Overcoming the control games between men and women

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Ascended Master Goddess of Liberty through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Liberty. My contribution to this important topic of the liberation of women is to go into what it is that the fallen beings have used to take away the liberty of both men and women. Now, as other masters have talked about, when you go into duality, there are always two polarities and they always oppose each other. This creates an inherent, an inevitable, an unavoidable tension between the two. What does this tension lead to? Well, it is not possible that one dualistic polarity can destroy the opposite dualistic polarity because they were created at the same time. It is possible on a planet like earth, with the density of the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness, that one dualistic polarity can overpower the other polarity on a temporary basis.

What does this mean? This means that there is a constant struggle between dualistic polarities, and this is what we might call the essence of what some psychologists have called control games. In other words, there is a struggle for who is in control, who is the stronger, who is the dominant of the two dualistic polarities.

A classical example of dualistic polarities at the overall political level is capitalism and communism, and you saw that the Cold War was essentially a control game, a struggle between the two about who would be in control, who would be in control of the world. In this case none of the two attained control, there came to be a certain status quo, a certain cease-fire between them. This is what can happen in control games also. Instead of one polarity dominating the other, the two find a certain, we might say equilibrium, where they accept the position of each other, but there is still a constant tension, a constant attempt to gain the upper hand, to undermine the other one, to take over the other one, and therefore they need to constantly be engaged in this struggle.

The oldest control game on earth

You see many times (at this overall political level, or the world level) that there is this struggle for control. You have seen this so many times in history. For example, again you saw that the Catholic church from its inception, from its creation by Constantine, was an element or a force for attaining and achieving control over society. It eventually attracted another polarity, namely Islam, and this led to the Crusades and a fight between the two. You can say that there certainly still is a tension between Christian and Muslim religions today. You can see the same between individual nations where so many nations, throughout the world, have been locked in this struggle between each other. Sometimes two nations can have been in a struggle with each other for a long time, other times it shifts and various nations join in this, what we might call the political control game.

You see in the area of the economy for example where in the 1800s in the United States, there emerged these capitalists that gained more and more money, more and more power, and that eventually gave rise to this idea that the only way to really make money was to have a monopoly. They became the forerunners of monopoly capitalism, but there was always more than one that was attempting to gain control, and so there was the inevitable control game between them.

However, what is the oldest control game that you see on earth? What is in a sense the most basic control game that you see on earth? Well, is it not precisely the control game between men and women? You can look at history and you can look at so many societies, and although you may say that these societies were clearly patriarchal societies or male-dominated societies where men had the upper hand, men had the majority of the power under control, can you really say that this meant that there was no control from the side of women? You see that in many cases, even though men in some ways had the upper hand, there was still a control game being played by women as well. There was a certain status quo that had been achieved in many societies where men had attained a certain privileged position, women were in a secondary position, but both of them had in a sense accepted the parameters for their roles, and within those parameters, they were still fighting for control in a certain way.

Now, what you realize here is that the fallen beings selected men, defined men, to be the superior sex and therefore they projected out into the collective consciousness that men should be in control. Men should be in control of society, men should be in control of the family, men should be in control of the relationship with women. This is a projection that goes way back to when the fallen beings first defined men and women as dualistic polarities that were in a struggle for dominance and control. There has been this projection for a long time, and there is this huge collective beast that has been built in the collective consciousness that men should be in control.

Now, naturally, there has been created a reaction against this from women who do not want to be in control. There are societies where women have been in control, and there has been a certain collective beast created also that says that women should take away the control of men. There is a much larger collective beast that has caused women to actually accept that men are in control of certain aspects of society or life. Yet this beast has also projected that women should seek to attain control in the areas where they can attain control. This has maintained then a perpetual, ongoing struggle between men and women to attain control within whatever parameters were defined in their culture and society.

Control games between men and women

As an example, we have many societies where men are the ones who are the outgoing, who are going away to work, to make money. They are the ones who are ultimately in control of where the family should live so that he can be close to his job, and he may make overall decisions like what house to buy and where to live. When it comes to the household and the raising of the children, then the woman is in control of that area. Women have accepted that the men have a certain level of control, but when it comes to the home and the relationship, they are constantly attempting to gain more and more control. There is this perpetual control game going on in the world.

Now, of course you see (when you look at the world, when you look at history) a certain shifting scenario where from time to time societies will emerge where men have more control over women, and then there are other times where they have less control. You even see a few examples of societies where women had more control than men. Generally, you see a tendency in recent centuries that, at least in the modern democracies, these societies are actually moving towards a state where there is not as strong of a control game between men and women. In other words, both men and women in these modern democracies are becoming increasingly liberated from the control games, and therefore they become free to find a new way to relate to each other as men and women. I am not saying this process is complete, but it is certainly well begun.

Now, if you look back or if you look at the psychology here, the essence of these control games, it ties in of course with what we have said before that the fallen beings have created such uncertainty and chaos on earth where people can never know what might happen to them. As you see from Maslow’s pyramid of needs, at the lower levels people’s needs are fear-based. Because they have a fear of what might happen in the future, they also have a need to establish a sense that they are in control of their lives. They do this in various ways, but basically we can say that they are playing a constant control game of trying to gain some psychological sense that they are in control of their situation. There are at least certain things that they can rely on, they can know how they work.

You might think that the fallen ones would be content to create this division between men and women, to project that men are the superior sex, that men therefore should be in control, and then just allow this to outplay itself, but the fallen beings are not content with this. They are in a sense also caught in a control game because they have more fear than anybody else on earth. The original inhabitants or the avatars that have come to earth have far less fear than the fallen beings. We could say that even beyond this basic control game of men and women, there is the control game that is being outplayed in the minds of the fallen beings so they are constantly seeking control. Of course, if there was only one fallen being on earth, that fallen being might attain some state of being in control, but naturally, fallen beings come in pairs, as everything else in duality and so there is always more than one and they are in a rivalry, they are opposing each other.

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