Grasping the radical nature of mercy

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels, December 2, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Kuan Yin, and as you know, I am the master who holds the Flame of Mercy for the earth. What, my beloved, is mercy? Well, there is a worldly view of mercy and then there is an ascended view of mercy. I, of course, aim to give you an appreciation, an experience, of the ascended view. Let us first look at the worldly view. So many times you see a situation, for example, where some aggressor has conquered a village and is about to kill a person and the person says: “Have mercy upon me.” Then, the mercy is looked at as that you do not kill the person. That is supposedly being merciful. Now, how do I, as an ascended master, view mercy?

The greatest form of non-mercy

Well, what is the greatest non-mercy, the greatest lack of mercy on an unnatural planet like earth? This is something that most people have never even considered. You can understand this because we have given you all of the background, we have given you, but an average person would not have the vocabulary to even comprehend this. What have we told you in the teachings we have given you since the book My Lives and the book on the birth trauma? We have told you that you are a formless being. You have descended into a world of form. You have made decisions and those decisions have led to a physical consequence. In the ideal state, my beloved, listen carefully, in the ideal state as a co-creator, even on an unnatural planet, you should be able to co-create something but your co-creation does not define you.

You are creating something that has some endurance in time and space. You create something that lasts. It does not just appear for a second and then disappear. It lasts over time but still, even though you have created that, it should not define you. You should still be a formless being. What, of course, happens on earth? It is not said to blame anyone, just simply a statement that this is the way it works on an unnatural planet. What happens on earth is that when you create something that has a certain endurance, you begin to identify yourself based on what you have created. What also happens is that other people begin to identify you based on what you have created.

This, of course, all started with the fallen beings who very well knew that when an avatar descends to earth, you descend at the 48th level of consciousness. Therefore, you do not have full Christhood. Therefore, you will make some decisions and you will create certain things that are not the highest possible. They then created this standard that there is right and wrong, there is either perfect or no-good. Therefore, they could easily blame you that whatever you co-created was not good enough, was not perfect, was wrong according to some standard. Then, they used this very aggressively to put upon you this idea that there is something wrong with you. If your creation is wrong, that means you are wrong. Therefore, you gradually started reacting to these very aggressive attacks by creating these separate selves. These separate selves are reactionary selves, they are created to respond to a certain condition that has endurance in time and space. You have created something, you have been put down or criticized for it. You are reacting to this by creating a self and the self also has endurance. When you received the birth trauma, as we have said before, all of a sudden everything became personal, or at least life on earth became personal to you. The attacks of the fallen beings you saw as a personal attack against you.

What is non-mercy? What is the opposite of mercy? It is when anyone, whether yourself or someone else, holds a fixed image in their minds of you as a formless being. They are taking an image that has form, projecting it upon you, the formless being, and saying: “This is how you are.” You are fixing an image of the River of Life. You are taking a snapshot of the River of Life and saying: “This is how the river is. You can know everything about the river by looking at this still image.” That is what they do to you. That is what you do to yourself. This is non-mercy. Therefore, what is mercy? It is to become aware of a fixed image of a formless being, whether yourself or someone else, and just releasing it. As Master MORE described, when you see an image of something that happened in the past, you can let it go, you can whisk it away, you can give it up, surrender it. This is mercy.

Ascended master students who get stuck

With this, let us take a slightly different direction and talk about ascended master students. There are people who have come into an ascended master teaching and when they found the teaching, they were, of course, (as you should all realize as inevitable) at a certain level of consciousness. They had a certain psychology, they had a certain amount of separate selves and they were approaching the ascended master teaching through their present level of consciousness. Nobody has ever done anything else. Nothing wrong with it, no blame here, it is simply inevitable. You find the teachings at a certain point, you look at the teachings a certain way, through the consciousness you have at the time, through the separate selves you have at the time.

Now, what happens to some ascended master students (not all, not even the majority but what happens to some) is that they formulate a very strong opinion and belief about ascended masters, about our teachings and about themselves as students. They do this because they have a separate self that has a certain need. It might be a need to feel that they are good enough, that they are okay or it might be a need to feel superior. There is especially a group of students who have this need to feel that they are either superior to others or blameless, that they know and understand something that other people do not understand. When they find the teachings, they build this image of themselves as advanced students but it is a separate self that builds and holds this image.

Now, the question is: Can these students, after having been in the teachings for some time and applied the teachings, can they overcome this separate self? Some can and then they move on and they grow. Others, my beloved, cannot or will not and therefore (even though they are studying the teachings, practicing the teachings and they are making progress in other ways), there is still that original separate self that caused them to formulate the view of themselves and the teachings. That self has not been touched. Even if they have been in the teachings and been practicing them for 30-40 years, there are students whose original separate self has not even been touched. They have not started to see that this was a separate self. They are firmly convinced that the way they look at the masters, the spiritual path and themselves is the ultimate view. They do not need to change it.

What can we of the ascended masters do about such students? Well, in a sense, we do not do anything about them because they are unreachable to us. What we do is we say: “Now, it is time to bring forth a higher level of teaching, because there is a critical mass of students that are ready for it.” What, then, often happens is that these people who see themselves as advanced students, their original view of the ascended masters, their original view of the spiritual path and their original view of themselves is being challenged by the new teaching. Some of them are now able to see this, to see that their original view was just coming from a separate self and they can let it go. Others are not willing to do this because they are not willing to question the image that they are superior students and they have the path firmly in their grasp, they know what it is about, what it means to be a student. These people will in many cases reject the new teaching. We have in the past seen many times where we had sponsored one organization for a time. We withdrew our sponsorship and stopped progressive revelation in that movement. We started a new one, some of the students from the old movement moved on to the new, but those who were the most (in their own mind) sophisticated and advanced students, would not move on to the new because the new one was a little bit different and therefore challenged their view of what the path was about.

This, of course, can happen even within an organization as it has recently happened for some people with the My Lives book and the new teachings we are giving on the primal self and the separate selves. Why am I bringing this up? Well, because these students are actually an example of non-mercy. They have not locked in to the Flame of Mercy. If you truly grasp mercy, you recognize that the spiritual path, the Path to Christhood, is a process that goes through several stages. You realize (when you have mercy with yourself and others) that what applies to one stage is only given in order to take you to a certain level of the path. When you come to that level, your challenge is to step up to a new level and you cannot, as other masters have said, rise to the new level by continuing to do what you did at the old level.

Having mercy upon yourself

You are at a certain point of the path. What you have been doing to get to that point was perfectly valid, but what took you to that point cannot take you beyond that point. If you do not have mercy, you tend to hold on to a fixed view of the path, of the masters, of yourself. You will see many, many students throughout the ages, who have looked at a new dispensation and found something they could point their finger at: “Oh, the masters would never say that. The masters would never express themselves that way, the masters would never talk about these topics.” All of these things. This is actually an expression of non-mercy.

Now, am I saying this because I want people in embodiment to have mercy upon the ascended masters? Of course not! I do not need your mercy. You need your mercy because what are these students doing? They are holding themselves in a fixed image of themselves. Therefore, they are not having mercy upon themselves. Also, they are often not having mercy upon other students. They become very judgmental of those who (for example) move on. They try to, perhaps, persuade them or scare them into not moving on by all kinds of scare tactics that this is wrong, this is false, this is not the masters and so forth and so on.

There is this very rigid mindset that comes in, and it is the rigidity of the mindset that is lacking in mercy. You can look at fundamentalist Christians who have this very rigid mindset that the Bible is the word of God and that there is nothing else needed for salvation. It is a rather extreme expression of non-mercy. I know most people have never seen it that way but this is the reality. It is a complete lack of mercy with themselves and with the people they judge.

You, as ascended master students, can, of course, step up. You who are open to our teachings on the primal self, the birth trauma and all these separate selves, you can use this to say: “What is it that I need to go through here?” I have given you these other students just as an example. You do not need to dwell on it, you do not need to try to persuade them at all but you just need to look at yourself and say: “Do I have some element of non-mercy with myself or even with the way I look at other people? Am I tending to hold a fixed image of myself, of the path, of the masters?” Jesus talked about your modus operandi of how you relate to the masters. More importantly: “How do I look at myself?”

What I am bringing you to is this recognition that the spiritual path, the path to Christhood, has distinct stages, distinct phases. This means that you cannot allow yourself, as an ascended master student, to hold the image in your mind that: “I have a basic grasp of the path. It says I have to do this and then I just need to keep doing that for the rest of my life and I will make maximum progress.” This simply is not the case. There comes a point where what you have been doing so far will not take you into the next phase. Therefore, you need to be flexible enough that you are willing to let go of that image of the path and of how you are as a student and say: “What do I actually need in order to grow to the next phase”?

You see my beloved, there are students who will look at anything new we bring out and judge it based on what has been brought out before. There are students (for example) who will look at a new dispensation, compare it to what was said in the previous dispensation and say: “Oh, the new cannot be right because it contradicts or goes beyond what was said in the old.” Well, hello my beloved! What is the point of starting a new dispensation if it is not to say something that goes beyond what was said in the old? Be aware here that there is this tendency.

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