From the United States of America to the United Peoples of America 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, September 28, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I know that you see me as the Master of Freedom, but is there not a certain joy in freedom? Thus, there is indeed joy on each of the Seven Rays and when you master a particular ray, you begin to feel that joy. Thus, I wish to convey to you the Flame of the Seventh Ray of Joy because I am indeed joyful about being able to be here with you, to interact with your auras and your chakras, to interact with your minds, to hopefully give you an experience that is beyond your normal level of awareness so that you have a frame of reference that you can bring with you as you go out to your place in America or abroad. You can bring that flame with you, and you can have it as a frame of reference for yourself, but you can also convey to others that there is tremendous joy in freedom and there is tremendous freedom in joy.

Americans take themselves too seriously

Thus, I do not wish to in any way be too serious about what it will take to align America with the mind of Saint Germain because you cannot align America or yourself with Saint Germain if you take life too seriously. Obviously, this means that one of the things, one of the changes, that could help align America with the mind of Saint Germain is that people stop taking themselves and this nation so seriously. Truly, when you look at America, there is a certain tendency that Americans take themselves very seriously, whereas you will see that other nations, like Canada, like the Scandinavian countries, have a culture and a tradition where they do not take themselves so seriously. They can make jokes about themselves, about their nation, that Americans sometimes look at and cannot understand why these other people think this is funny.

Of course, we realize that humor is an individual thing but, nevertheless, there is a tendency that Americans in general (not all, of course, but many) take themselves seriously, take their country seriously. You spoke earlier today about this whole consciousness that America has a certain destiny, and this, of course, makes people take themselves very seriously. You see so many of the Christians in this nation who take themselves very, very seriously and feel they have a role to play in making America conform to their vision.

Many Christians are anti-democratic

Building on what Jesus said earlier about the very fact that there is a separation of church and state in America, and that this is absolutely necessary for a functioning democracy, then we can say that those Christians who are attempting to interfere and affect the political process are out of alignment with the mind of Saint Germain, with the Founding Fathers of this nation, with the very principles upon which America is founded.

Truly, it is not wrong as such that religious people are engaged in the political aspect of life. I am not asking religious people to withdraw from society and live in a monastery. Of course, they are free to express their opinions as everyone else, but what I am pointing out is that some Christian churches have found their way to manipulate themselves into the political process and exert an influence that is completely based on their Christian worldview. This view is, as Jesus so eloquently explained, out of alignment with the mind of Christ, the mind of Jesus Christ. Naturally, this is also out of alignment with the mind of Saint Germain. Truly, there are very few Christians who do not take themselves and their faith too seriously.

Truly, we do not wish to start making jokes about Christianity but, nevertheless, it would be helpful if Christians could step back and be a little more humorous about their faith, about themselves, about their path. It would especially be helpful if those of you who are more aware would make the calls for the binding of these very powerful demons that have been created by the major Christian churches in America. These demons take over the minds of some of these pastors and leaders who feel it is their God-given right to interfere with the political process of America. They have been charged by God or Jesus to do this work and it is of epic importance that they impose their vision upon America’s leadership.

You have seen certain pastors in the past who have done this, even for several presidents where they have had some advisory position. Well, my beloved, a president of the United States does not need a religious advisor unless he has a board of religious advisors representing every faith in America. That I would have no problem with, but taking one particular minister from one particular church and making him the advisor to the president is against the principles of this nation. Thus, I look to you to make the calls for the binding and the judgment of these demons that are behind this phenomenon. Of course, this will enable us to take these demons away over time and this will shift the equation.

Why Saint Germain sponsors America

Now, beyond not taking yourselves so seriously, what would it take for Americans to align themselves with the mind of Saint Germain? Well, I would like to share with you some thoughts on what is the mind of Saint Germain, how is the mind of Saint Germain. First of all, let us do a reality check. It has been said in ascended master teachings that Saint Germain sponsors America. Now, as Mother Mary said, this is not a blank check, but what I wish to emphasize here is that Saint Germain may sponsor America but this does not mean that Saint Germain works only with America or Saint Germain looks to manifest the Golden Age only in America or first in America. I am the representative of freedom. I am the hierarch for the next 2,000 years of the Age of Aquarius, not just for America but for all people on earth. I work with people in all nations, as I am able, as they are able to tune in, and I have no particular favoritism towards any nation. I sponsored America not because I have any favoritism towards America but because I saw the potential and I am sponsoring that potential.

In a sense, you could say that in my mind I am not concerned about America as a nation, I am concerned about America as a process, as an experiment in: “How could we manifest a nation with a higher degree of freedom but at the same time manifesting the Golden Age ideals.” It has been said, and correctly so, that the Age of Aquarius is the Age of the Holy Spirit and the Age of Community, so community, come-ye-into-unity in these United States.

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