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TOPICS: Life is more than personal growth – Vertical and horizontal oneness – An essential requirement for the ascension – The Eternal Flow invocation –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 06, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I come to speak to you this day of the concept of the City Foursquare. Some of you are familiar with this concept from the Bible. But few on earth have understood the true inner meaning of this concept or why it was given.

I have told you before that you personally have four lower bodies. You have the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the identity body. I have explained to you how the light from your I AM Presence, the light of your God Flame, flows first into the identity body, then into the mental, then into the emotional and finally into the lower mind and the physical body.

I have explained to you the need to purify your four lower bodies so that the light can stream in its pure form, and so that your four lower bodies contain only images that are in harmony with the laws of God and that are in alignment with your divine plan for this lifetime and your entire sojourn on this planet.

I have explained to you that when you do clear your four lower bodies, you will attain a state in which you are here below all that you are Above. You are as Above, so below. Your outer life, your four lower bodies, are a reflection of your divine plan and your true God-given individuality, that is anchored in your I AM Presence.

My Beloved at that moment – when you have cleared your four lower bodies and when you accept that you are truly a God-free spiritual being who is only temporarily abiding in this dense material realm – then you become, on a personal level, the City Foursquare. This means that all of your four lower bodies are pure and that they are in alignment with your higher Being and thus reflect the purity and the purpose of your higher Being.

Life is more than personal growth

In a sense all of the rosaries and invocations I have given you, especially the ones that are focused on your personal growth, have the purpose of taking you to that point, where you become the City Foursquare. However, the purpose of life in this realm is not simply personal growth. There comes a point in the spiritual evolution of a lifestream, where that lifestream must see beyond its own self. It must come to a greater sense of oneness with all life. And thus, it must recognize the truth that the only way to truly raise yourself is to raise all of life.

Thus, it is not the purpose of any spiritual teaching found on this planet to help individuals raise themselves up and become the City Foursquare, thereby standing out from the crowd as being more spiritually advanced than others. The fact is that there are people who have used a valid spiritual teaching to raise themselves up to that level, only to become trapped in thinking that they had now reached some ultimate level and that they were better or more spiritually advanced than others. This is when the spiritual path can become a trap, and, indeed, many people have become trapped.

I must tell you that one of the greatest concerns that we of the ascended masters have is precisely that there are a number of spiritual students who have fallen into this trap of thinking that they have found the ultimate teaching and that because they have put forth such a great effort for such a long time, they have now reached some ultimate state. And thus, they just need to keep doing what they are doing now for the rest of their lives, and then somehow – magically – they will ascend after this lifetime.

My Beloved hearts, this is nothing but an illusion. For if you allow yourself to think that you have reached some ultimate state while you are still on earth, then you simply cannot progress to the ascended state. You see, the ascended state is not some magical place that you reach by taking a giant leap. The ascended state is first and foremost a state of consciousness. You reach the ascended state by transcending your current state of consciousness and by continuing to transcend that state of consciousness, until you go through one more act of transcendence and suddenly find yourself in the ascended state of consciousness.

So it is essential for a spiritual seeker to realize that as long as you are in embodiment here on earth, there is no such thing as an ultimate level of growth. There can never be a point where you can allow yourself to think that you have done enough, that you have obtained enough, that you have reached some ultimate level of mastery.

Throughout the ages there have been any number of people who have reached a certain level of mastery, but if they have then set themselves up as masters and allowed themselves to be worshipped by their followers as someone who has reached some ultimate state of mastery – and has no more need to grow – then they have not only misled themselves but they have also misled their followers.

Why do you think Jesus stayed with his disciples for only three years? Because he did not want them to fall into that trap and because he realized that he himself had more initiations to go through. And that is why he needed to go through the crucifixion, the death on the cross and the spiritual resurrection. You see, Jesus had reached a high level of attainment before his crucifixion. He could perform many miracles. He was only in his thirties, and he could have remained in Israel for decades, showing great signs and wonders and gradually attracting more and more people.

Yet had he done so, he would not have gone beyond the level of attainment he had reached. And therefore, he would not himself have passed the initiations that he needed to pass in order to fully demonstrate the timeless path to personal Christhood. And what were the final stages of that path? It was that Jesus came to the realization that he was one with the Father and that is why he said, “I and my Father are one.” And yet he also realized that he was one with all life, which is why he said, “Inasmuch as yea have done it unto the least of these my brethren, yea have done it unto me.”

Vertical and horizontal oneness

So you see, my beloved, Jesus demonstrated the vertical oneness with God above and the horizontal oneness with all of God’s co-creators here below. The very basis for establishing the City Foursquare is that each person who is on the path to Christhood establish their inner oneness with their I AM Presence, so that their God flame can shine through their four lower bodies without being obstructed by imperfect images and beliefs or misqualified energies. Yet when you do reach that level of attainment, you need to now realize that it is not the purpose of God to raise you up in order to put you on a pedestal to make you seem better than others.

It is God’s purpose that by you being raised up, you should serve as the instrument for raising up all life. As Jesus clearly said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” Thus, God does not simply want to establish the City Foursquare in your personal being. God wants to establish the City Foursquare on the entire planet. This requires that the four lower bodies of Mother earth be purified and brought into alignment with the divine blueprint for this planet. The blueprint is stored in the spiritual realm and is ready to be lowered into the material realm when a sufficient number of people on earth establish the City Foursquare on an individual level.

This, my beloved hearts, is why we have talked about oneness. For truly, God has the power to force the matrix for the City Foursquare upon this planet and instantly squeeze out anything that is contrary to that matrix. Yet that would not be in alignment with God’s own Law of Free Will. And thus, the City Foursquare can be manifest on this planet only through the free-will choices of people in embodiment. And yet it is not enough that people raise up their own consciousness and establish the City Foursquare in their own beings.

In other words, even if we had ten thousand people who had manifested their individual Christhood walking around on this planet, this would not automatically bring the City Foursquare into physical manifestation. For it is not enough that these people walk around in their Christhood, being separated from each other. What is needed is that a great number of them come together and recognize, on the conscious level, who they are and that they are all part of that same Body of Christ, that same Body of God on earth. And thus, they voluntarily align themselves in the one-pointedness of knowing that they are the forerunners for the Golden Age of Aquarius that will bring, as its highest potential, the City Foursquare into manifestation.

My Beloved, unless vertical oneness with God becomes horizontal oneness with all life, the City Foursquare will not be manifest on this planet. And thus, you see the trap into which so many sincere spiritual seekers have fallen. They have been trapped into pursuing their individual path without taking that next step and sincerely striving for oneness with others who have reached that same level of attainment.

An essential requirement for the ascension

You see, in order to establish that oneness, you have to be willing to lay down, not your life but your spiritual attainment – even your Christhood – to lay it down for the growth of the whole. And this is the one essential, inescapable condition that separates those who are still on the path of personal growth from those who have stepped onto the path of oneness, the oneness with God and the oneness with God in all life.

Only when you step onto and embrace the path of oneness, will you ascend and become an ascended master. Let me say that again. If the goal of your striving on the spiritual path is to raise up yourself, you cannot become an ascended master. For even though the ascension is an individual process, where only one person ascends at a time, you will not ascend if you see yourself as an individual who is separated from the whole. You will ascend only when you come to the point, where you are willing to become one with the whole that is the Body of God in heaven. This does not mean you lose your individuality. But it does mean you lose your sense of being a separate individual who is set apart from the whole.

Thus, you cannot and you will not ascend until you are willing to lay down your Christhood, to lay down all of your attainment on the spiritual path, so that it is used for the raising of all life and for the bringing forth of the City Foursquare on planet earth. There is not one ascended master in the spiritual realm who has not gone through this process.

I know that in the past we have told you that it is possible to ascend when you have balanced 51% of your karma. But I must tell you that many students have fallen prey to the misinterpretation that balancing 51% of your karma means that you will automatically ascend after your current lifetime. This is not so, for we have surely told you, that there are other requirements that must be met before you can make your ascension. And truly, I have now given you an additional requirement.

My Beloved, we who are ascended masters are not associating ourselves with the lifestreams on earth because we want to be revered as being above and beyond you. We have no desire for you to worship us or put us up on a pedestal or fear us as if we were some kind of judges. We need nothing from you. We do not need your energy. We do not need your prayers, decrees or rosaries. We are self-contained, self-sufficient spiritual beings. We associate ourselves with you only for one reason, namely that we know that you are part of the same Body of God with which we have become one. And thus we truly love you as we love ourselves. And we want to see you raised up and enjoy the abundant life that we enjoy here in the spiritual realm. Even more than that, we want to see the abundant life brought to earth so that all people can partake of it instead of experiencing life as a struggle, as most of them currently do.

The Eternal Flow invocation

It is our hope that you will join that River of Life. And that you will direct all of your energy and attention, while you are still in physical embodiment, towards inspiring others to join that River of Life. That is truly why I gave the River of Life invocation which is an exceptionally powerful tool.

I must commend you, all of you, who have been a part of this last vigil of giving this rosary for 33 days. It has been an immense service to the planet. And I can assure you that you have started currents in the collective consciousness, even in the collective unconscious, that cannot be turned back by any dark force or by the downward pull of the mass consciousness. Thus, you will see how – gradually – things begin to change as the ice on a river begins to break up in the spring. At first, it happens slowly and it seems like nothing is moving. But slowly you hear the cracks and – suddenly – you begin to hear the rushing of the ice moving downstream, gradually breaking up until you start to see open patches of water. And now you know spring has arrived.

My Beloved, as a reward for your service of the last several invocations I come to give you another invocation that can reinforce the sense of the River of Life and the flow of the oneness of all life. This is the Eternal Flow invocation. It is a short invocation. And although you can give it more than one time, I encourage you to start out by giving it only one time per setting—perhaps giving it several times a day. I desire you to give this invocation slowly, to meditate on the words and to visualize the figure-eight flow between your I AM Presence and your lower being and visualize how the light of your I AM Presence, the light that truly is your God Flame, flows over that figure-eight flow and illuminates your lower being.

I want you to visualize that when the flow reaches the lowest point of the figure-eight, it is radiated out into the world around you because it forms a sun, a sun that is fueled by your God Flame above. And thus, as that sun is established in your lower being, some of the light from the sun now flows back up and closes the figure-eight flow. For truly, it is only when you give selflessly to all life that you multiply your talents and close the figure-eight flow, so that God can multiply what you have multiplied and give you more.

So many of you have made great strides on the path, but you have not closed the figure-eight flow because you have not come to the point of giving selflessly to all life. Thus, I hope you will visualize this figure-eight flow and use this invocation to close that figure-eight flow and truly be here below all that you are Above, which is the key to becoming more.

I can assure you that the major block to the figure-eight flow between North and South America is precisely the hardness of heart that hangs over the North American continent as a black cloud. That hardness of heart is centered in one particular location, over the city of Chicago, which is the heart chakra of America. There is so much hardness of heart focused in that area that if you could see this from an elevated perspective, you would see that the black cloud that hangs over the entire continent comes together in a funnel, and like a tornado it goes down over the greater Chicago area.

This then is the image that you might keep in the back of our mind, and then visualize how the light of God flows from the North Pole, down over Canada and enters the Chicago area, flows down into the lower part of a figure-eight flow over South America, and then flows back up, crosses through the Chicago area again and then goes back up to the North Pole. You can then visualize how this flow of light deposits such a concentration of light in the Chicago area that it completely consumes the black funnel cloud over that area and thereby consumes the entire dark cloud over the North American continent.

Truly, the heart chakra is the center of your lower being. It is where the threefold flame is anchored. It is where the light of your God Flame first descends and then radiates out through your being. My Beloved hearts, more teaching will be given on this as we release the next invocation. But I wanted to give you this visualization so that you can start on it as you give the Eternal Flow invocation. Do not spend the entire invocation visualizing this, but use it as you see fit when you have established your own figure-eight flow.

Thus, my beloved, I leave you now, once again, with my immense gratitude for your service in giving these invocations. Truly, you have laid up for yourselves treasures in heaven. And although I do not want to sound like a mother talking to children, I must tell you that your reward for your service will be great.

Thus, I commend you to the peace and the joy of the Divine Mother. Do not forget that when you establish the figure-eight flow from Above to below, you should allow yourself to feel the joy of God. For truly, despite all the darkness found on earth, God is joy. God is joyful and we of the ascended masters are ever joyful. Even when we work with our unascended brothers and sisters, even when we deal with the dire conditions that are currently manifesting on earth, we still retain an inner sense of joy that can never be fully overshadowed by any fleeting concern. Thus, my beloved, allow yourself to tap into the flow of God’s joy that permeates the River of Life. And thus, I say, “Allow your joy to be full!” I AM Mary, the Mother of God for planet earth.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels