Getting Results from Your Spiritual Efforts

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Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels, January 11, 2017.

I AM the Ascended Master Hilarion. On the second level of the initiations at my retreat, you are facing the combination of the Fifth Ray with the Second Ray of Wisdom. “Wisdom is the principal thing, and with all thy getting, get understanding,” as it says in the Scriptures. Let us focus on getting some understanding about vision.

I would like to begin by asking you to consider your reactions as you were reading or hearing my first discourse. Particularly, I want you to think back to your reaction when I said that the universe is the cosmic mirror and it will reflect back to you exactly what you are projecting out. Did you have a reaction to that statement, such as: “But I have attempted to project out a certain vision and I have not gotten back exactly what I projected out.”

Why you are not getting results

You see, at the second level of my retreat it is very important that you come to an understanding of exactly how the universe works and exactly how vision works. This is particularly important for those who have been on the spiritual path for a long time. I have many people who come to my retreat at this level and they say to me, when we have our informal discussions: “Hilarion, I have been on the path for thirty or forty years. I have given countless decrees. I have invoked the Violet Flame. I have studied the teachings of the ascended masters. I have gone to psychologists. I have worked on my psychology. I have done treasure maps. I have done vision. I have done positive affirmations. But still I do not have the outer situation that I desire to have.”

There are many people who have not been on the spiritual path for so long but they come to me and they have gone into the more superficial things that are available out there (as I said, Positive Mental Attitude, positive affirmations, treasure maps and so on), but they think that they can very quickly project out a positive vision and manifest that vision. Again, they have been disappointed and they come and they ask me: “Does this actually work? And then, if it does, why haven’t we gotten the results that we desire to have?”

This is the point where we go into taking a deeper look at exactly how life works. I have already hinted at some of the conditions here in my first discourse because I said that if you are projecting out one vision with the conscious mind but you have not looked at the subconscious mind, you could be projecting out an unclear vision, a divided vision, or even opposite visions with the conscious and subconscious minds.

This, of course, is one possible explanation why you have not received back from the universe what you desire to have. There is no other way to deal with this than to systematically go through the layers of the subconscious mind and root out these visions that are not conducive to what you want to manifest. This is, of course, what you do as you go through the seven levels of this course in self-mastery and as you use our other teachings and tools, especially the tools for healing your cosmic birth trauma and some of the deeper traumas that you have received in past lives.

Nevertheless, even if you come to a point where you have cleared your four lower bodies sufficiently so that you are not putting out contrary visions, then you will still see that it is not always that you get back exactly what you project out. Now, you may say to me, as some people do: “But Hilarion, you said that the universe is almost mechanical because the cosmic mirror will reflect back to us exactly what we project out.” Well, as with everything, there is always a deeper understanding.

The universe will reflect back to you exactly what you are projecting out but not necessarily what you think you are projecting with your conscious mind. Let us begin by taking a look at the vast majority of people who are currently in embodiment on earth. Most of these people are not very conscious of the power of vision and they are not very conscious of the vision they hold in their minds of how life works. They are often not very willing to take responsibility for themselves. They are not very willing to admit that their outer situation could have something to do with their state of consciousness.

What are they projecting out? They still have some vision (even though they are not conscious of it) and they are projecting that vision into the cosmic mirror. It is a very fuzzy, a very unclear vision where they are actually projecting that they do not want to take responsibility for themselves and they do not want to be so conscious of everything they do. What have they received back from the cosmic mirror? They have received back exactly what they projected out: A situation where they feel that their lives are limited by so many outer circumstances that they have limited possibility to take command over their lives. This frees them from the sense of responsibility. This frees them from the sense where they have to be consciously evaluating their state of consciousness all the time. From that perspective, these people are getting back exactly what they are projecting out.

Many of these people, of course, have conscious desires for a certain situation, such as a comfortable lifestyle, and they are not getting back exactly that vision, that conscious vision. You see, they are getting back (from a certain viewpoint) exactly what they are projecting out. The same, of course, can be applied to you as a spiritual person.

Vision and your Divine plan

With a spiritual person, there are other considerations that come into play. The most important thing here is that as a spiritual person (who is open to the ascended masters in this lifetime), it is guaranteed that you created a Divine plan before you came into embodiment. Do I hereby say that not all people on earth have a Divine plan? Yes, I am indeed saying this. The majority of the people who are living largely unconscious lives and have done so for many lifetimes, are simply not at a level of awareness where they are willing or able to work directly with us between embodiments so that they can consciously make a Divine plan before they come into their next embodiment. Those who are spiritual people (of course, in this I count many people who are not in ascended master teachings), it is guaranteed that you did make a Divine plan before you came into embodiment. This Divine plan is first of all focused on your spiritual goals. If you have been following this course of self-mastery through the first four levels, then your Divine plan definitely involves the possibility of you manifesting Christhood. The purpose of the course of self-mastery is, of course, to get you to a point at the 96th level of consciousness where you can choose to move on and truly work on manifesting and expressing your Christhood, and this will be in your Divine plan.

This is where you need to come to this recognition that it is entirely possible that you have so far had conscious desires for a certain outer situation (often created by the culture that you grew up in), but those desires are contrary to your Divine plan. At least, they are not constructive to the fulfillment of your Divine plan. If that is the case, then you will actually have in your identity body a certain awareness of your Divine plan (even though it may not have been conscious yet) that will sabotage your conscious goals. You will actually stop yourself, at the identity body, from directing the necessary force into your conscious goals so that they will be projected out with enough force to come back as manifest circumstances.

Why this is so, I would like to leave aside for now, because I want to focus on this issue that you have a conscious vision, a conscious goal, a conscious desire. You formulate a vision in your mind, whether you use a treasure map or some other way. You hold an image of a particular material situation that you want to manifest and then you are putting your conscious attention on this and you are putting your conscious psychic, (emotional, mental and identity) energy into projecting this vision out into the universe, out into the cosmic mirror.

Why a vision cannot be manifest

I have already addressed the issue of whether this vision is whole. Is it consistent? Do you have something contrary in your emotional body or your mental body? This is one issue that can prevent manifestation. How scattered is the vision?

Let us just say that you have a relatively focused vision that you are projecting out. The next consideration then becomes: How much force are you putting into this projection? This will depend on several issues. I said in my previous discourse that there are fallen beings who have worked up a great momentum on manifesting certain material circumstances. They have therefore worked up a great momentum on taking a force-based approach to manifesting what they desire. They have tremendous psychic power that they have gathered over many, many lifetimes and so they are able to direct tremendous power into their vision in this lifetime.

Now, if you are a spiritual person who is open to this course, it is extremely unlikely that you are a fallen being. I do not rule out that it is possible for a fallen being to have followed the course to this point, but it is very unlikely. This means that you will not have this momentum of directing psychic energy. Right here, there is a limit to how much force you can put into projecting your vision into the cosmic mirror.

Beyond this, it is possible that you are directly limiting the force that you are projecting with. You are doing this at the level of your mental body or your identity body because, as I said, there is an awareness that the conscious vision you desire is not conducive to the fulfillment of your Divine plan. Therefore, at the identity level, for example, you are refusing to release enough power from that level and therefore you only have the power that is available to you at the conscious, physical level. The power with which you are projecting this vision out, is limited. Now, we have established that when you are attempting to manifest something, the question is: How unified is your vision and how much force are you putting into projecting it into the cosmic mirror?

The next consideration is what happens when the vision, the projection, has left your mind. It has now gone out from your mind and it is now moving into what we have called the cosmic mirror. Of course, there is always a difficulty in giving a teaching in that, on the one hand, we desire to simplify it so people can easily understand and grasp the teaching but on the other hand, in simplifying it, we make it seem easier than it is.

You might get the idea that the cosmic mirror is like an ordinary mirror where you are standing in front of it and the light rays that are coming from your body are hitting the mirror and are reflected back to your eyes. In the cosmic mirror, of course, we are dealing with a much more complex situation because what is the cosmic mirror? Well, it is the four levels of the material universe in the energy system of earth. The earth is the center of that system but it is not the only planet or the only unit in that system.

You also, of course, have the four levels, the identity, mental, emotional and material. What you need to realize, as I said in my last discourse, is that everything is an electromagnetic wave. When you are projecting out a vision, what are you projecting out? An electromagnetic wave or at least a complex of waves! In order for this vision or this projection to come back to you as a physical circumstance, it has to pass through these four levels of the identity, mental, emotional levels of the energy system of earth. Naturally, the question now becomes: What is contained in these four levels? The four levels are energy fields and in those energy fields are many energy waves. As your projection comes out, it is inevitable that the energy waves that make up your projection are going to start creating interference patterns with the energy waves that are in the entire energy unit in which you are living. This is, again, simple wave mechanics.

When you consider how much turmoil, how much impure energy, is found in the four lower bodies of earth – how dense the material matter is – then you can see that, right here, there can be a reason why you have projected out a certain vision but you have not (yet, at least) received the desired result. This may make you doubt whether the path that we describe actually works. Do you get the results of your efforts?

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Mystical Initiations of Vision.

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