Freeing society from the prison of a closed mind 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, April 9, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 Easter webinar – Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. What I want to discourse about here, in this context of taking yourself and Christianity down from the cross, is to take a look into the Golden Age. What is it that needs to be taken down from the cross in order for the Golden Age to be manifest?

A people-focused society

Well, first of all there are, of course, individual people. The Golden Age, as I have said before, is not really primarily about manifesting some wonderful outer society, some affluent society, some technologically advanced society. It is first of all about manifesting a society that is focused on people, that is focused on helping the individual people grow in consciousness. This will, of course, require that society becomes much better at helping people heal their psychology, overcome the traumas they have received in this or previous lifetimes.

Consider what is going on right now in Ukraine and how many soldiers have gone to war, have been wounded, have been exposed to severe trauma. This, of course, is the case on both sides. Some will stay in embodiment but will be psychologically traumatized for the rest of their lives. Many will go out of embodiment but will be traumatized in their next lifetime. Look back at the past century. There are people today who are severely traumatized because they were soldiers or they were killed as civilians in the Second World War, some in the First World War. Some have been in several wars and have been killed, wounded, traumatized in various ways. Some have been civilians that were traumatized and have re-embodied, many in the more affluent nations because it gives them the best opportunity to heal their psychology.

A new approach to healing

If you embody in a totalitarian nation, then your opportunities for healing your psychology are much less than in a democratic nation. Naturally, I look for a society that is better at helping people heal their psychology, overcome traumas, and that employs new and innovative methods for helping people. I look especially for us to pass this hurdle where our approach to helping people with their psychology is not determined by ideology. Hereby I mean the Christian or any other religious ideology, but first of all the ideology of scientific materialism, which right now is a severe limitation for the psychological profession.

There are, of course, many psychologists and many other therapists who have begun to see this and who have started to experiment with various other methods for effecting greater healing. This is, of course, a tendency that I look at as a continuing trend, and I am already working, and I am willing to work with many more people who can bring this forward. There is, of course, a great potential for this to be accelerated, not by the psychological profession coming to accept ascended master teachings, but coming to accept these universal ideas that can help people heal their psychology, some of which are described on the new Higher Awareness Psychology website and also on the Age of Higher Awareness website in a more universal manner than in our direct teachings.

There is a great potential for this to create many shifts so that within the foreseeable future you will have a different approach to healing, where you say: “It is not a matter of staying within the boundaries of scientific materialism. It is a matter of looking at the practical aspects, What actually helps people.” You do not even have to say that the psychological profession recognizes reincarnation, for example, but you do have to be willing to say that if there are therapies that help people connect to something from their past, whether it is in a past life or not, but if those therapies are effective in helping people heal, then we are willing to look at them, research them, apply them, experiment with them. It should be a matter of what helps people, not how some people interpret that the psychological profession should function in order to be recognized as a real science. All of this ideological overlay I, of course, look at as something that will gradually disappear as we move further in.

Science must investigate consciousness

Many people in today’s age are able to recognize already now, and many more will shortly become able to recognize this, that the promise of science is precisely that through direct experimentation, through direct observation, we can test whether our theories, our ideologies, our doctrines are in accordance with the observable world, what you might call the real world. Whether it is real or not we can debate, but that is not the issue here. The issue is that science was released by me to precisely help people overcome the superstition and the closed mental box formed by Catholic doctrines in the Middle Ages. I clearly saw that there was no way to bring society forward, given the state of the Catholic church and even other later Christian churches at the time. There was simply no way to bring society forward. Science was meant to be an alternative, but what is the essence of science? The essence of the scientific process is that we recognize we do not currently know everything. We do not currently have the full picture in our belief systems, in our doctrines, in our ideologies, in our world view. Therefore we need to find some way to make contact with something outside our own minds, and this has for science been the scientific method, scientific inquiry.

But this is not the only way it can be done. In fact the unfortunate aspect of science and what has limited the application of science is that science decided, or rather scientist materialists decided, that science should ignore consciousness. It was decided that consciousness can only be subjective. If you take Jesus’ discourse of the forces that took over the Christian religion, you can see that those forces took over science and created a materialistic ideology that was superimposed upon science. Because the reality of the matter is that human consciousness does not have to be subjective.

When you step into separation, when you use the duality consciousness to create your own world view, you are playing God by creating a world view that you think is the absolute truth. Then human consciousness can only be subjective and will be entirely subjective. Yet it is possible to step outside of that state of mind, to rise above that state of mind, and therefore it is possible for a human being to raise his or her consciousness and gradually become more and more objective. This does not mean that we do not need science to investigate the outer world, but it does mean that science will never be complete without investigating consciousness and without raising consciousness, developing the intuitive faculties besides the intellectual, analytical, linear faculties of the mind.

The need to question the materialistic ideology

A whole human being can use both aspects of the mind, and a whole society needs to be based on both aspects of the mind. Of course, above and beyond the goal of helping people heal their psychological traumas, there is the goal of helping people develop that greater intuition so they can be in a neutral state of mind and therefore not be biased by all of these ideologies. Scientific materialism is an ideology. It is as limiting to human thought today as the Catholic doctrine was in the 1500s. It has not freed humanity from the fallacies of religion. It has brought a part of humanity into another fallacy, which in a way is as much of a closed box as the Catholic church.

What does science say? It says you are an evolved animal. It says that your entire inner life, your entire psychology, your thoughts, your feelings, are the products of the neurons in your brain, and the way that your particular neurons are creating your conscious experience is determined by your genes, and that was determined by a largely random, chance-based process. What is this ideology denying? It is denying that human beings have a higher potential, which is what Jesus called the potential to manifest the Christ consciousness.

Materialists are saying you are an evolved animal, which is the same as Catholics saying you are a sinner by nature. Both are inherently limited. Both cannot reach beyond a certain limit, which means they cannot challenge the fallen beings and their ideologies because they do not have the Christ discernment that comes from this neutral state of mind, the intuitive faculties. Scientific materialism is another attempt at shutting the Christ out from this world, and it can be driven, of course, only by the same forces that have used the Christian religion to shut out Christ from this world.

The failure of the materialistic theory of consciousness

I am not expecting the populace at large to see this within the near future, but I am certainly expecting some people to see it, including some scientists. There are already scientists who are beginning to question the materialist paradigm and to see that there is a need to go beyond it and formulate new theories and test them experientially, use mathematics to develop formulae so they can be tested in a way that is in accordance with the scientific process and method. This means that some scientists have been willing to consider that the world is made up of these vast social networks of conscious entities and that there are levels of these entities going from the least aware beings, such as amoebas and bacteria, towards gradually higher levels until you reach the level of human beings. Then beyond that are conscious agents in a higher realm, leading up to an ultimate conscious agent.

There are scientists seriously considering such models of the world and who are willing to test them experimentally and using math to do so as well. This is, of course, greatly encouraging to me because these scientists are able to tune in to the ideas that I am releasing, and they are willing to even stand in front of the scientific community and point out that when it comes to the hard problem of consciousness, when it comes to how the neurons of the brain produce a conscious experience, materialism does not even have a theory. Not only do they not have experimental proof, but they do not even have a theory for how unconscious neurons produce consciousness.

If you have no experiential proof and if you have no theory that can be tested and potentially falsified, then how can you say that this is science? To say that human beings, with all of their awareness, are only a bundle of neurons cannot be science. It can only be an ideology that they are attempting to superimpose upon science. Of course, how are they denying that human beings are really conscious? They can only deny this because they have consciousness.

If your entire inner life was produced by unconscious neurons, then why would the neurons be able to deny that you have consciousness? They would simply function as a computer and would not be able to deal with issues such as consciousness, where it comes from, free will, whether you have free will or not. All of these issues could not be dealt with by unconscious neurons because they would not have imagination. They would not have the ability to imagine something that they cannot perceive through the senses. A computer cannot be programmed in such a way that it can imagine something beyond the data, the information to which it has access.

This is another development I look to break through more in the near future: that people see, scientists begin to see, the limitations of artificial intelligence, the limitations of neurology, neuroscience, where they begin to acknowledge that after all of this time, after all of this experimentation, they have not been able to produce a credible materialistic theory of consciousness, and therefore they must look elsewhere. Otherwise science cannot make progress. Otherwise science will become as mired in doctrines and dogmas as the Catholic church was during the Middle Ages.

New forms of energy

Now, as I have said in an answer to a question but I wish to repeat it here, one of the big problems, so to speak, that will become more pressing in the near future is, of course, the whole concept of energy and where we get energy from. Not only is there the economic side of it, not only is there the lack of certain resources, but there is also the whole concept of pollution, global warming, CO2 and all of these things. I am not here talking about the reality of this debate. I am just simply saying that it is inevitable that more and more people are becoming aware of the need to stop pollution, to stop climate change, and there is, from a practical perspective, only one way this can be done.

You must find a form of energy that does not pollute, that can be created without polluting and that, when it is used to do work, does not pollute. You can see that the combustion engine cannot be created without polluting because you create pollution as you extract oil, and, of course, when the engine burns the oil, it creates pollution. It is clear that you need a clean or green form of energy, or rather several forms of energy, and it is also clear if you are a practical realist that nuclear technology, at least splitting the atom, is not the future. Fusing the atom has a greater potential, but there are many people that are becoming open to the possibility that there are other forms of energy that are not force-based. They are not based on forcing something as you do when you are forcing the atom apart or burning oil and creating an explosion in a combustion engine.

Generating vs. receiving energy

More and more people are becoming open to this possibility that instead of forcing the generation of energy we can find ways to receive energy that is already there, although not necessarily in what we call the physical material universe. Sunlight and solar power is receiving energy from an external source. You do not have to generate that energy. It is there for the taking. The same with wind, the same with the tides or the wave movements in the oceans. These are all ways, but the next breakthrough that needs to happen is that people begin to consider: What if there is energy from outside the material universe? This, of course, requires people to be willing to question materialism, at least in its present form.

You either have to abandon materialism completely, or you have to at least move the boundaries of the material universe further out so you can make use of this energy that is available freely and that can create a bigger revolution in technology than the steam engine or the combustion engine or electricity. The potential for technological growth in the near and medium long-term future is what most people would call staggering. It is so far beyond what you presently have that most people would refuse to believe it if they were told. But there will come a point where energy will not be a limitation to human progress because it will be, for practical purposes, unlimited. You cannot exhaust it, you cannot run out of these energy sources and, of course, they will not cost anything. It will cost something to produce a device that can receive the energy and turn it into work, but it will not cost something to generate the energy because it is there. It has no cost for human beings to generate solar energy or wind energy.

This is not the perpetuum mobile that people are talking about. We are not talking about a machine that can produce work without receiving energy from the outside. We are talking about devices that can receive energy from the realm that is beyond the material universe and translate them into work or electricity in the physical world. Once this begins to be known and be implemented, it will be impossible for the power elite to gain a monopoly on energy production, energy distribution, and this will shift the economy. It will, so to speak, democratize the economy and take economic power away from the huge corporations and give more independence to individuals and smaller businesses.

A new model of the universe

It is necessary for some people to recognize that there are indeed forces, a power elite, that resists such technology, that resists the shift and that wants to keep people and the entire world stuck in the current paradigm, where you believe that there is no free energy because energy must be produced, and it costs something to produce it. So you cannot create a machine that can run perpetually because it must receive a limited amount of energy. It will use it up, and therefore according to the laws of thermodynamics there is no such thing as free energy or unlimited energy, and all energy will eventually be used up, and the universe will go towards the lowest possible energy state, the maximum entropy. These laws are valid for very local situations. They are not valid for the entire universe.

If you look at the Big Bang, you will see that it violates both the first and the second law of thermodynamics, even in its present form. But, of course, the Big Bang is not an accurate portrayal of this. If you look logically at the Big Bang, you can see that what scientists have been forced to do, as they have confined their inquiries to scientific materialism, is to create something that is as artificial as when the Catholic church was bound by its doctrines that the earth was the center of the universe and that the heavenly bodies were created by a perfect God and therefore had to move in a perfect orbit, which was considered the circle. So they created the theory of epicycles that were circles within circles, in order to get the movement of the heavenly bodies to conform to the circle but also conform to observation. These cycles became more and more complicated, more and more complex, until you had a situation where the whole system was so cumbersome that it almost collapsed under its own weight.

This is what materialism is in today where, in order to confine the creation of the world to what you currently see as the material universe, they have had to create more and more artificial theories. So you have the concept that the linear process you see today with the expansion of the universe, the galaxies moving away from each other, must be reversible. You can look back in time and say that, as the galaxies are today at a distance, they were in the past closer together, and if you then take the linear mind and extend that back, there must come a point where there were no galaxies, there were no structures. This means that they have had to postulate that all of the energy and all of the matter that is currently making up the universe, this incredibly vast universe, was compressed into a single point, a singularity.

Can anyone really imagine this? Can anyone really make sense of it? May I ask a simple question here? How is the idea that all of the matter and all of the energy that makes up the current huge universe was compressed into a single point, how is that more logical than the idea that God created the heavens and the earth? How is it more scientific? How does it explain more than the idea that God created the heavens and the earth? I am not hereby saying that the Bible’s statement is entirely correct or is the full explanation. I am only saying: How is the idea that everything that you see in the current universe can be compressed into a singularity, how does that explain anything?

You know that the laws of physics break down when you get closer to the Big Bang. How is this a scientific theory, to say that there was nothing before the laws of physics suddenly appeared? Is it not more logical to say that the universe, the material universe, is part of a larger unit, and there is a flow of energy from a higher realm, a higher dimension, whatever you want to call it, into the physical universe? And it is this flow of energy that created the process of the formulation of matter, the formulation of planets and galaxies and suns, and it is this energy that drives the expansion?

The observation that the galaxies are moving further away from each other, that the universe is expanding and that this expansion happens at an accelerated rate is not compatible with the laws of thermodynamics. It is not compatible with materialism. Materialism has no credible explanation for this observable fact. It is exactly the same as when the Catholic church denied the observations of the early astronomers, who looked at the heavenly bodies and could not work out how they could possibly move in circles and therefore ended up concluding that they moved in elliptical orbits.

Likewise today, you can observe that the galaxies are moving away at an accelerated rate. It cannot be reconciled with a materialistic view, and therefore a far more simple explanation, according to Occam’s razor that materialists always refer to, is to say that there must be something beyond the material universe that is sending energy into the material universe to drive the expansion, and this energy did not have to enter through just one point as a singularity, but could have entered through many points simultaneously. That recognition, which is just a very small switch of the mind, could revolutionize science. You do not even have to theorize what is happening in this higher realm, whether there are conscious beings there or whether there is a god. You just have to let go of this insistence on there only being the material universe, and therefore all of the energy that has driven the evolution of the universe must already have been there at the beginning of the process.

If you can abandon this idea, you can open your minds to the possibility that you can find a way to harness this stream of energy and direct it into doing practical work on earth. That will revolutionize society in ways that most people cannot imagine because suddenly you have unlimited energy that does not cost money to produce. That means that you can now do much more work, perform many more activities at a much lower cost, which means suddenly it becomes feasible that all nine billion or more people on earth could have enough to eat every day. With the current amount of energy it is not possible to feed all people sufficiently but with more energy, free energy, this becomes entirely possible. It becomes possible they could all have a decent house to live in, that they could all have decent living conditions.

Exposing elitism and power elite

Who would not want to see this? Oh yes, the power elite, who want to be superior to the people, richer than the people. They do not want to see this, but can you really say that democratic governments and citizens in democratic countries should not want to see this? So why should you allow yourselves to be held hostage by this power elite that are using materialism as a tool to limit scientific progress? Is it not the very essence of the scientific method that no ideology, no belief system, should be allowed to limit scientific inquiry? Is that not why science challenged Catholic doctrines in the first place? So is it not the next logical step to use science to challenge the materialist doctrines that are also limiting scientific inquiry? And even challenge the existence of a power elite, which scientists and historians and psychologists could very quickly bring awareness about if they only would make a slight shift and focus on how elitism has been one of the driving forces in human history, and how people can free themselves from this influence.

Do the people need an elite if you take what Jesus has said about Christianity, about there being this small elite that are setting themselves up, wanting to control people, wanting to create a problem and present themselves as solutions to the problem? Then you can see that this pattern can be seen in human society as far back as you have recorded history. The elite will always try to create one simple illusion: that the people need the elite, that they could not do this or that or the next thing without the elite, that you could not be saved without the elite, that you could not govern society without the elite, that you could not know truth without the elite.

The inconsistencies of materialism

This is, of course, completely untrue, and you will see when you look at this materialistic theory of consciousness, how you have these so-called scientists who are claiming that all there is to you and your mind is a bundle of neurons. But they implicitly make themselves exceptions from this because if you are a materialist and if you truly believe that human beings are a bundle of neurons, then you must logically accept that you are also a bundle of neurons. That means you do not have a mind that is independent of your brain, and that means you cannot know truth. What you think is your superior materialistic truth is simply a product of the firing of your individual neurons. If someone believes in a religion, well, that is a product of their neurons. But how are your neurons, the firing of your neurons, superior to the neurons of another person?

In other words if you are a materialist, there is no meaning in saying there is an absolute truth. There can be no truth, and therefore there can be no people who are superior to others. There can really be no elite. It is a complete fiction. It is just an illusion created by the firing of the neurons of certain people, as it must be in serial killers and rapists and mass murderers. There is no meaning anywhere. There is no superiority. It is just that you may feel superior, but it is just your neurons that are giving you this illusion. It has no meaning. Of course, they do not see it that way because they think that they have superior minds, but those who disagree with them, it is just their neurons firing that way. Just as they say: “Ah, the religious people, it’s just all superstition.”

So the reality here is that all human beings have the potential to raise their consciousness, but how do you do it? Well, you must make contact with something from outside your own mind but also something from outside the material universe. You cannot use materialism to transcend the material universe, but you can use logic, rationality, to posit that there is something beyond the material universe. Then you can use intuition to direct the experience that there is something beyond your mind, something beyond the material universe.

This is because the Conscious You can step outside of the outer mind. The Conscious You can step outside of the neurons of the brain because the Conscious You, the core of your identity and your mind, is more than the neurons of the brain. For that matter, even your subconscious selves are more than the neurons of the brain. The only way that these materialists can deny consciousness as an independent phenomenon, as a phenomenon independent of the brain, is because they have a consciousness that is independent of the brain. But this they are not able to see, willing to see. They are not willing to make that logical shift and see the inconsistencies in their claims, which are really just beliefs, subjective beliefs.

Factors limiting human thought

The big shift that I look to see happen is indeed that there begins to be an awakening of how human thought has been limited historically. Not only through religion, although religion certainly has been a major factor in limiting human thought, but so have political ideologies, national pride or national identities, and so has now scientific materialism.

There has always been a tendency that human beings will limit their own thoughts, but also the tendency of the formulation of an elite, who will seek to limit the thoughts of the population without limiting their own thoughts. But, of course, the elite have always been limited in their thoughts because they are so focused on themselves, raising up themselves by putting other people down. Therefore they cannot think in holistic terms. They can only think in localized ways, focused on themselves. They are the ones who think the earth, or rather themselves, are the center of the universe, and that everything else revolves around them. This is, of course, narcissism to the extreme.

A new renaissance of thought

This is what people are beginning to see, and they will see it more and more clearly in the coming years and decades until there will be a shift. There will be a shift, and more and more people will refuse to let their thoughts be limited, as you indeed saw happen after the early scientific revolution. You saw it in the Renaissance, where there was much more freedom of thought. This is what created progress. In today’s world you have progress in terms of the development of technology, but not really in the freedom of thought that you, for example, saw in the Renaissance, where people were willing to think about things they could not even have thought about decades earlier.

This is the kind of new renaissance that I look to not only see but, of course, produce by working with the people who can tune into me and other masters so that we can release these ideas and they can be put out there into society. Naturally you are among those people in whatever way you can see yourself fitting into this picture. Certainly many of you have a potential to be a part of this renaissance of thought. This is not said to put any pressure on you, but it is a fact that many of you have a potential to be part of this renaissance of thought that can usher in the Golden Age, but you cannot exercise or fulfill that potential as long as you are hanging on the cross in your own minds. Therefore you need to implement the processes we have given you to free yourselves from these separate selves, these subconscious selves, and come to the point where your thought can be freed up, your imagination can be freed up, to reach up.

Horizontal and vertical imagination

Now, it has been said by some creative people that imagination is the greatest gift that human beings have, but this is a truth with modifications. Imagination can go in two directions: It can go vertically or horizontally. You can look at people who are in the duality consciousness, and you can see that many among the population do not have much imagination. They have hardly any imagination because their thoughts stay within the boundaries that they were brought up with. But you can look at the fallen beings and say they actually have a lot of imagination. That is why they can create all of these illusions to ensnare people. It is actually an observable fact that there are some people who are very much trapped in separation, who are very much trapped in a dualistic way of using their minds, but within the boundaries set by this way of thinking they do have a lot of imagination. That is why they can come up with all these conspiracy theories, for example, and that is why they can get many people to believe in them.

It is simply this: When you go into duality, your mind, as we said, becomes a closed system, but a closed system can be narrow, or it can be wider. It is just that a closed system can only expand in a horizontal way. It cannot transcend itself. Therefore it cannot rise up, it cannot reach up for the Christ mind, it cannot contact the Christ mind. But there are very few limits to how far it can go in a horizontal direction, and that is why you will see, when you look at some of these people that believe in some of these conspiracy theories, that they can always invent. Even though they would not call it that, they can always come up with some justification for why their system, their world view, is not wrong even though it might be contradicted by facts.

The prison of a closed mind

This messenger this morning looked at a video of a group of people who call themselves the Flat Earthers. They were exposed to an experiment where boats sailed away with a big sign that had horizontal stripes, and it sailed out over a lake. As it sailed further and further away, the bottom stripes became invisible. They were hidden from view. Of course, the common explanation of this fact, or this observation, is that the earth curves so as the boat moves further away, the bottom of this big poster was below the curvature of the earth and therefore became invisible. Even though they saw this, they would not accept that their view that the earth is flat was incorrect. Neither could they actually produce an explanation for how a flat earth could produce this effect.

Instead they created this conspiracy theory that, regardless of what was just observed, there was this huge conspiracy that had kept the truth that the earth is flat hidden from the population for five hundred years. As part of this they had financed NASA, created the entire space agency, in order to hide the truth that the earth is actually flat. They could not really produce a motivation for why a power elite would do this, but they were convinced that there was this hidden conspiracy that was doing all kinds of things to keep people from accepting that the earth actually is flat.

This is an example of how, once you move beyond this boundary where you have no contact with anything above your own state of mind, there is no limit to how far you can go into creating illusions, epicycles, more and more complexity. Of course, when you can stand there and look at a demonstration and refuse to accept even what is observable, then you lose all touch with reality. When you lose touch with a reality outside your own mind, you can create any reality inside your mind, and it can never be disproven from inside your mind.

Which means what? You can never escape the prison that your own mind has become. You can never get down from the cross that you have nailed yourself to in your own mind. No matter what evidence there is to the contrary, you can imagine some kind of scenario that supposedly proves what you want to believe. Whether this is the United States election, whether it is the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, you can see how people can invent these seeming justifications. What is all this a proof of?

Plausible deniability and plausible plausibility

Well, if you take our teachings, what have we said? The earth is a reality simulator. You must be allowed to create any experience you want to have and to maintain that until you have had enough of it. So there has to be plausible deniability and plausible plausibility. It must be possible for you to deny any evidence that contradicts your experience, and it must be possible for you to produce evidence that supposedly validates your experience. In a reality simulator anything you want to be real, it must be possible for you to be convinced that it is real.

Now again, I represent freedom to the earth. It is not my desire to limit anyone’s imagination, even if it is horizontal, even if it is completely disconnected from reality. If people in today’s age have a need to experience that they are superior because they belong to this very little group that believes the earth is flat, well, I have no problem with them having that experience. I am only saying these are obviously not ascended master students. They are obviously not people who are walking the path to Christhood. And they are obviously not among those who will drive the shift to the Golden Age. They cannot move into the Golden Age consciousness. They cannot help society move forward into the Golden Age, which means they will be left behind by the Golden Age. They will be comparable to people who live deep in some rainforest and have no contact with civilization. They are still living like hunter-gatherers and have no idea of the progress that has actually been made in society at large. They are simply left behind by growth.

Now these people may still live in modern society. They may have a job, they may make money, but in their minds they are going to be left behind by the Golden Age mindset. How can it be otherwise when their minds are closed to Saint Germain? Unfortunately there are some people who know the name Saint Germain, who have studied ascended master teachings, but their minds are still closed to me because they have created an image of me, of the Golden Age, even an image of what it means to have Christhood. And they have not had enough of that image. Now again, what can I do but accept their freedom to create that experience and to keep it up for as long as they need to? Anyway, how could I reach them? No matter what I say, they can find a way to still maintain their world view.

Aligning your imagination with the vision of Saint Germain

What does this have to do with taking yourself down from the cross? Well, you cannot take yourself down from the cross through the mind that put you on the cross. You need something from outside, the Christ mind, some representative of the Christ mind, be it Jesus, be it myself, be it Master More, Mother Mary, any representative of the Christ mind. Otherwise, you will just keep building more and more complex illusions in a horizontal way that take you further and further away from the center of being.

So with this I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. There is, of course, much more to be said about the Golden Age. There is much more to be said about the mindset and the technology of the Golden Age. But as I said, the vision that I have is so far beyond what people can imagine, and why is it so far beyond? Because most people on earth can only imagine in this horizontal way. Which means what? It means they must look at current technology and use current technology to project what could happen with future technology. Which means they can only see that current technology becomes more and more complex, more and more capable within the boundaries of current technology.

But I am talking about revolutionary technology, transcendental technology, that goes way beyond current technology. Very few people have the vertical imagination to tune into this. You can debate whether vertical imagination is imagination or whether it is simply tuning in to a vision that already exists in the ascended realm, as opposed to tuning in to a vision of the fallen beings in a material realm. So my desire for all of you is that you can tune into me, that you cannot just listen to these words spoken by an outer person, but that you can actually tune in, in a vertical way. But that requires you to be willing to let die the selves that are based on this horizontal imagination springing from separation.

So with this I seal you in that joyful freedom flame that I AM. Freedom is not really imagination. You cannot imagine freedom. You can be free, or you cannot be free. And how are you free? By aligning your imagination with something that is real rather than fictional. I am not looking to manifest a fiction as the Golden Age. I am looking to manifest the Golden Age as a reality, a tangible reality.


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