. As you think that the physical matter that surrounds you or that makes up your bodies has some actual reality.

It does not. It has no more reality than you assign to it in your minds. Nevertheless, you confuse the ego with the substance that is misqualified through the ego. That substance partly makes up your soul, your four lower bodies, especially your physical, emotional and mental bodies. But it is not the ego. Your ego has no substance, because your ego is a conglomerate of beliefs, of illusions.

When you go to a movie theater and watch a movie unfolding on the screen, you are seeing images. But those images started as ideas in the minds of a writer or a producer or a director. And then those images were turned into something that has substance and can be displayed on a screen. But what you see is not the ideas, the images in the mind of the creator of the movie. Those images remain there as nothing but ideas. They were given substance, but the substance is not the same as the idea.

Thus, do not fall into the trap of thinking, that your ego has actual substance. Your ego is nothing but ideas, beliefs, illusions—based on the greater illusion of separation. When you fall prey to the illusion that your ego has some actual existence, you also fall prey to the illusion that evil, that evil forces, have some actual existence. And thus, you think they have power over you.

Matter has no reality

You also fall prey to the illusion, that matter has some actual existence. And thus, you fall prey to the greater illusion, that matter has power to limit your spirit. And that, of course, is the very essence of anti-freedom in the material octave, where you think that matter is so real. But in reality, it has no true existence, for it can exist only as an image projected by a conscious mind onto the movie screen of the Ma-ter Light. And it can continue to exist only as long as there is actual light flowing through that projection mechanism that is the mind.

The moment you change the image in the mind – truly change it – then the Ma-ter Light will change what it out-pictures. How do you think, my beloved, that as the Wonderman of Europe I could take a diamond – the hardest substance known on earth – a diamond with a flaw inside of it, and I could remove that flaw, without cutting the diamond open, which would have destroyed it?  Well, it could be done only because I did not accept that matter was ultimately real.

And that was the message I was attempting to get across to the stubborn, thick-skulled kings of Europe, who thought they knew better than everyone else, even better than God? And they certainly knew better than this eccentric character, who claimed to be some special being with special insights about how they should run their kingdoms.

The stage is set for a breakthrough

My Beloved, there is probably no more ungrateful occupation on earth than trying to get a king or an emperor to change the way he is running his kingdom. It is not a career path, that I could commend to any of you. But I do recommend the career path of recognizing, that while you may not be able to change the minds of the kings, the blind leaders of the blind, you can indeed change the minds of a great portion of the people. For in this day and age, the stage is indeed set for a major breakthrough, where people can suddenly be awakened and understand and grasp a higher vision of freedom than they have ever seen before.

And so again, as Kuan Yin spoke until your cups were running over, I have done the same. I have gone around the circle. I have gone up the staircase of your chakras, but I have gone around the circle of European nations. And indeed, I have infused the oxygen atoms themselves with my Flame of Freedom. So with that, I thank you and I bid you good evening.


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