Help me consume the conflict in the Middle East

TOPICS: Rosaries reinforce the effect of people doing physical work – Why the Middle East is such a focus for conflict – Laggard souls – New technology for energy independence – The Rosary for Consuming Conflict –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, January, 23, 2005

Rosaries reinforce the effect of people doing physical work

My Beloved hearts, I come to give you the gratitude of heaven for the magnificent work you have done with the Disaster Rosary and the other rosaries you have given. I want you to take a look at this disaster and see that even many of the medical experts are surprised that there has not been a widespread outbreak of contagious diseases. These experts did, in their professional opinions and assessment, expect such diseases to kill as many people as were killed directly by the tsunamis. I want you to understand that had it not been for your work with my rosaries, these epidemics surely would have come to pass.

I am not thereby asking you to in any way feel a conceited sense that you alone and the rosaries alone prevented these epidemics. Surely, many dedicated healthcare workers were on the scene and took the physical measures that were also a necessary ingredient in preventing the outbreak of disease. Yet I must tell you that when someone on earth does the spiritual work, then the physical efforts of other people will have a far greater effect.

This is the principle that I desire you to understand by seeing how just a few people giving a rosary can have a positive impact on a situation as severe as the aftermath of the tsunami disaster. Your calls have also healed and consoled many, opened up ways to get critical supplies to the right places and made it easier for the survivors to start rebuilding. And truly your calls opened up for more generous financial aid.

This should give you a sense of co-measurement of what can be achieved when those who are the spiritual people of earth use my rosaries to reinforce the efforts of those who are taking physical action to improve world conditions. This should give you the sense that truly there are no limitations for what can be achieved in terms of positive change on earth, except perhaps the limitations you allow to linger in your minds.

Do you not see that you have been brought up, almost from infancy, to limit the power of God and God’s ability to change this world? And most especially, you have been brought up to limit God’s power to work through you. This is truly the greatest travesty on earth, that those who are the sons and daughters of God have been programmed to deny their heritage, and thereby programmed to deny God the ability to work through them.

My Beloved, do you not see that Jesus came for the primary purpose of shattering the illusion that God cannot work through a human being and bring forth positive change on earth? He came to demonstrate that nothing is too hard for the Lord and that with God all things are possible. And you are with God when you go deeply within yourself, when you go into the kingdom of God that is within you, and find the God Presence that is truly deep within every human being.

My rosaries are no substitute for finding the Presence of God within you. And I would never want you to see them as such. Yet my rosaries are guiding rods, they are a ladder that helps you climb into the kingdom of God within you. The rosaries help you climb above the mass consciousness that pulls you down into accepting your mortality, or even accepting yourself as a miserable sinner who must passively wait for an outer savior to come and save you.

Why the Middle East is such a focus for conflict

While I come to congratulate you with the magnificent work that you have done, I also come to redirect your attention to another problem, where I truly need your help. This is the problem of conflict in the Middle East, most specifically the conflict in Iraq and the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. As you will see, these two conflicts have now entered a new phase and they both have the potential to become triggers that will generate more widespread conflict, violence and even warfare between nations.

How can it be that this particular region of the earth has been the source of so much conflict? How can it be that this particular region has been allowed by God to play such an important role in terms of having control over so much of the world’s oil reserves? How could God allow this to happen?

Well, as always, God did not allow it to happen. Humankind has allowed it to happen because despite the fact that three major religions have been started in that region, the vast majority of the inhabitants of that region have refused to embody the true inner teachings of any of these religions. Truly, any person who embodies the mystical teachings of Islam, the mystical teachings of Judaism or the mystical teachings of Christianity will not be cattle fodder for those who want nothing but bloodshed and warfare. Truly, such a person would refuse to participate in these ceaseless conflicts and quests for revenge, fueled by the insane belief that human beings must meter out justice because God is not doing so. Or the belief that God has commanded human beings to administer justice by killing their fellow humans.

So because of the widespread refusal to embody either of these three religions, we now have a situation in the Middle East, where a group of souls, who are almost completely dedicated to warfare and revenge, can control a large part of the world’s oil reserves and can thereby intimidate the rest of the world. We might say that the general population in the area have refused the means given to them by God to raise themselves above the warring in their own members, and because of this refusal they have fallen prey to the warmongers in their midst. You see my beloved, when you do not defeat the enemy within, you become easy prey for the enemy without.

Laggard souls

We might call these souls the laggard souls because they came to earth after the Fall of Man, and they came because they had been engaged in warfare on other planets. And ever since they came, they have continued this ceaseless and – seen with the eyes of mature souls – groundless warfare. And this is what you see in the Middle East today, namely those, even some in leadership positions, who talk about peace, but they never talk honestly about peace. They only talk about peace on their terms and they simply pay lip service to world opinion as a means to get their way. These souls are so consumed by their pride that getting their way is more important to them than anything else. Thus, they are ready to kill their own people, even die themselves and blow up the planet upon which they live, in order to get their way. And in this they truly stand apart from most of the people on this earth.

Precisely because these souls refuse to let go of their pride, their egos and their never-ending demands for human justice and revenge, they are today lagging far behind the spiritual development of humankind in general. And thus it is indeed time to call forth the judgment of heaven upon such laggard souls and the dark spirits that support and imprison them. It is high time for these souls to be removed from the earth and taken to other systems of worlds, where they might be given another opportunity to grow, or where they can self-destruct without pulling down so many of the good souls that are currently embodied on earth.

Yet for these souls to be taken, a critical mass of people must come apart from the laggard souls and their laggard philosophy of revenge and of the necessity to wash clean the sins of the past through the spilling of human blood. And despite the fact that these laggard leaders have showed their colors any number of times, the world has yet to rise up and denounce them and their philosophy. In fact, the world keeps tiptoeing around these middle eastern leaders, refusing to call out as the little child, “But the emperor has got nothing on!” And likewise the world has yet to make itself independent of the oil reserves controlled by these people.

You will see clearly that the world was warned in 1973, when these laggard souls brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and then plunged the world into an economic crisis. Yet since then the rich nations have forgotten the warning, and they have done very little to remove themselves from the dependency upon middle eastern oil. Yet this has happened because both the leaders and the populations of western countries have allowed themselves to be fooled by a small number of multinational companies that are also controlled by such laggard souls. And thus, you once again have a situation where oil can become the trigger for starting another large-scale war.

Thus, the karmic return of people’s neglect has been building a tension, and this is allowed according to the Law of Karma. Such tension must be allowed to rise until it can no longer be ignored and finally wakes up the people. Will the rest of the world allow these souls in the Middle East to continue their warfare and their conflict? Will they allow those in the Middle East who claim to be working for peace, to go on committing their atrocities without challenging them? Will the world allow itself to remain dependent upon middle eastern oil when surely the ascended masters have already released new technology and new knowledge that could make the world independent on middle eastern oil or any kind of oil by replacing oil as a fuel?

New technology for energy independence

Yes, this new technology exists but it has been hidden by both private organizations and certain governments and thereby withheld from the people. And this has been done because those in big business will not release their monopoly and control over the energy sector. And thus, we see again that the people in the West have not stood up to their leaders. They have allowed themselves to be herded as cattle into the fold, where they are forced to consume oil to heat their houses or drive their cars or run their societies, so that they are being controlled by their governments through the threat of skyrocketing oil prices or a cutoff in the oil supply.

This then becomes the collective karma of a people who ignore their responsibility to know what is going on in their countries and who ignore their duty to demand accountability of their leaders. There should be a widespread outcry in the West, demanding that all appropriate technologies immediately be released, even to the point of boycotting certain companies that are possessing such technology or the patents. There should be the peaceful overthrow of governments who will not allow technology to be released or used, because they have been bought or pressured by monopolistic companies that want to create artificial scarcities to drive up their profits.

This technology is truly the property of no human individual, organization or government. It is given by the ascended masters for the express purpose of removing the dependency upon oil or other fossil fuels. This is a gift from the ascended masters that is meant to take the world to an entirely new level, where the growth of society will not be limited by these big monopolies controlling the fossil fuel reserves.

Through the release of this new technology, it will be possible for the world to eradicate poverty and starvation on the entire planet. This then will be a new era that is truly meant to have as great an impact on the world as the industrial revolution had upon the western world. It is meant to eradicate poverty and starvation, so that all of the children of the world can grow up in a society, where they have enough to eat and where they have economic opportunity to improve their lives according to their willingness to make an effort to improve themselves.

This then will be a technological revolution that will grow into an economic and social revolution that will overthrow the untenable situation that a small group of nations are extremely rich and waste incredible resources, while a large group of nations are living in abject poverty, where the people can barely feed their children.

Truly, the western industrialized nations have become like the noble class of the Middle Ages, who are consuming and controlling the vast majority of the planet’s resources. And truly the western nations are as blinded by their own power as were the noble class. Thus they refuse to see or honor the call to be their brother’s keepers. And as happened with the noble class, this power will blind them until the counterforce they have created reaches the critical mass and overthrows their power, as surely as happened to the feudal lords of medieval Europe.

This is inevitable, but it can be accelerated greatly by a few people making enlightened calls. Yet it is not the time to make the calls for energy independence, and thus this will be the subject of a future rosary. However, I desired to give you a vision of the coming changes, so that you can have this vision in mind as you call for the removal of those laggard souls who create conflict upon conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere—and who do this by playing on the world’s dependency on fossil fuels.

It is time you realize that every aspect of human society is being manipulated by a small power elite of laggard souls, as explained by Jesus. And although these souls parade themselves as the high and the mighty, they are truly underdeveloped in a spiritual sense. And thus they are no match for the spiritually mature souls—as long as those souls are enlightened and willing to unleash the power of God within them. So I ask you to take a stand against the laggard souls and their lies, and as a tool for doing so, I give you a new rosary.

The Rosary for Consuming Conflict

I release to you this day a new and very powerful rosary that is specifically written to consume armed conflict, such as what you see in the Middle East. Yet this rosary can be used to consume any type of violent conflict, new or old, and I can assure you that it will be needed many times in the coming years.

My last two rosaries are very specific for the consuming of negative energies, and I ask that you remain sensitive to how this affects you individually. If you feel that giving one of these rosaries becomes too much of a burden, then I ask you to instead give one of my other rosaries for a few days. If you feel in any way burdened by energy, the East-West rosary is a most powerful tool for consuming this energy.

Therefore, I ask you to remain sensitive to your individual situation, so that you do not take on more than you can handle in a balanced and harmonious manner. I want you to know that each person who gives my rosaries is deeply appreciated. I also want you to know that I am fully aware that you have lives to live and that you have things to take care of in the physical world. Therefore, I ask you again not to overtax yourselves.

Remember the statement of Jesus, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.” You have physical responsibilities in this world, so do not feel bad about taking care of them. Yet I hope you will also find a little bit of time to give unto God the energy and authority to step through the veil on earth and perform the miracles that can truly be performed as the answers to your calls given in my rosaries.

It is not a coincidence that my rosaries are called miracle rosaries, because they truly have the potential to bring forth the physical manifestation of events that to most people will seem like miracles. Once again, I commend you for being faithful to my rosaries, for being faithful to my heart. And I give you a promise, namely that those of you who are faithful to my Mother’s heart will know the faithfulness of the Divine Mother when you most need it, be that while you are still in embodiment or after you pass from the screen of life and need help to make your permanent ascension to the spiritual realm. I will be there when you most need it, and I can assure you that I know when you need me the most.

Therefore, I seal you again in the Miracle Love of the Divine Mother. Spend a little bit of time to mediate on the Will of God within you, the Will of God that is the will of your own I AM Presence, and therefore not something that is imposed upon you by a foreign deity. Lock into that will within you and allow it to rise as an all-conquering power that sweeps away not only your own human will but the human will of the mass consciousness, and thereby brings about the miracle of the manifestation of God’s will, which is truly the abundant life for all people.

I seal you in the love and the gratitude of the Divine Mother, until I shall speak to you again. Amen.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels