Guidance at the Temple of Truth

Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels, January 1, 2017.

Hilarion I AM, and I am indeed the Chohan, meaning the Head Teacher, of the Fifth Ray. The Fifth Ray has often been called the ray of truth or healing but it can also be seen as the ray of wholeness through enlightened vision, purified vision. 

The purity of your vision and God vision

Consider the old statement: “Without vision, the people perish.” The background for this statement is, of course, that your co-creative abilities are exercised by formulating a mental image, directing the stream of your self-awareness through that image, and thereby stirring the River of Life to take on the form of the image. Where do you formulate the image? Well, you formulate it in the totality of your being, which involves all of your seven chakras. It is in the third eye chakra that you finalize the image and then project consciousness through it. If there are impurities in your third eye chakra, you will not be able to formulate a pure image, an image that is in alignment with the higher principles used by the Elohim to create the material realm. 

If you formulate an impure image, then you will inevitably create circumstances in your life that are not the highest possible. It will cause you resistance, suffering, perhaps even physical disease. What is physical disease? It is in one sense when the cells of your body begin to vibrate with a vibration that is lower than a certain level. You have been brought up to think that the cells of your body are like miniature building blocks, small spheres with a membrane around it and complicated machinery inside. This is not an invalid view, but it is a partial view, for it focuses on that level of vision that sees everything in terms of matter—matter particles. As you know, or should know, in 1905 Albert Einstein formulated the theory of relativity. It says that even though your senses detect what you call the matter world, that matter world is made from a finer substance, called energy. Energy is vibration. 

The sound of your cells

Another valid way to look at the cells of your body is to see them as something that is akin to a musical instrument. Your cells are truly a kind of instrument, and they do not simply produce protein, they actually emit a vibration. It could be heard as a sound if your ears were sensitive enough. Or rather, they would never be audible to the physical ears, but to the inner ear of the mind it is possible to hear the vibration, the sound, emitted by the cells of your body. Now, you will know that before a musician plays his part in a symphony, he will first tune his

instrument. One of the technologies used by musicians to tune their instrument is a tuning fork that is constructed to always emit a certain tone. The question now becomes: What is the tuning fork that you have allowed to set the base vibration of certain cells in your body? You see, if you hold imperfect images and energies in any of your seven chakras, they produce lower energies, meaning energies that vibrate lower than the vibration of love and therefore vibrate in the spectrum of fear and the emotions that spring from fear. If these vibrations are your tuning fork, then your cells will emit a disharmonious sound. 

This sound will spread and influence other cells. Of course, the only way a cell can emit a disharmonious sound is by having that sound inside itself. This means that the extremely complex machinery of the cell cannot function at its highest potential. What happens now is that if a cell is emitting a disharmonious sound, it will start spreading that sound to other cells. Then, you can have a situation where each of the cells that make up a certain unit in your body, such as an organ, are now emitting a disharmonious sound. 

Over time, this will inevitably interfere with the function of that organ, causing it to either function below its potential or gradually even start to dysfunction, to stop functioning. Eventually, it fails to produce its task in the body, or even fails completely and causes the death of the body, if it is a vital enough organ. If it is not a vital enough part of the body, then you may live for an entire lifetime, or for the rest of that lifetime, with a lower capacity of the body. This will influence your wellbeing but also to some degree your ability to be an open door for spiritual light.  

The tightrope initiation at the Temple of Truth

At the Temple of Truth you will be given instructions in what it is that is most threatening to the functioning of your particular physical body, what it is in your mind and your chakras that causes parts of your body to be attuned to a lower frequency and therefore to emit a lower frequency. When you come to the Temple of Truth, you will first be taken, not to the main halls, but you will be taken to some of the side rooms where you will be given a special opportunity. The first room you will be allowed to enter is what we have jokingly called “The Tightrope Room” or “The High Wire Room.” When you enter this room, you will find yourself standing over a platform that extends over an abyss. At first you cannot see what is at the bottom of this abyss, for it is shrouded in mist or fog. 

What you can see is that from the platform on which you are standing extends a tightrope, it extends into the distance, but you cannot see the other end of the tightrope, for your vision is obscured by a fog. It is now your task to walk this tightrope. The width of the tightrope is carefully adjusted to your state of consciousness so that with your present state of consciousness it is possible for you to walk the tightrope without falling down. It is only possible if you are very concentrated and do not look to either side. On either side of the room in which you find yourself, there are large screens, and as you start walking the tightrope, images will be flashed on both screens. 

On the one side will be the images of what you see as evil, bad or impure manifestations with your current sense of vision. On the other side will be images that you see as beautiful, good, right or pure with your current sense of vision. Your challenge now is to walk the tightrope and to avoid looking to either side. If you do, you will soon slip and fall into the mist of the abyss. When you do fall, as most people do at first, you will, of course, be caught in a safety net. You will not know this in the beginning so it requires that you have the courage to walk out not knowing where you will end up, not knowing where you will fall, if you fall. The question of whether you fall or not is determined exclusively by your propensity to look to the images on one or the other side. What do you focus most on, the good, the bad or the ugly? What is it that draws your attention and causes you to fall off the tightrope, to miss your balance and therefore your ability to walk towards your ultimate goal in life, your spiritual goal in life, the fulfillment of your Divine plan?  

Once you have started this exercise and fallen for the first time, you will, of course, be given assistance by those of us who serve in the Temple of Truth. We will help you see what it is in your consciousness: Do you tend to focus only on the negatives, thinking that you must battle with the negatives, or that the negatives must be removed before you can be truly spiritual? Do you tend to ignore the negatives and only want to look at the positives, do not want to see problems, do not want to see that there are certain manifestations on earth that must be uncreated the same way they were created, namely through the power of vision?  

As you are willing to see this, you will transcend the tendency to have your conscious awareness pulled towards either what you see as good or what you see as bad. At least at a certain level, this means that you will now be able to walk further out on the tightrope. When you again enter the room, the tightrope is narrower. What happens now is that the first images that are flashed on the screens will no longer disturb you so you will be able to walk past them. Then, you will come to a part of the screen that will flash deeper images than the first ones you saw. 

Now again, your attention will be drawn to one side or the other. You will lose your balance and fall into the safety net that you now know is there. Again, you will, of course, be given guidance. If you are willing to see, then you will be given all the help you need in order to overcome what now pulls your vision into focusing on a matrix that is not the highest potential. 

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Mystical Initiations of Vision.

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