God government versus human government

TOPICS: The power elite behind communism and capitalism – The origin of the power elite – Any government must recognize a power above itself – Why it is essential to have absolute rights – Islam and the ongoing dualistic fight – Europe needs to rise above socialist thinking – Look beyond outer conditions – The potential for a new revolution in consciousness – The power elite wants to limit progress – The potential for a Golden Age in Europe – Loving self-transcendence –

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Ascended Master El Morya, September 30, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

The power elite behind communism and capitalism

And indeed God’s will I AM! You have known me as El Morya because I have given you that name. But I am MORE than that. And it is about the MORE that I wish to speak today, because I desire all of you to see yourself as more than these bodies that are sitting here, even more than the outer minds and the personalities that have been shaped by world conditions, by your parents and by your society. And especially those of you who have grown up in Europe, I desire you to realize that you are far more than you were brought up to think you are, in a Europe that has been heavily influenced by socialist thinking that denies the spirituality of the individual in almost every country in Europe.

Think about how many decades this has been going on, before it finally started turning after the fall of the Soviet Union. Think about how the Soviet Union had infiltrated almost every nation in Europe, had created communist or socialist parties whose entire goal was to spread a socialist-communist ideology which denied the spirituality, the inbuilt God Flame, of the individual, portraying human beings as automatons or robots or mere machines that could be used by the power elite to do their bidding and be their slaves. Almost like worker bees in a beehive or in an ant hill, who had no individuality and no personality but were literally the property of the state—who were supposed to do the bidding of those who happened to be controlling the state.

My Beloved, this is an ideology of anti-christ, and it is truly by the grace of God and the work of many ascended master students, that this ideology was overturned and that the Berlin Wall came down and that world communism was defeated in Russia. This is indeed a great turning point for Europe and for the entire world. Yet we are not out of the woods yet, as they say, for I must tell you that as there is a communist ideology of anti-christ, so there is a capitalist ideology of anti-christ. For as you well know, after having studied Jesus’ discourses on the ego, there are always two extremes in the duality consciousness. And so it is not true – as many of you have also been brought up to believe in the West – that capitalism represented right and truth and freedom and was working against communism.

For I must tell you – if you have not realized already, which many of you have – that capitalism is equally abusive and equally in denial of the individual spirituality as is communism. There is no difference; they are two sides of the same coin. They are two ideologies, two systems, that sprang from the same root. And that root is the denial of the spiritual reality behind all physical appearances.

The origin of the power elite

My Beloved, this denial of the spiritual reality goes back a very long time on this planet and beyond. It goes all the way back to the fall of those beings in previous spheres, who decided that they would not move higher when the realm in which they lived moved higher. Instead, they would deny God, deny God’s will, deny God’s will that all life becomes more. They would choose the path of becoming less, and they would drag as many as they could with them on that path. And as you know from Mother Mary’s book,  when a certain sphere ascends to a higher vibration and becomes part of the spiritual realm, then those lifestreams who are not willing to move on must then descend into a lower sphere, into a lower vibration. And yet because they have descended from a higher sphere, they not only have a sense of superiority, pride and arrogance, but they also have a certain knowledge, a certain attainment, that allows them to be very clever, very intelligent in an intellectual, logical, rational way that is far beyond many of the lifestreams who start in that lower sphere in order to work their way up.

And that is why you have the formation of a power elite who believe they are better than the people and have a right to rule the people and that the people should be their literal slaves. This goes back a very long time to civilizations that are not currently known. But even in your own known history, you can see the pattern. And you see it few places more clearly than here in Europe, where throughout the middle ages you had the feudal lords who owned everything, even owned the people who lived on their land.

This certainly was not God government, nor was it the will of God. It was a totally perverted system. And it should show you that there is nothing that can be given that cannot be perverted by the human ego—as long as most of the people are blinded by the duality of the ego. For it is true that there is a potential that a king can be an enlightened ruler. And if the king is in a higher state of consciousness, he can give birth to an heir that is also in a higher state of consciousness. So the higher form of rule, the higher God government, can indeed be passed on through inheritance. But this system is not fail-proof, as is no system on earth in the current level of vibration of this planet. And therefore, it too became perverted. And you saw throughout the Middle Ages how one insane king would have insane children that would lead on and on and on, until the God government that was meant to be had deteriorated to the point, where it was human government.

Any government must recognize a power above itself

I myself was certainly up against exactly such a king in the form of Henry the VIII [El Morya was embodied as Thomas More]. He was the embodiment of everything that is wrong with human government, the perversion of human government. You see, it was a long time ago that the Israelites, who had prophets, demanded a worldly king. And they were given a worldly king because it is indeed a right system that there is a spiritual branch and a secular branch. This represents, in its pure form, the Alpha and the Omega, where those who are the leaders of the religion, if they have the right attunement to the ascended masters, can serve to bring down the overall picture of God government for a particular nation or even an entire civilization. And then the secular part of the government is the one who takes care of the many day-to-day things in society. Yet when this system works correctly, the secular branch of the government works within the greater framework provided by the religious part of the government.

This can indeed work, but it can only work when the people have a certain level of consciousness. And when the people start falling asleep and are not aware of what is going on, then the power elite will enter into both the secular and the religious branch of the government, and they will start perverting it in order to obtain power. Then it is no more about truth; it is about what promotes or sustains the power of the elite. And at that point, both the religious and the secular aspects of the government will be perverted.

This is indeed what you saw in the Middle Ages. And you saw it very clearly embodied in the Catholic Church, which had imposed a man-made doctrine, a man-made world view, upon the entire continent of Europe, plunging this continent into the Dark Ages rather than the Age of Enlightenment that was envisioned by Saint Germain and other ascended Beings. So you now have a church that is unjustly limiting the population. You have a king who wants an heir and who cannot have it with one woman, so he wants another woman but the Church forbids divorce. So the king goes and withdraws himself and his country from the Church, so he can make his own laws.

There I was as Thomas More, being the king’s chancellor, but I was not about to compromise what I knew to be true in my heart. Contrary to what you might think, based on history, this was not actually based on a loyalty to the outer Catholic Church. For even though I was not fully aware in that embodiment of the faults of the Catholic Church – having simply not the knowledge that you have today and have been given through our websites and other means – I still knew that there were things that were lacking in that Church.

So my loyalty in opposing the King was not so much to the Church, but to God and to the Will of God. Because I knew very well that when the secular government starts making its own rules, then that society will enter a downward spiral that can take it very far down into having one tyrant after another who is misusing his power to oppress the people. For is it not so, that if any power on earth, if any institution or individual, sets itself up as saying that it has ultimate authority and recognizes no authority beyond itself, then you have an open invitation to an abuse of power. And I can tell you that you have never on this planet, or any other planet, seen any individual or institution that could handle absolute power without being corrupted by that power.

Why it is essential to have absolute rights

And that is why it is absolutely essential that any form of government must recognize a higher authority than itself. It must recognize that there is something beyond the material realm and that that something has set forth principles, laws, that are absolute and that no authority on earth can or should circumvent, explain away or nullify. This is an absolute necessity for maintaining a free society. And that is indeed why the founding fathers of the United States of America were inspired with the Declaration of Independence, whose first and foremost aim was to declare their independence of those who had taken on worldly power and did not recognize any power beyond this world. Which is exactly why the Declaration says that all men are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights—meaning rights that no government on earth has the power to take away or water down.

You should be able to see that what has happened in Europe for several generations is that the democratic freedoms that were won through such a hard fight, in many cases, have indeed been watered down by secular governments who have been influenced by a socialist ideology which recognizes no authority beyond the earth, no authority beyond itself. And therefore, it believes that it can create rules without considering the Will of God and the laws of God and the laws of nature that are God’s design principles that make the material universe work and make it sustainable.

Islam and the ongoing dualistic fight

Thus, you see in the Soviet Union how they thought they could create the perfect man-made system, where the economy would work and give everyone work and provide for everyone, and it could do so indefinitely. Yet in reality had it not been for loans from the West, Communism could not have survived for as long as it did. So why did the banks in the West provide loans to their “sworn enemy” of Communism? Well, it was because they wanted to keep the world in a dualistic fight, so that they themselves could rule behind the scenes, including making money on the entire war machine.

So what you see today is that it finally became clear, even to people in the Soviet Union, that communism was not working, and therefore the Berlin Wall came down. And for a time there was a relative calm, for even the power elite had not quite foreseen that the Soviet Union would collapse as quickly as it did, for they had not taken into account that many of our students had for many years given calls for the fall of communism. So they had not in their calculations taken into consideration the spiritual force that made communism a house of cards. And when the winds of the Spirit started blowing, that house came tumbling down much faster then anyone expected. And even the power elite was taken aback by this.

And yet what do you see today, just a few years later? You see another upcoming force that is serving to maintain the dualistic fight, the “clash of civilizations” and it is now terrorism and what is labeled as fundamentalist Islam, but which really has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam in its true form. For even Islam is clearly a religion that recognizes the Will of God and the superiority of God’s law to the superiority of man. And thus, had Islam been maintained in its pure form, it could never have been what it has become today—a threat to the peace of the world.

Yet why has Islam been put into this role? Well, partly because Islam itself has been perverted by those Imams, and the priests, who have taken Islam beyond what it was meant to be, who have lost the original purity of the teachings brought forth through the prophet Mohammed and who have perverted them into the concept of Jihad and many other concepts that are not in alignment with the Law and the Will of God. So they have put themselves in this position.

But really, what has happened behind the scenes is that the power elite behind capitalism has said, “We need another enemy so we can continue to justify military spending and our exercising power over the people. And thus we will continue to do what we have always done—create fear of an outer enemy in the people, so that they will accept the inordinate spending on military equipment and at the same time accept an erosion of their civil liberties.”

Europe needs to rise above socialist thinking

And this, of course, has worked very well on the other side of the pond, as they say, whereas it has not yet gained the same foothold in Europe. And that is indeed one of the reasons why we look to Europe as having the potential to be, as Mother Mary said, a forerunner for a new awareness that can bring about world peace. For whereas Europe in the past was almost completely ruled by the power elite, it is now the United States that is more influenced by the power elite than Europe.

Although you should certainly not fall into the illusion of thinking that Europe is not influenced by the power elite. Yet I must tell you that the people in Europe do have the potential to awaken themselves and come to a higher awareness that can indeed bring about a more peaceful future, not only for this continent, but for the world as a whole. Yet before this can happen, they must analyze their past and do away with the remnants of socialist thinking that are still influencing virtually every nation on this continent including the nation in which I am now speaking.

For Sweden is a very typical example of a country where the government believes it should run every aspect of people’s lives, and where the people have come to believe that the government should take care of them and that they have a right to be given what they need by the government and at the same time be told by the government how to live. And this becomes a codependent relationship, where one side is the governmental apparatus, which is huge in many nations in Europe. It employes many people who in their thinking see the rest of their lives as government employees, living a certain lifestyle that is comfortable although nothing out of the ordinary. But they accept the security because it is easy for them, and they do not have to make decisions, and thus they want to maintain the governmental system that gives them that security. And on the other side, you have the people who are dependent on that governmental system for various services, and they also want to maintain it.

You see this codependent relationship where nobody really wants to come out and say that the system is not working, that it is in danger of collapsing under its own weight, as you had in the Soviet Union before the Wall came tumbling down. So the people of Europe need to analyze their past and say, “No more of this socialism, no more of this replacing God with the state. We need to get back to a point, where there is both God and man in the government.”

But it needs to be enlightened man, enlightened men and women who are attuned with their God selves and attuned with God and therefore know the Laws of God, not through one religion as you saw in the Catholic Church, for that is clearly a system that does not work. I am not talking about making one religion the ultimate religion or the only true religion in any country in Europe. I am talking about the universal realization that beyond the outer churches and religions, there is a universal body of spiritual knowledge. There is a universal teaching about God’s Law and the laws of nature, and unless a government is based on these timeless, eternal principles, it simply is not sustainable. And it is just a matter of time before either internal factors or external factors will cause that system of government to collapse under its own weight.

This might happen in European nations because the population is aging and because the entire mindset caused people to have less children, to live more comfortable material lives. So you now have a situation where the population ages and there are fewer and fewer people to pay the taxes for the pensions and social services. And this in itself might cause the entire system to collapse.

Another problem is the health care problem. Truly, it is correct and just that people should not be financially wiped out because they have an illness. Yet you cannot have a system either where health care cost becomes a threat to the economic viability of a nation. So there must be a middle way. And that middle way can be found when you understand the purpose, the spiritual purpose, of life, so you are able to create a health care system that seeks to maintain the spiritual quality of life. But it does not seek to maintain the mechanical quality of life of keeping the heart beating for as long as possible through any technological means available, so that you essentially have a vegetable lying there that cannot sustain a spiritual platform for growth.

Look beyond outer conditions

There are many things that need to be changed on this continent. And you might feel overwhelmed when you consider it all. But I can tell you that a breakthrough is much closer than you might think when you look at the outer conditions. And that is exactly why – time and time again – we are telling you that we have need of those who will not be blinded by the outer conditions, who will not be overwhelmed by the outer conditions, who will not think that these outer conditions are permanent and could not be changed, for after all “I am just one little person and what can I possibly do?” Well, certainly, you as a little person cannot solve the problems that your nation is facing. But you are more than that little person, and when you connect to that MORE, then the MORE through you can bring forth the solutions to every problem known to man, be it on this continent and elsewhere.

I can assure you, there is a solution to every problem. But that solution cannot be found through the human will. It can only be found when a critical mass of people will align themselves with the Will of God, which is not an external will seeking to put you in a straightjacket. It is the will of your own higher being. And when you realize that; when you accept that; when you acknowledge that and when you feel the love that you have for your own higher being and feel the love that your I AM Presence and the ascended masters and your Creator have for you, then following God’s Will is not a burden—it is your greatest love. For you came here to bring God’s Will to earth. You did not come here to become a human being, a robot following along with whatever the government tells you to do.

The potential for a new revolution in consciousness

The governments have long ago left the Will of God and have elevated the will of man as the ultimate authority. And even though they claim to be democratic governments who are somewhat open to the will of the people, the reality in most nations is that it is the will of the power elite that is carried out in the politics of the day. What needs to happen is that someone must decide to seek for the more. The will to become more is the first step. And then you become more, and now you become the open door for the more of the Will of God, the energy, the Light, of the Will of God to shine through you.

And what will happen when a critical mass of people decide to be the open doors is that suddenly a shift will occur in the mass consciousness. And suddenly, people will wake up and realize that these old patterns – that we have been perpetuating and repeating over and over – they are not working. And we need to do something different. This is what happened in the Soviet Union. This is what happened in most European nations when the feudal system was abandoned and gave way to some form of democracy or a more enlightened form of government.

Truly, there was the French revolution, which was not the Will of God to become a bloodbath. Yet the French Revolution opened the eyes of many of the rulers of Europe, who realized that times had changed and that if they did not voluntarily let go of some of their power over the people, then the people would indeed finally rise up and take that power through force.

Yet this was in a darker age. And I must tell you that in today’s age there is a potential that an equally great shift can happen in society as the shift between the feudal societies and the democratic nations. But this time it can happen without violence, without bloodshed. It can happen by a mass awakening of the people, who finally wake up and say as the little boy in the fairy tale, “But the Emperor has nothing on! The power elite has nothing on. This socialist-capitalist system has nothing on. It is not working for it takes away the initiative and the responsibility of the individual and thus denies the individual the opportunity to experiment and to learn both from its successes and its failures.”

What has been created in many European nations is a welfare system, a welfare state, where there is a limit to how far you can fall because you can always go on welfare and maintain some standard of living. Yet in the focus on maintaining this bottom line, you have forced all of the people into a lower state of existence than they could have if they exercised their full spiritual potential. You now have nations where nobody dares to exercise their creativity, their spiritual creativity, and bring forth those ideas and inventions that are needed in order to bring the Golden Age into manifestation, even the ideas about free energy that can make the world independent of oil.

Because you have a nation where everybody is trying to just live what they consider to be a comfortable life, and what they consider to be the maximum that they can obtain, then you have strangled initiative. And this is precisely what the power elite wants, because they do not want the people to show initiative. They want to be able to control every new idea, every new invention, so that they can either use it to make money or to expand their power or they can stop it from creating competition that takes away their money or their power.

The power elite wants to limit progress

There is a common misconception that is found in most of the industrialized nations, including in North America, in Europe and elsewhere. And that common misconception among most people is that the world is basically good and that there are forces that are trying to do the right thing, but that sometimes bad things happen and therefore society could not be in a higher state than what we see right now.

This is the same kind of psychology that was perpetuated during the Middle Ages by both the Catholic Church, by the kings and by the feudal lords, the noble class. They wanted the population to believe that there was an upper limit to how far they could go in life. And thus, they should not bother to show initiative, to bring forth new ideas. And certainly they should not bother to challenge the status quo of the power elite.

And many people think that after democracy came into being, then those forces basically disappeared. But surely, you can see that they have survived and that they have simply learned how to use democracy to still further their agenda of power and privilege for the elite and of holding the people down. And this has happened in most European nations through the democratic institutions, through the educational institutions, through the media, where everybody has come to believe that there is a limit to growth, there is a limit to how much society could change, to how rich a nation could become, to how far technology could advance, to how far culture could advance.

And because of that, you see that much of Europe has accepted a lid upon the growth of this continent. Yet, I must tell you that even when you look at the European nations today – and their comfortable lifestyles, their welfare systems, the riches they have – what could be manifested on this continent is infinitely more than what you see right now. The vision that I hold, based on my oneness with the Will of God, is infinitely greater than what you see right now.

In fact, if I were to tell you that vision, your outer minds would not be able to experience it. Even you, who are spiritual people, would find it difficult to experience the vision I hold for the world and for this continent. And many among the people who are not spiritual would consider me a madman if I were to tell them what could happen within just a few decades. For truly, this continent has the potential to change so dramatically that it could become the foundation for bringing true abundance to every continent on this planet. Is it not clear – when you look at South America, when you look at Africa, when you look at the Middle East and certain parts of Asia – that these nations do not have the situation you see in Europe. They do not have the conditions, the outer conditions, nor the momentum that can allow them to transcend their current state from within themselves.

I personally have had several embodiments in Europe, as had Saint Germain, as had Kuthumi and other masters. Why have we chosen to embody on this continent? Because we knew that despite what was going on in the Dark Ages, this continent has the potential to be – along with the North American continent – the primary forerunners for the Aquarian age, for the Golden Age of Saint Germain. And thus we have invested our own light for bringing forth ideas on this continent. And behind the scenes you see that all of the conditions are put in place for a breakthrough to occur. Yet that breakthrough is currently being blocked by the conditions I have talked about, the socialist mindset, the acceptance of an upper limit.

The potential for a Golden Age in Europe

But could that block be cleared away, then Europe could go through an incredible transformation that could then spread far beyond the borders of Europe. Indeed, this is the potential that is real, that is just behind the surface appearances. And indeed, it is the Will of God that this should be physically manifest. And as the embodiment of the Will of God, it is indeed my will for this continent. For even though there has been much darkness on this continent, I hold no negative feelings. I have let go of it all—what I experienced personally, what I have seen other people experience. Even the atrocities, such as the Holocaust or the slaughter of the Russian people by Stalin, even these atrocities I have let go of, I have left behind. And I hold only the vision for the good that could happen on this continent.

And truly, I want you who are the spiritual people to do likewise. Not in the sense that you deny the past, but that you are willing to look at the past and process it in your own beings, so that you can serve as the forerunners for your nations and you can carve a trail in the mass consciousness that other people can follow. And thereby, they too can begin to process the past and come to consciously realize why it was not working, why neither capitalism nor communism will ever work. Why indeed it was never possible to create a man-made system that would provide the ideal society. For I tell you, my beloved, there is no system that will work. What will work is only the living God government that is always in attunement with a greater picture of God’s Will, so that the society, the economy, can transcend itself when the cycle has turned, and it is now necessary to come up higher rather than holding on to the old ways, the old ways of looking at things, the old state of consciousness.

Do you not see, that when you take Jesus’ discourses on the ego and transfer them to the field of government, you see that what the ego wants is to create a society that is static and that can maintain the power and privilege of the elite while keeping the population in such a state, that they are not dissatisfied enough to risk their lives in a revolt against the power elite. What the ego basically wants is to create a human society that functions much like an ant hill, where the population serves to provide the privileges for the elite. And then the ego wants to maintain that society for as long as possible.

But it is not God’s Will to create a static society that will remain the same for ever and ever. It is God’s Will to create a society that is constantly transcending itself, so that the members of that society will be urged to constantly transcend themselves, to learn more, to come up higher, to develop their thinking, to develop culture so that everything is in a state of growth. This is the River of Life. This is how God government is.

And that is why you see so many civilizations in the past that have collapsed. And why have they collapsed? Because they became taken over by a ruling elite who, once they had power, became concerned about only one thing—maintaining their power and their privilege instead of continuing the upward growth, the self-transcendence, of society. This is the mindset of those fallen angels who rebelled against God’s plan when their higher sphere, in which they lived, transcended itself and they could no longer remain.

Do you now see that this is the pattern of stopping growth, of creating a privileged position for themselves and then maintaining it indefinitely? This is the pattern that has been going on for eons on this planet. And it is time that the spiritual people realized this, that they come out of what Jesus has so brilliantly called gray thinking. And realize that it is not enough to be spiritual, to love everyone indiscriminately without Christ discernment. You need to come to that higher state of knowing true love, the love of God, the love that is so one with the Will of God, that it loves the Will of God and that there is no greater love than the Will of God, which is self-transcendence.

Loving self-transcendence

This is the key to growth—to love self-transcendence, to love being more, love becoming more and to not hold on to that which is less. For if you have a thousand dollars or a thousand euros and I tell you that if you will give that thousand euros to the poor, I will give you a million euros in return, would you not do so? Would you not let go of the thousand euros in order to receive more? Would it be a loss for you? Certainly not, because you would have much more.

And that is the mindset that is missing on the European continent. That mindset is much more there in the United States. But the United States has other problems that we have already talked about to some degree and will surely talk about more. But for now I am talking about Europe, and there are many people in Europe who are so concerned about holding on to what they have that they are afraid they could only lose if society changed. And there are many among the population who have adopted this mindset and want the state to continue to take care of them, just as you see people in the former Soviet Union who long back to the days of communism, even though they had almost nothing. They at least had that much, and they knew they would have that whether they worked or not.

For as you probably know the old joke that they used to tell about the communist system: “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.” And that is indeed how many people feel. They want to pretend to work, to do the absolute minimum to get a minimal wage so that they can survive. Because they don’t want to take responsibility for their lives. They don’t want to grow and transcend themselves. And this is the system that has been perpetuating itself, especially on this continent now for almost a century. And it is time that people wake up and realize that it simply is not working and that it cannot work in the long run because it is based on a flawed ideology.

I have spoken at length and your cups are running over. But as you can hear, I have much more to say, for after all, I am the MORE. Yet I shall give you your rest for now. And we shall see whether I, or perhaps my beloved brother Saint Germain, shall continue this discourse. So I thank you, as Mother Mary thanked you, for being here, for being willing to be the open doors. For I must tell you that when you listen to these words spoken by an outer person, there is much more going on behind the scenes. And there is much light streaming through your beings that is being released into the mass consciousness on earth. And you might sit here and think that I am talking to you, but I am also talking to the mass consciousness on this continent. And as these words are spoken physically, they go into this mass consciousness, and they pierce the veil so that more and more people can see what is wrong, what is missing.

And thus, these words spoken in the physical have a far greater effect than you might think. And that is why even a relatively small gathering can bring forth the opening of a new spiral that can eventually, as it is reinforced, provide a breakthrough on this continent. And that is why, again, we are grateful that you are here. For were you not here, then what would be the point of us being here? For you see, the principle is always that we can multiply what you bring to the altar as the servants who multiplied their talents could be given more. Yet if you bring nothing to the altar, there is nothing to multiply, so everything stays at that stalemate, at that catch-22, where nothing is moving.

So again, I thank you, and I seal you in the Flame of the Will of God. Meditate on me, Morya, and I will show you the Will of God for your own lives, for your nation and for this continent. Be at peace in the Will of God, for there is no peace without the Will of God.


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