Going beyond a dualistic view of God’s Will

TOPICS:  A higher understanding of the Will of God – True freedom of choice – The Will of God is beyond rules – Find the Will of God within –

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Ascended Master El Morya, April 8, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

El Morya I AM! And I am indeed the Chohan of the Will of God. Yet I come to give you a deeper understanding of the Will of God. For again, my beloved, in previous times we have been limited to giving an understanding of the Will of God that was appropriate, given the state of consciousness of humankind at the time. Progressive revelation is progressive precisely because as humankind steps up in consciousness – as our closest disciples step up in consciousness – we can release a more profound understanding of some aspect of God than what we could release yesterday or years ago.

A higher understanding of the Will of God

In the past I have indeed personally given an understanding of the Will of God that was not the highest possible, for we did not yet have the magnificent teachings released that we have seen within the last year and more, of the focus on non-duality, the consciousness of duality, exposing how it pulls everything into two extremes.

Children must be given hard-and-fast rules. Do this—don’t do that. For they do not yet have the maturity to decide for themselves, to come to a greater understanding and recognition. In previous times I have been limited to giving an understanding of the Will of God that is somewhat black-and-white. And indeed, there are many people in today’s world who are beyond the black-and-white thinking. Yet they have come into the gray thinking of thinking that you can ignore the Will of God altogether. For after all, you have free will so you can do whatever you want.

And in a sense this is perfectly correct. You do have free will, and you can do whatever you want. But, as we have explained, whatever you project into the cosmic mirror, the cosmic mirror will reflect back to you, so you will experience what you create. So, we again face the situation that you have used your free will to either create or enter into these roles in the play that are defined by the dualistic thinking. And you have free will to do this.

So indeed, from a certain perspective one can say that it is the Will of God that you can create this experience for yourself—if you desire to experience the contrast between light and dark, joy and sorrow. But it is not the Will of God that you should stay stuck in those roles forever. Neither is it the will of your own higher Being, for you did not come to earth to fight other people in a ceaseless, endless struggle. You came here out of a positive desire to bring the light of your own Being into this world, and therefore light up the world and truly bring the material universe and the entire sphere to the point of ascending and becoming part of the spiritual realm that is beyond duality, so that you can experience that endless, infinite bliss that has no contrast.

So the Will of God is not something that can be fully understood in black-and-white terms. But neither can it be explained in gray terms. It can only be understood by going beyond and contemplating the reality that you do have the right to make your own decisions, but until you become aware of why you are making certain decisions and what consequences those decisions have, you do not truly have freedom, freedom of choice.

True freedom of choice

You have an entire movement in the United States that champions a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. Yet that same movement is violently opposed to giving that woman – when she enters an abortion clinic – information about the potential dangers of abortion, the potential psychological effects of abortion, the alternatives to abortion—even the higher teachings on the soul perspective on abortion.

How can a movement truly be said to be championing a woman’s freedom of choice, if they will not give that woman the entire information she needs in order to make a truly free choice? This is not freedom of choice. And so, when you are stuck in one of the dualistic roles, you might think that you can do anything you want, but if you do not fully understand what is involved with the decision, you are not making a free decision.

Again, because you have free will, you can envelop yourself in a limited state of mind, where you do not have free choice, but it is not God’s will that you stay there forever. And that is why the Living Christ is sent to earth. That is why the Word incarnates—in order to awaken people to the reality that there is an alternative to the entire decision-making process in which they are currently stuck.

How can people escape duality? Well, they can do so only by reaching for something outside their current mental box. And indeed, in the beginning it is necessary for people to have some kind of hard-and-fast rule which says essentially, “If you do this, you will go to hell. If you do that, you will go to heaven.” For this allows people an absolute guideline that their own egos cannot manipulate. And if they will follow that guideline, even as many people do in a traditional Christian churches – where they are very black-and-white in terms of following outer rules – well, then they can at least gradually grow out of the total domination of the ego, the total inability to determine what is right and wrong in a higher sense. For everything seems gray to them or everything seems dualistic.

Yet as we have explained, there comes that point, where you have to step up and not simply follow the outer rules, but go within and get your direction from within instead of blindly following an outer rule, or an outer doctrine, or an outer leader. And this is indeed when you have to attain the deeper understanding of the Will of God that I am talking about. And that understanding could not be given in the past, which is why many students hold on to the black-and-white view of the Will of God—as something they have to follow without questioning, almost as if they were robots following a leader.

When you come to the realization that there is more to it than the black-and-white and gray thinking, you suddenly realize that you cannot take the Will of God and draw it down and create some rule that applies to all situations. This is the ego again, with its incessant dream of an automatic salvation where it says, “Give me a rule that I do not eat with unwashen hands, so that I can believe that as long as I follow that outer rule I am guaranteed to go to heaven.”

The Will of God is beyond rules

The mature spiritual seekers need to step up and realize, that when you go beyond the childhood stage, the kindergarten stage, you need to come to a deeper understanding of the Will of God. And that is when you begin to realize that you cannot confine the Will of God to any hard-and-fast rule in this world. For indeed, the Will of God is simply one expression of the Logos, of the Word of God. And as Jesus has eloquently explained, the Living Christ comes into this world to meet a person where this person is at in consciousness and then challenge the person’s illusions, challenge the person’s mental box in order to get that person to come up higher.

What is the Will of God? Well, it is that wherever YOU are at – wherever YOU are at, wherever YOU are at – you take one step higher on your path. Do you see what I am saying? The Will of God for one person right now – at that person’s particular stage of the spiritual path – is not the same as the Will of God for another person who is at a different level. You now come into the realization that you cannot have a spiritual organization, a mature spiritual organization, which sets these hard-and-fast rules, saying all members of that organization should follow these rules or they will be excommunicated and possibly sent to hell.

What we need to see in the Aquarian Age is the emergence of organizations, that do not set rules for what you should do and what you should not do. And this, of course, is a challenge, for suddenly all responsibility is placed on the individual. There was a time when we could sponsor an organization and give a certain sponsorship to each person that entered and vowed to live up to certain outer rules. This was the old way, the Piscean way. And while it has its place, it is not the ultimate goal of a spiritual organization.

For surely, as Maitreya explains in great detail in his book, you will not become the Christ by following anyone else. You will not even become the Christ by being under the sponsorship of an ascended master, for becoming the Christ means that you become spiritually self-sufficient. And now you do not need someone or something outside yourself to tell you what is the Will of God. For you can go within your heart, become one with your own God flame, and thus you will know what the specific Will of God is for you in this specific situation.

Find the Will of God within

I am the Chohan of the First Ray of God’s Will, so I represent the Will of God to the spiritual seekers on earth. And it is my job to help everyone get a greater understanding for and connection to the Will of God, and I must do so at different levels. So for those who are in kindergarten, I give them a black-and-white teaching and a set of rules. But I always look forward to those who can rise beyond that level and who are willing to take responsibility for themselves, even to the point where they realize that as long as they look at El Morya as being outside themselves, then they have not fully come into oneness with the Will of God.

For my beloved, who are you listening to right now? You are listening to an ascended Being who is speaking through a person in embodiment. And thus – clearly – the word of that ascended being is coming to you from outside your sphere of self, entering your sphere of self, which is perfectly valid. For as long as people are out of touch with the Will of God, they can only come into oneness with the Will of God by having some element from the outside that gives them a lodestone, a guideline, a leaven that can raise the whole loaf of their consciousness, the body and blood of Christ that they can multiply. But you will not manifest your Christhood by taking in only from without.

You will manifest your Christhood only when you realize that what you experienced from without is not outside yourself. For you can find the Will of God in the kingdom of God within you. As we have said throughout this conference, experiencing the Living Word from without will only have ultimate meaning when you allow that word from without to become alive in your own hearts, so that you will find the Will of God in your own hearts. And you suddenly realize that the Being that you identified as El Morya – as an ascended master speaking through an embodied messenger – is also in your heart. For where do I reside, my beloved? I reside in the kingdom of God. And where is the kingdom of God? It is within you!

So, when the outer El Morya becomes one with the inner El Morya, then you will know El Morya. And then you will know the Will of God for you. For it is unique for each one of you. And each one of you have a unique opportunity to express a specific facet of the Will of God. For contrary to what some people believe, we of the ascended masters have no desire to turn our students into robots, into blind followers. We want to raise you up to become here below all that you are Above. It is indeed the false teachers of this world who want to turn people into robots who blindly follow them and who will, so to speak, drink the cool-aide when they are told to do so.

This is the way of the ascended masters. Yet as I have said, in the past we had to give people a more simplified way that was adapted to their state of consciousness, so we had to give them rules. But I will also tell you that we have sometimes given people so many rules to box them in so tightly, that hopefully they will come to that point of saying, “I have had enough of this. I have had enough of this role of being the goodie-two-shoes who always follows all the outer rules to the letter. I can’t even move anymore. There has got to be more to the spiritual path than this.”

And that is then when people can go one of two ways. They can go into total rebellion and saying, “I will have nothing more to do with the spiritual path or any spiritual organization.” But my beloved, why do they react that way? They react that way for only one reason. Namely – as Maitreya explains in his book – they refuse to take full responsibility for themselves. Instead of taking the responsibility to connect to the Will of God within themselves, they find it easier to follow an outer teacher who promises them that he will save them if they will follow him blindly.

The second option is that instead of going from one extreme – total submission to the outer rules – to the opposite extreme – total rebellion – they can go beyond duality and find a more discerning understanding of the Will of God. Thus, realizing that the only way to know the specific Will of God for you is through the Living Word within yourself. Meaning that the restoration of the WORD is the master key to restoring the Will of God on earth.

This is the challenge you all face. Do you want to know the Will of God? Well, then stop looking for it outside yourself! For the Will of God is in the kingdom of God. And the kingdom of God is, as we have said a million times – hoping that one of these days it will click – well it is within you. For where else can it possibly be found, given what you know that everything was made from the LOGOS. And therefore, the LOGOS must be in everything—including in you.

Thus, my beloved, with gratitude for your attention, with gratitude for your willingness to grapple with the difficult questions and come to the awareness that life is not as black-and-white as you once thought, I seal you in the gratitude of my heart, my diamond heart, the diamond of the Will of God. Why is a diamond beautiful? Because it has many facets that sparkle individually, but together form a whole. You are all facets in the diamond of the Will of God—when you connect to the Will of God within yourselves. Thus I bid you adieu, in gratitude.


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