Gautama Buddha

For you recognize the eternal truth that everything is the Buddha Nature. And therefore, you too are the Buddha Nature. And you are more than just the Buddha Nature, for you are a self-aware being.  And when you awaken to this reality, you see that you cannot be self-aware and simply be the Buddha Nature—your only option is to be the Buddha.

Gautama Buddha is the Lord of the World, who attained the enlightenment of the Buddha in his final incarnation as Siddharta Gautama.

Gautama Buddha has said about his role as the Lord of the World the following:
“…, I know that there are many among you who are working on rising to the parallel universe of the Christ consciousness, and thus it is beyond your present level for you to see yourselves as the Buddha.  And I am not asking you to go beyond that level of consciousness. For my beloved, you are partly here to out-picture and exemplify that level of consciousness of the Christ to the many people on Earth who must grasp the Christ Consciousness before they can truly grasp the Buddhic Consciousness.

Yet, what I come to offer you is a deeper understanding and realization of my office as the “Lord of the World.”  For you see, even though some traditional Buddhists see me with a female consort up in a remote heaven; the reality, my beloved, is that when I took up my role as the “Lord of the World” for planet Earth, I renounced my female consort, set her free to ascend to a higher realm.

Then, who is the female consort of the Buddha?  Who is the female polarity to the masculine polarity of the Buddha?  Well, the entire planet Earth and all who live upon it have that potential to become the female consort—or rather, to see themselves as what they already are, namely the female consort of the Buddha.  For, as the “Lord of the World,” I hold the masculine polarity for planet Earth; meaning that all who are part of the consciousness that is planet Earth, well they are part of the feminine polarity for which I hold the balance—even being the open door for the very life-giving force that sustains all life on this Earth.”