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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, June 1, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I AM the Ascended Master, Gautama Buddha. Some might say: “What does the Buddha know about women?” I would reply: “Nothing, I know nothing about women, for I know nothing from a distance.” What is the Buddhic consciousness? It is that you reach that level where there is no more the intellectual, linear, rational mind. There is no more the mind that knows from a distance. You know by being one with, by experiencing from within, that is the Buddhic consciousness. So, I can project (as you would say) my mind anywhere in space. I would not say I project my mind anywhere in space, I would say that my mind is everywhere in space, the space that I hold for earth. So I experience, I know from within, the situation of every human being on earth. I know your minds by experiencing them. I can focus anywhere in the space of earth and experience the consciousness that is there. Does this mean I know women? Well, that is the question I would expound upon.

What does it mean to know?

Again, what does it mean to know? There was an ancient temple where above the door it said: “Man, know thyself.” Of course that was back then in the male chauvinist times. Let us just say then that it said: “Human, know thyself.” What would it mean for a human to know itself? In a sense, you could say that we have given you many, many teachings through many different spiritual movements, in helping you know things about yourself, know your psychology, know the different stages of spiritual growth, know your reactionary patterns, your attachments, your separate selves, so that you can resolve all of this. If you took all of these teachings, studied them, applied them, would you know your self? Well, that depends on what state of mind you are in. If you are in this linear state of mind that most human beings on this planet are in, you can know yourself—but you will see that in this sentence there is a you and there is a self.

The you is supposedly knowing the self, but is the you the same as the self? If the you really knows itself, what is it knowing—a self? Is the you the same as the self? Is there a subject and an object, is there a subject-object duality? For most people on earth, even for many of the spiritual gurus and teachers that have come, there is still a subject-object duality. A spiritual teacher may have made some progress, may have raised his or her consciousness, may even claim to know itself. But if you see yourself as a subject, knowing your self as an object, you do not have true self-knowledge.

Based on this, you might say that I do not know women as most women know themselves because most women see themselves through this subject-object duality. That is why they become deceived, seduced by the lies of the fallen beings that are defined from that subject-object duality that the fallen beings cannot escape. Therefore, what the fallen beings define can only reinforce that subject-object duality. What the fallen beings have attempted to create is all of these roles or archetypes for what it means to be a woman.

For example, you can even see in spiritual circles where you have people who look at their astrology to see what kind of person they are. There are other spiritual movements that have created all of these divisions, saying that there is this type of person, there is that type of person, there is the next type of person and here are some criteria you can use to find out which type of person you are. The same of course with women, you see in women’s magazines where they can have these surveys or tests you can take, to see whether you are in this category or that category. You even see some spiritual teachings, or some feminist teachings, that talk about different kinds of women. Of course, you have the whole division between women and men. Are women different from men? What have we said? The Conscious You is neither male nor female. It is pure, undifferentiated awareness. Your I AM Presence is neither male nor female. It is beyond these divisions that are defined on earth.

Only separate selves can be male or female

When the Conscious You first is sent from the I AM Presence into the four levels of the material realm on earth, it is neither male nor female. Over time, as it takes embodiment in both male and female bodies, it creates certain selves. Unfortunately, these selves are often created in reaction to the fallen beings and various forms of manipulation or violence that people are exposed to on earth. This means you create certain selves that define how you see being a woman and how you see being a man. The Conscious You of a man is not different from the Conscious You of a woman, but the separate selves of a man are different from the separate selves of a woman. So, are men different from women? In the eyes of most men they are, in the eyes of most women they are.

There are some that will say that such distinctions or divisions are necessary, even beneficial. You might say, at a certain level of consciousness, that a lifestream is not ready to acknowledge the freedom to define itself any way it wants. It can be helpful to go into a predefined role, play out that role as you do when you are an actor who goes into a theater, puts on a costume and acts out a role written by some playwright. Very few actors are ready to go up on stage without any predefined role, without any script and feel confident that they could capture the attention of the audience. So it is with many human beings on earth—they need some kind of predefined role. Even the roles that have been defined by the fallen beings can be helpful for a time, they can help you gain experiences on earth. Given that these roles are defined from duality and are defined deliberately to make it possible for the fallen beings to manipulate you, then it is obvious that these roles will also imprison you.

We have talked about the liberation of women from certain outer oppressions, and the liberation of men too. In order to fully liberate women, you must be liberated from the roles for women defined on this planet. You must be liberated to see and identify yourself as a spiritual being, as a spiritual being that is not androgynous or gender neutral, but is beyond gender. That is how you can gain freedom to look at the predefined roles for women that you were brought up to take on (or that you have chosen to take on) and evaluate: “Do I want to continue to act out that role?” Now, in some cases you may decide that you want to continue this for some time for various reasons. There is nothing to say you should not. When you are making the deliberate choice to continue the role rather than having been brought up – programmed – to take it on, then you are no longer identified fully with the role. You are not trapped in it, you do not think the role defines you as a spiritual being.

Transcending the roles defined for women

Now, of course once you see through the role, you also have the option to transcend it. At that point (and many of you who are ascended master students have the potential to do this and it is in your Divine plan to do it) you can begin to redefine what it means to be a woman on earth. You might define a different role for what it means to be a woman. You might act out that role for a time. There can even come a stage where you are no longer defining any role, you are no longer acting out any role, you are no longer being a woman, you are being a spiritual being who happens to be in a female body.

These are of course subtle topics, esoteric topics, mystical topics, beyond what the average woman on earth is ready to deal with, but in order to give a more full picture of what it means to liberate women, this needs to be expressed. You who are ascended master students, some of you will be able to ponder this, internalize it, live it. Therefore, you can again break new ground in the collective consciousness that over time will enable other women to begin to break free of these roles that have been defined on earth.

Some might say: “Well, aren’t there any roles for women on earth, that are natural, that are okay, that are spiritual, that are not affected by the fallen beings?” The answer is simply: “No.” The fallen beings have manipulated every aspect of life on this planet and there is no role for men or women that is not affected by the fallen beings. There are many spiritual people who have in their minds a certain image, a certain role for what it means to be a spiritual teacher or guru. Those images are also affected by the fallen beings, often in subtle ways that can be very difficult to recognize. This messenger has for years worked on this particular issue, which is why he does not present himself in a certain way. He simply does not want to be trapped in one of these predefined roles for spiritual teachers that exist on this planet. This is very legitimate. Jesus did the same when he was in embodiment, I did the same when I was in embodiment, other spiritual teachers have done the same because the goal of the ascended masters is to help people escape these roles. How could we do this if we, while in embodiment, acted out such a role affected by the fallen beings?

Now, the difficulty is of course that when you do act out as a spiritual teacher of some kind, the students who study your teaching may have a role in their minds and they may project it upon you. What can you do about that? Well, sometimes you can counteract that role, you can expose it, you can challenge it, you can do the opposite of what the students expect. You can also seek to help the students see this, see how unnecessary it is and realize that as you grow towards the 144th level of consciousness, you shed the snakeskin of these predefined roles. Therefore, you do not follow a set pattern for what it means to be a spiritual person, a spiritual teacher, or a christed being. Even ascended master students, especially in previous dispensations, attempted to define a certain role for what it meant to be a Christed being. What would Jesus say to some students who came to him and wanted to project such an image upon him? Well, he would say what he said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” What is the role of the Christ? What is the role of the Buddha? What is the role of any person who attains to these higher levels of consciousness? Well, of course it is to demonstrate that there is a way out of these human roles. How can you demonstrate that if you validate a role and image projected upon you by certain people?

Women want a better life

Truly, when I project my awareness into the minds of women on earth, (and I can do this for every woman on earth at the same time, as I am doing now), at first there seems to be so many different situations that women are in. So many different outer situations, so many states of consciousness and psychology. Can you really say anything general about women, or the situation of women on earth? When you experience the differences of their individual minds, can you say anything general? Well, you can say certain things. Women in general want a better life, they want a better life than they are having right now. It does not matter whether they live in one of the poorest circumstances on earth, or whether they live in a mansion somewhere, having servants at their beck and call, they still want a better life. They feel a tension because they know (they do not always know why they know but somewhere within them they know) that the outer circumstances they experience could be better or higher than what they are, they feel that it is not right, that they have not improved.

Why is this so? Because women are attuned to the Mother Flame, to the Mother consciousness. What is the Mother consciousness? It is the consciousness that gives birth to something new. Other masters have said that there is a certain Christ principle that defines the intervals for growth and the process of growth, this upward spiral of growth for an unascended sphere. The Mother is attuned to this but the Mother is also attuned to the practical reality in the physical octave. Therefore, the Mother consciousness knows that there is a certain process, a certain upward spiral for improvements that could have happened on earth in very practical, concrete outer improvements that could have happened on earth. The Mother Flame knows that at this particular time, there was a potential that this particular new circumstance could have been born. It is comparable to knowing that a child could have been born on that day but it was not, it was delayed. The Mother senses this and when the Mother senses this, there is a certain tension: “My child has not been born, therefore I can’t nourish it and see it grow.” Almost all women on earth sense this. Even if many are not consciously aware of what it is they sense, they sense the tension. For many women, this is not a pleasant thing, it is in fact very unpleasant because they feel that something is wrong, something is missing, they are deprived of something, this is unfair, this is unjust, they should not be in these conditions. It gives them a certain (we might say) tense or negative view of life, attitude to life. Sometimes they take it out on their husbands, blaming their husbands for the fact that they do not have better conditions, other times they blame themselves, but there is no reason to really blame. Of course, saying this does not really help the many women who are not aware that I even exist, but it can help some. Some will understand.

What you see is that when you look at women in general, women are not satisfied with status quo. In fact, you could say that from the moment the fallen beings came to earth and chose that men would be the superior sex, and women would be suppressed, from that moment women have not been satisfied with status quo. In many cases, many men have been satisfied with status quo, especially those who are part of the power elite, who have gained this privileged position where they have other people serving them. They do not want to change status quo and that is often why the new has not been born.

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