How can America be one nation under God?

TOPICS:  Giving invocations in unison produces very powerful sound waves – Unity in Spirit does not override individuality – A clearing of the national psyche – The separation of church and state – Government is a two-way process – The difference between a republic and a democracy –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, April 7, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Giving invocations in unison produces very powerful sound waves

Most gracious ladies and gentlemen—and anyone else who might be present. For truly, there are many angels present here who are above the duality of sex on earth. For they have attained oneness with the LOGOS, the reality of the Christ mind, that is set up to establish and maintain oneness between all aspects, all expressions of the one God in the world of form.

I, Saint Germain, congratulate you for the work you have accomplished so far, culminating in this latest invocation that you have given. The film you have seen about the power of vibration should give you some visual sense of what can be attained when you give your invocations and decrees. For you see an inert, passive substance that is stirred into various patterns by the application of sound. And I can assure you that as you give an invocation, you are sending the vibration of sound into the mass consciousness and the four levels of the material universe. And I can assure you that the effect of your invocations is far more dramatic than what you saw on this movie. And I might add, it is far more beautiful as well. For when you come into unison, when you speak with one voice, you create a very powerful unified and harmonious pattern.

One of the greatest problems on earth is the multitude of sound waves that are crisscrossing the ethers—that are chaotic, uncoordinated. And this is precisely the uncoordinated sound that breaks down the organized, beautiful structures that are sustainable. Part of the task of giving invocations and invoking the Light is to counteract the chaos. And how can you counteract the chaos unless what you send out is more than chaos, is more harmonious, unified, and therefore sends out a unifying vibration? What science can also teach you is that you can have a substance, such as a gas, where all the molecules are oriented in all different directions in a chaotic pattern. And yet when certain types of energy are applied, there comes a point where – suddenly – a phase transition occurs and now the molecules line up and there is oneness.

Unity in Spirit does not override individuality

This is what needs to happen for this nation of America to be one nation under God. There must be a certain unison in the consciousness of the people. For as they say, “United we stand; divided we fall.” Indeed, America has fallen far below the immaculate concept that I hold for this nation. And what will bring her back, except there is some unifying force, even beyond what people are aware of at the conscious level? And that force is not just the sound that is expressed. For it to have the full effect, the sound, the Word that you speak, must be infused with the Spirit, so that it becomes the Living Word, rather than a rote repetition that really is not infused with the Spirit and therefore doesn’t have the power and the momentum to cut through the chaos of the mass consciousness.

You see, my beloved, that is why we have talked about the importance of the WORD, the Living Word. For when you come together as a group, the effect of your invocations and your being together is in direct proportion to the degree of unity and oneness you can attain. And how can you attain oneness? You can do so only when a critical mass of people in the group reach for the Living Word within themselves. As everything else in this world, the concept of unity and oneness can indeed be perverted by the duality consciousness—as you have seen in many civilizations, where the power elite attempts to create uniformity by turning the people into virtual robots who blindly follow the blind leaders. And while this might give what from a surface standpoint seems like unity, it is not the true unity of the Spirit.

God does not want you to blindly follow God, or a spiritual leader, or an outer religion. God created you – each one of you – as a unique individual. And God has no desire to have you extinguish your individuality in order to attain some state of uniformity in a spiritual group or community. What God truly desires is for you to express your individuality, even while you are coming together.

The individuality that needs to be expressed is obviously not the false individuality of the ego—that is always seeing itself separated from other people and most of the time seeing itself in competition with those other people. It cannot attain any kind of oneness, because it wants to set up various measures, whereby it can maintain the illusion that it is better than others because it is doing this or that outer thing, as you saw with the scribes and Pharisees. And, if you will be honest, you have seen with many other religious and spiritual groups, where there is always the formation of some kind of clique or elite, who thinks that because they are doing all the outer things a certain way, they are above the rest of the congregation.

A clearing of the national psyche

When you let go of that ego, you can come into a oneness, where you have a oneness within you, with the Living Word. Even though you sit here in a group – and you all say the same words in the invocation, you all say them with the same speed and in the same rhythm – the words you say are not just mechanical words, for each one of you is endowing your words with your heart flame, with your God Flame. So even though the words might sound the same, I can assure you that the vibrational pattern that is sent out is endowed with the unique qualities of each person’s God Flame. And even though there are different God flames, they are all in harmony. And therefore, the vibration that is sent out is a harmonious vibration. And because it is endowed with the different God flames, it has the potential to accelerate and transform any lower vibration. For, after all, those lower vibrations are perversions of the God flames.

When you have a group where a critical mass of God flames are represented and where a critical mass of people have the oneness that allows them to endow their invocations with the Living Word, then you have a most powerful action, a most beautiful action. And if the technology can be brought forth, it would be my great joy to be able to show you a visual image of what actually happens as you give these invocations. But alas, that technology is a little ways off, for it requires a transformation in consciousness before it can be released.

So again, we face the ancient problem, the ancient challenge, expressed in the words of the Bible, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Meaning that you need to be willing to give your invocations and know – and believe and accept – that they DO have an effect even if you do not see it visually.

And thus, I come to encourage you and indeed congratulate you because by our multiplication of the invocations you have given, by your proximity to Washington D.C., we have been able to accomplish a very significant clearing of the national psyche that is focused in Washington D.C. This is a great work. And obviously, you should not expect that tomorrow the President is going to come out and announce a complete reversal of his policy on this or that or the next thing. For, as always, there is free will.

But what I can say is that you have started a process that, if accelerated and maintained, can become a catalyst, that will bring out the kind of change in the national psyche that I talked about yesterday, when I said there needs to be an awakening of Americans to the fact that America is not above reproach, is not above the need for change. Yet that awakening needs to happen in such a way, that it does not shatter the national psyche and the national self esteem. For indeed, there needs to be a gentle awakening that creates a certain continuity, so that we can transcend into a more golden age form of government without having a violent revolution or a break-down of the economy or the national governmental process.

For as I said yesterday, we have no desire to see our efforts to break up the old patterns be misused by the counter power elite who is always seeking to destroy and break down in order to take the power they could not attain in any other way. And again, as I said yesterday, for such a balanced transition to occur, someone must hold the spiritual balance for it by maintaining their striving to stay on the middle way. Which is why I told you to stay away from the extremes, even though you should inform yourself—but never allow yourself to fall into that lower vibration.

And when you really – honestly – look at yourself and center in your heart, you can feel instantly when the vibration sinks below the level of the heart and starts stirring up the solar plexus, agitating that chakra and possibly even the lower chakras. You can get to the point where you are so sensitive, that the moment you open up a website, or a book or a newspaper, you will know when something has a vibration below the heart. And thus, in many cases, you can immediately dismiss it without taking it into your mind. In other cases you might still need to read it, to get certain information, but you need to be aware of staying above the solar plexus vibration, being centered in the peace of the heart.

The separation of church and state

One thing I would address here is the topic of the separation of church and state. For it is essential for you to understand what we are really talking about, when we talk about one nation under God. The essence of the problem is that if there is no recognition and respect for something that is beyond the duality consciousness, then a nation will inevitably deteriorate and be taken over by the power elite—thereby becoming a closed system, becoming subject to the forces of the second law of thermodynamics, as I explained yesterday.

There is no surefire way to ensure, that a nation will not slip into that state. For you have indeed seen governments, you have seen nations, that were ruled by a religious authority and yet that religious authority became influenced by the duality consciousness, whereby you had a tyrannical priesthood and pretty soon the entire civilization started spiraling downhill.

When we talk about one nation under God, we are not talking about a nation that is ruled by some priesthood, be it the Catholic church or any other church. We are talking about a nation that has some mechanism for reaching beyond the duality consciousness and bringing forth the Living Word. And the Living Word can serve as the tuning fork used by musicians to set the proper key, whereby an entire orchestra can tune their instruments so they can play in harmony without creating discord.

It is not that the entire nation needs to be in the same church, and needs to consciously – in the outer awareness – recognize a certain religious authority as the ultimate authority. But it is that a critical mass of people must come to the awareness of the Living Word within themselves, so that they can attune their own individual consciousness to that Living Word. And so that they can recognize it when someone – somewhere – comes up as the spokesman who can verbalize that Living Word in a particular situation. And I can tell you that that someone is almost always outside the established system, for that system is controlled by the power elite. So the voice of truth is almost always the voice crying in the wilderness—and not inside the halls of power.

And yet if a critical mass of people recognize that voice, accept it, start talking about it to other people, start writing about it, start writing to their congressmen and demanding change, then the shift can begin to occur that brings the entire nation into alignment. And suddenly, you see a shift in the national consciousness, where they now recognize the unreality of a former policy or a former law. And suddenly, there is an awareness that things have to change. And then, gradually, even the inertia found in the bureaucracy and in the government will be forced to comply.

Government is a two-way process

For when the will of the people is united, then the government must follow. For I tell you, when we talk about a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people, I can assure you that even though America is currently far from the free democracy that we would like to see, there is certainly a two-way process between the government and the people. And I can assure you that there is a limit to how far the power elite behind the government can actually take things—and that limit is set by the consciousness of the people. Which, by the way, is the only reason why you have not seen a further erosion of civil liberties after the 9/11 event. It is also why you have not seen further manipulation of the economy and why you have not seen another military excursion in some part of the world.

There is always a two-way process. And even though the government might be controlled by the power elite, there is a limit to their power—as long as the people are still relatively free and relatively informed, as is the case in America today. The key here is not that we create some almighty church in America that suddenly becomes set up as the ultimate authority. For I tell you, truly, that America is not a static society. And it is not meant to remain today the way it was when the constitution was written. For change is the order of the day, growth is the order of the day, self-transcendence is the order of the day. America must transcend herself. And how is that transcendence meant to occur? Well, it is meant to occur by more and more people discovering the Living Word within themselves, using that as the absolute measure for what is real and what is unreal.

And then, as more and more people come into that attunement, a shift will occur in the outer consciousness. And that is why the American government, the American Constitution, the American laws, must be refined, must grow—so that the nation can grow. Yet the importance here is that this change does not happen by the power elite manipulating the constitution to give themselves more power. It must happen because a critical mass of people have come to the realization that a change is needed.

The difference between a republic and a democracy

To comment on the difference between a republic and a democracy, America started out as a republic mainly because the consciousness of the people was not ready for a more free society. They were not ready to have all responsibility put on themselves. And thus, there had to be some safety measures that could keep the government within certain boundaries. Yet as the nation grows, America must face the challenge of becoming a democracy, where the majority does rule. And where the majority is now faced with the challenge that either they align themselves with the Living Word and bring their nation up, or they refuse to align themselves with the Living Word and then witness the deterioration of their nation.

For my beloved, I can assure you that in the Aquarian age, governments need to be free. And freedom can only happen when the people take responsibility for their nation. It cannot be forced upon them. In the Aquarian age – in the Aquarian age consciousness – you need to refine your concept of freedom. For there does come a point, where people must be set free to either stand or fall by their own consciousness.

And again, freedom can be perverted by the dualistic extremes. And at one dualistic extreme is the consciousness that anything goes—and if it feels good do it, for there is no real truth. Everything is relative, so my truth is as good as your truth, which is as good as the next person’s truth. In the other extreme, you have the lie that the people cannot govern themselves, and therefore they need an elite who can protect them against themselves. This is what has been used by the tyrannical power elites for eons as an excuse for them controlling the people, taking away the people’s freedom, all for their own good—or so they say, for truly it is only for the good of the power elite.

True freedom can only be attained when you have some guideline, some lodestone, that reaches beyond duality. And that lodestone is, of course, the Living Word. And, as I have said, it only takes a critical mass of people to get an entire nation to come into alignment behind a particular issue—that may not be the ultimate truth but it is the practical, realistic measure that needs to be taken right now, so that the nation can rise to the next level. And then, when you are on that level, you can begin to reach for an even greater understanding that might eventually transform your present level, but you have to take it one step at a time. Thus, my beloved, I have said my peace for now. And I bow now to the Elohim Victoria who will address you.


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