Letting Go in Order to Ascend

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Ascended Master Guru Ma, June 14, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Guru Ma. You have no idea how good it feels to say that in the physical octave. It is indeed an acknowledgment of the fact that another human being has walked the path of the ascension and has proven the validity of this path, even the person who was much maligned and misunderstood while in embodiment.

“Beautiful Dreamer” is a beautiful song. While you are in embodiment it is often necessary for us to be a dreamer, to dream about something that clearly is not yet manifest and to pursue this goal with all due diligence of one’s heart, mind and physical body. Yet you do not win your ascension by being a dreamer, you do not win your ascension by holding on to the dreams you had on earth. As I said in my previous release, you have to let go of everything on earth, even your dreams.

In a sense, my beloved, what is a dream but a mental image that confirms the illusion that there is a separation between you and what you see in the dream? The dream is just a dream and not reality. You do not ascend as long as you see a separation between yourself and the ascended state. You do not ascend by dreaming about ascending but only by coming to the point where you can look at yourself and recognize that you have looked at everything in your own being. You have let it go, you have dismissed it, you have dissolved it, you have resolved it and there is now nothing that the prince of this world can use to get you to react.

That is when you can come to that final point of acceptance: “I AM worthy to ascend.” That, I tell you, is a difficult initiation for we all carry with us that sense of unworthiness. It has been put upon us by the fallen beings through so many lifetimes that it is almost impossible not to begin to believe it, at least at some level of your being.

Transcending unworthiness

If you will look at my life when I was a messenger for the ascended masters, you may see that I was working very hard, that I was very determined, that I left no stone unturned. I did everything I could possibly think of to do the work for the ascended masters as I could see it. When you are in the ascension spiral, you have to look at everything. I came to the realization that much of my striving, much of my hard work, much of my determination actually came from the fact that at a deep level of my being I did not consider myself fully worthy, fully worthy to be one with God, fully worthy to be a messenger for the ascended masters.

This is what I wish to discourse with you on because you all have to face this initiation. The earlier you begin to ponder it, the better is the possibility that you will pass the initiation before you leave embodiment. If you can pass this initiation before you leave embodiment, then you can give a much greater service than you can give while you still carry this heavy burden of unworthiness. When I look back at my life, I see how I carried the seed with me from past lifetimes, but my physical father in that last lifetime was very much instrumental in reinforcing the momentum.

Why did I carry this seed? Because I had in certain past lifetimes been in important positions of leadership and made serious mistakes. My father, God bless him, reinforced this momentum, not out of a conscious, deliberate, evil intent but simply because he was trapped in his own psychology. This is a situation that many of you will recognize from your own lives and your own parents. How many of you can say that you did not have parents that in some way reinforced the tendencies in your own psychology? I hope you can all say this for thereby you acknowledge an important fact: Your parents could only reinforce what was already in your psychology. They did not have the power to put something there that was not there. When you acknowledge this and you acknowledge free will, you can begin to free yourself from it.

Much more to say about the path

The path is a most wondrous process! If you go back to the teachings released through Mark and myself, you can find so many things said about the spiritual path. Then you can go even further back through previous ascended master teachings – through Geraldine, the Ballards, the Roerichs and even Blavatsky – and you can find other things said about the path, and you might ask yourself: “How much more could be said?” Then look at the teachings given through this messenger in a relatively short span of years about the ego, about the duality consciousness, about perception filters and see that so much more has been said than whatever was said before. Yet do not think that this is the final teaching that can or will be given. There are other layers: higher, deeper, more intricate levels of teachings about the path that can be given. It is an incredible process, an infinitely complex process, and I say this with the admiration that you have in the ascended realm.

I realize that when you are in embodiment, it is difficult to look at the complexities of your own path and look at this with admiration for you are going from one thing to another. I do not agree with many things that Winston Churchill said or did, but he did say: “War is just one damn thing after another.” There are some times when we all feel that the path is just one damn thing after another. Is it not so?

It is difficult to see this while you are in embodiment, and that is why I desire to give you the perspective that when you ascend – or when you depersonalize your path before you leave the body – then you can see how wondrous it all is. This actually becomes a foundation for doing what is extremely important in order to transcend the past, namely forgiving.

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